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Have you heard of the ;makeup tax;? It refers to the time and money women spend on their appearances in the hopes of doing well at work. Many career women fear that if they don#39;t live up to society#39;s expectations, they will lose out on promotions and pay raises.你听过;化妆税;吗?它指的是女人为了事业成功而花在经营仪表上的时间和金钱。很多职业女性担心一旦自己辜负了社会(对女性美丽外表)的期望,她们将会失去升职加薪的机会。The ;makeup tax; affects a lot of women. US presidential candidate and former secretary of state Hillary Clinton is no exception. Last month, in an online Qamp;A session on Facebook, Clinton was asked about her morning grooming routine by Libby Brittain, a female Facebook staffer. Brittain complained that she has to spend more than 30 minutes getting y for work while her boyfriend ;zip[s] out the door;.;化妆税;影响了大批女性,连美国总统候选人、前国务卿希拉里·克林顿也不例外。上个月,在脸书的一档在线问答互动活动上,脸书公司的女性雇员莉比·布里顿问希拉里是如何应对日常打扮的。布里顿还抱怨说自己每天要花30分钟以上用来梳洗准备才能去工作,而她的男朋友;开门就能去上班;。;I wonder about how the ‘hair and makeup tax#39; affects other women–especially ones I admire in high-pressure, public-facing jobs,; wrote Brittain, who added that as a ;young professional woman; she#39;d like to know how Clinton handles it while ;staying focused on the ‘real#39; work ahead;.布里顿写道:;我想知道‘美发和化妆税#39;是如何影响其他女性的,特别是那些我崇拜的,身居要职,工作压力大还经常要抛头露面的女性;,之后她又补充说,作为一个;年轻的职业女性;,她想知道克林顿是如何在一堆;真实弹;的工作摆在面前时还兼顾美发和化妆的。Clinton acknowledged that the ;makeup tax; is a problem. ;Amen, sister,; she wrote in her answer. ;It#39;s a daily challenge. I do the best I can –and as you may have noticed, some days are better than others!;克林顿也承认;化妆税;确实是个问题。;你我同在,,;她回答到。;这是每天都要面对的挑战。我尽力做到最好——如你所见,有些时候做的好些,有些时候不尽人意。;Olga Khazan, writing in The Atlantic, thinks Clinton shouldn#39;t have treated the question so lightheartedly. The ;makeup tax; is very real, Khazan says. Women invest time and money into makeup because it impacts their relationships and their careers. Men also use grooming products, but they never have to worry about the price of makeup.奥尔加·卡赞在《大西洋月刊》上撰文提到她认为克林顿不应该用这么随意的态度对待这个问题。卡赞说;化妆税;是真实存在的。女人投入大把的时间和金钱化妆,因为这关系到她们的爱情和事业。男人也会用些化妆品,不过他们可不必担心化妆的成本。According to a Washington Post report, the cosmetics industry makes billion (384 billion yuan) each year in the US. The personal finance website claims that the average US woman will spend ,000 on makeup in her lifetime. Applying makeup also costs time. If it takes you an average of 10 minutes to apply makeup every morning before going to work, that#39;s an hour per week, or two full days per year.根据《华盛顿邮报》的报道,美国的化妆品行业每年能挣600亿美元(3840亿人民币)。个人理财网Mint.com说平均每个美国女性一生中要花1万5千美元用于购买化妆品。同时,化妆也是个耗费时间的活儿。如果每天早上上班之前你平均要花10分钟来化妆,那么每周有一小时用于化妆,每年有整整两天用在了化妆上。Critics might say, ;Just don#39;t wear makeup!; But few people can afford to ignore society#39;s expectations. Years of research have shown that attractive people earn more, yet men aren#39;t expected to wear makeup in order to look good.批评者说:;那就别化妆嘛!;但基本上没有人敢无视这种社会期望。一项历经数年的实验显示外表迷人的人挣得更多,而社会并没有期待男人通过化妆变得好看。