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Starting seeds in eggshells is easy to do and, because eggshells are biodegradable, you can transplant them directly into the ground.用蛋壳培育种子非常简单,而且,由于蛋壳是可以生物降解的,可以直接移栽到土壤中。Step 1 Use knife1.使用刀子Use the tip of a knife to chip off the top of an egg. Discard the egg or cook it.用刀尖切下蛋壳顶部。将蛋黄和蛋白丢弃,也可以烹饪。Step 2 Pierce egg2.穿孔Gently rinse the shell. Use a pin or a needle to pierce the bottom of the shell creating a drainage hole.轻轻地洗净蛋壳。使用大头针将蛋壳底部穿孔,用来排水。Step 3 Place in carton3.放入硬纸盒Place the eggshell in an egg carton. Use a small spoon to fill the eggshell with potting soil.将蛋壳放入硬纸盒中。用小勺子向蛋壳中装满土壤。Use scissors to cut off the top of the so it does not get in the way.用剪刀剪掉硬纸盒顶部,这样不会碍事。Step 4 Drop seeds4.洒种子Plant two or three seeds in the dirt. Follow the directions on the seed package for proper planting depth.向泥土中洒入两三粒种子。种植深度参考种子包装上的说明。Step 5 Water5.浇水Water the plant by removing the shell from the carton and using a spray bottle to mist it.把蛋壳从硬纸盒中取出来浇水,用喷瓶喷一下就可以了。Step 6 Watch grow6.观察长势Place the egg carton by a sunny window and watch it grow.把装有蛋壳的硬纸盒放在阳光充沛的窗台边,观察长势。Brown eggs are more expensive than white eggs because hens that produce brown eggs are larger and require more food.棕色的鸡蛋比白色的鸡蛋更贵,因为生棕色鸡蛋的母鸡更大,需要更多食物。201302/225037163844

The most decorated Olympian of all-time Michael Phelps has retired after another gold-winning swim in London. The American swimmer won 22 medals, including 18 gold, after starting his Olympic life at the 2000 Sydney Games. He says the moment in London is among those that meant the most to him.史上获得奥运奖牌最多得运动员—菲尔普斯在伦敦奥运上再摘金牌后正式宣布退役。这位美国游泳健自参加2000年的悉尼奥运会并开始奥运生涯以来共获得22枚奥运奖牌,其中金牌18枚。他说伦敦奥运是他奥运生涯中最重要的其中之一届。201208/193710

Revive dry, dull locks with one quick trip to the kitchen.在厨房中自制发膜,让干枯的头发迅速恢复生机。You Will Need你需要A ripe avocado一个成熟的鳄梨0.5 tsp olive oil0.5茶匙橄榄油1 egg yolk1个蛋黄A plastic wrap or shower cap塑料膜或浴帽A blow dryer电吹风A towel毛巾Vitamin E capsule (optional)维他命E胶囊(可选)Steps步骤Step 1 Combine ingredients1.混合各种成分Mash a ripe avocado and mix with the olive oil and egg yolk.将一个成熟的鳄梨捣碎,与橄榄油和蛋黄混合。Squeeze in a vitamin E capsule for a healthy hair boost.加入一粒维他命E胶囊,促进头发健康生长。Step 2 Apply to damp hair2.涂抹在湿润的头发上Apply to damp hair and gently massage into hair from roots to ends.涂抹在湿润的头发上,轻轻从发根到发梢。Step 3 Wrap hair in plastic3.用塑料膜包裹Wrap your hair in plastic wrap or a shower cap. Use a blow dryer to help the mask penetrate the hair cuticle.用塑料膜或浴帽裹住头发。使用电吹风帮助发膜渗入头皮。Step 4 Cover and set4.覆盖,等待Cover the plastic with a towel and leave the mixture on for at least 30 minutes.用毛巾覆盖塑料膜,等待至少30分钟。Leave the mixture on overnight for deeper conditioning.可以让混合物滋养头发一整夜,达到深层保湿的目的。Step 5 Rinse and shampoo5.清洗,涂抹洗发水Rinse hair with warm water. Shampoo and condition as usual. Drench hair in cold water as a final rinse to lock in body and shine.用温水清洗头发。然后像往常一样用洗发护发。用冷水清洗头发,获得更加光泽的效果。Step 6 Air dry6.风干Air dry your newly conditioned strands for best results.自然晾干护理过的头发,以获得最佳效果。Hair grows faster during the summer.头发在夏季生长得更快。视频听力栏目译文属。201305/240707

