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青岛上环大概需要多少钱泰安治疗附件炎多少钱青岛市南区体检多少钱 化妆品警察宝拉.培冈破解护肤误区:黑头是由脏东西引起的Blackheads are caused by dirt and can be scrubbed away.Fact: Blackheads may make skin look dirty, but they are unrelated to dirt. Blackheads are formed when hormones cause too much sebum (oil) to be produced, dead skin cells get in the way, the pore is impaired or misshapen, and the path for the oil to exit through the pore is blocked, creating a clog. As this clog nears the surface of the skin, the mixture of oil and cellular debris oxidizes and turns, you guessed it: black. You cannot scrub away blackheads, at least not completely. Using a topical scrub removes the top portion of the blackhead, but does nothing to address the underlying cause and the enlarged pore, so they're back again before too long. Instead of a scrub, try using a well-formulated BHA (salicylic acid) product. Salicylic acid exfoliates inside the pore lining, dissolving oil and dead skin cells that lead to constant blackheads. Article/201105/136083Learn how you can reduce up to 40% of your electric bill!根据本视频的指导,你可以节约高达40%的电费。Step 1: Light Bulb Statistics1.照明灯泡统计数据The light bulb is the most used electric gadget of the century. Forty to seventy percent of random homes electric bills are generated by light bulbs. Eighty-three percent of homes use incandescent class-e light bulbs, which use a huge amount of energy and generate a low amount of light.照明灯泡是本世纪使用最多的用电设备。随机抽取的家庭用电账单的40%至70%是由照明灯泡产生的。83%的家庭使用白热灯泡,消耗大量电能,却只发出少量的光。Step 2: Energy Saving2.节能Now I am going to show you a simple way to get more light and cheaper electric bills; the fluorescent light bulb. They are available in all shapes and sizes. They produce up to seventy percent more light than regular light bulbs and use up to five times less energy. In fact, the twenty five watt fluorescent can perform as well as a one hundred watt incandescent.现在我要为大家介绍一种获得更多光照,却能轻松降低电费的简单方法:荧光灯泡。这种灯泡形状和大小五花八门。它们产生的光照比常规灯泡多70%,消耗的电量却是常规灯泡的五分之一。实际上25瓦的荧光灯泡可以像100瓦的白热灯泡那么亮。Step 3: Incandescent Light Bulb3.荧光灯泡Here is the incandescent and here you can see the fluorescent; now there is a big difference. As you can see here, the incandescent breaks down after a while, but the fluorescent keeps on shining. This is my electric meter with all the lights in my house on incandescent, this is it on fluorescent lights. You can see it is at a much lower speed which means I use less energy.这一个是白热灯泡,这个是荧光灯泡。这两者大有不同。你可以看到,白热灯泡过一会儿就会暗下来,而荧光灯泡则一直很亮。这是我的电表。这是房间所有的灯泡都用白热灯泡时的数据,这是用荧光灯泡时的数据。你可以看到电表慢很多,也就是说消耗的电量少很多。Thanks for watching How To Reduce Your Electric Bill感谢收看“怎样节约用电”视频节目。 Article/201209/200348青岛哪个医院盆腔炎好

