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As a review the FDA first studies any food additive to determine if the additive is safe for human consumption回顾一下,食药局首先研究所有食品添加剂以判定人类食用它们是否安全It then regulates the type of food the additive can be in.然后规定了可使用添加剂的食物种类how much can be used and how much should appear on the food label?可食用的数量和食物标签上应出现的添加剂量Since the US department of agriculture is in charge of meat safety in the US food system,美国食品体系中,农业部负责肉类安全if a product is going to be in meat or poultry因此如果一种产品要加入肉类或家禽中the FDA works with the USDA to monitor the new product.食药局要和农业部一起检验这种产品Once an additive is introduced in the consumer market一旦一种添加剂进入消费市场federal officials monitor the populations consumption of the additive联邦官员会检测食用这种添加剂的人口and continue to watch for possibilities of any negative effects.并继续监测出现不良反应的可能性Even after the product is on the market it is still being monitored and studied.即便这种产品已在市场流通,监测和研究还是会继续The Delaney clause was added in 19581958年,当用于蔓越莓上的化学添加剂after the chemical additive Herbacided Amino triosol used on cranberry plants was found to be a possible carcinogen.被发现可能是种致癌物后,德兰尼条款出台This scare sp to the US and dramatically decreased cranberry sales.恐慌遍布美国,蔓越莓的销量骤降The clause basically concludes that该条款表明the secretary of the FDA will not approve the use of a chemical additive for human consumption食药局部长将不会批准这种化学添加剂的使用if it is found to have any cancer causing agents.一旦发现某种化学添加剂具有致癌作用According to the food drug and cosmetic act food additives must be proven safe食品,药物和化妆品法案规定,食品添加剂必须被实是安全的and must also go through a system of approval to be approved for consumption.而且要经过一系列审批才能用于市场Colour additives must also be approved for use in or on food and must be determined safe when used for any purpose.颜色添加剂在使用于食物或其他用途时,也必须被明是安全的Additionally all colours must be in accordance with the FDA regulations此外,所有颜色添加剂必须遵照食药局规定the Delaney clause holds the FDA to a high standard to work.德兰尼条款更使食药局高标准工作So this government agency must be extremely careful about what they approve to be in the US food system.因此这个政府机构在批准进入美国食物体系的食品时会格外小心Do you think the FDAs current system for approving and monitoring food and colour additives adequate?你认为食药局当前在批准检测食品颜色添加剂时的系统适当吗?And do you think the FDA needs more information你认为食药局需要更多信息吗?or should provide the public with more information about food additives on the food label?它应该在食品标签上向公众提供更多关于食品添加剂的信息吗?For more information here is an additional resource这些更多的信息that you can use to find more information about additives.为你提供了另一种可用的关于添加剂信息的来源To find information about what the FDA approves for food additives想了解关于食药局批准的食物添加剂and which additives are on the GRAS list及GRAS清单上的添加剂,visit the FDAs website at www. FDA.gov.搜索食药局主页www. FDA.gov.Overall there is a lot of conflicting information about food additives总之,关于食品添加剂的矛盾观点有很多there is research that supports additives as a cause of cancer既有研究持添加剂是种致癌物and research that says it is safe and even a possible anti cancer agent.也有研究认为它是安全的甚至可能抗癌The FDA uses the most up to date and recent testing to determine additive safety.食药局用最新的数据和实验明添加剂是安全的If there is ever a direct cause or proof suggesting that a product is unsafe it will be banned from use.一种产品如果被明是危险的,就会被禁止使用We have to rely on what the most recent studies tell us to determine additive safety.我们不得不相信,最新的研究成果认为添加剂是安全的All additives must be tested for ongoing safety through scientific reviews that所有的添加剂都要不断经过科学检验以明它的安全性give us better understandings of the additives.这些检验可使我们更加了解添加剂Also the technology and methods of testing continue to improve此外,科技和检验方法的进步which helps to give even more information about additives and the possible effects that they could cause.可使我们更多地了解添加剂和它们可能产生的影响Due to the diligence the FDA uses to test,食药局勤勉地检验审批监控食品添加剂approve and monitor food additives consumers should feel safe about the foods they eat.