According to The New York Times, a 2014 study published in the Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology found that both male and female participants thought ;regular; women looked best when they applied a moderate amount of makeup. Another 2012 study found that subtle makeup made women seem not only attractive, but more likable and competent. A 2006 study published in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology found that participants were more likely to award ;prestigious jobs; to women who used makeup than to the same women when their faces were unadorned.据《纽约时报》消息,《实验心理学季刊》曾在2014年刊登过一项研究,研究发现男性和女性参与者都认为淡妆状态下的女性颜值最高。2012年的另一项研究则表明淡妆不仅让女性更好看,还让她们看起来更讨人喜欢和能干。2006年《应用社会心理学杂志》发布的一篇研究发现被试更愿意把优越的职位提供给化过妆的女性而非那些未施粉黛的。;I wish society didn#39;t reward this,; Daniel Hamermesh, an economics professor at the University of Texas at Austin and author of Beauty Pays, told The New York Times. ;I think we#39;d be a fairer world if beauty were not rewarded, but it is.;德克萨斯大学奥斯汀分校经济学教授、《美丽有价》一书的作者丹尼尔·汉默许说;我不希望社会鼓励这种行为。如果美貌不被嘉奖,那么世界将更公平,可惜这是不可能的。; /201510/402068

Five Dynasties and Ten States五代十国Culture文化Regardless of the chaos which prevailed during this period, it was important in terms of Chinese culture.除去这个时代的混乱纷争,五代十国其实是中国文化的一个重要时期。1. Printing1、绘画Facilitated by the advancements made in printing and despite the political changes of the period,尽管这个时期政治格局不断变化,但是受到绘画上进步的促进,there remained a high regard for cultural tradition.五代十国对于文化传统极为尊敬。During the period 932 to 953 the first of the Nine Confucian Classics was published by the Imperial Academy.932至953年间,《九经》的第一部由翰林院出版。This became the prototype for all subsequent editions.这版书是之后所有版本的原型。2. Art2、艺术The noteworthy developments in the field of art during this time were twofold.这个时期艺术上的发展有两个值得一提的方面。The first was the continued refinement of the techniques used in the production of porcelain.其一是陶瓷制造工艺的不断改进。The translucent porcelain was used throughout China and was widely sought abroad, thus becoming a valuable export.透明瓷在整个中国得到试用并被海外广泛探寻,它因此成为了一个非常珍贵的出口商品。The second development was in painting.第二项发展就是绘画。A distinctive style known as Wu-tai painting “monumental ink landscapes” dominated.一种与众不同的绘画风格雾态“水墨山水画”成为了主流。This was inspired by the Taoist notion that mountains were essentially sacred pillars linking heaven and earth.这种绘画方式受道家理念的启发,道家认为山川本质上是连接上天和人间的神圣的柱。Artists, using black ink on silk, depicted the natural world as the source of harmony and enlightenment.艺术家运用水墨绢本将自然世界描绘成和谐与教化的来源。Gu Hongzhong#39;s painting the “Evening Feasting held by Han Xizai” is a highly revered work of this period.顾闳中的《韩熙载夜宴图》是这个时期受到高度尊崇的作品。 /201511/405271

Zhu Xi (1130~1200), whose courtesy name was Zhonghui and literary name Hui#39;an, was born in Wuyuan, Huizhou (now part of Jiangxi Province) in the Southern Song Dynasty.朱熹(1130~1200),字仲晦,号晦庵,他是南宋徽州婺源(今属江西)人。As one of the most significant philosophers of the Neo-Confucian school in the Song and the Ming dynasties, he held that the universe has two aspects: the formless and the formed. The formless, or li, is a principle or a network of principles that is supreme natural law and that determines the patterns of all created things. This law combines with the material force or energy called qi to produce matter, or things having form. Li is never separable from qi: there is no li without qi and no qi without li.