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抚顺做完包茎手术多少钱望花医院新地址每个企业都视团队协作精神为最重要的方面。团队协作的概念似乎被很多人和企业所误解。Listen Read Learn Teamwork is acknowledged as the most important aspect of any enterprise. The concept of teamwork seems to be misunderstood by many people and businesses. Teamwork is built around a leader as he or she is there to organize the team and guide it in the most productive manner. The importance of this leadership skill is shown in the education devoted to teaching it. Good leadership depends on being able to use the personality of the team in an efficient way. A leader is able to use each member of the team as they contribute to the project. This entails listening to their suggestions and applying them if they prove useful. This cooperation between team-members and leaders has proved successful in ventures where they are applied. Germany is excellent in how teamwork in companies can be used to further the success of business. The German economy was destroyed at the end of World War II. They overcame this, quickly rebuilding and becoming economically successful by using teamwork and focusing on the quality of the product. German engineering in such fields as automobiles is famous around the world for these qualities. The importance of team-members is also a basic part of any team. Team-members have the responsibility to fully dedicate themselves to the team and participate in the project. Once the leader makes the decision to do something, the team-members should fully back up this decision by devoting themselves to fulfilling the task assigned. Success is not guaranteed, but a team that is not in cooperation is guaranteed to fail.听看学每个企业都视团队协作精神为最重要的方面。团队协作的概念似乎被很多人和企业所误解。团队协作围绕一个领导而建立,他用最有效方式来组织和指导团队。这种领导技能的重要性体现在致力于传授此项技能的教育中。好的领导能力取决于能够有效地利用团队的特征。领导者可以调动团队的每一位成员,使之为完成项目共同努力。这就需要听取他们的建议并在建议被明有用的情况下应用建议。事实明,这种领导和成员之间的合作在运用团队协作的事业中是成功的。德国人很擅长将公司内部的团队协作用于促进公司成功。德国经济在二战末期崩溃。他们克困难,迅速重新崛起,通过团队协作以及关注产品质量而在经济发展上得以成功。在汽车等领域,德国工程设计因其质量世界闻名。团队成员的重要性也是任何团队的基础。团队成员有责任献身于团队,参与项目工作。一旦领导决定做某事,团队成员就应该全力持这一决定,投身于指派的工作之中。尽管不能保成功,但不进行协作的团队注定会失败。Grammar 语法小结表语从句用作表语的从句叫表语从句。系动词be, seem, look后常跟表语从句,引导表语从句的词常有that, whether, as, as if, who, what, which, where, when, how, why等。1. 由that 引导的表语从句The trouble is that I have lost his number. 麻烦的是我把他的号码丢了。2. 由whether, as, as if 引导的表语从句She looked just as she had looked ten years before.她看起来还与十年前一样。It looked as if it was going to rain. 看起来天要下雨了。3. 由who, what, which, where, when, how, why引导的表语从句The question is how he did it. 问题是他是如何做此事的。The problem is who we can get to replace her. 问题是我们能找到谁去替换她。That was what she did this morning. 那就是她今天早上干的。家庭总动员 Do it together两人一组,一方朗诵下面的中文句子,另一方说出相对应的英语句子。1. 麻烦的是我已经告诉过他怎么做很多遍了。2. 问题是他什么时候做的这些事情。3. 听起来像是个好主意。4. 这就是她今天一天干的。5. 问题是我不知道怎么和他联系。1. The problem is that I don’t know how to connect with him.2. That was what she did today.3. It sounds as if it is a good idea.4. The trouble is that I have told him how to do that several times.5. The problem is when he did these things. /200809/47824抚顺妇女儿童医院前列腺炎多少钱 [00:00.00]Could you take the garbage out[00:02.21]请你把垃圾拿出去外面好吗?[00:04.41]A:Sweetheart,Could you take the garbage out?[00:06.05]亲爱的,请你把垃圾拿出去外面好吗[00:07.68]B:Ok,l'll do it right after the basketball game[00:09.27]好,看完这场篮球赛我就去[00:10.87]I'll wash the dishes[00:12.25]我会负责洗碗碟[00:13.64]A:I'll help you wash the dishes.Mom[00:14.85]妈.