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Words to Life生活的忠告Ill give you some advice about life Eat more roughage;给你一些生活的忠告:多吃些粗粮;Do more than others expect you to do and take pains to do it;给别人比他们期望的更多,并用心去做;Remember what life tells you; Dont take to heart every thing you hear熟记生活告诉你的一切不要轻信你听到的每件事;Dont spend all that you have; Dont sleep as long as you want;不要花光你的所有;不要想睡多久就睡多久;Whenever you say;I love you;,please say it honestly;无论何时说;我爱你;,请真心实意;Whenever you say;Im sorry;,please look into the other person eyes;无论何时说;对不起;,请看着对方的眼睛;Never judge people by their appearance;永远不要以貌取人;When someone asks you a question you dont want to answer smile and say,当别人问你不想回答的问题时,笑着说:;Why do you want to know?;;你为什么想知道?;Call your mother on the phone.If you cant,you may think of her in your heart给妈妈打电话,如果不行,至少在心里想着她;If you fail,dont get to learn your lesson;如果你失败了,千万别忘了汲取教训;Remember the threerespects.Respect yourself,respect others,记住三个;尊重;:尊重你自己;尊重别人;stand on dignity and pay attention to your behavior;保持尊严,对自己的行为负责;Dont let a little dispute break up a great friendship;不要让小小的争端损毁了一场伟大的友谊;Whenever you find your wrongdoing, be quick with reparation!无论何时你发现自己做错了,竭尽所能去弥补;动作要快!Find time yourself; Remember that silence is golden;找点时间,单独待会儿;记住:沉默是金;Read more books and watch less television;多看点书,少看点电视;Figure out the meaning of someone words;多注意言下之意;Do the thing you should do; Remember,not all the best harvest is luck做自己该做的事;记住有时候,不是最好的收获也是一种好运 0。

  • I might have known better; but,somehow,I had expected to see it,casting its long shadow on a public street where people came and went all day. It was a surprise to me to find it in a grave retired place,apart from the general resort,and carpeted with smooth green turf. But,the group of buildings,clustered on and about this verdant carpet: comprising the Tower,the Baptistery,the Cathedral,and the Church of the Campo Santo: is perhaps the most remarkable and beautiful in the whole world; and from being clustered there,together,away from the ordinary transactions and details of the town,they have a singularly venerable and impressive character. It is the architectural essence of a rich old city,with all its common life and common habitations pressed out,and filtered away.我本应对斜塔了解甚详的,可是我想象中的斜塔却是这样的:它将倒影落在大街上,在那里人们终日来来去去我惊讶地发现,斜塔是在一座荒旧的墓地里,这与一般的观光胜地不同;塔的四周有郁郁葱葱的草地;草地四周有一些建筑群,其中有斜塔、洗礼堂、大教堂、圣广场教堂或许,圣广场教堂是世界上最雄伟的、最显著的建筑物它们都坐落于此,远离世俗与城市的喧嚣,给人异乎寻常的庄严和肃穆它们是绝经沧桑的古老城市的建筑精华,渗透并浓缩了老城中的平凡生活和平凡居所 3365。
  • gotten and given忘记并宽容As I sat perched in the second-floor window of our brick schoolhouse that afternoon, my heart began to sink further with each passing car.那天下午,我坐在学校砖楼二楼的窗沿上,看着一辆辆经过的汽车,心不断地往下沉This was a day Id looked ward to weeks Miss Pace fourth-grade, end-of-the-year party.裴老师带的四年级班的年终派对将在那天举行,我已经盼了好几个星期了Miss Pace had kept a running countdown on the blackboard all that week, and our class of nine-year-olds had bordered on insurrection by the time the much-anticipated ;party Friday; had arrived.那个星期,裴老师还在黑板上弄了个倒计时牌当这个令人望穿秋水的“派对星期五”到来的时候,我们一班九岁大的孩子们兴奋得像炸开了锅一样I had happily volunteered my mother when Miss Pace requested cookie volunteers.在裴老师征召志愿者提供小甜饼的时候,我很开心地推荐了我母亲Mom chocolate chips reigned supreme on our block, and I knew theyd be a hit with my classmates. But two oclock passed, and there was no sign of her.妈妈做的巧克力片在我们那个街区是最最好吃的我知道它们肯定会在同学们中大受欢迎Most of the other mothers had aly come and gone, dropping off their offerings of punch, crackers, cupcakes and brownies. My mother was missing in action.可是两点都过了,她还没有出现其他同学的母亲大都已来过了,带来了她们做的饮料、饼干、薯条、蛋糕还有核仁巧克力饼我的母亲却还不见踪影;Dont worry, Robbie, shell be along soon,; Miss Pace said as I gazed lornly down at the street. I looked at the wall clock just in time to see its black minute hand shift to half-past.“别着急,罗比,她很快就会来的”当我孤苦无望地盯着下面的大街时,裴老师对我说我看了看墙上的钟,它黑色的分针刚好跳到两点半Around me, the noisy party raged on, but I wouldnt leave my window watch post.我的周围,喧闹的派对正进行得如火如荼,而我却不愿从窗口这个观察站挪动半步Miss Pace did her best to coax me away, but I just stayed there, holding out hope that the familiar family car would round the corner, carrying my rightfully embarrassed mother with a tin of her famous cookies tucked under her arm.裴老师用尽办法对我好言相劝,我还是一动不动,不死心地期待着家里那辆熟悉的汽车转过街角,载着我那应该感到难为情的母亲,怀里抱着一罐她那出名的小甜饼The three oclock bell soon jolted me from my thoughts and I dejectedly grabbed my book bag from my desk and shuffled out the door home.三点的钟声把我从思绪中惊醒,我沮丧地从课桌上抓过书包,拖着步子出了门往家走On the walk to home, I plotted my revenge. I would slam the front door upon entering, refuse to return her hug when she rushed over to me, and vow never to speak to her again.离家步行只有四个街区,在路上我就计划好了怎么报复我要一进门就砰地狠狠把门关上,她迎向我的时候不要和她拥抱,并发誓再也不跟她说话了 3763。
