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长清区中医医院咨询师济南市军区总医院挂号栏目简介:《英语学习入门视频》是英语视频听力下面的子栏目,栏目内容适合刚刚接触英语学习不久的童鞋学习。视频内容比较简单易懂,是入门英语知识的基础,有助于帮助英语学习爱好者逐步掌握基本的英语知识。201512/413818山东省山大附属二医院门诊地址 Have a honeymoon to remember by planning ahead.提前计划,享受值得回忆的蜜月。You Will Need你需要A budget预算Bids on itineraries旅行路线Restaurant reservations预订酒店Time to research destinations调查目的地的时间Airline upgrade (optional)航空公司升级(可选)Steps步骤STEP 1 Decide on a destination1.确定目的地Decide on a destination together.一起决定蜜月目的地。STEP 2 Establish a budget2.制定预算Establish a budget. Factor in money for tips, souvenirs, and gifts.制定预算。将小费,纪念品,礼物等因素考虑在内。Consider departing for your honeymoon two days after your wedding rather than the next day, so you can begin your trip well rested.考虑婚礼两天后启程度蜜月,而不是第二天马上出发,这样你可以充分地休息好再开始旅程。STEP 3 Research the area3.调查该地区Research the area to get an idea of places you want to visit, hotels youd love to stay in, sightseeing excursions, and so on. If you plan to stay in more than one spot, figure out the ideal number of days to spend in each location.调查一下该地区,决定造访哪些地方,入住哪家酒店,观光游览哪些景点等等。如果你计划在超过一个景点逗留,确定在每个地方花费的时间。STEP 4 Cut costs4.节约成本Find ways to cut costs, like using frequent flyer miles for the airline tickets. Or think about opening a honeymoon registry, where loved ones can contribute to the cost of your trip or buy you honeymoon experiences, like dinner or a sightseeing outing at your destination.寻找节约成本的方法,比如购买飞机票时使用飞行里程累积。或者考虑开通蜜月登记,情侣们可以为节约旅行成本作出贡献,或者付蜜月经历,比如晚餐或者蜜月目的地之外的观光项目。Consider using frequent flyer miles to upgrade to first or business class, especially if you’re facing a long flight. Or let the check-in clerk know, very politely, that you two are newlyweds.考虑用飞行里程累积来升级到头等舱或商务舱,尤其是如果飞行时间很长。或者非常礼貌地让登机处工作人员知道,你们是新婚夫妇。STEP 5 Consider transportation5.考虑交通Think about whether you want to rent a car, take public transportation, use mostly cabs, or even hire a car and driver for part of the trip.考虑你们想要租汽车,搭乘公共交通工具,乘坐出租车,还是雇佣汽车和司机来进行部分旅程。STEP 6 Get bids6.竞价Send your dream itinerary to several travel agencies and ask them to bid on your trip. Using a travel agent may seem outdated, but theyre good to have on your side if something goes wrong. Plus, they sometimes have access to deals that you dont.把梦想的路线邮寄给几家旅行社,请他们报价。使用旅行社看上去可能过时了,但是如果中途有什么不顺利的话,旅行社大有帮助。此外,他们有时可以得到你不能得到的优惠。Find an agent whos actually been to your destination. Theyll be able to offer great insider advice.找一家经常到你的目的地的旅行社。他们可以提供很多内行的建议。STEP 7 Secure dinner reservations7.预订晚餐Research restaurants in the area so you can make reservations ahead of time, especially if you want to go to a place where tables are difficult to secure.调查所在地区的酒店,这样你可以提前预订,尤其是如果你去餐桌很难预订的地方。If nothing else, make a dinner reservation for the first night of the honeymoon so you start the trip off right.如果没有其他的事情,蜜月的第一天晚上预订晚餐,这样就可以顺利地开始旅行。STEP 8 Work the honeymoon angle8.充分利用蜜月优势When making any kind of reservations, mention that you will be on your honeymoon. This can get you upgrades, discounts, and extras.作任何预订的时候,提及你们在度蜜月。这样可以为你争取到升级,折扣或额外馈赠。STEP 9 Reconfirm9.重新确认Reconfirm your flight and hotel reservations a few days before the trip.旅行开始前几天重新确认航班和酒店预订信息。The word honeymoon is said to come from the ancient practice of newlyweds drinking honey wine for a month – or one lunar cycle – after their wedding to assure the birth of sons.据说“蜜月”一词来自古代新婚夫妇饮用蜂蜜酒一个月的习俗,用于确保他们新婚后可以生子。201501/354469It brings torrential rain to South America,flooding the normally dry deserts.