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Hello, class of 2015. I am so honored to be here today. Dean Khurana, faculty, parents and most especially graduating students.2015届毕业生你们好。今天我很荣幸地站在这里。迪恩库拉纳,教职员工,家长们,尤其是你们毕业生们。Thank you so much for inviting me. The senior class committee.非常感谢你们邀请我。感谢大四学生会。Its genuinely one of the most exciting thing Ive ever been asked to do.这真是我被邀请做的最令人兴奋的一件事。I have to admit primarily because I cant deny it.我不得不承认,这主要是因为我没法儿否认它。As it was leaked in the WikiLeaks release of the Sony hack that when I was invited I replied and I directly e my own email :;wow this is so nice.;因为维基解密公布的索尼被黑资料中爆出了我受邀之时的邮件回复:“哇哦,这真是太棒了。”;Im gonna need some funny ghost writers, any ideas?;“我得去物色几个搞笑代笔啊,你有啥建议么?”This initial response now blessedly public with from the knowledge at my class day we were lucky enough to have Will Ferrell as class speaker, and many of us were hung-over, or even freshly high, mainly wanted to laugh.这段人尽皆知的最初回复背后的原因是我们毕业日时有幸请到了威尔法瑞尔做演讲,当时我们中的大多数都宿醉未醒,或刚开始嗨起来,于是只想笑。So I have to admit that today, even twelve years after graduation. Im still insecure about my own worthiness.所以我不得不承认,即使是在毕业十二年后的今天,我依然对自己的价值毫无自信。I have to remind myself today you are here for a reason.我不得不提醒自己,今天你在这里是有原因的。Today I feel much like I did when I came to Harvard as a freshman in 1999 when you guys were to make continued shock and horror still in kindergarten.今天的感觉很像我在1999年来到哈佛大学时那样,对此我很震惊,因为你们那时还在上幼儿园。I felt like thered been some mistake that I wasnt smart enough to be in this company, and that every time I open my mouth I would have to prove I wasnt just a dumb actress.我感觉一定有哪儿弄错了,我的智商根本不配来这里,每次我开口说话都必须明我不只是一个愚蠢的女演员。So I start with an apology, this wont be very funny.所以我得先道歉,这个演讲并不是很有趣。Im not a comedian and I didnt get a ghost writer.我不是一个喜剧演员,我也没有找代笔。But I am here to tell you today Harvard is giving you all diplomas tomorrow.但今天我在这里告诉你,哈佛明天会给你们所有人发文凭。You are here for a reason.你们在这里是有原因的。Sometimes your insecurities and and your inexperience may lead you to embrace other peoples expectations, standards or values.有时你的不自信和缺乏经验会使你接受别人的期望,标准或价值观。But you can harness that inexperience to carve out here path one that is free the burden of knowing how things are supposed to be, a path that is defined by its own particular set of reasons.但你们要知道,无经验可以造就你自己的路,一条没有“事情应该怎么做”的负担的路,一条由自己的理由来定义的路。201506/381602。

  • He wanted me to have a skill他希望我掌握一门本领and he wanted me to butt my head up against the joy他希望我能冲向自己的兴趣but also the hard reality of finishing medical school但也希望我能刻苦读完医学院finishing residency完成实习期and caring for patients in life-or-death situations照顾同生与死作斗争患者们Im so grateful to my father我很感谢我的父亲So far Ive told you that life is uncertain到目前为止 我告诉你们说人生是不确定的but you aly knew that但你们已经了解了这一点What I really want you to know我真正想让你们了解的是is that you have abundant tools to face that uncertainty你们拥有大量的工具来直面这种不确定性and to lead an extraordinary life, even beyond your wildest dreams成就不平凡的人生 甚至超出你最疯狂的梦想Roy Baumeister is a psychologist罗伊?鲍迈斯特是一位心理学家who has devoted his career to studying the qualities in human beings终生研究能够带领人类取得that lead to what he calls ;positive outcomes;他称之为;积极的结果;的人类素质In this fascinating field, researchers have found在这个令人着迷的领域 研究人员发现that two traits are most consistently associated with success:有两个特质始终与成功相伴intelligence and willpower智力和意志力In Baumeisters book entitled Willpower从鲍迈斯特所著的《意志力》一书中we learn that efforts to permanently increase intelligence have failed我们了解到 虽然永久地提高智力的努力归于失败but people can in fact improve their willpower但人其实是可以提高自身的意志力的201502/359480。