  • Imagination想象力Imagination is the ability of the mind to build mental scenes, objects or events that do not exist, and do not happen in the past. 想象力是一种能力它可以在脑海中勾勒出现实生活中不存在、不在场或过去曾经发生过的心理画面、物体或活动Imagination makes it possible to experience a whole world inside the mind. it gives the ability to look at any situation from a different point of view, and enables one to mentally explore the past and the future.想象力可以把脑子中的一切感受付诸实践想象力用不同的观点看待任何一种情形,还可以使人想象过去和未来Everyone possesses some imagination ability. In some it may be highly developed and in others it may occur in a weaker m.每个人都具有一定的想象力,但有些人的想象力可能很丰富,有些人的想象力则比较弱It occurs in various ms, one of which is daydreaming. 它有不同的表现形式,白日梦就是其中一种Though too much idle daydreaming may make one impractical, some daydreaming, when not being engaged in something that requires attention provides some temporary happiness, calmness and relief from stress.尽管过多的白日梦会使人不切实际,然而有些白日梦,当我们无法全神贯注于某事物时,却能给人带来短暂的快乐、平静和放松,从压力中得到暂时的解脱In your imagination you can travel anywhere in the speed of light. It can make you feel free, though temporarily, and only in the mind, from tasks, difficulties and unpleasant circumstances.在想象中,你可以以光速畅游世界尽管想象是暂时的,也只是在脑海中,但是它让你体现自由的感觉,令你远离包袱,远离困难,以及不顺心的环境A developed and strong imagination does not make you a daydreamer and impractical. On the contrary, it strengthens your creative abilities, and is a great tool remodeling your world and life.一种扩展和坚固想象力并不会让你成为不实用的空想家相反,它还能提高你的创造能力,并且是重塑你的世界和生活的强大的工具This is a great power that can change your whole life. It is used extensively in magic, creative visualization.它是能够改变你的整个人生的强大力量想象力在魔术、创造性设想方面有广泛的应用When you know how to work with it, you can make your heartsdesires come true.当你知道了如何运用想象力,你就能梦想成真Imagination has a great role and value in each one life. We all use it, whether consciously or unconsciously, in most of our daily affairs.想象力在每个人的生活中都很重要,并且具有很大价值不管是有意识还是无意识地,在日常生活中,我们都在运用它We use our imagination whenever we plan a party, a trip, our work or a meeting. We use it when we describe an event, explain how to arrive street, write, tell a story or cook a cake.不管是计划一次舞会或一次旅行,还是工作或会议安排,我们都要运用想象力当我们描述一项活动,说明如何到达某条街,写作,讲故事或做蛋糕时,我们都要运用想象力Imagination is a creative power that is necessary inventing an instrument, designing a dress or a building, painting a picture or writing a book.想象是一种创造性的力量发明一个仪器,设计一件装,设计一幢大厦,描绘一幅图画,写一本书,都必须要运用想象力The creative power of imagination has an important role in the achievement of success in any field. What we imagine with faith and feelings comes into being.想象的创造能力对于在任何领域取得成功都起着重要的作用包含信念与情感的想象会成为现实This means that we should think only in a positive manner about our desires, otherwise we may create and attract into our lives events, situations and people that we dont really want.这就意味着我们应该,并且只能以积极乐观的心态规划我们的追求,否则,就会陷入我们不想要的生活、事件、情形和群体之中This is actually what most of us do, because we dont use the power of imagination correctly.事实上,我们大多数人都是这么做的,因为我们没有正确运用想象力Lack of understanding of the power of the imagination is responsible the suffering, difficulties, failures and unhappiness people experience.缺少对想象力的理解是有些人感到痛苦、无能、艰难和不幸的原因 some reason, most people are inclined to think in a negative way. They do not expect success. They expect the worst, and when they fail, they believe that fate is against them. This attitude can be changed, and then life will improve accordingly.由于某种原因,大多数人都倾向于消极地思考问题,他们没有想过成功当遇到失败时,他们想的是更糟糕的情况,他们认为他们的命不好如果这种态度能够改变的话,他们生活就会相应地得到改善Understanding how to use your imagination correctly, and putting this knowledge into practice, your own and othersbenefit, will put you on the golden path to success, satisfaction and happiness.知道如何正确运用你的想象力,为了你和他人的利益把你的知识付诸于实践,这样你就会踏上通往成功、满足和幸福的金光大道。