The China Great Wall Industry Corporation has given the recently launched NigComSat 1-R to its Nigerian counterpart at the Oba-sanjo Space Center in Abuja. The NigComSat 1-R, which was launched on December 20th, 2011 has completed the in-orbit test and is y for commercial operation. The CGWIC is also prepared for the immediate take-off of the satellite programs NigComSat 2 and NigComSat 3. Nigeriarsquo;s communications satellite NigComSat 1 was successfully launched in 2007 in China but de-orbited in November 2008 due to malfunction of the solar array deployment assembly. China decided in to build NigComSat 1-R to replace the defunct one without adding additional costs for Nigeria. NigComSat-1R will be mainly used for communications, broadcasting, tele-education, broad-band multimedia service and navigation service. 中国长城工业有限公司向尼日利亚通信卫星有限公司交付通信卫星1R的交接仪式19日在位于尼日利亚首都阿布贾的尼日利亚卫星地面站隆重举行。尼日利亚总统古德勒克`乔纳森、中国驻尼日利亚大使邓波清、尼日利亚阿布贾联邦首都区部长巴拉;默罕穆德、尼日利亚信息技术部部长奥莫拉;约翰逊、中国长城工业有限公司总裁殷礼明和尼日利亚通信卫星公司总经理鲁法伊等中尼两国各界代表约100人出席了活动。201203/174957Get off that couch and begin the more productive life you should be living with VideoJugs help.你应该马上离开沙发,开始一个效率更高的生活。Step 1: Youre Not Lazy1.你并不懒惰The word ;lazy; is a condemnation. Its shameful. Its not you.“懒惰”一词表达的是谴责的含义,是一种耻辱,而你并不应该担此耻辱。Step 2: Illness2.病态If your energy level is low for months on end, get checked out by a doctor. It could be depression or illness. Make sure youre ok before moving on to step 3.如果你的能量水平连续几个月都不佳,你就应该去看医生了。很有可能是压抑或者疾病。在进入步骤3之前,确保自己是健康的。Step 3: Plan3.计划Write down what you want to get done - in order of importance - and put it on a daily schedule.写下你计划要做的事情——按照重要性排序——然后把它们加入到每天的日程表中。Step 4: Find Your Groove4.找到你的最佳状态Experiment with your life. Try working at different times of day and in different locations. Maybe you need background music to keep you focused or a snack or nap at a specific time.先拿自己试验,试着在每天不同时段和不同地点工作,或许就能找到让自己进入最佳状态的方法,也许是背景音乐,也许是一袋零食,或者是特殊时间点上打盹片刻。Step 5: Set That Alarm5.设置提醒Studies show people who get up early and show up on time are happier and more productive. And eat a good breakfast. Healthful eating increases energy. So does exercise.实验表明早起的人们更快乐也更有效率。早餐要吃好,健康的饮食能让你精力充沛,锻炼也有同样的效果。Thanks for watching How To Stop Being Lazy.谢谢收看本期“战胜懒惰”节目。201208/196747Its the Cold War and Americans are on red alert.冷战时期 所有美国人都保持高度戒备We did these duck-and-cover drills routinely at school.我们当时在学校经常进行这种躲护演习First you duck, then you cover.首先躲到安全地点 然后寻求身体掩护The siren would be tested and we were instructed how to get under the desk and cover your head and face演习警笛拉响 我们在大人指导下学习如何藏到桌底 并保护好头和脸so that the debris from glass blowing in from the windows when the atomic bomb went off downtown wouldnt hurt us.当原子弹在城区爆炸时能避免向内飞溅的玻璃碎片伤及要害Both sides stockpile weapons to defend themselves against possible attack.美苏双方均大量囤积武器以防对方可能实施的攻击From 1940 to 1996.从1940年到1996年The USA will spend .5 trillion on nuclear weapons.美国在核武器上耗费了五万五千亿美元Thats nearly ,000 for every man, woman, and child in America.平摊下来 美国人均出几乎2万美元It was the arrival really of the specter of real nuclear war.每个人都能感觉到核战幽灵在真实地迫近Hiroshima and Nagasaki were no longer seen as isolated one time incidents.广岛和长崎之于人们的意义不再是孤立的战争事件By the mid-1950s,截至50年代中期there were over 40,000 defense contractors working for the federal government.有超过四万个国防项目承包商为联邦政府效力America has always won wars using technology.美国一向靠科技赢得战争In the revolutionary war,独立战争时期the accuracy of the Kentucky Rifle was a key factor in defeating the British.肯塔基来福的精准是击败英军的关键因素In the Civil War, the minie ball could travel 600 yards and shatter bones on impact.南北战争时期的迷你弹可令600码之外的敌人粉身碎骨1959, Americas first intercontinental ballistic missile.1959年 美国研制出首枚洲际弹道导弹It can travel 3,500 miles and destroy cities.能摧毁3500英里开外的城市200 years of American weapons finding their target and defeating the enemy.两百年来美国人制造的武器瞄准了一个又一个目标,击垮了一个又一个敌人But this time its different.但这一次 情况不同This is a war that no one can win.这是一场没有赢家的战争If an atomic bomb is used, theres no going back.原子弹一旦使用 便没有回头路可走Every time the Soviets make a move苏联一有动作 American fear the worst.美国人的心就提到了嗓子眼1960, the U2 incident1960年 U2事件when a US spy plane is shot down over the Soviet Union.一架美军侦察机在苏联领空被击落 /201304/233436