  • Another very unique thing for China is that,另一件在中国特别的事情是for this chart at the bottom,从图表底部you can tell that there are more than 700,000可以看出每年有超过70万的engineering graduates each year.工科毕业生Engineering - meaning computer science-related engineering.这里的工科指的是与计算机相关工程科学So the talent pool there is huge.中国有着巨大的人才库But many of them are not so experienced.但他们中的多数人缺乏工作经验When I started this company back almost nine,大约是9到10年前,公司成立初期ten years ago, I started to recruit talents,我们开始招聘人才,招聘工程师recruit engineers, and I wrote in the job description职位介绍由我亲自执笔that requires five-plus years of related experience.要求具有五年以上的相关工作经验Then I found that I couldnt find anyone in China because结果在中国没有人符合要求nobody at that time really focused on technology.因为那是没人致力于技术研究Multinational companies usually hire跨国公司常常雇佣工科学生engineering student to do pre-sells, to do technical support.去做售前顾问,或者,技术持Theres little research,那时候,根本没有研究little development, little innovation at that time.何谈发展,何谈创新So for us to train the students,这就需要公司对学生to train the engineers to become more experienced以及工程师进行培训in developing innovative products,使其在开发产品创新性方面更有经验but thats where the opportunities are.这也是机会所在If you are experienced,如果你经验丰富if you have, say, better ways of managing engineering team,如果你有更好的管理方式this is a very good space you can be in.百度欢迎你加入You can really manage a lot of people.你可以管理很多人There are a lot of people that can do work,人们的工作能力毋庸置疑and if you have a more efficient way如果你能够有效管理to manage a large crowd of engineers,一个大的团队you can be very competitive in the technology world.那么在这个领域,你的竞争力就提升了Well, this is the real purpose Im here.这就是我来到这里的真正目的Baidu welcomes talents like you! So what kind of people we like?百度欢迎你们这样的精英! 那么我们选材的标准是什么呢?We like people who fit in our culture.第一,能够适应百度文化And we like people who is competent,第二,能够胜任工作who can do the job that we require them to do.也就是能够完成公司要求的工作的人And more importantly,更重要的是we like people who have the desire and ability to learn quickly.有求知欲,并且有快速学习的能力Because this is a fast-changing market.市场时刻都在变化Its a fast-changing industry.这个行业也在变化Its very exciting, but if you think you这很令人兴奋,但如果你认为know everything you dont need to learn,你什么知道,你不需要学习了you dont belong to us. I always need to learn.那么请你退出百度,因为人总是在学习Everyone from our company need to be y to每一位公司员工都要做好准备learn new things almost on a daily basis.几乎每天都要学习新的东西So thats very important. Whats our culture?这很重要Its simple and reliable. Simple means theres no politics.我们的文化是;简单可依赖; ;简单;意味着没有政治Theres no ladder, no differences between CEO没有阶级划分and an average engineer on the surface.表面上看来,普通员工和CEO也没有差别And reliable means everyone is competent.;可依赖;意味着每个人都能胜任工作They can deliver the job thats assigned to him or her.他们能够完成指定的工作They are very smart. They are intelligent. They can be counted on.他们聪明伶俐,他们才华横溢,他们值得信任So thats the culture of Baidu.这就是百度的企业文化201503/366155。
