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湖北旅游景点英文介绍 黄鹤楼英文导游词 -- :3:33 来源: 湖北旅游景点英文介绍 黄鹤楼英文导游词黄鹤楼位于湖北武昌蛇山,是江南三大名楼之一(另外两大楼是湖南岳阳楼,江西滕王阁)Yellow Crane Tower, located on Snake Hill in Wuchang, is one of the "Three Famous Towers South of Yangtze River (the other two: Yueyang Tower in Hunan and Tengwang Tower in Jiangxi).Legend goes that here used to be a wine-shop opened by a young man surnamed Xin. One day, a Taoist priest, in order to thank the man his favor of free wine, drew a magic crane on the wall and told it to dance on hearing claps. Since then, thousands of people came to see the spectacle and the wine shop was always full of guests. After years, when the Taoist priest's revisit the wine shop, he played the flute and then rode on the crane to the sky. In order to memorize the supernatural encounter and the priest, the Xins built a tower here named Yellow Crane Tower.According to records, the tower was first built in 3 A.D during the Three Kingdoms period (-0). After completion, the tower once served as a gathering place celebrities and poets to make merry and compose poetry. It was estimated that up to the Tongzhi Reign of the Qing dynasty, as many as 300 poems about the tower had been found in the historical literature, in which "Yellow Crane Tower" wrote by Cui Hao, a famous poet of Tang dynasty (618-9) made the tower well known throughout China.Destroyed many times in successive dynasties, the tower was rebuilt time and again until 0 years ago when it was the last time reduced to ashes. The present tower is the result of four years of construction beginning in 1981. The tower, 51. meters high, is five-storied with yellow tiles and red pillars, overlapping ridges and interlocking eaves, more magnificent than the old one. The ground floor of the new is meters wide in each side and the old tower is only meters wide. Theree we can say that Yellow Crane Tower has been reconstructed instead of being renovated.Now, the tower has aly been regarded as the symbol of Wuhan city. 湖北旅游景点英文介绍 黄鹤楼英文导游词 我喜欢的节日(my favorite festival) --1 :00:9 来源: 我喜欢的节日(my favorite festival)  my favorite festival is chinese new year.on chinese new year,i am going to buy new clothes、eat a big dinner.i am going to clean the house.  then,i am going to visit family and friends,i can get lots lucky money!it is going to havelotsof fun!

小学生英语作文 -- :59:3 来源: 题目:My :Class 素材:语文老师:Miss Gu 英语老师:Miss feng 数学老师Miss Li两扇门 6扇窗 38个学生 38个课桌椅 要求:不少于句,要围绕学校的物品来讲不能偏题My class I'm a student.there are 38 desks and chairs in my classroom. And there are 6 windows on the wall. 38 students are in my class.My chinese teacher is Miss Gu ,my English teacher is Miss Feng and my math teacher is Miss Li.I like my class very much .Welcome to my class. I study in class ?and I feel very happy.there are 38 students and desks in my class.my chinese teacher,Miss gu,english teacher,miss feng and maths teacher,miss li,are all very friendly.I like them very much,and I like my class.

A Chinese Teacher 一位语文老师 -- :1:51 来源: A Chinese Teacher 一位语文老师  Shen Fang is a primary school teacher. She teaches Chinese in a fourth grade class. She helps the boys and girls and write. Her classes are interesting, and the children all love her.  Shen Fang gets to school at half past seven in the morning, half an hour bee classes begin. At luch she eats together with her pupils. After class she corrects their home work. She leaves school at six. She is busy with her work all the day, because she loves teaching children.  沈芳是一名小学老师她教四年级语文,教孩子们读书、写字她的课很有趣,孩子们都爱她  沈芳早晨七点半到校,比上课时间提前本个小时中午她和学生们一起吃午饭课后她批改作业,六点钟离校她整天忙于工作,因为她喜欢教孩子

  四年级英语作文:When I grow up --1 01:59:6 来源: When I grow up, I want to be an artist. I want to use my colorful pencil to draw this wonderful world to everyone.  Some years ago, I did not know how to use the pencil to draw the picture my mother and my father. One day, I found I could draw animals, people, mountai, seaso with the colorful pencils with teacherrsquo help. As a result, I want to be a artist. Even though this dream is very small, but I still make my eft. I can study drawing hardly from now on. An then I think my dream will come true.


