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2020年02月18日 04:13:22 | 作者:周乐园 | 来源:新华社
China will apply for UNESCO intangible cultural heritage (ICH) status for wood engraving paintings.我国将申请将木版年画列入联合国教科文组织非物质文化遗产名录。Respected folk artists from more than 10 places that developed the art form signed their names in support of the application.来自10余处木版年画产地的德高望重的民间艺术家已签名持申非遗。At a forum in Weifang, Shangdong province, wood engraving artists from Taohuawu, Suzhou; Yangliuqing, Tianjin; Weifang, Shandong; and Mianzhu, Sichuan discussed wood engraving pictures#39; present and future with experts and scholars from the Art Academy of Tsinghua University and the Chinese Arts and Crafts Institute.在山东省潍坊市举办的一次论坛上,来自苏州桃花坞、天津杨柳青、山东潍坊以及四川绵竹的木版年画艺术家,与清华大学艺术学院和中国工艺美术学院的专家、学者一起,讨论了木版年画的现状和未来。The application was initiated in November 2011 by Feng Jicai, a famous Chinese writer and artist.中国木版年画申非遗是由著名作家、艺术家冯骥才于2011年11月倡议提出的。Huo Qingyou, a wood engraving artist from Yangliuqing, Tianjin, sees wood engraving art as the ;encyclopedia of Chinese culture,; because it incorporates elements of history, society, fairy tales, religion, beliefs, ethics and literature.天津杨柳青木版年画艺术家霍庆有认为,木版年画是;中国文化的百科全书;,因为它涵盖历史、社会、神话、宗教、信仰、伦理道德、文学等内容。This application could help ensure that wood engraving pictures are passed down to future generations, and attract attention and gain support from home and abroad.此次申非遗可以帮助确保木版年画能传给后人,并吸引国内外的关注和持。If the UNESCO application is successful, wood engraving pictures will follow opera, the Chinese zither, shadow plays, Chinese acupuncture, and the 24 solar terms to become China#39;s latest intangible cultural heritage.如果联合国教科文组织非物质文化遗产申请通过,那么木版年画也将继京剧、古筝、皮影戏、中国针灸和24节气之后,成为中国最新的非物质文化遗产。 /201702/491932So you work as a cleaner ... Fascinating... Tell me more ...所以你是清洁工……迷人……告诉我更多……Karen had no talent as a golddigger凯伦没有以美色骗取男人钱财的天分 /201609/463974

Letting the mind go blank for five minutes each day is good for health, according to an initiative on healthy lifestyle recently launched in China.我国近日启动一项倡导健康生活方式的项目,提出每天发呆5分钟有益健康。The initiative was jointly created by the National Health and Family Planning Commission, Chinese Health Education Center and All-China Journalists Association.该项目由中华人民共和国国家卫生和计划生育委员会、中国健康教育中心和中华全国新闻工作者协会联合发起。Other suggestions include working out for an hour every day, playing at least one sport and joining one sports community.其他建议还包括每天运动1小时、掌握至少1项运动技巧和加入1个运动社群。The initiative also stressed the importance of a more balanced diet. As suggested by the initiative, an individual should consume more than 12 kinds of food on a daily basis and more than 25 on a weekly basis.该项目还强调了更均衡的饮食的重要性。根据该项目的建议,个人每天应摄入12种以上食物,每周应摄入25种以上食物。The guideline added that it is common for the working class to experience stress, insomnia, anxiety, excessive eating and drinking and deteriorating memories.此外,该指导意见还补充说道,工薪阶层普遍都存在压力过大、经历失眠、焦虑,暴饮暴食、记忆衰退。Wu Tao, an expert in emotional management and a member of the International Coach Federation, said long-term emotional stress can have severe health consequences and may lead to cardiovascular diseases, digestive problems and even cancer.情绪管理专家、同时也是国际教练联盟的会员的吴涛表示,长期的情绪压力可能会带来严重的健康后果,可能会导致心血管疾病,消化问题甚至癌症。To mitigate the risks, the public needs to first understand and recognize their emotions.为了减轻风险,公众需要首先了解和认识他们自己的情绪。;When you are able to face and effectively control your emotions, negative feelings such as stress can be converted into positive energies,; added Wu.吴涛补充说道:“当你能够面对和有效地控制你的情绪时,消极的情绪,比如压力,就可以转化为正能量。” /201610/474551

