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1. What courses did you take in college?你修过哪些课程?. Which course did you like best?你最喜欢的是哪一门课程?3. What courses did you majorminor in?你主修辅修的课程有哪些?. I took a lot of courses, such as Fliilosophy, Logic, Ethics, and Aesthetics etc.我修过很多课程,比如哲学、逻辑学、伦理学、美学等等5. I am currently taking computer courses in a training school.我现在正在一家培训学校学习计算机6. In addition to the courses of my major, I took minor courses, too.除了主修的课程之外,我还辅修了很多课程7. I took computer science and English courses as my minor subjects.辅修的课程有计算机科学和英语8. Ill wait years bee I consider continued study.两年后我才会考虑继续进修的问题9. I had passion administration and I took some courses in it.我对管理很有研究热情,也学过一些这方面的课程. I also permed well in those subjects, thus I changed my major.这些科目我学得也不错,所以就换了专业Dialogue 1对话 1A: What courses did you take in college?A: 你大学修过哪些课程?B: I took a lot of courses, such as Philosophy Logic, Ethics, Aesthetics, etc.B: 我修习过很多课程,比如哲学、逻辑学、伦理学、美学等等A: Which course did you like best?A: 你最喜欢的是哪一门?B: I liked Aesthetics best. It is very impressive.B: 我喜欢美学课,让人印象很深刻Dialogue 对话 A: What courses did you major in?A: 你主修了哪些课程?B: I took more than subjects including Theoretical Economics, Political Economics, Western Economics, Statistics and so on. In addition to the courses of my major, I took minor courses too.B: 我主修了十多门课程,有理论经济学、政治经济学、西方经济学、统计学等除了主修的课程之外,我还辅修了很多课程A: What courses did you minor in?A: 辅修的课程有哪些呢?B: I took computer science and English courses as my minor subjects.B: 辅修的课程有计算机科学和英语。

  • Graham Lane, a 65-year-old electrician in Worcester, UK, kept enough weapons in his modest home to start a real small war.现年65岁的电工格拉汉姆莱恩住在英国伍斯特郡,在他本不富裕的家里竟然藏有很多武器,足以发动一场小型战争。On September 7, nine police vehicles arrived at Lane's home, followed by the Army bomb team, who sent their remote-controlled bomb disposal robot into the house and left with an arsenal including missiles, grenades, rocket launchers, shells- and even a cannon.9日,英国警方发动9辆警车和1只全机械化排爆队来到莱恩的家进行突袭查抄,并动用遥控机器人在房间里搜寻爆炸装置。最后,搜出一个“武器库”,里面有导弹、手榴弹、火箭发射器和各类,甚至还有一门火炮。来 /201009/113488。
  • Look at this contract.请看这份合同These are two originals of the contract we prepared.这是我们准备好的两份合同正本We enclose our sales contract No.5 in duplicate.附上我们第5号销售合同一式两份The copy of our contract will be returned.合同的副本将被归还This contract is 50 metric tons of groundnuts at RMB1800 per MT Camp;F Copenhagen.这是一份50吨花生的合同,价格为每公吨哥本哈根成本加运费价1800元May I refer you to 5 of the General Terms and Conditions of the contract?请您看看合同一般条款的第五条May I refer you to the contract stipulation about packing (or shipping……)?请您看看合同中有关包装(装运)的规定You must state the description of the goods, the quantity and the price in each contract.每笔合同中都应该提到的商品的性能说明、数量和单价What are the main clauses in the contract?合同中的主要条款有哪些?There is an arbitration clause in the contract. (or insurance clause, inspection clause, shipping clause……)这是合同中的一项仲裁条款(或:保险条款,检验条款,装运条款等)Payment terms are important in a contract too, arent they?合同中的付款条件也很重要,对吗?We ship our goods in accordance with the terms of the contract.我们合同条款交货Im sure that shipment will be effected according to the contract stipulation.我保我们能合同规定如期装船We sincerely hope that both quality and quantity are in conmity with the contract stipulations.我们真诚希望质量、数量都与合同规定相吻合All terms and conditions will be the same as those in your previous contract number C70.所有条款与我们过去签的第C70号合同规定的各项条款相同The contract states that the supplier will be charged a penalty if there is a delay in delivery.合同规定如果供货商延误交货期,将被罚款When the goods arent up to specification stated in the contract, there is also a penalty poor quality.如果所交货物与合同所规定规格不符,还有品质恶劣罚款Words and Phrases外贸口语词汇contract terms (or contract clause)合同条款contract provisionsstipulations合同规定contract period (or contract term)合同期限contract life合同有效期to be stipulated in the contract在合同中予以规定to be laid down in the contract在合同中列明 36955。
  • Chinese President Hu Jintao is in Austria for a state visit amid signs that Beijing will seek major concessions in exchange for investing in Europe's debt rescue fund.Mr. Hu arrived in Vienna late Sunday and held a first round of talks with his Austrian counterpart, Heinz Fischer, on Monday. China's official Xinhua agency said the Chinese leader would sign seven agreements on trade and other matters. The visit comes ahead of a crucial meeting Thursday in Cannes, France, of the G-20 group of developed and emerging economic powers, where China will face pressure to invest as much as 0 billion in the European bailout fund established last week.A commentary Monday in the China Daily newspaper said that in exchange, Europe should recognize China as a market economy, improving its status under international trade rules, and loosen restrictions on high-tech exports to China. 中国国家主席胡锦涛对奥地利进行国事访问。与此同时,种种迹象显示,北京将以投资欧洲债务救助基金来换取欧洲的重大让步。胡锦涛星期天晚间抵达维也纳,星期一正式开始国事访问,与奥地利总统菲舍尔举行第一轮会谈。新华社报导说,胡锦涛将签署贸易等领域共七项协议中国国家主席胡锦涛对奥地利进行国事访问后,星期四20个发达国家和新型经济体将在法国戛纳举行峰会。届时中国将受到压力,在欧洲投资多达一千亿美元,参加上个星期成立的欧洲救援基金。《中国日报》星期一的一则说,作为交换,欧洲应该承认中国是市场经济,提高其在国际贸易规则下的地位,并放宽对中国出口高科技产品的限制。来 /201111/159623。
  • 星级典句:第一句: It nice, but I was thinking of something else.这件不错,但我想买些别的A: How about this one?这件怎么样?B: It nice, but I was thinking of something else.这件不错,但我想买些别的第二句:Thanks. But that not quite what I had in mind.谢谢不过那个和我想要的不太一样A: Have you seen this one? This style is popular right now.您看过这件吗?这种款式现在很流行B: Thanks. But that not quite what I had in mind.谢谢不过那个和我想要的不太一样其他表达法:当你不喜欢电源推荐的某件商品时可以婉转拒绝:They are fine, but I dont really like the style.它们不错,但我不太喜欢这样的风格Yes, but I think Ill look around some more. 很好,但我想再看看Thank you but Im just looking. 谢谢,可我只是看看 7。
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