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辽宁抚顺有泌尿科吗抚顺妇保医院正规的吗7 new MERS cases in S.Korea韩国再增七名MERS病例Seven new cases of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, or MERS, have been confirmed in South Korea, taking the total to 145, the countrys Ministry of Health and Welfare said Sunday.韩国保健福祉4日表示,韩国新增7例中东呼吸综合征(MERS)病例,确诊患者增45人。Fifteen people died from the virus so far, 10 have recovered after being infected and 120 are under treatment, the ministry said.截至目前,有15人死亡,10人痊愈,120人正在接受治疗。The Samsung Medical Center, a prominent hospital in Seoul, suspended most services on Sunday to focus on stopping MERS after being identified as the epicenter of the sp of MERS.首尔一家著名医院——三星首尔医院被发现已成为MERS疫情扩散的集中源头4日,该医院叫停了大部分务,希望能阻止疫情发展。The outbreak has sparked international concern, shuttered more than 3,000 schools and stalled the countrys economy.这场全球关注的疫情使得韩国超千所学校关闭,经济陷于停滞状态。来 /201506/380687新宾县妇幼保健站地址查询 In the last month, terror attacks that left 130 dead in Paris and 43 dead in Beirut and took down a Russian airliner with 224 people aboard have made the entire world horribly aware that the Islamic State not only seeks to establish a caliphate in Syria and Iraq, but also is beginning to export its monstrous savagery abroad. Although the Islamic State has been in the headlines for only two years, and its metastasis has been alarmingly swift, the seeds of the group in its many incarnations were planted many years ago, as Joby Warrick’s gripping new book, “Black Flags,makes clear.上个月,巴黎30人在恐怖袭击中丧生,贝鲁特亦有43人因恐怖袭击丧生,俄罗斯一架航班因恐怖袭击坠落,机上224人无人生还,整个世界惊恐地意识到,伊斯兰Islamic State)不仅谋求在叙利亚与伊拉克建立哈里发的国土,也开始向海外输出惨无人道的暴行。尽管伊斯兰国广受媒体关注只有两年的时间,它的扩散极为迅速,令人担忧,乔比·瓦里克(Joby Warrick)引人入胜的新书《黑旗Black Flags)中阐明,这个组织的种子以多种多样的形式,早在多年之前便已播下。Mr. Warrick, a reporter for The Washington Post and the author of the 2011 best seller “The Triple Agent,has a gift for constructing narratives with a novelistic energy and detail, and in this volume, he creates the most revealing portrait yet laid out in a book of Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi, the founding father of the organization that would become the Islamic State (also known as ISIS or ISIL).瓦里克是《华盛顿邮报The Washington Post)的记者,亦是2011年最佳畅销书《三重特工The Triple Agent)的作者,他擅长以小说式的活力和细节组织叙事,在这本书里,他为伊斯兰国(亦称ISIS或ISIL)的前身组织的创始人阿布·穆萨布·扎卡维(Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi)做出了迄今最为发人深省的的描述。Although this book owes some debts to Jean-Charles Brisard’s 2005 book, “Zarqawi: The New Face of Al Qaeda,Mr. Warrick places that material in context with recent developments and uses his own copious sources within the ed States and Jordanian intelligence to flesh out Mr. Zarqawi’s story and the crucial role that American missteps and misjudgments would play in fueling his rise and the advance of the Islamic State.尽管这本书从查尔斯·布利萨Jean-Charles Brisard)2005年的著作《扎卡维:基地组织的新面孔Zarqawi: The New Face of Al Qaeda)中有所借鉴,瓦里克把这些素材与事态的最新发展结合起来,动用了自己在美国与约旦情报机关中的大量人脉,充实了扎卡维的故事,以及美国的错误行动与错误判断在他的崛起与伊斯兰国的发展之中,扮演了多么重要的作用。