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My Family --1 ::5 来源: My Family  I have a happy family!There are three people in my family,my father, my mather and I.My parents are farms,theyare work hard.I'm a school boy,I'min mTwo at Walker school.  In the weekends,we usually go to the park.We play ball,ing or do some exercise.Stay at home,my parents watch TV and I do my homework.  My father always help my study.We talke about news,and tell jokes.  This is my family,I love my family!让别人高兴(Hay to let others) -- ::36 来源: 让别人高兴(Hay to let others)   a sunday school teacher was telling her pupils the importance of making others glad. "now, children," said she , "has anyone of you ever make someone else glad?"  "please, teacher,"said a small boy,"i've make someone glad yesterday."  "well done. who was that?"  "my granny."  "good boy. now tell us how you made your grandmother glad."  "please, teacher, i went to see her yesterday, and stayed with her three hours. then i said to her, 'granny, i'm going home,' and she said, 'well, i'm glad'!":花木兰从军 -- :5:39 来源: :花木兰从军很久以前,华夏大地发生了一场战争民众们想把原本属于自己的土地夺回,但是国王不允许,他觉得这很荒唐,但是战争还是爆发了于是国王决定招兵买马花木兰年迈病弱的父亲意外被选中,知道父亲不能胜任这个使命,木兰决定女扮男装代父从军  Aside(旁白):  Long time ago, there was a war in China. The natives wanted to get the land back, which had belonged to them bee. However, the king of the nation didn't allow such a ridiculous thing, and the war finally broke. Untunately, the odds were against China. So the king decide to recruit soldiers.  Unexpectedly, Mulan's father, who was old and weak, was chosen. Know that her father was not equal to the mission, Mulan decided to dress herself as a man to join the army instead of her fater.  During the time in the army, she became acquainted wiht the captain, Li Shang, and she was deeply moved by his care her. After they won th ewar, she told the truth frankly to him, and Li Shang asked the king to spare her life disguising herself as a soldier.  In time, they fell in love with each other, got married and lived happily hereafter.  Scene I  Narrator:  Long time age, ther was a war in China.....  德首:  Get out. The land doesn't belong to you.  土酋:  Your land?......Hey , he says this is his land.  土酋:  We just get our land back.  德首:  Go to hell, you barbarians.  土酋:  Attack!  德首:  Fire! Kill them all.  德首:  Just wait and see. My son, Li Shang, will revenge himeself on you.  路人甲:  Your majesty, we are losing. What can we do?  陛下:  Even if the odds are against us, we must keep going on. Now, what we can do is recruit soldiers.  使者:  Pat.......Ouch, what are you doing? Are you Pat?  Pat:  Yes.  使者:  O.K. I am the messenger from our great general, Li Shang. This letter is confidential. Please it carefully.  Mulan:  What's up? Daddy, you look so pale,  Pat:  Nothing....  Mulan:  Look!  Pat:  What......  