  • Im the one who is doing all the work, so we just want you to stay cool for a minute.我一个人做了所有这个工作,所以我想让你们冷静一会儿。However, I think were going to do it, and I think that we must pay what needs to be paid. I dont think we ought to waste any money, but I think we ought to do the job. And this will be done in the decade of the Sixties. It may be done while some of you are still here at school at this college and university. It will be done during the terms of office of some of the people who sit here on this platform. But it will be done. And it will be done before the end of this decade.然而,我认为我们要付诸实践,我们必须付出应该付出的代价。我不认为我们应该做这个工作。这些应该在60年代这个十年实现,它有可能在你们还在学校或者在这所学院,在大学的时候实现。它将会在台上诸位任期之内实现。但是它应该完成,它应该在这个10年内完成。And I am delighted that this university is playing a part in putting a man on the moon as part of a great national effort of the ed States of America.人类登上月球是美利坚合众国国家事业的一部分,我很高兴这所大学将要参与其中。Many years ago the great British explorer George Mallory, who was to die on Mount Everest, was asked why did he want to climb it. He said, ;Because it is there.;很多年前,伟大的英国探险家乔治·马洛里在攀登珠峰事遇难。此前有人问他为什么想攀登珠峰,他回答说:“因为它就在那儿。”Well, space is there, and were going to climb it, and the moon and the planets are there, and new hopes for knowledge and peace are there. And, therefore, as we set sail we ask Gods blessing on the most hazardous and dangerous and greatest adventure on which man has ever embarked.现在太空就在那儿,而我们即将征它;月球和其他行星在那儿,获得知识与和平的新希望都在那儿。因此,当我们启程的时候,我们祈求上帝保佑这个人类有史以来所从事的最危险也是最伟大的历险。Thank you.谢谢大家! /201306/245317。
  • I was born in Switzerland and raised in Ghana, West Africa.我出生在瑞士,在西非的加纳长大。Ghana felt safe to me as a child.加纳对儿时的我是安全的家。I was free, I was happy.我很自由快乐。The early 70s marked a time of musical and artistic excellence in Ghana.70年代早期是加纳的音乐和艺术的辉煌时期。But then by the end of the decade,the country had fallen back into political instability and mismanagement.但是70年代末,加纳陷入政治动荡和政策混乱。In 1979,I witnessed my first military coup.1979年我目睹了军事政变。We the children had gathered at a friends house.我们一群孩子聚集在一个朋友家里。It was a dimly lit shack.是个破烂昏暗的棚子。There was a beaten up black and white television flickering in the background,and a former head of state and general was being blindfolded and tied to the pole.有台破旧的黑白电视机在背景处一直闪动着,放的是前总统和将军被蒙住眼睛绑在柱子上,The firing squad aimed, fired the general was dead.行刑的队伍来了,决了他们,将军死了。Now this was being broadcast live.这个场景在电视上直播。And shortly after, we left the country,and we returned to Switzerland. 不久后,我们离开了加纳,回到了瑞士。Now Europe came as a shock to me,and I think I started feeling the need to shed my skin in order to fit in.然后欧洲对我来说是个冲击,我开始觉得有必要掩盖自己的肤色以融入这个社会。I wanted to blend in like a chameleon.我想如变色龙一样。I think it was a tactic of survival.我觉得这是生存的技巧。And it worked, or so I believed.这个方法成功了,至少我觉得是这样的。So here I was in 2008 wondering where I was in my life.2008年的时候我开始思考我的人生定位。And I felt I was being typecast as an actor.我觉得我被定型为一个演员。I was always playing the exotic African.总是演异国风情的非洲人。I was playing the violent African,the African terrorist.或是暴力的非洲人,非洲恐怖分子。And I was thinking,how many terrorists could I possibly play before turning into one myself?我琢磨,在做回我自己之前我得演多少恐怖分子?And I had become ashamed of the other,the African in me.我开始以我的一部分,以我的非洲血统为耻。201508/390985。
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