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天河妇科痛经天河长安的人流This is the June Intelligent Oven. Its a computer that cooks, and toasts, and bakes, and roasts, and broils. The moment you put in your food, June starts to pay attention. Overhead LED lights show you exactly how good your food looks, and the built-in camera can actually recognize what youre cooking.这是June智能型烤箱。这是台会烹饪的计算机,会烤吐司,还会烘焙,也可以干烤,还可以炙烧。你放进食物的那一刻,June就开始注意。顶部LED灯让你看你的食物料理得如何,而内建镜头能真的辨识出你正在煮的食物。Now you can start cooking like the pros. Lets take something youve made a million times, and make it better! See this probe? It knows when this chicken reaches a very specific core temperature. Once it does, June turns up the heat. The outside is crispy, and the inside stays nice and juicy.现在你能开始像专业大厨一样做菜。我们来做一道你做过无数次的料理,并做得更美味!看见这根探针了吗?在这只鸡达到特定中心温度时,它会知道。一旦到达那温度,June就会调高温度。烤鸡外皮香脆,里头则保持美味多汁。But what if youre at a loss for what to make? Happens to me all the time. You get access to tons of delicious recipes—each handcrafted for the June oven. It automatically recognizes the most common things we cook. The more June users there are, the better it gets.但要是你想不出要煮什么该怎么办呢?那种情况总是发生在我身上。你可以找到许多美味食谱--每份都是为June烤箱打造。June会自动辨识出我们最常煮的东西。有越多June用户,June就更臻完美。There are plenty of ways to make food. With June, you make food better.料理的方式有许多种。有了June,你让食物更美味。201611/478935广州妇幼医院治多囊 Here they are, then, the Tudor odd couple,on the frontispiece of an English Bible.这就是他们 都铎王朝古怪的一对 出现于英国圣经的卷首插画上You take away one,and the Reformation wouldnt have happened,如果任意一位缺席历史 宗教改革就不会发生了at least wouldnt have happened the way it did.至少不会演变成随后的局面Because they were like two pillars,theological on the left and the political on the right,他们就好比两根擎天大柱 神学在左 政治于右with the king, triumphant, in the middle.而国王则得意洋洋地正坐中央Their agenda was always more radical than the kings.他们的议题总比国王的更为激进Cromwells Protestantism was the product of the kind of anti-establishment killer instinct克伦威尔主张的新教教义 无处不透露着极端反正统教派的本质you might expect from a Putney clever Dick out to make a name for himself.就像个爱臭显摆的人 想要急着出名一样Cranmers convictions were more profound and thoughtful,克兰麦的信仰更具远见卓识but he too had strong personal reasons to side with the Reformers.但他同样出于私人原因 站在了革新派一边Shortly before he was appointed Archbishop of Canterbury,就在被任命为坎特伯雷大主教前不久Cranmer had secretly married a German woman, Margareta,克兰麦私下与一位名为玛格丽特的德国女人结婚thereby committing himself to one of Luthers most shocking innovations.因此加入了路德的宗教改革大军中Cranmer, like Cromwell, was devoted to the Renaissance idea of a strong prince in a strong Christian state.和克伦威尔一样 克兰麦也致力于辅佐一位强势的国君 在一个强大的基督教国家进行文艺复兴The people were going to be given their Bible from on high,人们只能研读由当局授权的《圣经》authorised, and no other version was going to be tolerated.其余版本皆不被承认This picture of an orderly, even authoritarian Church of England is exactly what you see on the frontispiece of this Great Bible,这尽显英国教会井然有序 甚至近乎独裁的图片 就是《大圣经》的卷首插画 officially commissioned by Thomas Cromwell and published in 1539.由托马斯·克伦威尔正式授权 于1539年出版 /201612/486468TED演讲视频:猎寻未知的遗传英雄我们从那些的了遗传性疾病的人那里获知了什么--在大部分遗传病中,只有部分的急停成员发生了疾病,而其他带有同样基因的却能避开它。斯蒂文·弗兰德建议我们应该开始研究那些没有得病的家庭成员。听听这个弹性课题,以巨大的努力来搜集基因资料可以帮助解码遗传性的失调。201701/488459黄埔妇幼保健院无痛人流好吗

广州市治妇科疾病专业的妇科医院(Woman)You know, you gentlemen are up there,(女士)你们这些绅士就在那里do you think women can be the same as you guys你们认为女人能够像你们男士一样sitting up there, saying things the same way and be accepted in the same way?坐在那里用同样的方式说话,而且以同样的方式被接受吗?No. And I think that sucks but Ive thought about this a lot.不能,我觉得这是件糟糕的事,但我也想过这个问题Ive thought about this a crap load.我想这是一堆废话I invested in Birchbox. I wrote the first check into that company我曾经投资过Birchbox,我的第一张票就给了这家公司and I sat in the pitch in Starbucks and said yes in 12 minutes.当时我坐在星巴克的帐篷下,12分钟内就答应了投资And they got super pumped and emotional in a good way.她们在触碰人心和打感情牌上很厉害Not in a cliché bullshit like women way just like pumped.