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Mobile anonymous sharing app Whisper today confirmed that it has raised million in its third round of venture capital funding.知名匿名信息分享应用Whisper今天确认,第三轮风投融资成功募资3600万美元。China#39;s Tencent, Shasta Ventures and Thrive Capital came aboard as new investors, while return backers included Sequoia Capital and Lightspeed Venture Partners.腾讯公司(Tencent)、沙斯塔创投(Shasta Ventures)和兴盛资本(Thrive Capital)为新加入的投资者,而早期投资者如红杉资本(Sequoia Capital)和光速创投(Lightspeed Venture Partners)则再一次为Whisper提供融资。Whisper also announced its third product update, which includes enhanced search and category functions.Whisper同时还宣布对产品进行第三次升级,包括优化搜索功能,分类也更加优化。The company previously had raised million since being founded in early 2013. Newer rival Secret has raised over million from such firms as Kleiner Perkins and Google Ventures.自2013年年初创立以来,这家公司已经获得过2400万美元投资。而它刚冒头的对手“秘密”(Secret)则已获得凯鹏华盈(Kleiner Perkins)和谷歌创投(Google Ventures)等公司超过1100万美元的投资。 /201405/299849。

GM Launches Venture To Build Trucks In ChinaGeneral Motors Co. announced a new joint venture in China to make light-duty trucks as part of an effort to penetrate further into China's vibrant auto market, a key strategic focus for the recently restructured car maker.GM announced Sunday the 50-50 joint venture with FAW Group Corp., a major Chinese state-owned auto maker. The two companies are making a combined investment of 2 billion yuan (3 million) for the new company, and will significantly expand FAW's existing light commercial truck business, GM said.The venture, based in the northeastern Chinese city of Changchun in Jilin province, has two existing assembly plants and is moving to add another, capable of producing 100,000 vehicles a year, by the end of 2010, said GM China President Kevin Wale.The new plant would push the joint venture's annual capacity to 200,000 trucks -- more than double what it expects to sell this year.The new venture gives GM's expanding China business a 'very important' foothold in a segment that is 'growing rapidly,' Mr. Wale said in a conference call with reporters.China's light commercial truck market represents more than 50% of global light commercial vehicle sales and is 'clearly a key focus for future growth for GM,' he said.Light commercial truck and van producers in China shipped a total of 769,000 vehicles during the first seven months of the year, GM said.The joint venture comes as part of GM's strategic move to make China a pillar of its global business, establishing a presence in key segments of the country's expanding auto industry and positioning its operations to be an export hub to take advantage of relatively lower costs in China.'This is an important complement to the rest of our [business] portfolio,' Mr. Wale said. GM's business in China aly includes production and sales of passenger cars and micro-minivans with different Chinese partners.Helped by government stimulus measures this year, including sales-tax cuts on cars, GM's China sales in the January-July period soared 42.8% from the same period last year to 959,035 units.China is one of a few major markets world-wide that have managed to grow despite the global economic downturn since last year.The commercial vehicle venture follows a recent move by GM to expand exports of low-cost micro-minivans made in China to additional markets in South America, the Middle East and North Africa.Mr. Wale said the new venture with FAW also would look at the possibility of exporting light commercial trucks 'over time.'The venture's two existing plants, which come from FAW, are in northern Heilongjiang province and in the southwestern province of Yunnan and have a combined annual capacity of about 100,000 vehicles.The venture expects to sell 80,000 to 90,000 vehicles this year, including those aly sold by FAW, and is targeting sales of more than 100,000 units next year, Mr. Wale said. /200908/82962。