他是南宋思想家,宋明理学的代表人物,主要学术成就是对理学的发展。在字宙观上,朱熹持理气论,他认为宇宙万物是理与气妙合而成的,“理是形而上者,气是形而下者”。理是看不见的事物的本体,是形而上之道,气是看得见的物质的质料形象,是形而下之器。合而看,理气浑然一体; 离而看,理气又有先后。Based on this theory, Zhu Xi believed that ;it is the interaction between li and qi that human beings are created.;以理气论为哲学基础,朱熹认为“人之所以生,理与气合而已。”In human beings, li (manifested as human nature) is essentially perfect, and defects, including vices, are introduced into the body and mind through impurities of qi.禀受天地之理为本性,为天命之性; 禀受天地之气为形体,为气质之性。Thus in reality the human nature embodies the conflicts between “Heaven#39;s laws; and “human desires;, and they can never coexist. Therefore, to preserve Heaven#39;s laws and eliminate human desires becomes the core of Zhu Xi#39;s ethical thoughts.所以,现实人性中存在着“天理”与“人欲”的对立,“天理存而人欲灭,人欲胜则天理灭”,于是“明天理,灭人欲”就成了朱熹伦理思想的核心。Zhu Xi#39;s concept of li actually echoes the Confucian ethical and moral principles. To preserve; Heaven#39;s laws; means to preserve the hierachical system and established moral values. To eliminate; human desires;, on the other hand, is to eliminate the cravings against the feudal hierachical system and moral values.朱熹之所谓“理”是儒家伦理道德观念的体现,“明天理”就是要维护封建等级制度和纲常秩序,“灭人欲”就是要清除违反封建等级制度和纲常名教的各种非分的物质欲求。In this way, Zhu Xi seemed to justify feudalism by channeling humanism into ethics and strengthened the traditional Confucian values.这样,朱熹从伦理学角度论了封建统治的合理性,同时把伦理学安置在人性论的基础上,并强化了传统濡家价值观念。Zhu Xi#39;s idea of putting ethical principles over physical desires bears some features of rationalism, but it also has a negative side of suppressing individuality.朱熹以伦理来主宰物欲的理欲观,明显具有一种理性主义的特征,也有压抑人的个性的一面。 /201510/405844


  You Won’t Believe How Much Sugar Is In Your Daily Starbucks你很难相信每天喝的星巴克含多少糖Flavored drinks sold by chains like Starbucks may contain up to a whopping 25 teaspoons of sugar, according to a new analysis by a British campaign group Action on Sugar.根据英国活动团体针对糖的一项新研究,像星巴克这样的连锁店售卖的调味饮料或许含有高达满满25茶匙的糖分。That’s about as much sugar in three 12-ounce cans of Coke and more than three times the maximum adult daily intake recommended by the American Heart Association.这大概相当于3罐12盎司的可乐和超过三倍的美国心脏协会建议的成年人每天最大摄入糖量。The report flagged 98 percent of hot flavored drinks from major coffee chains in the U.K. for containing excessive levels of sugar, with 35 percent having 9 teaspoons of sugar or more. Although the focus of the study was on drinks sold in the U.K., the nutritional information found on the companies’ websites show that the amount of sugar used is similar in the U.S. and in other countries. 这篇报告指出,英国主要的咖啡产业链中98%的热调味饮料含有超额的含糖量,其中35%有超出9茶匙的糖。尽管这项研究的关注点只是英国饮料的情况,但是根据公司网站上关于营养成分的信息,含糖量在美国及其它国家也是一样的。Seven of the 10 drinks with the most sugar are sold at Starbucks. At the top of the list was a venti hot mulled fruit drink flavored with grape, chai, orange and cinnamon, clocking in at 25 teaspoons of sugar per serving. A venti white chocolate mocha with whipped cream has 18 teaspoons of sugar; a venti chai latte has 13; and the seasonal pumpkin spice latte has 10.含糖量最高的饮料10瓶里有7瓶都是星巴克的。位居榜首的是一款超大杯加糖水果热饮,带有葡萄,印度茶,橘子和肉桂,每杯含有25茶匙的糖。