我会帮你洗碗碟[00:16.07]B:Thanks for giving me a helping hand[00:17.78]谢谢.你真是妈妈的好帮手[00:19.49]Could you please give me a hand[00:20.40]请帮我一下[00:21.32]A:Honey,Could you please give me a hand?[00:21.55]蜜糖.请帮我一下好吗[00:21.78]B:Yes,sweetheart.How can I heIp?[00:23.30]没问题,甜心.要做些什么呢[00:24.81]Don't forget to wipe the table[00:26.04]别忘记擦桌子[00:27.27]Tommy don't forget to wipe the table after dinner[00:33.00]别忘了饭后要擦桌子 /06/74403chase the skirt 追求女性例: He never did well at university, because he was always out drinking beer and chasing the skirt.他在大学里总是不好好学习,因为他总出去喝啤酒,还追女孩子. /201004/101329抚顺矿务局职工医院泌尿系统在线咨询

抚顺哪个医院能治疗阳痿本杰明和雪莉今天晚上要去西餐厅吃饭,于是两个人整个下午都在忙着做准备,尤其是本杰明认真地学起了西餐的餐桌礼仪,来看看效果怎么样吧。Listen Read Learn Benjamin: Honey, which hand should I use to hold the fork?Shirley: Left for the fork and right for the knife. Just remember that the stronger one is for knife.Benjamin: Got it. It's so troublesome to have western food. I've been learning the table manners for hours but still can't really it.Shirley: Sure. Rather than eating, having western food is more about western culture.Benjamin: Yeah. Which restaurant are we going to tonight?Shirley: Cindy has reserved a table for us at a newly opened western restaurant downtown. She said the environment there was really pleasant.Benjamin: Fine. I believe in Cindy's taste. Oh, what should I wear?Shirley: You should put on the black suit I bought for you last week. But I'm afraid it may be a bit crumpled. You'd better iron it now.Benjamin: I don't want to mess it up. Please do it for me. I'm going to the bank to cash some money. How much do we need?Shirley: There is no need to do that. I think the restaurant accepts credit cards. But it's necessary to make a budget.Benjamin: Honey, you are a good accountant. So I'd better leave that to you, too.Shirley: It seems that it's all about me. Then what do you do?Benjamin: I'll take care of the order.Shirley: OK then. Well, 50 Yuan for appetizer, 200 Yuan for dinner and 200 Yuan for wine. Anything else?Benjamin: Don't forget about the dessert.Shirley: OK, then 50 Yuan for dessert. 500 Yuan all together.听看学本杰明: 亲爱的,应该用哪只手来拿叉子啊?雪莉: 左手拿叉右手拿刀。只要记住强壮点的那只手拿刀就可以了。本杰明: 知道了。吃西餐可真是麻烦啊。我学习这些餐桌礼仪都用了好几个小时了,可还是没能真正学会。雪莉: 当然。吃西餐可不光光是吃,还包含了很多西方文化呢。本杰明: 是啊。我们今晚去哪家餐厅呢?雪莉: 辛迪已经在市区新开的一家西餐厅帮我们预定好位置了。她说那里的环境很不错。本杰明: 不错。我相信辛迪的眼光。哦,我该穿什么衣呢?雪莉: 你就穿我上周给你买的那套黑色西吧。但是我怕它有点皱了。你现在去把它拿出来烫一下。本杰明: 我不想把它弄得更糟糕。还是你帮我弄吧。我去取点钱。我们大概需要多少钱?雪莉: 没有必要那么做的。我想餐厅一定会受理信用卡的。不过倒是有必要作一个预算。本杰明: 亲爱的,你是一个出色的会计。所以我想这事还是留给你吧。雪莉: 看起来所有的事情都是我在做。那么你做什么呢?本杰明: 我会负责点餐的。雪莉: 那好吧。这样,开胃菜50元,200元正餐,还有200元的酒。还有别的吗?本杰明: 别忘了甜点。雪莉: 行,再加50元的甜点。一共是500元。 /200807/44754辽宁抚顺市泌尿系统在线咨询 自古“英雄难过美人关”,由此,“美人计”应用而生,且几乎被认定是“所向披靡”的计谋。关于“美人计”的表达,英语中说法很多,咱们一一道来。首先,喜欢电影的朋友一定不会对“badger game”(美人计)感到陌生。“Badger game”(直译:猎獾)的受害者多是已婚男士,他们因受情色诱惑而重招,最后不得不接受勒索,破财免灾。关于“badger game”的渊源,最流行的版本是,猎人早年常常拿北美獾为诱饵训练猎 —— 他们把獾置在封好的箱子里,让猎攻击并猎捕獾“诱饵”。由此,在随后的演变中,“badger game”就成了“诱捕好色之徒上钩”。看下面一个例句:The prosecutor accused the couple of playing the badger game.(检察官指控那对夫妇靠情色对受害者实施敲诈。)此外,与“美人计”相关的说法还有很多,比如“clip joint”(靠美色敲竹杠的黑店)、“honeytrap”(间谍常用的“美人计”)。 /200807/44016抚顺市石油三厂职工医院治疗早泄多少钱