应该能使消费者们对所吃食物感到安全201602/428397桓仁满族县人民医院官网Were spending the first week of our month-long trip为期一月的旅行中,我们将在首都北京in the capital, Beijing.度过一周的时间I was raised in Chicago,我在芝加哥长大and when I first came here in the 1980s,我第一次来这的时候是上世纪80年代it was just beginning to open up to the West中国刚刚对外开放after the dark years of the Cultural Revolution.在文革结束后Unrecognisable. Its like the new frontier.完全无法辨认了,现在焕然一新Now everywhere you look,环顾四周new China smashes up against the old.新潮冲击着古老The question for both of us,我们这次旅行on this voyage of discovery,带着一个问题is to see if all this incredible pace of changes,美食是否也受到is that going to affect food?中国这些巨变的影响Yeah. Good and bad.恩,有好有坏And Id love to experience modern Chinese cookery here在这我很享受现代中国的烹饪技艺and whether some of the traditions have been eroded.是否一些传统已被破坏Its a brew that will be quite interesting to see.这些酝酿着有趣的事情China is a country of contradictions.中国是一个矛盾体Tradition and innovation sit side by side.传统与革新并行And its most evident here in Beijing.这在北京尤为明显In the northeast corner of the country,位于中国的东北角落it has been the imperial capital for 800 years.北京做了800多年的都城It remains deeply proud of its traditional culture and cuisine.它依然为自己有着传统的文化与美食而自豪As it opens up to the world,随着北京的大门为全世界敞开its revealing those secrets with a new culinary confidence.它用一种全新的烹饪技艺揭开了这些秘密Were beginning with the quintessential Chinese food -首先将要探索中华料理的精髓——noodles.面条Theyre a humble everyday dish, eaten in all regions.它在所有的地方,都是一道朴素的家常菜But they have a 4,000-year-old history and today in Beijing,但是它在北京却有着4000年的历史this ancient craft is being celebrated centre stage.现在,这个古老的手艺,依然很有名望Its just incredible.难以置信I think they got this concept from the West, the open kitchen.我觉得他们是从西方获得开放厨房的概念Yes! And its pretty spectacular.是的,壮观之至It is. Watching them work,it is like an orchestra.确实,看他们干活好像看交响乐演奏Like the guy with the big block thats just shaving noodles,我喜欢做刀削面的家伙he looks like hes playing the violin.像拉小提琴似的Yes!是的The capital is pulling in the countrys best cooking talents.北京汇聚了中国各路顶尖烹饪大师These noodle masters are from Shanxi Province, West of Beijing,这些面条大师来自北京西面的山西省where the art of noodle making做面条的独门功夫has been passed down through the generations.都是世代相传的They are most famous for their hand-pulled noodles, La Mian.他们以拉面著称Made from just wheat flour and water,用小麦面和水制成the skill is in manipulating the dough.技巧在把握其力道You double it up and double again.一根变两根然后拉成多根Yeah. Its folding, folding on itself.是的,不断地对折It could be a mess. Its about balancing the elasticity可能会很乱,关键在于均衡弹性before he can actually pull the noodles.在他把面拉长之前So hes stretching that.Now stretching.他在拉长它,现在变长了OK, what hes doing,hes pulling and folding it,现在做的就是把面拉长再折起来a little bit like how children used to play Cats Cradle.有点像小孩玩翻花绳Cats Cradle is a lot easier! Yeah!翻花绳比这简单多了好嘛Wow, thats beautiful! Thats what we call tung chow mein.好厉害,这就是我们说的长寿面Yes!恩201505/375975本溪本溪县人民医院治疗性功能障碍多少钱TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201510/400107栏目简介:《英语学习入门视频》是英语视频听力下面的子栏目,栏目内容适合刚刚接触英语学习不久的童鞋学习。视频内容比较简单易懂,是入门英语知识的基础,有助于帮助英语学习爱好者逐步掌握基本的英语知识。201511/408305本溪市铁路医院做全身检查要多少钱

本溪妇幼保健院男科医院溪湖区医院预约Suspect in US consulate attack arrested袭击美国领事馆嫌犯被捕For more on the attack at the US consulate in Istanbul, we are joined live by our correspondent there, Natalie Carney.有关美国驻伊斯坦布尔大使馆遇袭事件的更多报道,我们马上连线通讯记者娜塔莉。Hello, Natalie. Tell us the latest on the attack and the investigation?娜塔莉,你好,请告诉我们有关此次袭击的最新进展及现在的调查情况?As weve mentioned, Monday also saw several other attacks on Turkish security forces.就如同我们上面所提到的,土耳其安全部队周一也遇到过几次袭击事件。Give us more details about that, and is there any link between these incidents?请告诉给我们更多相关细节,这些事件之间是否有关联? 译文属201508/392477本溪市金山医院是正规医院吗桓仁县人民医院可以治疗妇科吗

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