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顺德新世纪医院医院男科顺德区看前列腺炎好吗顺德新世纪在哪里 The earth has a lot of warm places: forest fires,lave flows,iron foundries,the inside of your toaster oven,nuclear reactors,and so forth.地球上有很多热的地方: 森林大火、 熔岩流、铸钢厂、你学烤箱内部、核反应堆里等等。But,if we#39;re just talking about regular old sun-heats-the-earth climate and weather,where on the earth#39;s surface is hottest?但是 如果我们只谈平常由日照导致的气候与天气的话,那么地球上最热的地方在哪里?Some might say ;Death Valley;which isn#39;t a bad guess,as the 56.7Celsius temperature observed 100 years ago at aptly named Furnace Creek remains,according to official weather statistics,the highest temperature ever recorded.一些人会说是“死亡谷”这个想法不错,毕竟100年前,在火炉溪的一个地方 曾经探测到过56.7℃的高温,根据官方气象统计数据,这仍是有史以来监测到的最高温度。However,weather stations measure air temperature in the shade about a meter and a half above the ground.And as you know if you#39;ve ever walked barefoot across a beach on a hot day.surfaces in direct sunlight can be a lot hotter than the air just above them.但是 气象监测站是在阴影下测定空气温度的位置在地表上方1.5米附近。你也知道 如果你大热天光着脚走在滩上,阳光直射到的表面的温度比要上方空气高出许多。Plus,there are only 11,119 official weather stations scattered across the globe,which equates to only 1 station every 13,000 square kilometers,or six on average for an area the size of Scotland,(not that Scotland is a leading candidate for heat waves).另外 分布在世界各地的官方气象监测站只有11,119个,也变相当于每1.3万平方公里才有一个气象站,或者六分之一个苏格兰的大小,(不是说苏格兰是热浪的首选目标)Super hot places like deserts are particularly harsh and remote making weather stations impractical and even less common.沙漠这类特别热的地方气候严苛 位置偏远,这使得气象站难以实现 因而数量更少。So to find the true hottest place on earth,we need an army of meteorology students to install and monitor thermometers on every inch of the planet,Or we could measure the temperature of the earth from space,Which NASA does every day.那么 为了找到地球上真正最热的地方,我们需要一大群气象学的学生在地球每一寸土上安装和监控温度计,或者 我们可以从太空中测量地球的温度,而这也是NASA的日常任务。The Terra and Aqua satellites carry instruments called spectroradiometers which detect the infrared radiation ,that is,the heat,radiating from the Earth#39;s surface.Their resolution isn#39;t amazing,since the satellites measure temperature averaged over each square kilometer of the globe,but that#39;s still 13,000 times better than weather stations.Terra 和 Aqua 卫星携带者名为“分光辐射度计”的仪器,它测量的是红外线辐射 也就是地球表面辐射的能量,这东西的分辨率很渣,因为卫星测量的是每平方千米地表的平均温度。但是这还是比气象站的精度高13000倍。And the winner for hottest square kilometer on earth?那么世界上单位面积最热的地方是哪?Not Furnace Creek-it only clocked in at 62.7C.Not the ;Scorched Wheat; plateau in the Lut Desert of Iran.Despite repeated claims to be the hottest place on earth.不是火炉溪 那里最高温度才62.7℃,也不是伊朗卢特沙漠中的“烧麦”平原,尽管总有人说那是世界上最热的地方。However,it#39;s close, a nearby portion of the Lut Desert is the winner at 70.7C or 159.3F,That#39;s one degree hotter than you need for the proteins in an egg yolk to coagulate,that is ,to cook.No need for your toaster oven.breakfast is served.不过 已经很接近了,卢特沙漠中另一块区域才是胜者 最高温度70.7℃ 159.3F,这只比蛋黄中蛋白质凝固需要的温度高1℃。也就是煎蛋啦。烤炉完全用不上 早餐即刻就好, Article/201501/351298;What they have done so carefully is the impression of the veins, which would probably go against it being some form of amputation, because if a hand was amputated the veins would be empty, because obviously the blood drains out.These are very carefully crafted, and really quite beautiful.