Siheyuan, or the traditional Chinese courtyard is an ancient style of architecture typical to Beijing, and an important aspect of the city’s cultural heritage. This month five courtyard hotels have opened to visitors for free.四合院,中国传统的家庭庭院,是典型的北京古式建筑,也是北京重要的古文化遗址。本月有五家四合院免费对外开放。The five courtyards can be found in Qianmen Street, a famous old commercial street located at the central axis of Beijing. These are no ordinary residential buildings, and each has a bewitching charm redolent of the rich flavor of old Beijing.这五家四合院都在前门大街,古代时候是一处著名的商业街,位于北京市中轴线上。这些免费开放的四合院都非平常人家,而是富贵人家的庭院,处处都彰显着富贵之气。A visitor said, ;I’m sightseeing in Beijing. The buildings here have been very well-preserved. It’s very good.;一名参观者表示:“我是来北京游览的,这里的建筑能保存的这么完整,真是太好了。”The siheyuan courtyard, representative of traditional Beijing architecture, is designed to be enclosed and inward-facing. All four sides face the inner courtyard and are protected from the harsh climate. It offers space, comfort and quiet privacy. All the rooms around the courtyard have large windows facing onto the yard.作为北京传统建筑的代表,四合院一般都是四面合围,东南西北四个方向上的建筑朝里而建,从而起到互相提供保护的作用。这些建筑里空间很足,同时舒适性和隐私性也能得到保。另外所有的建筑都有一个朝内而开的大窗户。A hotel manager said, ;The visitors are all very interested. And we’ve arranged a tour guide to take them through the history of the building.;一家四合院宾馆的经理说:“这些游客都很感兴趣。我们这里安排有导游来给游客们讲解这些建筑的历史。”Five residential ;siheyuan; opened to the public earlier this year. And five more, in this old part of the city, will open to visitors for free later this year.本年早些时候已经有五家居民四合院对公众开放,现在将有另外五座四合院对外开放。201209/201860Today in History: Monday, November 12, 2012历史上的今天:2012年11月12日,周一On Nov. 12, 1927, Josef Stalin became the undisputed ruler of the Soviet Union as Leon Trotsky was expelled from the Communist Party.1927年11月12日,利昂·托洛茨基被开除出共产党籍,斯大林成为前苏联无可争议的统治者。1920 Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis was elected baseballs first commissioner.1920年,法官Kenesaw山兰迪斯当选棒球首位专员。1942 The World War II naval Battle of Guadalcanal began.1942年,第二次世界大战瓜达康纳尔岛海战拉开序幕。1948 Former Japanese premier Hideki Tojo and several other World War II Japanese leaders were sentenced to death by a war crimes tribunal.1948年,日本前总理Hideki Tojo和其他几个二战日本领导人在一战争罪行法庭判处死刑。1954 Ellis Island closed after processing more than 20 million immigrants since opening in New York Harbor in 1892.1954年,埃利斯岛自1892纽约港开放处理2000万移民后关闭。1982 Yuri V. Andropov was elected to succeed the late Leonid I. Brezhnev as general secretary of the Soviet Communist Partys Central Committee.1982年,尤里·安德罗波夫接替已故勃列日涅夫担任苏联共产党中央委员会总书记。1985 Xavier Suarez was elected Miamis first Cuban-American mayor.1985年,Xavier Suarez当选迈哈密第一位古巴裔美国市长。1990 Japanese Emperor Akihito formally assumed the Chrysanthemum Throne.1990年,日本明仁天皇正式执掌天皇王位。1997 Ramzi Yousef was found guilty of masterminding the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center.1997年,尤塞夫因1993年策划轰炸世界贸易中心背叛有罪。1999 President Bill Clinton signed a sweeping measure knocking down Depression-era barriers and allowing banks, investment firms and insurance companies to sell each others products.1999年,比尔·克林顿总统签署了一项全面措施,推翻大萧条时代的壁垒并允许、投资公司和保险公司相互出售产品。2001 An American Airlines flight crashed near New Yorks Kennedy airport, killing 265 people.2001年,美洲航空公司一架飞机在纽约肯尼迪机场附近坠机,造成265人死亡。2004 A jury convicted Scott Peterson of murdering his pregnant wife, Laci, and dumping her body in San Francisco Bay. (Peterson was later sentenced to death.)2004年,一陪审团判定斯科特·彼得森谋杀怀的妻子莱西,事后并将其抛尸于旧金山湾。(彼得森后来被判处死刑。) Army psychiatrist Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan was charged with 13 counts of premeditated murder in the Fort Hood, Texas, massacre.年,军队精神病学家利达尔·马里克·哈桑在德克萨斯州的胡德堡惨案中被指控犯有13项谋杀罪。2011 Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi resigned.2011年,意大利总理Silvio Berlusconi辞职。2011 The Arab League voted to suspend Syria over the countrys bloody crackdown on protesters.2011年,阿拉伯联盟因叙利亚血腥镇压抗议者投票调停叙利亚。 /201211/208781

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