Mulan:  My father is dying. My brother is too young. What can I do? 5 :花木兰从军《六天七夜精对白 -- :55:53 来源:   剧情简介:奎因·哈里斯是个脾气暴躁的货机驾驶员,只管开着飞机来往运送货物,不太喜欢与人打交道而与未婚夫一起来度假的纽约杂志女编辑罗宾则是个话多想法也多的姑娘这次是她长久以来盼望的度假旅行令人扫兴的是,杂志社通知她必须提前返回处理急务罗宾只好用钱买通奎因,搭他的货机返回大溪地谁知,飞行被暴风雨所阻,他们被迫降落在荒无人烟的小岛上,两个人在一起共度六天七夜经历了一系列惊险事件之后,彼此竟不可思议地相爱了......Taking a romantic tropical island week off with her boyfriend, an ambitious, decisive New York girl aGREes to help her magazine out by covering a story on a neighbouring island. the only plane available is piloted by a laid-back heavy drinker with whom she shares a mutual dislike. But she has no choice and he can''t refuse the money. When the plane crash-lands on an uninhabited island with little chance of rescue they both wish they had made other arrangements - at least to start with.影片片段:Robin: So, what are we, like, shipwrecked?Quinn: How do you want it?Robin: Excuse me?Quinn: Do you want it sugar-coated or right between the eyes?Robin: You pick.Quinn: We''ve only got one wheel, so we can''t take off. Lightening fried(烧毁,烧坏)the radio and the emergency location transmitter(紧急定位讯号发送器). Air-Sea(海空联合搜救队)will probably try a rescue, but without a beacon to hone in...it''s like trying to find a flea on an elephant''s ass. The only thing we''ve got is...this flare gun(信号) and a single flare.Robin: Is it too late to get it sugar-coated?Quinn: That was sugar-coated.Robin: Well, then, what''s the bad news?Quinn: the bad news is we may be here a long time. You and me. a long, long...long, long, long, long time.Robin: Well, I want my 0 back.Quinn: What?Robin: You heard me. My 0. I want it back. You said you were gonna take me to Tahiti. You didn''t. Give it back. Come on.Quinn: One, two, three...Robin: Wha...Quinn: I figure I got you halfway.Robin: Halfway? Halfway?Quinn: Halfway.Robin: Halfway? Whoo! Halfway? Oh, boy, you''re good! Whoo! You got me halfway! That''s fantastic!Quinn: Wha...what are you doing? Hey! Hey! Get away from my plane!Robin: Oh, you be quiet!Quinn: Goddamn it! Get outta here!Robin: I''m gonna do something!Quinn: Hey! Leave that stuff alone!Robin: You shut up!Quinn: Come on out! Get outta there! What do you think you''re doing? Leave me stuff a...Hey, hey, come on!Robin: What''s this? It''s a boat.Quinn: It''s a life raft(筏, 救生艇, 橡皮船) .Robin: We can use that to get off the island.Quinn: Where are you gonna go? You don''t even know where you are. Last thing you wanna do is go bouncing around the ocean...in an eight-foot blowup boat.Robin: Don''t tell me what I want!Quinn: Give that...Give it!Hey, don''t pull on that! Leave it alone! Hey, hey!Robin: Oh! Oh! Get...Wait! Wait! Get me out! No! Oh! Quinn!Oh!Quinn! Get me out of here! Get me...Get me out of here!Quinn: Are you gonna stop acting like a lunatic(疯子)?Robin: Fuck you!Quinn: Pardon me? What''d you say? That''s what I thought you said.Robin: Quinn!语言点提示:1. sugar-coated 包了糖的,糖衣的这里借指把一件糟糕的事情婉转地说出right between the eyes,一下击中要害,这里借指直接说出还消息,没有任何隐瞒. to find a flea on an elephant''s ass. 大海捞针,另一种说法是to look a needle in a haystack 《六天七夜精对白