Perhaps emulating the approach Lawrence Wright took in “The Looming Tower,his masterly 2006 account of the road to Sept. 11, Mr. Warrick focuses parts of this book on the lives of several individuals with singular, inside takes on the overarching story. They include a doctor named Basel al-Sabha, who treated Mr. Zarqawi in prison; Abu Haytham, who ran the counterterrorism unit of Jordan’s intelligence service and fought the Islamic State in its various guises for years; and Nada Bakos, a young C.I.A. officer who became the agency’s top expert on Mr. Zarqawi. This narrative approach lends the larger story of the Islamic State an up-close-and-personal immediacy and underscores the many what-ifs that occurred along the way.或许是模仿劳伦斯·赖特(Lawrence Wright)006年出版的揭示911事件成因的杰作《末日巨塔The Looming Tower),瓦利斯的书中也有几部部分是关注整个故事中几个具有特殊内部视点的人物,其中包括在狱中给扎卡维看病的巴塞尔·阿里-萨布Basel al-Sabha)医生;约旦情报机构反恐部门的领导人阿布·海萨姆(Abu Haytham),多年来他与伊斯兰国的各种伪装形式进行斗争;年轻的中央情报局官员纳达·巴克Nada Bakos),他成了中情局研究扎卡维的顶级专家。这样的叙事方式为更大范围的伊斯兰国的故事带来一种贴近而且个人化的直接性,强调出它发展过程中的各种可能性。In “Black Flags,Mr. Zarqawi comes across as a kind of Bond villain, who repeatedly foils attempts to neutralize him. He was a hard-drinking, heavily tattooed Jordanian street thug (well versed in pimping, drug dealing and assault), and when he found religion, he fell for it hard, having a relative slice off his offending tattoos with a razor blade.在《黑旗》中,扎卡维有点07故事中的反派,他一再努力令自己中立化,却总是失败。他曾经是个酗酒、满身刺青的约旦街头流氓(精通拉皮条、贩毒和打人),后来他找到了信仰,深深沉浸其中,让一个亲戚用剃刀把他身上带有不敬内容的文身割去了。He traveled to Afghanistan in 1989 to wage jihad; during a stint in a Jordanian prison, he emerged as a leader known and feared for his ruthlessness as an enforcer among Islamist inmates. He began thinking of himself as a man with a destiny, and in the aftermath of the American invasion of Afghanistan in 2001, he set up a small training camp in Iraq’s northeastern mountains, near the Iranian border.1989年,他去往阿富汗发动圣战;在约旦监狱刑期间,他成了一名领袖,以对同一监狱中的伊斯兰教徒冷血无情著称,并且深受畏惧。他开始认为自己负有使命,后来001年美国入侵阿富汗时,他在伊拉克东北部靠近伊朗边界的山脉中开设了一个小型训练营。At this point, Mr. Zarqawi was just a small-time jihadist. But then, Mr. Warrick writes, “in the most improbable of events, America intervened,declaring in an effort to make the case for ousting Saddam Hussein that “this obscure Jordanian was the link between Iraq’s dictatorship and the plotters behind the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.As C.I.A. analysts well knew, this assertion was false; in retrospect, it would also have the perverse effect of turning Mr. Zarqawi into “an international celebrity and the toast of the Islamist movement.Weeks later, when ed States troops invaded Iraq, this newly famous terrorist “gained a battleground and a cause and soon thousands of followers.”当时,扎卡维还只是一个三流圣战者。但在那个时候,沃里克写道,“美国介入了最荒谬的事件,”为了推翻萨达姆·侯赛Saddam Hussein),美国宣布,“这个鲜为人知的约旦人与伊拉克的独裁政权有联系,00111恐怖袭击事件背后的策划者。”正如中央情报局的分析员所知,这个断言是错误的;事后看来,它也产生了错误的效应,令扎卡维成了“国际名人,以及伊斯兰运动中备受赞誉的人士。”几个星期后,美国军队入侵了伊拉克,这个声誉鹊起的恐怖分子“得到了战场,以及一个理由,很快就得到了成千上万的拥趸。”