一款带有生奶油的超大杯白巧克力卡,每杯含有18茶匙的糖;一杯超大杯印度茶拿铁含有13茶匙;还有季节性的南瓜香料拿铁含有10茶匙。The report includes a comprehensive plan in which it recommends all unhealthy food and drink reduce their sugar and fat content by 50 and 20 percent, respectively. It also suggests a 20 percent tax on all sugar-sweetened drinks and a ban on any advertisements of unhealthy food and drink aimed at children. 研究报告包含了一份综合的计划,建议所有不健康的食品和饮料分别减少50%和20%含糖量和脂肪含量。它还建议对所有含糖的饮料征收20%的税,并禁止针对孩子的不健康食品饮料广告。In response to the survey, a Starbucks spokesperson said that the chain plans to cut added sugar in its drinks by 25 percent by the end of 2020. “We also offer a wide variety of lighter options, sugar-free syrups and sugar-free natural sweeter, and we display all nutrition information in-store and online,” the spokesperson said.作为对这项调查的回应,一位星巴克的发言人表示,连锁店计划在2020年前减少饮品中25%的糖分。“我们还会提供更多的少糖选择,无糖糖浆以及无糖天然甜味剂,并且在商店和网站上展示出所有的营养成分,”发言人说。译文属原创,,不得转载。 /201603/430224。



  Being “fat” is the most common reason children are bullied, and something needs to be done about it.“胖”是致使孩子受欺负的最常见原因,对此,我们亟需做些什么。That is the predominant view of thousands of adults from four different countries who, when asked why children are bullied, said the most common reason was not race, religion, physical disability or sexual orientation, but weight. Nearly three-quarters of respondents said that schools and anti-bullying policies need to address the issue, with many calling it a “serious” or “very serious” problem.研究人员调查了来自四个不同国家的上千名成年人后发现,受访者中的主流观点是:最容易害得孩子被欺负的原因不是种族、宗教、身体残疾或者性取向,而是体重。近四分之三的受访者认为,学校和反欺凌政策应解决这一问题;很多人都称它已达到“严重”或“非常严重”的程度。Yet most state anti-bullying laws don’t protect overweight children, said Rebecca Puhl, deputy director of the Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity at the University of Connecticut in Hartford and the lead author of the report, the first cross-national study investigating weight-based bullying, published in Pediatric Obesity.该论文发表在《小儿肥胖症》杂志(Pediatric Obesity)上,它是首个调查因体重引起的欺凌案件的跨州研究。其主要作者,康涅狄格大学哈特福德校区(University of Connecticut in Hartford)的路德食品政策与肥胖中心(Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity)的副主任丽贝卡·普尔(Rebecca Puhl)指出,可惜,大多数州的反欺凌法案并没有对超重儿童作出保护。There are no federal laws that guarantee equal treatment of people who are overweight or obese.目前尚无任何联邦法律可保障超重或肥胖者的平等待遇。“It is actually legal to discriminate on the basis of weight, and that sends a message that bias, unfair treatment or bullying of overweight children is tolerable,” Dr. Puhl, a professor of human development and family studies at UConn, said.康涅狄格大学人类发展和家庭研究教授普尔士指出,“这实际上等于承认体重歧视合法,它传达出这样一条讯息:心存偏见,不公平地对待甚至欺凌超重儿童都是可以被容忍的。”As obesity rates have risen, she said, so much emphasis has been placed on taking personal responsibility for body weight and changing behaviors “that there is a perception that these youth are somehow to blame for their weight and in some way deserve this treatment.”她还说,随着肥胖率的上升,人们太过于强调体重问题应归咎于个人原因,以及肥胖者需要改变自己的行为,“以致形成了这么一种看法,认为在某种程度上,是这些年轻人自己造成了自己的体重问题,他们受到这样的待遇也算‘罪有应得’。”