抚顺市东洲区搭连地区医院男科妇科网上预约1.I appreciate… 我感谢……  I really appreciate your making time in your schedules to attendtoday。  我非常感谢你们今天抽空来参加这个会议。  2.Thank you for。感谢您……  Thank you for giving me this opportunity to speak about myselfin this special occation。  感谢您给我这个机会在这个特别的场合介绍我自己。  3.It is/was my honor… 我很荣幸……  It is my honor to introduce the president of our company, Mr.Jones。  我很荣幸介绍我们公司总裁琼斯先生。  4.On behalf of… 代表……  On behalf of our entire company, I want to thank you forinviting us to such an enjoyable Christmas party。  我代表全公司,我想感谢您邀请我们参加这样一个令人愉快的圣诞晚会。  5.I’d be happy to…我很高兴……  I’d be happy to tell you about my experiences。  我很高兴和你们分享我的经验。  6.What I am going to talk about today is… 今天我想讲的是……  What I am going to talk about today is the energy conservationissue。  今天我想讲的是节能问题。  7.How can we…? 我们怎样才能……  How can we work more efficiently?  我们怎样才能工作得更有效率呢?  8.Thank you from the bottom of my heart for…我从心底感谢……  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me this chanceto speak to you today。  我从心底感谢你们今天给了解这个机会在你们前面讲话。 /201001/94726 人们一般认为,我们喜、怒、哀、乐各种感情的源泉是出自于心,那么“心”出现在很多成语和俗语中也就不足为奇了。现在就让我们来认识四个和“心”有关的习语。1. cross one’s heartCross one’s heart 在中文里的意思就是“保”或者“发誓”。一个小孩会用cross one’s heart 来让你相信他说的话是真的。例如:Billy, cross my heart, it wasn't me who broke your bicycle.   比利,不是我把你的自行车弄坏的,我发誓。Cross one’s heart 这个俗语用的面是很广的,不仅小孩常用,大人也经常用这个俗语。比如那些谈恋爱的人就用 cross one’s heart 来向对方表白自己的真情。例如:Honey, cross my heart, I've never looked at another woman since the first day I set eyes on you! Believe me, that's the truth! 亲爱的,我向你发誓,自从我见到你以来,我再也没有看过别的女人一眼,这可是千真万确的呀!2. to have a heart在大多数情况下,人心显示出来的是人类感情善良的一面,例如慷慨。要是有一个人对你说:"Aw, come on--have a heart!",就是要求别人对说话的人表示同情,或者是要求别人帮助他。比如有一个十六岁的男孩请求他的爸爸让他用家里的新汽车。根据美国法律,一个孩子到了十六岁就可以通过考试拿到驾驶执照,也就是说可以开车了。孩子说:Hey, Dad, have a heart and let me use the new car; I have this big date with Jennie tonight. 爸爸,请你发发善心,让我用那辆新汽车吧。我今天晚上请我的女朋友杰尼出去玩,这个约会可是很重要的呢!一般来说,家长都不太愿意让孩子开自己的汽车,因为许多年轻人往往喜欢把车开得很快,这样容易出车祸。即便事故不严重,修理汽车的价格也很贵。下面例子中的这个人向朋友借了钱之后,请他的朋友宽容一些Charlie, I know I've owed you a hundred bucks for a long time. But, have a heart: give me a little more time because I really don't have it right now. 查理,我知道我借你一百块钱已经好久了。但是,请你做做好事,再宽限我一点时间,因为我现在确实没有这笔钱。3. My heart stood stillMy heart stood still。我们上面已经说过,“heart”就是心,stood 就是 stand 的过去时,意思是站着,still 就是静止的、不动的。My heart stood still 就是指“某件事使你非常害怕或惊恐,以致你的心脏都几乎停止跳动了。”例如:My heart stood still when the other car ran through the red light and I knew we were about to crash.我看到那辆汽车穿红灯、我知道我们要撞车了。当时我的心都好像停止跳动了。这种心情不仅会出现在自己处于危险的时候,在看到别人遭遇危险时也同样会产生类似的情景。例如:I have to tell you my heart stood still when I saw that baby fall into the water. But that boy jumped right in after the kid and pulled him out before he went under--that boy deserves a medal! 我告诉你,当我眼看那小孩掉下水去的时候真是把我吓得几乎心都不跳了。但是,那个年轻人立即就跳到水里,还没等那小孩沉下水去,就把他救了出来。他真该得枚奖章!4. heart-to-heart talkHeart-to-heart talk 的意思就是两个人很严肃、很坦率地谈论一些私事。 Heart-to-heart talk 翻译成中文就是“坦诚地谈话”,或者是“促膝谈心”。比如说,当妻子发觉丈夫在赛马方面花钱太多,她可能就要和她丈夫好好地进行一次 heart-to-heart talk。或者,一个工作人员老是迟到早退的话,他的老板可能就要把他找到办公室来进行一次 heart-to-heart talk。例如:Son, you and I have to sit down and have a heart to heart talk about your school grades. You have to do something to bring them up if you want to get into a good college. 儿子,你我得坐下来好好谈一谈你的学习成绩了。你要是想进一个好大学的话,你得把分数提上去才行呀。虽然美国有几千所大学,但是要进入一个好大学的话,竞争还是很激烈的。美国的大学,特别是那些有名的大学,录取学生的时候不仅要看考试成绩,而且还要看这个学生的社会活动是否活跃,体育运动是否积极。这些学校的学费也特别贵。当然,成绩突出的话就能得到奖学金。这就是为什么这位爸爸要和他儿子谈心的原因。 /200804/35163抚顺市东洲区搭连地区医院网上咨询清原县人民医院治疗性功能障碍哪家医院最好



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