Accused by the Bush administration of being in league with Saddam Hussein, Mr. Zarqawi would use the Americanstoppling of the dictator to empower himself. He was a diabolical strategist, and he quickly capitalized on two disastrous decisions made by the Americans (dissolving the Iraqi Army and banning Baath Party members from positions of authority), which intensified the country’s security woes and left tens of thousands of Iraqis out of work and on the street. Soon, former members of Mr. Hussein’s military were enlisting in Mr. Zarqawi’s army; others offered safe houses, intelligence, cash and weapons.小布什政府指责扎卡维同萨达姆·侯赛因联盟,于是扎卡维就利用美国推翻这个独裁者的机会增加自己的权力。他是个恶魔般的战略家,很快就利用了美国的两个灾难性的决定(其一是解散了伊拉克陆军,其二是解除了伊拉克复兴党员们的公职),这两个决定令国家的安全问题进一步恶化,令数万伊拉克人失业,流落街头。很快,侯赛因的前军队就集结在扎卡维麾下;其他人则为他们提供安全屋、情报、现金和武器。While the Bush White House was debating whether there even was an insurgency in Iraq, Mr. Zarqawi was helping to direct the worsening violence there, orchestrating car and suicide bombings and shocking beheadings. He also used terrorism to change the battlefield, fomenting sectarian hatred between the Shiites and the disenfranchised and increasingly bitter Sunnis, guaranteeing more chaos and discrediting the electoral process.当小布什政府还在讨论伊拉克境内是否有叛变之际,扎卡维已经开始在那里制造日益恶化的暴力事件,他精心安排车辆炸弹与自杀炸弹,以及骇人的斩首事件。他还利用恐怖主义改变战场,在什叶派与丧失选举权,日益布满的逊尼派之间煽动宗派仇恨,在选举过程中不断制造混乱与怀疑。Mr. Zarqawi’s penchant for ultraviolence had won him his favorite moniker, “the sheikh of the slaughterers,but by mid-2005, his bloodthirstiness and killing of Shiite innocents worried Al Qaeda’s leadership, which warned him that “the mujahed movement must avoid any action that the masses do not understand or approve.”扎卡维对大型暴力的热爱为他赢得了一个绰号,他自己也非常喜欢——“屠夫酋长”,但到2005年年中,他的嗜血与杀害什叶派无辜者的行为令基地组织的领导人也为之担忧,他们警告他,“圣战运动应当避免任何民众不能理解或不赞同的行为。”After many narrow escapes, Mr. Zarqawi was finally killed by a ed States airstrike in June 2006, and over the next few years, the ed States managed to decimate much of his organization. Still, dangerous embers remained, and they would burst into flames under the group’s new leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who shared Mr. Zarqawi’s taste for gruesome violence, and who had built up a valuable network of supporters while serving time in Camp Bucca, a ed States-controlled prison known as a “jihadi universityfor its role in radicalizing inmates. The sectarianism of the Iraqi prime minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki drove increasingly marginalized Sunnis into the embrace of the Islamic State a dynamic hastened by the withdrawal of American troops in 2011. Meanwhile, in Syria, the chaos of civil war created perfect conditions for the Islamic State’s explosive growth and a home base for its self-proclaimed caliphate.经历了多次死里逃生,扎卡维终于006月死于美国空袭之中,在接下来的数年里,美国消灭了他的大部分组织。但是危险的星星之火仍然存在,终于在组织的新领袖阿布·贝克尔·巴格达Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi)领导下成为燎原之势,他和扎卡维一样热衷残酷暴力,布卡营地(Camp Bucca)刑期间,更是建立起了持者的宝贵网络,这座监狱由美国控制,刑者在这里往往变得更加激进,因此素有“圣战者的大学”之称。伊拉克总理努里·卡迈勒·马利基(Nuri Kamal al-Maliki)的宗派主义令日益边缘化的逊尼派教徒开始接受伊斯兰国——这个势头随着2011年美国撤军而加快。与此同时,在叙利亚,内战的混乱为伊斯兰国的迅速崛起创造了完美的条件,也为它所自称的哈里发提供了家园。