  语言-- :5: A:Eric,how long will you be in china?  Eric,.你要在中国呆多久?  B:I don't know,Well my contract here is one year and I don't know what I should do after that.Maybe going around a while.  不知道,我在这的合同是一年的,我也不知道之后该干点什么,也许会出去走走  A:Well,have you ever thought about learning some Chinese?  有没有想过学点汉语?  B:Actually,I am learning that now.but it's too hard me .You know the tones and the stuff,It really freaks me out,  事实上,我正在学,但对我来说那太难了你知道四声那些东西,我有点怕了,  A:Don't worry.All things are difficult bee they are easy.  别担心,万事开头难吗  B:You hit the nail right on the head.  你说得有道理  A:Well,are you interested in some language-exchange program?  你有兴趣作语言交换吗?  B:What is it?  什么意思?  A:I mean I can teach you Chinese and in exchange you teach me English.  我的意思是说我教你汉语然后你教我英语  B:Awesome,I have been giving this a lot of thought.When can we do this?  太好了,我一直在想这个问题,什么时候开使?  A:How about this Sunday?We can go on a field trip.How about having some coffee together.  星期天怎么样?我们可以出去学  B:ok,cool.  好啊  A:Good,I'll call you tonight.  好,我今晚给你打电话  B:no problem.  没问题  A:Bye  再见  B:Bye  再见.  Attention Please…特别提醒  [1]  [你可以请外教反复帮你模仿训练下面句子词组的正宗美式发音]  [1]Have you thought about…..是一个非常有用的句子汉语翻译是你有没有想过?怎么样,有没有想过交个女友?有没有想过嫁给他?一个好问题是打开话匣子的关键  []It really freaks me out,表示让我不安,freak是一个口语中很常用的词,作为名词,它表示某人长相或想法很怪,比如说,He is such a freak.他这个人太怪了  [3]All things are difficult bee they are easy.万事开头难,汉语中的谚语不要字面意思直译,否则就会闹出笑话象我们常说的有其父必有其子就译成Like father,like son.  Related Words…相关词汇  You hit the nail right on the head. Field trip group study

  My Best Friend -- :53: 来源: My Best FriendHello! Everyone. I’ll introduce my best friend to you. Her name is Zhou Xun. Her English name is Zoe. I like her English name better. Zoe likes it, too. Zoe is a lovely girl. She is not tall. She is very thin. She has a round face and two small eyes. Her hair is short. She often wears a pink dress, because pink is her favorite color. She always has a smiling face, so everyone likes her very much.Zoe is a clever girl. She’s our monitor. She works hard at school everyday. She likes to ask and answer the questions. Her copybooks are clean and tidy. Her handwriting is very beautiful. She is good at English and math. She is a top student in our class.Zoe is a versatile girl. She can play the piano. She can draw pictures. She can tango. She can swim. She can do everything very well.Zoe has a big dog. Its name is Xiao Xiong. they are good friends. I like it, too.Do you like my best friend, Zoe?我最喜爱的花(My Favourite Flower ) -- :: 来源: 我最喜爱的花(My Favourite Flower )   my favourite flower is lily. lily is the national flower of france. i like white lily best. because it’s very beautiful and pure. i planted a white lily in my garden in spring.  i watered it every day. it grew very fast. it was taller and taller. one day, i got home after school. the lily blossomed. it looked like an elegant fairy. i was too excited to cry, “oh, white fairy, white fairy!” i couldn’t help dancing. at that night, i dreamt that i was a beautiful fairy.五年级英语作文:How to be a Model Student --1 :00:5 来源:   i want to be a model student. what shall i do?  i should be polite. i should study hard. i should capful and helpful. i should walk in the corridors.  i should throw ruish in the bin. i should be quiet in the library. i shouldrsquo;t walk and run on the gra. i shouldrsquo;t throw ruish on the floor. i shouldrsquo;t run in the corridors. i shouldrsquo;t fight. i shouldrsquo;t be noisy in the library.

