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Its a strange,almost alien world.这是个奇特的,近乎外星般的世界。And if the place is strange,many creatures living here are even stranger.如果说这个地方奇特,那生活在这里的许多生物就更加奇特。These oasis are created not by plants, but by animals,the corals,but not the normal reef building ones.这些绿洲是由动物而非植物创造的。它们是珊瑚,但却并非普通种类。Unlike their hard coral cousins, they dont have chocky skeleton,and they thrive at the depth where light is less intense,capturing food from water current with 8 ferthery tentacles.与它们的硬珊瑚表亲不同的是,它们没有灰质骨骼,在光线昏暗的深水区艰难生存用8条柔弱的触手从水流中捕捉食物。These soft coral gardens are important, because baby fish hide amongst them.Nearly half of all adult fish on the reef--Proper,grow up in the nursery of lagoon.这些软珊瑚花园非常重要,因为小鱼藏身其中,珊瑚礁里几乎半数的成鱼都是在环礁湖托儿所里长大的。 201501/355094On Tuesday Police said they are investigating the parents of the three-year-old boy who fell into a gorilla enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo 周二,警方对辛辛那提动物园掉进大猩猩场地的三岁男孩的父母进行调查,and had to be rescued by a team that shot the 400-pound animal to death. 重达400磅的猩猩被射杀致死,男孩获救。Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters said that authorities will look at the parents actions leading up to the incident 哈密尔顿县检察官乔·迪特斯称,当局将调查父母导致事故的行径,not the operation of the zoo, which is overseen by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. 不是动物园的行动,这是由美国农业部监管。Police will then reportedly confer with prosecutors over whether charges should be filed. 据报道,警方随后将与检方商谈应提起哪个指控。The incident has triggered a major debate online, with some saying the boys mother should be charged with child endangering, 这一事件引发了网上大规模讨论,一些人表示,这个男孩的母亲应没有看管孩子被指控,while others want the zoo held responsible for the animals death.而其他人希望动物园为猩猩的死亡负责。译文属。201606/447061But there are problems with each of these ideas.但这些想法总是伴有各种各样的问题。For example, it would be difficult to monitor nuclear waste under the ocean floor.例如海底的核废料就很难监测。Waste buried deep in the earth, meanwhile, might contaminate ground water.而深埋于地底的垃圾同时可能会对地下水造成污染。And as ice sheets continue to melt, its hard to say how long nuclear waste would remain buried, or where it would end up if it floated away.而随着冰川持续融化,核废料能够掩埋多久很难说清,或者最终会飘走。Plans to store waste produced in the ed States in Yucca Mountain, in Utah, have been put on hold.而美国犹他州尤卡山保存产生核废料的计划现在也已被搁置。So for now almost all nuclear waste is kept above ground in special containers at a few hundred different sites around the country.所以现在几乎全部核废料都被保存在全国几百个不同地点的特殊容器中。So far the containers seem safe, but theres always the possibility of corrosion.到目前为止容器看起来非常安全,但总是存在被腐蚀的可能性。So, basically, there is no best way to store nuclear waste.所以,基本上保存核废料没有最佳之法。201501/353405North Sea oil and the budget北海油气和预算Priming the pumps采取措施For the oil and gas industry, tax reductions were overdue油气工业减税政策已过期Sunset industry?夕阳工业?AMONG the tax cuts announced in his budget on March 18th, the chancellor of the exchequer, George Osborne, laid out big reductions for oil and gas companies operating in the North Sea. The previous tax rates for companies operating in the older fields sometimes amounted to a punitive 80%. Now the petroleum revenue tax will be reduced from 50% to 35%, and a supplementary corporation tax will come down from 30% to 20%. The government will also invest in new seismic surveys in the more remote areas of the North Sea. Altogether, Mr Osborne hopes that these measures will boost production there by 15% by the end of the decade.在3月18号预算案公布的税务减免中,英国财政大臣乔治·奥斯本提议为北海的油气公司提供大幅税务减免。之前在老油田进行开采的公司有时竟会缴纳总计达到80%的重税。如今石油收益税率将从50%降到35%,企业所得附加税将从30%降到20%。政府也将在北海远海域的新地震测量方面投入资金。总而言之,奥斯本希望这些方法能促使该地区十年后的产量飙升15%。Oil and gas companies lobbied furiously for these changes, and they will certainly be welcomed, not least around the industrys capital of Aberdeen, where some 160,000 people rely on the sector. Mr Osborne should not expect much gratitude, though. Some firms have yet to forgive him for raising taxes in the first place.油气公司为这些达成改变而大力游说,他们当然会受到欢迎,尤其是在该产业的中心亚伯丁地区,这里约160,000名居民依赖着这一产业。但是奥斯本不应该期望会得到太多感激。有些公司还没原谅他一开始提升税率的行为。