  • Blue Planet蓝色星球We all have a common home.我们拥有一个共同的家She provides us with enough food, enough water and enough living room.她向我们提供足够的粮食,足够的水和足够的空间We get everything from nature to live better,为了生活得更好,我们向自然界索取,but we dont do anything to protect her.但我们却从不保护她Now the air is polluted,the earth is poisoned,现在空气被污染了,土地盐碱化了,water is unsafe to drink and rubbish is burying the civili- zation that man owns人们不能安全饮水,垃圾埋葬了现代文明Our environment is being polluted我们的环境正在被污染faster than nature and man efts can prevent.污染速度远远比自然界和人类现在尽力制止污染的速度快Time is bringing us more people,and more people will bring us more industry.随着时间的推移,人口的增加,人们会发展更多的工业So many trees will be cut down,and more large cities will be set up.于是大片森林被砍伐,更多的大型城市开始建立Lots of waste material,in turn,is produced and harms the environment.这一切导致的结果是产生大量的垃圾环境也被破坏了So some experts declare that the balance of nature is being upset,于是专家们宣称自然界正在失去平衡so that the very survival of man is in danger.人们的生存环境正处在危险中What can solve this growing problem?如何来解决这个正在扩大化的问题呢?The answer is that we must control population growth,是我们必须控制人口增长的速度,bid people to cut down trees and pour waste water into rivers and so on.禁止滥伐和向河里排污If we do this,the environment will become clean,如果我们能够做到这些环境将会得到净化,and our lives will be full of happiness我们的生活间充满幸福 57。
  • One True Love真正的爱He never believed that true love existed.他从不相信世上存在真正的爱His parents divorced when he was young and he didnt think that true love was able to survive in today world.年轻的时候他的父母就离婚了,他认为当今世界上真正的爱是不可能存在的He was proven wrong.后来的事实明,他错了His grandparents were always supportive to the kids and tried to help them when their parents divorced. He knew they loved each other, just wasnt sure it was true love. He had never heard them say, ;I love you or show any affection other than hugging. They had been married over fifty years and he thought that their true love was gone.父母离婚后,他的祖父母一直持他和,并尽力帮助他们他,知道他们相互爱恋肴他,只是不能确信那是否是真正的爱他从未听他们说过;我爱你除了拥抱外,他们也没有爱情的其它表示他们结婚已经五十多年了,他想他们的真爱早已经烟消云散了But again he was wrong. His grandfather, Ralph, was struck ill in his junior year of college and he didnt know how serious it was until he fell and hurt his hip. While in the hospital, the doctors found out a tumor in his lungs. They told him that he had lung cancer and due to previous illnesses, they could not operate and he was too weak chemotherapy.但是他又错了大三时,他的祖父病了他,不知道祖父的病情有多严重,直到祖父跌倒,伤了臀部在医院里,医生发现祖父的脐部有一个肿瘤医生告诉祖父,他得了肺癌由于先前的疾病,医生不能给他做手术;他太虚弱,也不能化疗It was around Thanksgiving Day and by Christmas his condition worsened. The cancer sp and in late January his sister away at college too, called him crying and said she was on her way home because the doctors told our family that their grandfather had only a week to live, that by the weekend he would no longer be with them. Their family came in from around the country and slayed next to his side.事情发生在感恩节前后,到圣诞节时,祖父的病情恶化,癌细胞迅速扩散一月底,也在外地上大学的夹着给他打了个电话,说,她在回家的路上,因为医生告诉我们家人我们的祖父只能活一周了,到周末他会离他们而去他们的家人从全国各地回来,围在他的身边It was there he realized that true love does exist today and will survive beyond death. Every night as his grandfather grew more fragile, he would whisper sweet words to grandmother, Madge. The night bee he died, grandmother was walking out of his room and he said to her ;I love you Madge baby;.就是在祖父身边,他才认识到当今世界上真正的爱确实存在着,并且可以超越死亡每天晚上,当他的祖父变得越来越虚弱时,他会用甜蜜的话语同他的马奇祖母低声交谈就在祖父去世前的晚上,当祖母走出他的房间时,祖父对祖母说;我爱你,亲爱的马奇! ;The next morning he received a phone call at work that grandfather had passed during the night. Throughout his short battle with cancer, he realized how much two people can love each other and he realized how much it means to be loved and give love. It is the greatest gift on earth and it lasts beyond life because you never get your one true love.第二天早晨,上班时他收到一个电话他的祖父在夜里去真世了在他的祖父与癌症病魔的短暂抗争中,他认识到两位老情人相互爱得是多么深,他还认识到被爱和爱意味着什么这是? 世界上最伟大的礼物,它将超越生命而永存,因为你永远也不会忘记你的一次真正的爱 3971。
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