The final chapters of this volume have a somewhat hurried feel. In fact, more detailed examinations of the rise of Mr. Baghdadi, the Islamic State’s sophisticated use of social media, and its efforts to displace Al Qaeda as the leader of global jihad can be found in two illuminating recent books: “ISIS: Inside the Army of Terror,by Michael Weiss and Hassan Hassan, and “ISIS: The State of Terror,by Jessica Stern and J. M. Berger. But for ers interested in the roots of the Islamic State and the evil genius of its godfather, Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi, there is no better book to begin with than “Black Flags.”本书的最后一章有点像赶出来的。事实上,关于巴格达迪的崛起、伊斯兰国对社交媒体精心设计的运用,以及它谋求取代基地组织,成为全球圣战领袖的努力可以在另外两本颇具启发性的新书中找到:迈克尔·韦Michael Weiss)和哈桑·哈Hassan Hassan)的《ISIS: 走进恐怖军团ISIS: Inside the Army of Terror),以及杰西卡·斯特Jessica Stern)与J·M·伯格的《ISIS: 恐怖之囀?ISIS: The State of Terror)。但是对伊斯兰国的起源,以及它的邪恶教父阿布·穆萨布·扎卡维感兴趣的读者们来说,《黑旗》是个最好的开始。来 /201512/415515抚顺做包皮手术哪个医院比较好

抚顺妇保医院前列腺炎哪家医院最好Hungary is set to deploy the army at the EU’s frontiers as part of a military response to Europe’s largest migration crisis since the second world war.匈牙利将在欧盟前沿部署军队,这是对二战以来欧洲最大规模难民危机做出的军事回应的一部分。Janos Lazar, a Hungarian minister, said the government had discussed a possible military build-up after police reports that 2,500 migrants penetrated the border with Serbia on Tuesday. One official said the numbers were the highest in Hungary’s history.匈牙利部长级官员亚诺什拉扎Janos Lazar)表示,政府已就可能的军事部署展开讨论,此前警方报告称,周二有2500名移民穿越匈牙利与塞尔维亚边界。一名官员表示,这个数字是匈牙利史上最高的。Mr Lazar’s statement came days after Bulgaria dispatched troops to its border with Turkey, prompting criticism from human rights groups that warned against a militarised response by European countries.在拉扎尔发表上述言论几天前,保加利亚在该国与土耳其边境部署军队,这引发了人权组织的批评,他们警告欧洲国家不要采取军事回应。Evidence of a build-up of migrants on Europe’s south-east border comes as Angela Merkel, German chancellor, prepares to attend a summit with Balkan leaders in Vienna today to discuss a fresh response to the refugees crossing the former Yugoslavia.有据显示,欧洲东南部边境移民增多,德国总理安格拉默克尔(Angela Merkel)正准备今日与巴尔干国家领导人在维也纳举行峰会,讨论对穿越前南斯拉夫的难民的最新应对举措。The summit comes days after Macedonia’s army fired tear gas and stun grenades at 2,000 migrants massed on its border with Greece before falling back as they broke through border defences.在此次峰会召开几天前,马其顿军队向聚集在该国与希腊边界000名难民发射催泪弹和眩晕弹,但在难民人潮突破边境防御设施后撤退。“Plans to use the army to stop asylum-seekers in Bulgaria and Hungary are ill-advised. Militarisation of borders is the wrong answer to migration,said Nils Muiznieks, the Council of Europe’s human rights commissioner.欧洲理事Council of Europe)的人权专员尼尔斯穆伊兹涅克斯(Nils Muiznieks)表示:“动用军队阻止保加利亚和匈牙利境内难民的计划并不明智。边境军事化是解决移民问题的错误做法。”More than 140,000 refugees have arrived in Hungary so far this year, mainly from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq. While much attention has focused on migrants crossing the Mediterranean to Italy by sea from northern Africa, governments have struggled to co-ordinate a response to tens of thousands travelling through the western Balkans and entering the EU via Hungary.今年迄今,已有4万难民抵达匈牙利,主要来自叙利亚、阿富汗和伊拉克。在人们注意力主要集中于从北非横渡地中海抵达意大利的移民之际,各国政府也在艰难地协同回应数以万计穿过西巴尔干地区、借道匈牙利进入欧盟的难民。The Hungarian government said military deployment would be subject to parliamentary approval but confirmed six police “border hunterunits were preparing for deployment.匈牙利政府表示,军事部署将需要获得议会批准,但实,警方个“边境猎人”小分队正准备投入部署。来 /201508/395834东洲阳痿早泄价格 抚顺妇幼医院看前列腺炎好吗