Hi, it#39;s Putin, is Obama in?嗨,我是普京,奥巴马在吗?;Hello, can I speak to the president?; is not an off-the-cuff request an operator is ever likely to hear from a world leader.电话接线员不可能从世界领导人那里听到像是“你好,我能和总统讲话吗?”这样冒失的请求的。By the time the initial pleasantries are exchanged between heads of state, the groundwork will have been done behind the scenes by the leaders#39; respective staff.在元首们互相寒暄之前,各方的工作人员要做好准备工作。;When there is an established relationship between two countries, it might be as simple as one situation room calling its counterpoint and saying my head of state wants to speak to yours,; says Stephen Yates, who worked as deputy national security adviser to former US Vice-President Dick Cheney.前美国副总统迪克.切尼的副国家安全顾问史蒂芬.耶茨表示,“如果两国建立了外交关系,那么元首间通电话可能就和战情室的通话一样简单,可以说我国领导人希望和贵国领导人通话。”When countries are in less frequent contact, an ambassador may make the first formal request on their leader#39;s behalf. They will set out the proposed agenda and reasons for the call and, if agreed, the reciprocal team would then work it into busy schedules.当两国接触不频繁时,一国大使可能会代表本国领导人首先提出正式请求。他们将提出议程安排和通话理由,如果获得同意的话,双方团队就会将通话排进繁忙的日程表。A helping hand for big issues and small talk重大问题和闲谈都需要助手World leaders are typically well briefed before speaking to each other.世界领导人在互相交谈之前通常都详细了解了情况。In the US, the president is given a dossier from the National Security Council (NSC), the principal US advisory body on national security and foreign policy.在美国,为总统提供相关材料的是国家安全委员会,这是美国国家安全和外交政策的主要咨询机构。If it is a simple courtesy call, the information provided may be basic, including details on who initiated contact, and two or three recommended talking points. There may also be some need-to-know personal information, such as a reminder to ask after a sick husband or wife.如果只是简单的问候电话,可能需要提供的基本信息包括通话发起人是谁以及两三个建议的话题。有时也可能要了解一些个人信息,例如,如果对方丈夫或妻子生病了,需要提醒本国元首问候一下。If the topic is sensitive, the NSC will offer the president an additional short briefing, and then listen in on the call.如果通话话题很敏感,国家安全委员会将为总统额外提供一份简报,然后在总统旁边听他们通话。Are we alone now?现在只有我们吗?World leaders usually have various people listening in on their conversations, including aides and interpreters.通常会有很多人在世界领导人对话时在旁边听着,其中包括总统助手和翻译。Even when leaders speak another language fluently, they often choose to conduct official calls in their mother tongue.即使领导人能够流利地说另一种语言,他们也会在正式的通话中使用母语。;Sometimes that is down to national pride, but it#39;s also to avoid misunderstandings and protect nuance,; says Kevin Hendzel, a former White House linguist.前白宫语言专家凯文.亨德尔表示,“这关系到民族自豪感,也是为了避免误解,同时保留语言中的细微差别。”US presidential translators will have passed security clearances, background checks and even sat polygraph tests, before they become privy to sensitive information involved in high-level diplomacy.美国总统的翻译在获准接触高层外交中的敏感信息之前,必须通过安全审查、背景调查,甚至还包括谎言测试。;There are no novices that work at the presidential level,; says Mr Hendzel. ;It takes a great deal of time for an interpreter to reach this stage. They are also experts in the subject matter, and they know getting a form of address wrong can be a deal breaker.;亨德尔称,“为总统工作的没有新手,一名翻译要经过很久才能做到这个级别。他们是这方面的专家,他们很清楚差之毫厘,谬以千里。”#39;I am Hillary Clinton, honestly, I am#39;“我真的是希拉里。”;It#39;s apples and oranges when you are comparing transitional calls by a president-elect to those of a head of state in the Oval Office,; says Mr Yates.