“There’s also a widesp misperception that stigma may not be such a bad thing, and that maybe criticism will get people motivated to lose weight,” Dr. Puhl said. In fact, she said, the opposite is true: People who are picked on because of their weight often engage in unhealthy behaviors. Students who are teased for being fat in gym class, for example, often start skipping P.E. to avoid being bullied.“还有一个普遍的误解是觉得羞辱肥胖者可能并不算什么坏事,批评或许还能刺激他们积极减肥呢。”普尔士说,但事实正好相反,对某人的体重指指点点反而往往会加剧他的不健康行为。例如,在体育课上受到嘲笑的胖学生通常会开始逃课,以避免被人欺负。For the new study, researchers surveyed the views of 2,866 adults in the ed States, Canada, Iceland and Australia. These four countries have similar rates of childhood and adult obesity, as well as similar cultural attitudes that laud thinness and being physically active, Dr. Puhl said.在上面介绍的这项新研究中,研究人员调查了美国、加拿大、冰岛和澳大利亚的2866名成年人的观点。普尔士称,这四个国家的儿童和成年人肥胖率相似,赞赏苗条身材和积极运动的文化心态也相似。At least 70 percent of participants in all of the countries perceived weight-based bullying to be a common problem, with 69 percent characterizing it as a “serious” or even “very serious” problem. While about half of respondents listed “being fat” as the most common reason children are picked on, fewer than 21 percent in any country listed race, ethnicity or nationality as the most common reason. Fewer than 15 percent listed sexual orientation, fewer than 12 percent listed physical disability and fewer than 6 percent listed religion or academic ability.在所有这些国家的参与者中,至少有70%认为体重欺侮是个普遍问题,69%认为它达到了“严重”甚至“非常严重”的程度。当被问及在他们看来导致儿童被欺负的最常见原因为何时,约一半的受访者回答“肥胖”,只有不到21%的受访者认为是种族、民族或国籍,不到15%的受访者回答性取向,不到12%的受访者回答身体残疾,不到6%的受访者回答宗教或学习成绩。About three-quarters of participants across countries said schools should make efforts to raise awareness about weight-based bullying and implement policies that protect overweight kids, and supported bolstering anti-bullying laws to address weight-based bullying.各国参与者中有约四分之三表示,学校应该努力提高对体重歧视和欺凌的重视,实施保护超重孩子的政策,并持建立相关的反欺凌法来解决体重欺侮的问题。Support for a more active government role was weaker among Americans, however, with only half saying the government should play a more active role and only 47 percent supporting a federal law to prohibit weight-related bullying.然而,美国人中呼吁政府采取更积极态度的呼声较弱,只有一半的受访者觉得政府应发挥更积极的作用,只有47%的受访者持通过联邦立法来防止因体重带来的欺侮。The new survey is not the first to report such findings: A 2011 National Education Association study found that 23 percent of teachers reported weight-based bullying to be a concern in their schools, with lower percentages reporting discrimination based on gender, physical disability or perceived sexual orientation.这项新调查并非是对此类发现的首次报道:早在2011年,美国全国教育协会(National Education Association )的一项研究就发现,有23%的教师报告他们学校中的体重欺侮现象令人担忧,较少有教师报告性别、身体残疾或被认定的性取向造成的歧视。“The politically correct movement doesn’t seem to have touched body weight,” said Deborah Carr, chair of the sociology department at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, N.J. “Weight stigma is the most acute among upper middle class educated people, which is the population that cherishes the lean physique the most.”“政治正确运动似乎从未触及过体重问题,”新泽西州新布朗斯维克市罗格斯大学(Rutgers University)的社会学系主席德拉·卡尔( Deborah Carr)说道。“体重欺侮在中产阶级上层受过教育的人群中最为严重,他们最为崇尚体型纤瘦。”Indeed, as obesity rates have increased in recent years, perceived weight and height discrimination have also risen, research shows.