制作者非常用心地制作出血管的效果,因此这不太可能是截肢。如果手被切下来,血管一定会因失血而干瘪手上的这些细节都经过精心打造,十分精美。;I#39;m sure this is a human hand, but there are certain things that are slightly odd about it.The nails, the #39;spoon-shaped#39; nails, are really indicative of someone who potentially might have anaemia, for some reason; the fingers are really thin and spindly, and also there is this deformity of the little finger, which I think has probably been broken at some stage, at the end of it.;我敢肯定这是一只真人手的模型,不过其中有些奇怪的地方。比如指甲全部呈汤勺状凹陷,显示出它的主人曾患过贫血症。此外,手指细弱纤长,且小指略有变形,我想应该曾折断过。It#39;s small medical details like these that, after 1,700 years of oblivion, bring Wahab Ta#39;lab back to life.I find myself wondering how old he was.The veins on the back of the hand are very prominent.And, above all, wondering how he broke his little finger.Was it perhaps in battle? It doesn#39;t look as though it was in the fields-this doesn#39;t seem like the hand of a labourer.A fortune-teller of course would look at once for the lines on the palm of the hand, but the palm of this hand has been left unworked.There are lines, though, but they#39;re on the back, and they#39;re lines of text.They#39;re written in an ancient Yemeni language which is linked both to modern Hebrew and to Arabic, and the inscription tells us what this object was for, and where it was displayed:在被人遗忘了一千七百多年后,这些微小的医学细节又让瓦哈·塔拉布复活了。我发现自己在揣测他的年纪—他手背上的血管非常突出—而我最想了解的还是他的小指为何折断。是在战场上受的伤吗?我感觉不会是在田里一这不像是一个体力劳动者的手。算命师肯定首先想看看他的掌纹,但这只手的掌心一片空白。确实有些线条,不过雕在手背上,是古老的也门文字。古也门语与现代希伯来语和阿拉伯语都有关联。文字记录了铜手的制作目的及展示地点:;Son of Hisam, the Yursamite, subject of the Banu Sukhaym, has dedicated for his well-being this his right hand to their patron in his the god#39;s shrine dhu-Qabrat.;巴努·苏克因的子民,尤塞麦特族人希山姆之子献上自己的右 手给他们的保护神塔拉布·里阳,敬奉于萨法城杜卡布拉特神庙, 祈求福社。 Article/201507/386454顺德区中医院网上咨询

顺德区中医院男科咨询UNIDENTIFIED MALE: See if you can ID me.看你能否鉴别出我。I once connected China and Rome. 我曾连接了中国和罗马。I am an ancient trade route that was traveled by Marco Polo. 我是一条古代的贸易路线,马可波罗曾经走过这条路。I#39;m named for one of the major materials carried along my path.我是以道路上运输的一种主要货物命名的。I#39;m the Silk Road, once stretching from the Mediterranean Sea to Shiyan, China.我是丝绸之路,曾经从地中海一直延伸到中国西安。AZUZ: With the possible exception of Marco Polo, most people who used the Silk Road never actually traveled the whole distance. 除了马可波罗有可能走过丝绸之路,许多行走在丝路上的人都没有走过全程。Different traders would carry goods along different legs of the journey.不同的商人会在不同的路线上运货。The route has seen a number of revivals over the centuries. 本世纪来,这条路线正在复苏。China is investing in one now with a similar goal to the ancient one -- bridge East and West with trade and ideas.中国正在大力投资丝绸之路,其目的与古时候一样——用贸易与思想架起东西的桥梁。 /201503/364198顺德新世纪医院看男科医院 栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201503/364957佛山治疗附睾炎哪里好