青岛新阳光妇产医院引产好吗It will transform the nature of this war,as information and decisions can flow backwards and forwards, at lightning speed.这改变了这场战争的本质因为信息和决策如今能够以光速在各地来回传送It became kind of the early version of e-mail.这算得上是电子邮件的早期形式Suddenly it was possible to get a message to somebody from St. Louis突然之间身处圣路易斯的某人可以把消息传给 you know, to get a message to New York比如说传给纽约的某个人in a shockingly short amount of time.而这些都只需要很短的时间Lincoln immediately realizes the telegraph#39;s potential as a weapon of war.林肯马上意识到了电报作为一个战争武器的潜力He insists on the installation of telegraph lines directly into the War Department.他坚决要求安装直通陆军部的电报线路And he quickly acts to place all telegraph facilities in the Union under military control.并迅速采取行动将联邦内的所有电报传输设施都划归军方控制The Telegraph Office becomes the central hub of Lincoln#39;s war operation. His command and control center.这个电报办公室成为一个中央枢纽,林肯在这里组织、指挥、控制战事He even takes to sleeping here at busy times.他忙的时候甚至会睡在这里The Telegraph Office manager, David Homer Bates,describes how Lincoln obsesses over every scrap of news from the front:电报办公室的经理大卫·荷马·贝茨描述了林肯有多专注于战争前线传来的任何一条消息sometimes ing dispatches word by word as they are deciphered.他常常逐字逐句读这些急件就像是在破译密码一般Lincoln#39;s habit was to go immediately to the drawer each time he came into our room,and over the telegraphs beginning at the top until he came to the one he had seen on his previous visit.每次林肯走进房间就会习惯性地直接去查看抽屉从最上面的电报开始仔细阅读 一直读到他上次已经看过的为止The North#39;s telegraph network sps its tentacles far and wide,sucking information back to Lincoln and his commanders in Washington.北方的电报网延伸发展到四面八方从各处采集的信息反馈到了林肯和他在华盛顿的指挥官们手中It gives him a vast strategic overview,providing him an unrivaled insight into his commanders#39; tactical thinking.这将全局性的战略视野和无可匹敌的前瞻思维融入了他的指挥战术Lincoln himself was able to stay on top of, literally, hour-by-hour developments in the course of individual battles.林肯得以随时跟踪着,可以说是每小时都在更新专注着每场战斗的即时战况 That had never happened before.以前从没有指挥官能做到这一点To the irritation of his generals,it even allows him to issue his own direct orders,telling them how to fight.让他的将军们有些恼火的是这甚至让他得以直接发布自己的命令,告诉他们该如何作战 /201211/207330山东省妇幼保健院早孕检查 Louis had had nothing to do with the grisly execution,路易没有参与这个骇人听闻的处决but accounts of it stained his reputation right across Europe.但他有责任 这也毁了他在欧洲的声誉It gives the reign of Louis XV this incredibly ghastly,这事儿对路易十五的统治带来了sort of, backward, sort of, feeling to it.惊人的反作用 人们对此颇有微词Although his physical suffering was nothing尽管肉体上的痛苦compared to that meted out to Damiens,跟达米安比起来不值一提Louis#39;s mental stability was badly shaken by the affair.该事件严重动摇了路易的精神安宁His closest aides described him as troubled and depressed.他的亲信称他身心失调 非常消沉For a monarch who takes being a king extremely seriously,对极度尊崇王者之道的统治者来说this is a big thing,这是件大事and all the court talk about, over the next couple of years,接下来几年内 宫廷都在谈论is this depression, this, sort of, melancholic vein to Louis XV.路易十五那种消沉和忧郁的性情To make matters worse,更糟糕的是the conflict with Britain was proving to be disastrous.与英国的冲突实是灾难性的By the end of what#39;s called the Seven Years War,七年战争快结束时the French were driven out of Canada, India,法国被赶出了加拿大 印度and much of the Caribbean.还有加勒比的大部分地区The British, largely because of their Navy,英国人主要因为其强大海军were able, completely, to turn the tables on France.能够彻底地将法国打败France has really lost all her pretensions法国失去了所有成为to becoming a global superpower,世界霸主的自负and she has lost that to England, basically.基本上都被英国夺走了If the world is speaking English today,现在的世界都在说英语it is partly because of the outcome of the Seven Years War部分原因就是那场发生在18世纪的in the 18th century.七年战争的结果 Article/201205/183371青岛阴唇整形哪家好

青岛人流哪家医院技术好演讲简介:一批批面包,一层层面包皮……烘焙大师彼得·瑞因哈特与我们分享他对我们日常食用的面包的想法。这种由两对绝佳搭档--小麦和酵母,面团和热度--打造的食品,是他的挚爱。可别嘴馋哦。 Article/201210/206548 青岛新阳光女子医院生孩子怎么样青岛大学附属医院孕前体检



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