抚顺包茎医院To avoid the hassle of operating data centers, many companies hand the job off to Amazon. In addition to being the biggest online retailer, Amazon has built a giant business of renting servers to customers that need computing power to crunch numbers, stream movies and process orders.为了免去管理数据中心的麻烦,许多公司把这一任务交给了亚马逊(Amazon)。而亚马逊不仅是最大的网络零售商,还创立了庞大的务器租赁业务,供那些需要计算能力来分析数据、播放电影和处理订单的客户使用。But Amazon, the leading so-called “cloud services platform,faces an increasingly stiff challenge. Rivals like Microsoft are slowly gaining ground in what is a key battleground between some of the technology industry’s biggest companies.但亚马逊领先的所谓“云务平台”,正在面临着日益严峻的挑战。在这个科技行业最大巨头之间的核心战场上,微软(Microsoft)等竞争对手正在逐渐发展壮大。“Cloud platforms are the service of choice for modern software, which means that all the big businesses who have a significant stake in app development or distribution are getting into this space. They have to,says James Staten, a Forrester Research analyst.弗雷斯特研究公司(Forrester Research)的分析师詹姆斯o斯塔顿称:“云平台是现代软件公司都会选择的务,这意味着所有在应用开发和发布上占据重大份额的大公司都会进入这个领域。他们别无选择。”Amazon’s Web Services, the name of its data center arm, controlled up to 75% of the global cloud platforms market in 2013, according to Forrester Research analyst James Staten. But that share is expected to drop to around 65% by the end of this year.弗雷斯特的詹姆斯o斯塔顿表示,2013年亚马逊的数据中心Web Services占据了全球云平台市场75%的份额。不过到今年年底,这一比例预计将跌5%。Meanwhile, Microsoft, a distant second in the race with what is known as Azure, had 15% of the market in 2013. That share is expected to climb to 25% by the end of the year.与此同时,在这场竞争中远远落后的第二名——微软Azure云平台——在2013年的份额5%。但到今年年底,这一比例预计将增5%。The potential for cloud computing remains huge. Corporations could spend as much as 5 billion on it in 2017, more than triple the amount they spent in 2011, according to IHS Technology. It’s no wonder then companies like Microsoft, Google, Salesforce, SAP and Oracle are ramping up efforts to meet demand.云计算依旧有很大的潜力。研究公司IHS Technology的数据显示,017年,各公司在该领域的花费可能高达2,350亿美元,011年的三倍多。因此也难怪微软、谷歌(Google)、Salesforce、SAP和甲骨文(Oracle)都着眼于该领域来填补市场需求。Created in 2006, Amazon Web Services gambled early on the idea of building data centers that stored and processed information for other businesses. Now that data center division, which is estimated to generate around .5 billion in revenues this year, has over 1 million customers like NASA, Netflix NFLX -0.03% and Spotify.Amazon Web Services创立006年,他们很早就在建立数据中心,供其他公司储存和处理数据。如今据估计,该数据中心今年收入约为55亿美元,拥有包括美国国家航空航天局(NASA)、奈飞(Netflix)和Spotify在内的超00万客户。“The cloud is the new normal,boasted Andy Jassy, Amazon Web Services SVP, at the cloud platform’s annual conference in Las Vegas last week where the company unveiled tools to make software development easier and cheaper.