For those keeping score of women on the Fortune 500, here’s some good news: The definitive ranking of America’s biggest companies boasts some 24 female CEOs, up from 20 a year ago, and more than at any point since Fortune started compiling executive gender in 1998.长期跟踪《财富》美国500强(Fortune 500)企业女性发展情况的人们现在迎来了个好消息:最终榜单上全美最大公司中共有24位女性首席执行官,而一年前仅有20位。自《财富》杂志(Fortune)从1998年起开始收集整理不同性别高管的情况以来,这个数字创下了有史以来的最高纪录。The “meh” news: That still represents a small percentage —4.8% to be exact — of the overall CEOs on the list. While just one woman led a Fortune 500 company in 1998, that number slowly rose to 15 in 2009 before declining to 12 women by 2011.而比较不给力的一点是:这个数字占上榜首席执行官总人数的比例仍然很小——准确地说就是4.8%。1998年《财富》美国500强中仅有一位女性掌门人,2009年这个数字慢慢爬升到15位,2011年又掉到了12位。This year’s list comes with six new women CEOs, two of whom will be defined by how the deal with huge corporate crises in their first year as CEO. Mary Barra became the first woman to lead a major automotive company in January when she took over as chief executive of General Motors. Barra is currently navigating GM through a recall of millions of vehicles linked to a 2005 faulty ignition problem. Lynn Good, the CEO of Duke Energy, became CEO last August and is now dealing with one of Duke’s biggest environment crises in the company 100-year history. More than 30,000 tons of Duke’s coal waste accidentally spilled into a North Carolina river in February.今年的榜单上共有6位新任女掌门,其中有2位因其在出任首席执行官的第一年就面对公司的重大危机力挽狂澜而引人瞩目。今年1月当玛丽o巴拉出任通用汽车公司(General Motors)的首席执行官后,她就成为了历史上第一位领导大型汽车公司的女性。现在,巴拉正带领通用汽车全力应对一次上百万规模的召回,这次召回是因2005年遗留的点火装置隐患而引起的。林恩o古德是杜克能源公司(Duke Energy)的首席执行官。她去年8月上任,现在正在着手解决杜克公司百年历史上的最大环境危机。今年2月,杜克能源的三万多吨煤矸石被不慎倒进北卡罗来纳州的一条河流。Engineering company CH2M Hill announced in January that company-insider Jacqueline Himan would be taking over the CEO spot and convenience retailer CST Brands also announced that month Kimberly Bowers would become CEO. Tobacco giant Reynolds American brought back former CEO Susan Cameron to lead the company effective May 1st and just last month Ross Stores announced Chief Merchandising Officer Barbara Rentler would take over the C-suite.今年1月,工程公司西图公司(CH2M Hill)宣布来自公司内部的杰奎琳o海曼出任首席执行官,同时汽油零售商CST Brands公司也宣布金柏莉o鲍尔斯出任首席执行官。烟草巨头雷诺美国公司(Reynolds American)请回了前任首席执行官苏珊o卡梅隆从5月1日开始重新领导公司,而上个月罗斯百货公司(Ross Stores)宣布首席商品官芭芭拉o兰特尔将出任首席执行官一职。The 2014 Fortune 500 CEO list is also noticeable lacking one high-powered female tech executive. This year, for the first time in nine years, Yahoo is not a part of the Fortune 500 and CEO Marissa Mayer has fallen off the list after making her debut last year.另外2014年《财富》美国500强‘首席执行官”名单中引人注意的一点是,科技公司的女性高管缺席。由于雅虎公司(Yahoo)九年来首次跌出《财富》美国500强排行榜,公司首席执行官玛丽莎o梅耶尔继去年履新后今年也缺席了本榜单。And while women make up a small percentage of the Fortune 500 CEOs, American companies are slightly more balanced than those of some of our peer economies. Despite droves of policies in place to support bringing women into executive leadership, only 3% of Scandinavia’s largest firms are led by women. Stay tuned for Fortune’s upcoming Global 500 to see how women CEOs fare on the ranking of the world’s largest companies.尽管女性在《财富》美国500强首席执行官队伍中占比较小,但比起一些同处一个阵营的经济体来说,美国公司的高管性别比例还是要均衡一些。北欧四国尽管出台了一系列持将女性推到首席执行官位置的政策,但这些国家的大公司却仅有3%的高管是女性。请继续关注即将出炉的《财富》世界全球500强榜单,看看全球大公司中女性首席执行官的情况如何。Here is the full list of Fortune 500 women CEOs:“财富500强”全部女性首席执行官如下:1. Mary Barra – General Motors (No. 7 on the 2014 Fortune 500)玛丽·芭拉——通用汽车公司(“2014财富500强”第7位)2. Margaret Whitman – Hewlett-Packard (No. 17)玛格丽特·惠特曼——惠普公司(第17位)3. Virginia Rometty – International Business Machines (No. 23)弗吉尼亚·罗曼提——IBM公司(第23位)4. Patricia Woertz – Archer Daniels Midland (No. 27)帕特丽霞·伍尔丝——阿彻丹尼尔斯米德兰公司(第27位)5. IndraNooyi – Pepsi Co (No. 43)英德拉·诺伊——百事公司(第43位)6. MarillynHewson – Lockheed Martin (No. 59)玛丽莲·休森——洛克希德马丁公司(第59位)7. Ellen Kullman – DuPont (No. 86)艾伦·库尔曼——杜邦公司(第86位)8. Irene Rosenfeld – Mondelez International (No. 89)艾琳·罗森菲尔德——蒙德雷兹国际食品公司(第89位)9. PhebeNovakovic – General Dynamics (No. 99)菲比·诺瓦科维奇——通用动力公司(第99位)10. Carol Meyrowitz – TJX (No. 