事实上,研究显示,随着近年来肥胖率的上升,针对认定的体重和身高歧视也有所增加。With about one third of American children and adolescents weighing in at levels considered to be overweight or obese, public health officials are concerned about discrimination they will face in the workplace, in education and in health care settings, as well as among peers and by their own family members.在美国,约有三分之一的少年儿童体重超重或肥胖,公共卫生官员担心他们将来在工作场所、教育机构和卫生保健机构、以及同伴和他们自己的家庭成员中都可能受到歧视。Obese teenage girls get less financial support for college from their parents than girls who aren’t obese, and obese workers earn less than non-obese workers, according to a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report on weight bias authored by Dr. Reginald L. Washington, the chief medical officer of Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children in Denver.落基山儿童医院(Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children,位于丹佛市)的首席医务官雷金纳德·L·华盛顿(Reginald L. Washington)士在美国疾病控制和预防中心(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, C.D.C.)的一项关于体重偏见的报告中写道:肥胖少女从父母那里得到的念大学资助要少于普通身材的女孩,肥胖员工的薪资也低于普通身材的员工。The C.D.C. report reviewed current research and found bias among physicians, educators, family members and peers. A study of more than 400 doctors, for example, found that one in three listed obesity as a condition they responded negatively to, ranking it just behind drug addiction, mental illness and alcoholism. The C.D.C. also cited research showing that families often pick on overweight family members; nearly half of overweight girls report being teased about their weight by family members.该C.D.C.报告在回顾了现有的研究后发现,在医生、教育工作者、家庭成员和同伴之中都存在着偏见。例如,一项涉及400多名医生的研究发现,三分之一的医生指出肥胖是令他们对患者持负面态度的疾病之一,仅次于药物成瘾、精神疾病和酗酒。C.D.C.援引的另一项研究显示,人们常会刁难超重的家庭成员;近一半的超重女孩报告称自己因为体重而被家人戏弄。While some health experts acknowledge that individual genetic and metabolic differences mean that some people are more prone to gaining weight than others, the most widely disseminated public health message is that anyone can achieve a desirable weight by eating less and exercising regularly.虽然有部分健康专家承认人与人之间存在着遗传和代谢水平的差异,致使某些人比其他人更容易长胖,但最广为传播的公共卫生信息却是:任何人都可以通过节食和经常运动来达到理想体重。Dr. Carr said public health experts walk a fine line “between wanting someone to have a healthy body image and feel good about themselves at any size — and wanting them to watch their weight.”卡尔士说,公共卫生专家需要把握好分寸,表达清楚他们是“希望人们拥有健康体型,并对任何体型的自己都感觉良好”还是“希望人们注意体重”。 /201510/404650

  Spanned only 23 years, Qi was the shortest kingdom among the four others existed in the Southern Dynasties and the first king, Xiao Daocheng was later known as Emperor of Gao.齐是四个朝代中存在时间最短的,仅有23年。其第一代君王萧道成被称为齐高帝,齐高帝萧道成借鉴了宋灭亡的教训,以宽厚为本,提倡节俭。Not taking the same track of Liu Song, Xiao Daocheng cautiously ruled with mercy and advocated thrift in his four-year reign. Upon his death bed, Gao Di urged his son, Wu Di to follow his suit and avoid fighting and killing each other within the royal family.他在位共四年,临死前,要求其子武帝继续其统治方针,不要手足相残。Taking his father warning, Wu Di ruled consistently, thus gained a relatively stable period in the south.武帝遵其遗嘱,继续统治国家,使南朝又出现了一段相对稳定发展的阶段。