  美剧经典台词:嘴巴那么毒,内心一定很多苦吧 -- :5: 来源: 美剧经典台词:嘴巴那么毒,内心一定很多苦吧  A woman has to earn the right to create her own rules.   女人必须得赢得足够的权力来建立自己的规则——《绯闻女孩   Guess if true love was easy, we'd all have it.   假如获得真爱如此容易,那我们早都拥有了——《童话镇   Your life will not be easy because you wish it to be so.   你渴望安逸的生活,但生活不会如你所愿——《白皇后   Don't be afraid to break the rules. You never know what can happen.   不要害怕打破常规,你永远不知道会发生什么好事——《登家庭   Don't mistake coincidence fate.   不要错把巧合当成命运——《迷失   Once you betray me, I become like the Ice Woman.   一旦背叛我,我就成了冷血的女人——《老友记   So much spice, so much pain.   嘴巴那么毒,内心一定很多苦吧——《破产   Nothing's ever really gotten - not if you don't want it to be.   有些事情只要你不想忘记就永远不会忘——《双螺旋   A life without regret would be no life at all.   没有后悔的人生便不是人生——《汉尼拔   Everybody dies sooner or later. Don't worry about your death. Worry about your life. Take charge of your life as long as it lasts.   每个人早晚都会死,不要担忧死亡,好好操心你的生活吧活着的每一天都要好好把握——《权力的游戏 嘴巴那么毒 内心一定很多苦吧一年级英语作文:My New Teacher --1 01:1:31 来源: My new teacher is science teacher. Hersquo very strong. He has a big mouth, two big ears, two big eyes and a not too big and not too small nose. He often wears a black new shirt and brown pants, with two big shoes.  My science teacher is very kind. And he is very smart, irsquo;t he? Today, we have science cla. We are very hay. Because he is so fuy. Who is he? Hersquo a Mr. Zhou .

  这是我的卧室(This Is My Bedroom) --1 :5:3 来源: 这是我的卧室(This Is My Bedroom)   this is my bedroom. it's clean and beautiful.  there is a bed on the right. there is a pillow and a quilt on it. there is a big table near the bed. the closet is near the table. there are many clothes in the closet. the trash bin is behind the door. the mirror is under the air-conditioner.  do you like my bedroom? what's your bedroom like? can you tell me, please?

  三亚之旅 A Trip to Sanya -- :3: 来源: I live in thenorth of China. It’s very cold in my city when winter comes. A week ago, myparents and I visited to Hainan. It is warm and sunny there. It’s amazing, becausemy home is snowing now. Sanya is a beautiful city. There are many touristattractions. I like the beach most. The sunshine, beach, sea and sands make meexciting. My parents were happy, too. We had a great time there. I hope I canspend the cold winter in Hainan.。

  I like Music Best 我最喜欢音乐 -- 19:9:5 来源: I like Music Best 我最喜欢音乐  Everybody has a hobby. I like music best, and I think it is the most wonderful in the world.  When I was a little girl, I liked listening to my mother sing beautiful songs. I could understand what the songs were about. Music has been my close friend many years. Sometimes I enjoy sweet music so carefully that I get everything else in the world.  I don't want to be a singer when I grow up. But I think music can really make my life rich and colorful.  每人都有爱好我最喜欢音乐,我认为它是世界上最美妙的东西  当我是个小女孩的时候,我最喜欢听妈妈唱那些好听的歌我能听懂那些歌的意思多年来,音乐就成了我的亲密朋友有时我认真地欣赏那甜美的音乐时,我会忘记世界上任何别的事情  长大后我并不想当歌唱家,可是我认为音乐真的使我的生活丰富多

  My Claroom --19 ::5 来源: My Classroom My classroom is nice and big . There are ty desks and chairs in the classroom. There are two black boards on the walls. And there are two pictures, too. My classroom has eleven lights and twelve fans. What colour are the fans ? They are blue. At the coner, there is a shelf , many books are in the shelf. I like the books very much. This is my classroom , it is very nice. I like my classroom very much . Do you have a nice classroom, too ?

  A Shy Classmate 一位害羞的同学 -- :50: 来源: A Shy Classmate 一位害羞的同学  Chang Yuxian is my best friend. I think he's a handsome boy. He came to our school half a year ago. He's very shy in class, but not a stupid boy.  Every time when the teachers ask us some questions, he doesn't often put up his hand. He lowers his head in order not to meet the teachers' eyes,because he's afraid and shy. But he knows every answers.  Little by little, he begins to answer the questions in class, and takes part in the activities with us. He wants to challenge himself. If you are as shy as him, please follow him. Teachers are not tigers, but they are our best friends in school.  Let's be brave. Don't be shy any more!  常予先是我最好的朋友我觉得他是个帅气的男孩他来到我们学校已经有半年了他在课堂上很害羞,但他决不是个愚蠢的孩子  每次当老师提问的时候,他经常不举手他把头低下为了不跟老师目光相遇,因为他害怕、害羞但是他知道每一个问题的  渐渐地,他开始在课堂上回答问题了,而且还积极参加同学们的集体活动他想要自我挑战如果你跟他一样害羞,就像他那样做吧老师不是老虎,而是我们在学校最好的朋友  让我们勇敢起来,不在害羞!

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