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6条让你提高工作效率的Tips1、If keep your watch 3 minutes fast to get ahead start on the day.、Try to do only A’s, never B’s and C’s.3、Have a light lunch so you didn’t get sleepy in the afternoon.、Review your life time goals list every day and identify activities to do each day to further your goals.review 检查target 目标5、Give yourself time off and special rewards when I’ve done the important things.6、Work smarter than harder.美国有一句好的谚语:“all work and no play make jack a dull boy.” 更多实用有趣节目 搜索微微信:早安英文 593

巴西世界杯开赛不到一周,就传来了球迷因看球猝死的悲剧消息.英国每日邮报的一篇报道说,一位中国球迷因为连续三晚熬夜观看世界杯比赛,在家中突发中风猝死.不得不提醒球迷们:;球赛诚可贵,生命价更高.;Daily Mail: A football fan in China has died of a stroke that doctors believe was brought on by him staying awake three successive nights to watch the World Cup.Zhou Meng, a 39-year-old from Shanghai, collapsed on his sofa after suffering a stroke while watching the Saturday night match between Uruguay and Costa Rica. 3

19 Shark Attack第19单元 鲨鱼的攻击Diana pointed to Bob. ;Over there!; It was a school of beautiful blue and yellow fish. Bob kicked his fin to get a closer look. It was quiet and peaceful under the ocean. There were so many beautiful fish to see.戴安娜指着那边叫鲍勃看,那里有一群美丽的黄蓝相间的鱼,于是鲍勃踢着他的蛙鞋想靠近一点看海面下宁静祥和,可以看到好多美丽的鱼Bob and Diana noticed that the fish were moving faster. Suddenly, Diana sensed something was wrong. She didnt see any other fish. Things were too quiet. She looked behind her and saw a shark. It was coming her. She waved to Bob, but he didnt see her.这时鲍勃和戴安注意到鱼游水的速度变快了一点,突然间,戴安娜感觉到事情有些不对劲;鱼群不见了周遭也安静得有点过分她往后一看,结果看到一只鲨鱼正向她游过来她向鲍勃挥手,可是鲍勃没看到她Diana fumbled her dart gun. She was so nervous, her hands were shaking and she couldnt unfasten the snap. The shark was coming closer. Again, she cried out bob.戴安娜摸索着她的标,却因为紧张到手一直发抖,连扣子都解不开这时鲨鱼靠得更近了,她又大声呼叫鲍勃As the shark opened its jaws, Diana kicked it as hard as she could. The shark retreated, but only a moment. It was back again.就在鲨鱼张开大嘴时,戴安娜用尽全力踢了它一脚;虽然它退缩了,但只有一下下,马上又回来要攻击她This time Diana got her gun. She shot the shark good. Just then, Bob turned around. He had not seen any of it. He pointed to a starfish.;Over there!;这时戴安娜找到抢了,便在鲨鱼眼睛上射了一,鲨鱼就再也不敢靠近了就在那时鲍勃转过身来,他不但什么都没看到,还指着他那边一只海星叫戴安娜看 318

介词引导的宾语从句1. 介词+宾语从句短语动词中的介词与that引导的宾语从句连用,介词直接挂宾语从句例如:We are talking about whether we admit students into our club.我们正在讨论是否让学生加入我们的俱乐部The new book is about how Shenzhou manned spaceship was sent up into space.这本新书是关于神舟号载人航天飞船是如何升入太空的The boy was interested in whatever he saw here.那个孩子对在那里看到的任何事物都感兴趣. 介词+形式宾语it+宾语从句短语动词中的介词与that引导的宾语从句连用时,需增加形式宾语it,位于真实宾语之前例如:You may depend upon it that they will support your proposal.你可以相信他们将持你的意见We will answer it that the apparatus is of good quality.我们保该仪器的质量很好3. 介词except, but, besides, beyond, in, save引导宾语从句in that“在于;因为”,其余五个都是“除了”之意注意:必须接that,不可省,并与that构成复合词,起连词作用例如:I know nothing about my new neighbor except that he used to work with a company.对于我的新邻居我除了知道他曾在一家公司上班外,其他一无所知He gave us several examples besides that he explained the theory.他除了给我们解释理论之外,还给我们举了好几个例子We do not know anything except that she was married to a priest and she ran away from that marriage.除了她和一个牧师结婚了,并从婚姻生活中逃走了,我们什么都不知道Nothing would please him but that we go along.除了我们继续进行下去之外,什么都不会使他开心I heard nothing beyond that he is ill.除了他生病之外,我并未听说其他There was no sound save that from time to time a bird called.除了两声鸟叫之外,一点声音也没有I prefer his plan to yours in that I think it is more practical.我更喜欢他的计划,因为他的计划比你的更实际形容词引导的宾语从句把形容词理解为动词功能常用来引导宾语从句的形容词有:表示主观感受的形容词,在语义逻辑上等同于谓语表达,后面接名词性从句可理解为它的宾语如sure, certain, glad, pleased, happy, sorry, afraid, satisfied, surprised, ashamed, anxious, aware, annoyed, certain, confident, convinced, disappointed, determined, glad, proud, satisfied, thankful, worried等例如:I am sure that I will pass the exam.我确信我会通过考试I am sorry that I have troubled you so long.很抱歉我这么长时间在打扰你He is glad that his wife looked after him when he was ill.他很高兴在他生病的时候他妻子照顾了他I am afraid that youve misunderstood your boss.我担心你误解了你的老板She was so afraid that Grandma would leave and there would be no one to take care of us.她深怕外婆会离开,那样的话就没有人照料我们了Are you aware that there is a difficulty?你意识到这件事有难度了吗?Yet she felt certain, after a while, that she was traveling the same street over and over.可过了一会儿,她清楚地感觉到,她正一遍又一遍地走过相同的街道 673

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