佛山市顺德区中医院男科专家Light bulbs used to be simple,just run a bunch of electrical current through a thin wire.until it heats up enough to start glowing,Bare filament electric lamps were first demonstrated around 1800 by Humphry Davy,and the glass bulb was added later,to keep oxygen away from the wire,so it could glow for a long time without actually burning up.早期灯泡的原理十分简单。把电流通过一段细金属丝里,直到它热到开始发光就行。1800年前后,汉弗里 戴维发明了一种灯丝裸露的灯泡,随后玻璃灯管被整合进了设计,为灯丝隔绝氧气,让灯丝更耐用而不会很快烧化。So the incandescent light bulb is 19th century technology ,and by now there is a blinding array of electric lamps,halogen light bulbs,fluorescents,mercury and sodium vapor lamps,LEDs and so on.Each one makes its own clever use of physics to achieve the life goal of a light bulb:converting electrical current into visible light.这么说来白炽灯泡其实是19世纪的技术。而现在,市场上可供选择的灯泡琳琅满目,卤素灯。荧光灯,水银或钠蒸汽灯,发光二极管等等,每一种都巧妙应用了物理原理来完成电灯的任务:把电流转化为可见光。Here#39;s how they work:halogen bulbs have the same tungsten metal filament,as typical incandescent light bulbs,but they contain a little bit of halogen based gas in the bulb as well,The chemistry of the halogen gas,allows it to capture stray tungsten atoms that evaporate off the filament and shepherd them back to where they belong,which both prolongs the life of the filament,as well as keeps the insides of the bulbs clean and clear.我们接下来说说它们的原理,卤素灯和白炽灯一样,有一根钨制的金属灯丝,但是它们的灯泡中还有一些卤元素的气体化合物。这些化合物的化学性质,使得他们可以捕捉从灯丝蒸发的钨原子,再把它们重新附着在灯丝上,这样既延长了灯丝的寿命,还能让灯泡干净透亮。Fluorescent bulbs are basically gas-filled tubes,with electrodes as both ends,Electrical current flows one electrode to another,and when the electrons that make up the current bump into mercury atoms in the gas,the energy of the collision makes the atoms get;excited;that#39;s the technical term,and the atoms then emit visible and ultraviolet light.荧光灯本质上就是填充了气体的管子,两端接上电极,电流在两个电极之间流动,当电流中的电子与气体中的汞原子碰撞时,碰撞的能量让原子“兴奋”起来(激发)术语就是这个?之后原子会发出可见光和紫外线。The white coating on the inside of the glass,absorbs the ultraviolet light and re-emits it as more visible light,The process is called ;fluorescence;and is the namesake of the bulb.Because the coating stops the UV light,it also keeps the bulb from giving you cancer,Unless that#39;s what you want in which case you use a tanning bulb with a different kind of coating.灯管内部的白色涂层 会吸收紫外线在放出更多的可见光 这个过程叫做“荧光” 荧光灯就是因此命名,因为灯管里的涂层吸收了紫外线,使用这种灯泡没有致癌风险 如果你想做死的话,那你需要去照有另一种涂层的美黑灯。Vapor Lamps:Sodium, mercury and metal-halide vapor lamps,which are commonly used for lighting streets warehouse, gymnasiums and another large areas,are also tubes that run electrical current through a gas.The gas itself emits mainly visible light.so these bulbs don#39;t need a fluorescent coating.蒸气灯:钠,水银或金属卤化物蒸汽灯 经常被用于马路,仓库,体育场和其他大型场地的照明,原理也是将电流通入充满气体的灯管中 填充的气体主要发出可见光,所以这些灯泡不需要荧光涂层。Light Emitting Diodes(LEDs):Finally,LEDSs are also like fluorescent light bulbs,except replace the gas with a tiny crystal of semi-conducting gallium,and throw away the bulb,So not like fluorescent bulbs.发光二极管:发光二极管跟荧光灯其实很像,只不过把气体换成一小块半导体晶体镓 再把玻璃灯管扔掉,其实跟荧光灯不同的?But seriously,the semiconductor has two layers,one of which provides excited electrons with lots of energy,while the other provides a place for the electrons to go and ;relax;,That IS the technical term,all you need is an electrical current to transport the electrons from the party side,to the SPA side,where they release the energy of their excitement as light,Viola! A light emitting diode!Perfect for human parties!实际上,半导体由两层组成,一层富含充满能量的激发态(兴奋)电子 另一层电子“放松”下来,这个也是术语来的(回到基态) 电流把激发态电子送到二极管的另一端,在这里电子由激发态跃迁回基态,能量以光子散发出来,铛铛!发光二极管!拿来给人类开派对再合适不过呢! Article/201503/361964 西南街道云东海旅游迳口华侨经济区治疗内分泌多少钱佛山市新世纪医院男科专家挂号



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