In 2011 the chancellor surprised everyone by increasing the supplementary tax by 12 points to 32% (afterwards lowered to 30%). This might have netted the hard-up chancellor a windfall of about 2 billion (3 billion) but, so argue many in the industry, the tax rise also deterred companies from sinking any more money into an ageing basin where it had aly become very expensive to operate. With margins wafer thin, North Sea oil and gas production, which had been falling steadily since its peak in 1999, plummeted between 2011 and 2013, before recovering slightly last year. Just as importantly, new exploration has crawled almost to a halt. This year it is expected that as few as eight new exploratory wells might be drilled. One consequence is that the once mighty North Sea oil and gas sector has become increasingly marginal to the overall British economy. In 2011-12 North Sea tax revenues totalled 10.9 billion, but in 2013-14 they had shrunk to just 4.7 billion.2011年,这位大臣将附加税率提升了12个百分点,达到了32%(后来又降到了30%),这令所有人大吃一惊。经济拮据的大臣也许能借此获得一笔约20亿英镑(30亿美元)的意外款项,但是该产业的许多公司也辩称税率上涨阻止了公司将更多的钱扔进这经营昂贵、日趋衰落的领域打水漂。北海的油气生产利润微薄,自1999年达到顶峰后一直保持逐年下降,在2011年和2013年之间骤跌,去年才微弱回升。另一个重要的原因是,新油田的探测也步步维艰到达瓶颈期。今年预计只有八块新油田将会得到开采。一个结果就是曾叱咤风云的北海油气产业会在整体英国经济中越来越边缘化。2011年到2012年间,北海税收总计109亿英镑,但在2013年到2014年,缩减到了47亿。Furthermore, although there might have been a case for a windfall tax in 2011 when the oil price was high, averaging 111 for a barrel of Brent crude over the year, since last June the price has tumbled. It is now down to about 55 a barrel. This has put even more pressure on margins and profits, so much so that, over the past six months, companies have been cutting wages and laying off hundreds of workers in a rushed attempt to cut costs. Overall, according to Oil and Gas UK, an industry lobby group, the sector lost 5.3 billion last year, the worst performance since the 1970s, when the colossal investment in new platforms and other infrastructure preceded the flow of oil and gas.此外,尽管2011年油价高昂,平均一桶布伦特原油约111美元,当时很可能出台一项暴利税,但自去年六月价格已大跌。如今已降至约55美元每桶。这使获取利润越来越难,形势严峻到在过去六个月间,公司一直在削减工资和裁员,慌忙减少开。据工业游说团体英国石油天然气协会所说,总体上该行业去年损失了53亿英镑,这是自上世纪七十年代以来的最糟表现,那时大量的投资涌入了新平台和其他基础建设中,带领了油气行业发展的风潮。With the price of oil expected to stay at its current level for some time, both employers and employees know that only by drastically reducing operating costs in the North Sea over the long term can the basin remain profitable enough to attract investment, let alone compete with less costly deep-water basins in the Gulf of Mexico and off the west coast of Africa. With oil over 100 a barrel, the industry got used to living high on the hog, but those days are gone. In this respect, the tax cuts are helpful, but hardly crucial. Cutting costs will prove far more important.预计油价暂时会保持现在水平,雇主和雇员都知道只有在北海长期大幅削减运作开,产业才能有足够多的利润来吸引投资,更不要说与成本更低的墨西哥湾和非洲西海岸的深水实验池竞争了。在每桶原油超过100美元的情况下,石油产业习惯了养尊处优,但好景不再。在这方面,减税能起到帮助,但不能解决根本问题。减少成本将更为重要。译者:王颖 校对:陈思思 译文属译生译世 /201503/366790

Many Germans were certainly anti-Semitic at the time,but there was no evidence that the majority of ordinary people,like these holidaymakers,approved of murderous attacks on German Jews.当时很多德国人是反犹分子,但没据显示大部分普通居民,例如度假的这些人都如此残忍地对待犹太人Nor that they had any desire to fight another European war.也更不想在欧洲挑起新的战争But large numbers of them did certainly have faith in Hitler.但大部分德国人的确信任希特勒They called him General Bloodless-someone who had achieved great things for them and their country without the need to spill any blood.人们称他为;不流血的将军;因为他为人民和国家立下丰功伟绩而不流一滴血We had adopted an attitude whereby one said that the Fuehrer would manage.我们已形成共识认为无论如何元首定能成功The Fuehrer would do the right thing.元首会作出正确决定Hitler knew that this attitude of trust,that he would ;do the right thing,was based on these peoples faith in his charismatic leadership.希特勒知道人们之所以相信他会作出正确决定是基于人们对他领袖魅力的肯定So he faced the difficult task of trying to get ordinary Germans to accept military conflict,without them losing their faith in him.所以他现面临的问题是如何让普通德国人接受军事行动,同时对他保持信任We can get an idea of just how Hitler had been working at turning around public opinion from a secret speech he gave here in Munich to leading German journalists.这是希特勒在慕尼黑对德国一些主流媒体记者发表的秘密演说,从中可看出他如何操纵公众舆论。On 10th November 1938, Hitler said...1938年11月10日,希特勒说... 译文属201605/441046

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