上周在举办的云平台年度会议上,Amazon Web Services推出了简化软件开发、并使开发成本更为低廉的工具。在会上,公司的高级副总裁安迪o雅西表示:“云就是新常态。”Microsoft MSFT -0.83% pushed into the so-called “cloudlong before Satya Nadella became CEO in February. But it was Nadella who championed a more cloud-focused strategy inside the company.早在萨提亚o纳德拉在2月担任首席执行官之前很久,微软就开始迈入所谓的“云”领域。但正是纳德拉将“云”摆在了公司的战略中心。Signing up data customers is critical for Microsoft, which has had huge success in selling software for personal computers but has stumbled as people have shifted to mobile devices. The company is betting that business services like Azure are a big part of its future.招揽数据客户对微软而言至关重要。该公司在出售个人电脑软件方面取得了巨大成功,但在人们将注意力转向移动设备后便步履蹒跚了。微软赌的就是Azure这样的商业务会成为公司未来的重要产品。Microsoft is trying to close the gap through lower prices and by rapidly introducing new features. Jeffrey Hammond, a Forrester Research analyst, said that Azure is easier to learn for new customers that lack technical experience.微软试图通过低价和迅速推出新功能这两项战略拉近差距。弗雷斯特研究公司的分析师杰弗里o哈蒙德表示,对缺乏技术经验的新用户而言,Azure更易于上手。“I think that’s often how developers feel,Hammond says. “There are a lot of different choices, and it’s not always clear what the best thing to do is.”哈蒙德说:“我认为开发商经常会有这种感觉:选择倒是很多,但究竟哪种最好并不总是那么明显。”Still, Amazon Web Services remains the platform of choice for startups such as Spotify, Airbnb and Pinterest. Azure, meanwhile, is more popular with larger companies such as Xerox XRX 1.04% , eBay EBAY 1.01% and McKesson. (According to Staten, more startups are starting to use Azure, but in many of those cases, the startup has some prior history with Microsoft.) Both platforms must round out their services more to fuel growth.Amazon Web Services平台目前依旧为Spotify、Airbnb和Pinterest等初创公司所青睐。而Azure则更多地被Xerox、eBay和McKesson等大型公司选择。(据斯塔顿所说,越来越多的初创公司也开始使用Azure,不过在很多情况中,这些初创公司本身就有使用微软产品的经历。)这两大平台都需要完善他们的务,以取得更进一步的增长。Microsoft is marketing its cloud as being more flexible than Amazon’s. Traditionally, Amazon’s servers hosted and processed the vast majority of their customersinformation. Microsoft, in contrast, uses a more “hybridapproach in which customers can store and process some of their data with Microsoft while doing the rest on their own servers. That’s appealing to customers that want more ownership over their information but still want some of the cloud’s benefits.微软的营销策略是让云平台比亚马逊的更加灵活。传统的亚马逊平台会储存并处理客户的绝大部分信息。而微软正好相反,采用了“混合云”策略,客户可以在微软的务器上储存和处理部分数据,而另一部分数据则放在自己的务器上。对那些希望拥有更多数据自主权,同时也想享受云务便利的用户而言,这很有吸引力。Microsoft’s “hybridapproach could prove more lucrative, at least in the near-future. By 2017, Gartner estimates that nearly 50% of all large enterprises in the U.S. will run off some kind of hybrid cloud set-up. Even Amazon gets the appeal. Earlier this year, Amazon CTO Werner Vogels said his company would offer some tools to help customers go hybrid if that is what they want.微软的“混合云”策略会带来更大效益,至少在不远的将来会是这样。高德纳研究公司(Gartner)预测,017年,美国几乎半数大型企业都会建立起类似混合云的产品。甚至连亚马逊都意识到了这其中的吸引力。今年早些时候,亚马逊的首席技术官沃纳o沃格尔表示,如果客户有需求,公司将会提供工具帮助他们架设混合云务器。“What we’re ultimately seeing here is huge change,says Hammond, comparing the move to cloud services to the rise of the Web.