耶茨称,“对比过侯任总统在交接期间的通话过程和成为总统后的通话后,你会发现两者完全没有可比性。”Once Mr Trump is in the hot seat, all his calls will be highly secure and heavily vetted.一旦特朗普坐上这个责任重大的位置,他所有的通话都将高度保密、严加审查。;The president will feel like he has just picked up the phone, like any other call, but the call will have been through multiple checks to ensure its fidelity,; says Mr Yates.“总统会觉得他刚接起的电话和所有电话一样,但这通电话的真实性将会得到多次确认。”Sometimes this vetting process can be so tight, the wrong people get cut off. ;I am fighting w[ith] the WH operator who doesn#39;t believe I am who I say,; wrote exasperated Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in a 2010 email.有时,这个审查程序可能过于严格,以至于会挂错电话。国务卿希拉里曾在2010年的一封电邮中愤怒地写道:“我正在和不相信我是谁的白宫电话接线员吵架。”Presidents get pranked, too总统们也会被整Prank calls to presidents are rare, but not unheard of.总统很少收到恶作剧电话,但也不是没有。Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy fell victim to hoax in January, when a radio presenter phoned imitating the new separatist leader of Catalonia.西班牙首相马里亚诺.拉霍伊今年一月就上当受骗了,当时一个电台主持人模仿加泰罗尼亚的分离主义新领导人打电话给他。In 2003, a US radio station based in Miami scored the double, when it tricked both the then Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and his close ally, the former leader of Cuba, Fidel Castro.2003年,迈阿密的美国电台更加厉害,他们同时骗到了时任委内瑞拉总统乌戈.查韦斯和他的亲密盟友前古巴领导人菲德尔.卡斯特罗。Radio El Zol first called Chavez, pretending to be Castro, and then called Castro masquerading as Chavez. When the Cuban realised he had been tricked, he unleashed a torrent of swearwords.El ZOL电台首先假扮卡斯特罗给查韦斯打电话,然后冒充查维斯打给卡斯特罗。当卡斯特罗意识到自己被骗之后,他破口大骂。The hotline that is not a phone热线电话不是一部电话The Moscow-Washington hotline, often referred to the ;red telephone;, is a special, highly secure system that allows direct communication between the leaders of the ed States and Russia.莫斯科-华盛顿热线通常被称为“红色电话”,它是允许美俄领导人直接沟通的高度安全的特殊系统。;Contrary to the myths, it#39;s not actually a phone,; explains Kevin Hendzel, who worked as senior technical linguist on the project in the 1980s.上世纪80年代曾担任高级技术语言专家的凯文.亨德尔解释道,“与传说不同,实际上热线电话不是一部电话。”The line, used to send text and images (maps, diagrams etc), was developed after the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, when the two countries came close to a nuclear war.1962年古巴导弹危机让美俄两国走向了核战争的边缘,此后,两国开通了这条用于发送文字和图像(地图,图表等)的专线。It remains an open channel, allowing instant communication if needed. ;Because when it comes to nuclear missiles, everything is measured in minutes,; says Mr Hendzel.“热线电话”是在必要情况下可以进行即时通信的开放渠道。 亨德尔说:“因为涉及到核导弹时,一切都是按分钟计算的。” /201612/482640

What Can Be The Best Valentine#39;s Day Gift?最好的情人节礼物是什么?I#39;d like to believe my gift is the best :)我相信我的礼物是最棒的It took slightly more than an hour to make and didn#39;t cost me anything!这份礼物只花费了我一个小时多一点的时间,几乎没有其他花费.I must admit the inspiration came from Valentine#39;s Day Ideas (the first three cards). The rest of it is my own. Hope she likes it :)我承认前三张卡片抄袭自网上的“情人节创意”,但剩下的那些都是我的原创,希望女朋友会喜欢。(都是同音异意词的梗)You are the queen of my heart.你是我心中的王后——你是我的红心王后You are the perfect match for me.你跟我是天生一对——你是我的完美的火柴Because you light up my life.因为你点亮了我的生活。So be the key to my lock.所以,来打开我的心房吧。Because you paint my dreams.因为你为我的梦境带来色。You charge me up.你带给我动力——你给我充电。Brush aside my fears.将我的恐惧一扫而空。I hope you stick with me forever.我希望你永远和我待在一起。Go out with me on dates.跟我出去约会——跟我一起踩着枣子出去。 /201702/491517

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