不是用女人的陈词滥调的欺骗方式而是慢慢感染你And I asked them I was like I couldnt put my finger on it我告诉他们,那种感觉说不清道不明and theyre like, ;Weve gotten 60 nos in a row, youre our first yes.;她们当时说“我们已经连续被拒绝60次了,你是第一个同意投资的人”And I was cool and I didnt really think much of it.我当时很冷静,并且没有想太多It was the nicest day, early in the spring, it was the nicest day of the year four years ago.那是早春中最好的一天,也是四年前最美好的一天The first nice day, you know that awesome day that第一个美好的一天,真的很棒we love so much in New York.而且我们非常喜欢纽约So I was like Im gonna walk home cause所以当时我决定要走回家I was kinda in midtown, I was going to Upper East Side.我当时大概在市中心,准备去上东区Somewhere around eight blocks in I was like,距离那里大约8个街区;Huh. I really wonder that idea was so obvious;哈,我当时脑子里的那个想法如此清晰;;I really wonder if those were two dudes would they get 11 yess instead of one?;我想如果她们是两个小伙子的话,她们是不是会得到11个yes而不只有1个?;You have to understand, and this is not even close,你必须得理解,但这还不确切my mom, my wife and my first-born daughter are my life. Right?我的妈妈、妻子和女儿是我的全部,不是吗?I love my bro and my dad and all this but that is my world我也很爱我的兄弟和父亲,还有其他一切,但她们才是我的世界and I, if God, you know I actually dont care而且你知道,事实上我不介意if my daughter, god willing, would want to be a big time entrepreneur and CEO我的女儿想当一个大时代的企业家和CEOI would want her to dominate the world我会希望她能够统治这个世界and I think that people want to look at the world我认为人们总是习惯through rosy glasses or very cynical glasses.以有色眼镜或讽刺的眼光来看世界And I think the answer is always in-between.但我觉得是在这两者之间Theres a million women entrepreneurs or storytellers that are killing it. Right?世界上有上百万的女性企业家或者小说作家在消除这种误解,不是吗?We have to recognize that the way the market consumes我们必须意识到市场区分人们的方式people is different based on if theyre a woman,是以女人为标准的if theyre African-American, if theyre Muslim-American, just a million.又或者是根据是否是非洲裔美国人或穆斯林教的美国人等等How about pretty?如果是漂亮的人呢?How about just being pretty? Versus not being as pretty. Right?如果只是漂亮的话会怎么样呢?和不漂亮的人相比又会怎么样呢?对吧?Theres a million variables in play and I think its insane.这其中有太多的变量了,并且我觉得这是很愚蠢的I come from the Soviet Union.我来自苏维埃同盟Right? Where everything being the same is the game.对吧?只有在游戏中才会平等Its just not real. Right?但那不是真实的,不是吗?By the way, it doesnt mean that its worse,顺便说一下 这并不意味着更糟糕了it doesnt mean that its worse at all.这一点都不意味着这更糟糕了It just means that its different. So is it the same?这只是意味着它是不同的,所以它是相同的吗?No, its not the same. Cause everybodys gonna consume it differently.不,这不是相同的,因为每个人在以不同的方式消耗生命Its also not the same for each,对每个人来说也不是相同的youre an African-American woman你是一个非洲裔美国女人the way that youre consuming me is different than those two Russian guys over there你消费我的方式和那两个俄罗斯人的方式不一样who have a connection point with me thats different.他们和我有着相关却不同的点I think this whole notion of like……is it the same我想这个整体的概念就像…它是相同的吗?of course its not. Its a silly question.当然不是,这是个愚蠢的问题I think whats more important is我觉得更重要的是Im a big believer of betting on your strengths and I spoke to it earlier.我坚信这都依赖于你的能力,这是我早前提过的Again, I won the lotto completely.再说一下 我在乐透中大获全胜White male in America and born in the Soviet Union. I won triple big.在出生于苏维埃和美国的白人男子中,我的钱翻了三倍I think that we have to understand how things work.我觉得我们必须理解事情是怎么发生的But Ill tell you that, how about this但是我要告诉你,比如Casey and I did a together the other day凯西和我有一天一起做了一个视频Caseys fanbase hated me凯西的粉丝群会讨厌我as a net score because I talked over him during the show.把我看成眼中钉,因为我在节目中说了他Cause I get hyper and this and that.因为我得到了宣传,还有其他一些原因And I went into my own channel and had to apologize然后我必须去我自己的频道to like 500 people that came over from Caseys world向那些从凯西的频道中来的500多个人道歉and said, ;GaryVee, fuck you. You suck shit.;并且他们说着 “格里,你个混蛋”Need to spend less time of what we cant be and我们应该在无法完成的事情上少花一点儿时间we need to spend more time on what we can be.同时多花一点时间做到自己的极限201705/511650天河人流那便宜 天河做人流手术要多少钱

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