哈蒙德把这种云务的趋势比作互联网的兴起:“我们最终在这里看见的将会是巨变。”For Amazon Web Services, Azure and others battling for the cloud platform market, the trend signals something they aly know: Game on.对Amazon Web Services、Azure和其他竞争云平台市场的公司来说,这一趋势预示着什么,他们早已了然:竞争开始了 /201411/344392 Taiwan’s governing party has taken the drastic step of replacing its candidate for January’s presidential election, reflecting growing unease about its candidate’s plans for closer relations with the mainland.台湾执政党采取果断措施,更换了该月总统大选的候选人,反映出各方对这位候选人与大陆建立更紧密关系的计划越来越感到不安。At an emergency meeting on Saturday, delegates from the Kuomintang or Nationalist party voted to replace Hung Hsiu-chu, the straight-talking legislator who polls showed was trailing Democratic Progressive party candidate Tsai Ing-wen.在上周六举行的一次紧急会议上,国民党(KMT)的代表们投票换下直言不讳的立委洪秀Hung Hsiu-chu,上图)。民调显示,她的持率不及民进党(DPP)候选人蔡英Tsai Ing-wen)。The all-female election would have been a first for Taiwan and guaranteed the election of its first female president. But analysts say Ms Hung’s views on cross-strait relations, including advocating a peace treaty with China, made voters uneasy.两位女候选人对决的总统大选本将是台湾首次,而且确保了此次大选将诞生台湾首任女总统。但分析人士表示,洪秀柱有关两岸关系的观点(包括倡导与中国大陆签订和平协议)让选民们感到不安。“Her views on Taiwans future relations with China were out of step with mainstream opinion in Taiwan. They went beyond what most Taiwanese KMT voters included are willing to countenance,said J Michael Cole of Thinking Taiwan, a think-tank backed by Ms Tsai’s foundation.由蔡英文旗下基金会持的智库——想想论Thinking Taiwan)的寇谧将(J. Michael Cole)表示:“她对于台湾未来与大陆关系的看法与台湾主流民意不符。这些看法超出了多数台湾人(包括国民党选民)愿意认同的限度。”“Taiwanese were generally OK with liberalisation of cross-strait ties, but they have drawn clear lines and Ms Hung was threatening to cross those.”“台湾人总体上持放开两岸关系,但他们划出了明确界限,而洪秀柱威胁要突破这些界限。”Current president Ma Ying-jeou, who will complete his second four-year term next year, generally improved relations with China, but recently plans for a trade agreement sparked opposition. That proposal contributed to the KMT suffering big losses in local elections in November.现任总统马英Ma Ying-jeou)将于明年结束第二年任期,他总体上改善了两岸关系,但最近有关一项贸易协议的计划引发了反对声浪。该计划导致国民党在去年11月的地方选举中遭遇重大失利。The Kuomintang party said that the decision was intended to “cope with a severe test of the partys survival and development Some candidates and village chiefs had refused to run under the KMT flag or support the party with Ms Hung in charge.国民党表示,替换洪秀柱是因为“当前本党生存与发展面临严峻考验”。一些候选人和村里长拒绝在国民党的旗帜下参选,也拒绝在洪秀柱担任候选人的情况下持国民党。If the January 16 election goes as polls now predict, the DPP could win the presidency and a majority in the legislature for the first time.如果明年16日大选结果一如民调现在预测的那样,民进党可能将赢得总统大选,并首次在立法院赢得多数席位。At the meeting on Saturday, 812 of 891 delegates voted to remove Ms Hung. She will be replaced by Eric Chu, KMT’s chairman and mayor of New Taipei. Mr Chu and other KMT heavyweights had declined to challenge Ms Hung for the nomination in July.在上周六的会议上,在891名国民党代表中,12人投票持替换洪秀柱,由国民党主席、新北市市长朱立Eric Chu)接任。朱立伦和国民党其他重量级人物曾拒绝月党内提名时挑战洪秀柱。来 /201510/404672抚顺包皮过长手术费抚顺男科医院割包皮哪家好



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