Although there was no war with Wei in the northern front, the government of Southern Qi was repleted with corrupted officials, cruel bureaucracy and the situation in the remote areas was even graver.齐武帝时,与北魏通好,边境比较安定,江南经济有一定的发展。但南齐内政腐败,官吏贪婪残暴,边远各州尤甚。For example,the governor Cui Qingxu in Liang city gathered 10 million silver; Xiao Yi 30 million in Jing Zhou and Cao Hu 50 million in Yong Zhou.崔庆绪在梁州搜刮1000万,萧嶷在荆州搜刮3 000万,曹虎便在雍州搜刮5000万。The rules were: subjects were exploited by their governor who in his turn was grabbed by Emperor.官吏掠夺百姓,皇帝勒索官吏。Cao Hu was the example in case in which he was put to death and his money was taken by Emperor Xiao Baojuan.皇帝萧宝卷见曹虎钱多,就把他杀掉,财产归为己有。After the death of Wu Di, Qi was on the same route of Liu Song in that the royal families murdered each other. When it came to Dong Hunhou,he almost put the entire ministers in court to death out of his suspicion, hence brought turmoil to Qi.武帝死后,齐国的皇帝又走上了宋灭亡的老路,他们纷纷杀戮自己的兄亲、叔侄,至东昏侯时,因其疑心过重,几乎将朝内大臣全部处死,这样一来齐国的江山又被动摇了。In 501, Xiao Yan, half-brother of Xiao Daocheng took the advantages of this disturbance, led an uprising in Xiangyang (now Xiangfan City, Hubei), seized the capital Jiankang and named his dynasty Liang.公元501年,萧道成的族弟萧衍在襄阳起兵,攻进建康,结束了齐的统治,并称帝,建立梁朝。 /201601/421832




  Head of the European Space Agency, Johann-Dietrich Woerner has revealed ideas for an international #39;Moon Village#39; that combines the capabilities of space-faring nations around the world.欧洲航天局的负责人约翰·迪特里希·韦尔纳近日公布了国际“月球村”的想法,这个计划将联合全世界航天水平先进的国家的力量。This settlement - which could be available by 2030 - would be built using natural resources from the lunar surface to create a permanent base for the purpose of science, business, and even tourism.这个开拓地--有可能在2030年前可供使用--将利用来自月球表面的自然资源进行建设,为科学、商业甚至是旅游业提供永久性的基地。Woerner describes the proposed Moon Village in a recent released by the Esa.韦尔纳在欧洲航天局最近发布的一段视频中描述了这个提议中的“月球村”。The expert recommends settlement at the poles or in areas of constant daylight on the far side of the moon. At the South Pole, in a region of continuous darkness, humans could access water to produce hydrogen and oxygen.这位专家建议将“月球村”建设在月球两极,或建设在月球远端能够长期暴露于日光下的区域。月球南极是一个持续黑暗的区域,在这里,人类能够接触到水,以生产氢和氧。And in the shadow of the moon, he explains, settlers would be protected from incoming cosmic and solar radiation.他解释称,在月球的阴影里,开拓者们将免于受到宇宙和太阳辐射的伤害。The Moon Village idea aims to be a versatile facility that opens the door for deeper space exploration, while also acting as a hub for business or mining. And, the expert says it could be used recreationally for tourists.“月球村”的目的是建立一个多种用途的设施,为进行更深入的太空探索创造条件,同时还能用作一个商业或采矿的中心。此外,这位专家称,这里可以被用作游客们的游憩场所。While many nations – in particular the US – have their sights set on the journey to Mars, Woerner says a Moon Village is a closer reality. The ESA Director General says the Moon Village would join American, Russian, Chinese, Indian, and Japanese space agencies, along with smaller contributions from other countries.虽然很多国家--尤其是美国--把目标定在火星之旅上,但韦尔纳称,“月球村”是一种更加贴近现实的做法。这位欧洲航天局负责人称,“月球村”将联合美国、俄罗斯、中国、印度和日本的航空机构,其他一些国家也将贡献自己的微薄之力。 /201603/433918

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