We Planted Trees! 我们种树了 -- 3::7 来源: We Planted Trees! 我们种树了  Now spring has come. It's getting warmer and warmer. I think it's the good time to plant trees, so today Zhao Liang, Zuo Xin and I went to the lake near our school to plant trees.  I dug several holes, Zhao Liang put the little trees into them and Zuo Xin watered these trees carefully. After we planted five trees. we were all very hungry and tired, but we felt happy.  春天来了,天气越来越暖和我想这是种树的好时机,所以今天我和赵亮、左鑫去学校附近的湖边去种树  我挖了几个坑,赵亮把小树放进去,左鑫认真地给这些数浇了水当我们种完5棵树后,我们又累又饿,可是很开心!

毛泽东故乡韶山景点英文介绍 韶山英文导游词 --5 :: 来源: 毛泽东故乡韶山景点英文介绍 韶山英文导游词韶山是一个小山村,地处湖南省会城市长沙西南部0公里处,风景优美,具有典型的湖南山村气息1893年月6日,一个男婴诞生在韶山的一个富农家里,这个男婴就是改变中国命运的伟人毛泽东韶山是毛泽东度过童年和少年时期的地方,他在这里读书,帮父亲做事现在让我们一起开始伟人毛泽东故乡韶山之旅吧!  Good morning, Ladies and Gentlemen!       Today, we will go and visit Shaoshan, the hometown of Chairman Mao. Shaoshan is a small mountain village about 0km southwest of Changsha, the capital of Hunan province, with some fairly beautiful scenery and a once typically Hunan village atmosphere, Shaoshan has been irreparably changed by history. On the 6th December 1893, a baby was born in a little house in this village, to a relatively wealthy peasant couple. The child was to grow up to become China’s Great Helmsman, Chairman Mao Zedong, and it was in this region that he spent his childhood and youth, attending school and helping his father with his work.   As the hometown of the great man of the generation, now Shaoshan is one of the important tourist zones in Hunan province. The major tourist sites including the mer residence of Chairman Mao, Memorial Hall of Mao Zedong, Water-dripping Cave and Steles est of Mao’s Poems,and so on.   The mer residence of Chairman Mao is the most interesting site. Entered through a courtyard, the house is of a sunny yellow, mud brick walls, with a nicely thatched roof, and is found on a wooded hillside, above some lush paddy fields. There are and one half rooms in the mer residence, which include one and half central room, a kitchen, a dining room, three family bedrooms and a guest room. Within the rooms are various personal effects of Mao and his parents, as well as photos from Mao’s life.   This is the central room, used by two families: Mao’s family and their neighbor. So we said that there is only one half of the central room belongs to Mao’s family. And this is there kitchen, where Chairman Mao often helped his mother doing some housework in his childhood. Go through the kitchen was Chairman Mao’s parent’s bedroom, there are two photos of Chairman Mao’s parents on the inner wall, and it was in this room where Chairman Mao was born.   The Dripping Water Cave, about 3 km northwest of the village, is a very popular destination, possibly because of the fact that Mao allegedly spent days here in the early days of the Cultural Revolution Years (1966-76), contemplating the unknown. 韶山景点英文介绍 韶山英文导游词

如果我是一个男孩(If I Were a Boy) -- ::36 来源: 如果我是一个男孩(If I Were a Boy)  if i were a boy again, i would practice perseverance more often, and never give up a thing because it was or inconvenient. if we want light, we must conquer darkness.  perseverance can sometimes equal genius in its results. “there are only two creatures,” says a proverb, “who can surmount the pyramids

神奇的盒子 -- :5:1 来源: Narrator: When Stephen came back to the museum, Raf and Peg were sitting sad on the floor and didn’t say anything. Stephen opened the box and handed it to Raf. Stephen: Look what I found. (He said slightly.) Raf: (He unwrapped the paper on the skull dispiritedly, but soon an amazing smile stretched through his face. Peg also looked at the bones surprisingly.) (He whispered.) “Patagonytus puerti.” Scene 〈Another Miracle〉 Narrator: Time flies. It has been one month since Stephen helped Raf and Peg in the museum. Today is the last day that Raf and Peg stay in Taiwan. They eat lunch in a fast-food restaurant. Raf: I spoke with our friends in Argentina this morning. They are very excited. Peg: (with happiness) Why… (She turned to Stephen, who was eating a hamburger.) Hey, Stephen, you’re awfully quiet. What’s wrong? Stephen: (looked sad) Well, I’m just thinking about what I’m going to do after you leave Argentina. Peg: Oh, what? (slammed down her drink) Raf, didn’t you ask him? Raf: (embarrassed) Eh…I got… (Peg looked angry.) Stephen: Ah, excuse me. What are you talking about? Raf: Sorry, Stephen. I got to ask you: How would you like to come to Argentina a month to continue drawing us? Stephen: (jumped to his feet) Let’s do it!!! The End

我们玩得很开心(We play very happy) -- ::7 来源: 我们玩得很开心(We play very happy)  today i'm very happy,after i have breakfast,i go to park.  it's a sunny day ,the bird is singing,i'm singing too.when i get to park,i see some girls are playing games ,so i join them.we play very happy.  then i have lunch with my friends.we both have a good time.what's a happy day!

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