108)卡罗尔·梅罗维茨——TJX公司(第108位)11 Lynn Good – Duke Energy (No. 123)林恩·古德——杜克能源公司(第123位)12. Ursula Burns – Xerox (No. 137)乌苏拉·伯恩斯——施乐公司(第137位)13. Deanna Mulligan – Guardian Line Ins. Co. of America (No. 245)狄安娜·玛丽甘——Guardian Line Ins. Co. of America公司(第245位)14. Kimberly Bowers – CST Brands (No. 266)金伯莉·鲍尔斯——CST Brands公司(第266位)15. Debra Reed – Sempra Energy (No. 267)黛布拉·里德——桑普拉能源公司(第267位)16. Barbara Rentler – Ross Stores (No. 277)芭芭拉·兰特尔——罗斯百货公司(第277位)17. Sherylin McCoy – Avon Products (No. 282)雪琳·麦考伊——雅芳公司(第282位)18. Denise Morrison – Campbell Soup (No. 315)德尼丝·莫里森——金宝汤公司(第315位)19. Susan Cameron – Reynolds American (No. 329)苏珊·卡梅伦——雷诺美国烟草公司(第329位)20. Heather Bresch – Mylan (No. 377)希瑟·布莱什——迈兰公司(第377位)21. Ilene Gordon – Ingredion (No. 412)艾琳·高登——宜瑞安公司(第412位)22. Jacqueline Himan – CH2M Hill (No. 437)杰奎琳·海曼——西图公司(第437位)23. Kathleen Mazzarella – Graybar Electric (No. 449)凯思琳·马扎雷拉——葛雷巴电气公司(第449位)24. GraciaMartore – Gannett (No. 481)格蕾西亚·马特罗——甘乃特公司(第481位) /201406/305347。

North Korea launched four Scud missilesinto the sea off its eastern coast Thursday, the South Korean Defense Ministrysaid.韩国国防部称,朝鲜周四在东部海岸发射的四枚飞毛腿导弹掉入了海里The missiles were fired in the direction ofRussiaand fell into the sea, according to the Pentagon, which described the launch asa very low-level matter.美国国防部称,导弹是朝俄罗斯的方向发射的,随后掉入了海中,美国还称这次发射的水平非常低The missiles were fired just days after thestart of annual joint military exercises between South Korea and the ed Statesthat North Koreaopposes. The joint military exercises routinely spark tension between North Korea, South Korea and the ed States.这次发射正好是发生在韩美每年联合军演开始之后几天。两国每年常规的军演总会引发韩国,美国和朝鲜的紧张局势For example, last year#39;s exercisestriggered weeks of heightened tensions between the nations and North Koreanthreats of nuclear war.比如,去年的军演引发了数周的紧张局势,当时朝鲜威胁核战争The South Korean and U.S. militaries have not beenspecific about where they are conducting their drills.韩国和美国军队没有提供进行军演的地点细节The South Korean Defense Ministry said thatthe North had fired the Scuds in a northeasterly direction and that theyprobably fell into North Korean waters of the East Sea, which is also known asthe Sea of Japan.韩国国防部称朝鲜是朝东北方向发射飞毛腿的,可能是掉入了东海的朝鲜海域,这也被称为日本海It was the first time North Korea had firedScud missiles, which have a range that covers the whole of the KoreanPeninsula, since 2009, South Korea said.韩国称,这是朝鲜自2009年以来首次发射飞毛腿导弹,这种导弹可以覆盖整个朝鲜半岛;We consider it to be threatening anda military provocation,; said South Korean Defense Ministry spokesman KimMing- seok, although he acknowledged the firings may have been a test launch orpart of military drills.韩国国防部发言人KimMing- seok说,“我们认为这是有威胁的军事挑衅”,虽然Kim Ming- seok也承认这次发射可能是一次测试或者是军演的一部分 /201403/277910。

Ever since Apple#39;s iPod revolutionised the digital music industry, Microsoftexecutives have been drawn by the allure of producing their own consumer devices.自从苹果(Apple)iPod带来数字音乐行业革命以来,微软(Microsoft)的高管们就一直受到诱惑,想要生产出自己的消费者产品。Enthusing about the iPod#39;s simple scroll wheel, the hardware interface that made it easy to sift through large libraries of music, Steve Ballmer, Microsoft chief executive, said at the time that his company might have to develop more of its own hardware if it wanted truly to compete with Apple.微软首席执行官史蒂夫#8226;鲍尔默(Steve Ballmer)对iPod简单的滚动轮很感兴趣。这个滚动轮是一种硬件接口,使得在大型音乐库之间来回切换变得很容易。鲍尔默当时表示,微软如果真心想与苹果竞争,可能就不得不自行开发出更多的硬件产品来。Now, seven years later, the moment may finally have arrived.七年之后的今天,这个时刻可能终于到来了。The world#39;s biggest software company has been gearing up to introduce its own tablet computer, which would compete head-to-head with Apple#39;s iPad, according to people familiar with its deliberations.了解微软思路的知情人士表示,这家全球最大的软件公司最近正准备推出自己的平板电脑,与苹果的iPad展开正面竞争。The move would mark a sea change in the 30-year history of the personal computing industry. But with Apple threatening to disrupt the way of doing business on which its fortune is founded, Microsoft may have little choice.微软此举将标志着,已有30年历史的个人电脑行业将发生翻天覆地的变化。但由于苹果有可能破坏微软的财富所依赖的经营模式,微软可能没有多少选择机会。 /201206/187531。