它给南美洲带来倾盆大雨 淹没曾经干涸的沙漠And on the other side of the Pacific, the opposite is true.而在太平洋另一边却是完全相反Australia and Indonesia, without their normal warm currents,在澳大利亚和印度尼西亚没有温暖的海流are starved of moisture and suffer terrible drought.它们缺少湿气,遭遇严重旱灾Just by altering the flow of this single ocean current,仅仅改变着一个洋流weather across the planet is thrown into disarray for months.地球气候就要遭遇几个月的无序Vet even this isnt the full extent of the influence即使这样,也不能说明of ocean currents on our planet.洋流对我们地球的影响To understand the greatest power of ocean currents,为了全面了解洋流的强大能量you need to travel to the depths of the seas.你需要潜入海洋深处Only recently have scientists been able to explore this strange and alien world.最近科学家才得以探索这个奇特陌生的世界Theyve discovered another system of currents that travel in the deep ocean.他们发现了在海洋深处另一个洋流系统These deep currents join up with the surface currents to form one great network.它和表面温暖的洋流联合起来 共同形成了一个巨大的系统201511/411690济南市真爱要预约吗

济南妇科疾病咨询Chinas schools hold special history lesson中国学校开设特殊历史课程The new semester begins today cross China for millions of students.今天,几百万学生迎来了开学后的新学期。Some classrooms are welcoming students with a special lesson on the first day, to review the countrys bitter history and cherish the hard-won peaceful life of today.有些班级在开学第一天用就上了一堂非常特殊的课程—回忆本国艰苦斗争历史,珍惜今天来之不易和平生活。;When I was in grade one in primary school, the school was forced to close because of the Japanese invasion.“我上小学一年级那会儿,由于日本侵华,学校被迫关闭。We were lucky to survive,” war veteran Dong Ken said.能活下来我们已经算很幸运了。”抗战老兵董肯回忆当年的日子。“I joined the army when I was 13. Compared with old days, these children are lucky enough as they can study in such a peaceful stable environment.“我13岁参军,跟那时候比,这些孩子能在这样和平的环境中学习真的非常幸运。They should understand and cherish the prosperous life, which is hard won.;他们应该懂得珍惜这来之不易的生活。” 译文属201509/397850山东妇保医院在哪 Belgium raises terror alert to highest level比利时将布鲁塞尔恐怖威胁级别升至最高级Belgium has raised its terror alert to the highest level in the capital Brussels on Saturday, with the OCAM national crisis centre warning of an ;imminent threat; a week after the Paris attacks.巴黎恐怖袭击发生一周后,随着OCAM国家危机处理中心发出警告称“恐怖主义威胁已经迫在眉睫”,比利时本周六将布鲁塞尔恐怖威胁级别升至最高级。The centre urged citizens to avoid crowded areas such as concerts and transport hubs in Brussels, which is also home to the European Union and NATO headquarters.比利时全国威胁分析协调机构在公告中建议布鲁塞尔民众避免去人群集中的地方,如演唱会、大型活动、火车站、机场、公共交通、商业中心等。比利时还要求民众遵守安检,不要散布谣言。 译文属201511/411487山东省荣军总医院专家

济南紫荆花妇科医院产科生孩子怎么样好不好President Xis interview with Reuters习近平主席接受路透社采访Before his trip to the UK, President Xi Jinping was interviewed by Reuters news agency.在出访英国之前,习近平主席接受了路透社的采访。President Xi answered questions about relations with the UK, as well as bilateral financial cooperation.习近平主席回答了中英关系以及两国金融合作等问题。He is looking forward to meeting with British leaders and engaging the British public on China-UK bilateral ties.他期待与英国领导人会面并致力于使英国公众更明了中英双边关系。He hopes this will be the start of a ;golden time; for their strategic partnership.他希望对他们的战略伙伴关系而言,这是一个 “黄金时代”的开始。 译文属201510/404774 I first learned this technique living with the San Bushman of Namibia.这个办法我最早是从纳米比亚的 布须曼人那学来的Now, its gonna be pretty makeshift,but I havent got long.它是很好的替代品 不过还不够长Okay, this will do.A little bit of a hook on that,enough length to keep me at distance from the snake.Okay.好了 快弄好了 这里有一个小小的钩子 这长度够让我与蛇保持一定距离了 好了As soon as he comes out, he is gonna be pissed, all right?他一出来 肯定会大发雷霆 是不是So light on your feet,and just watch what Im doing.Lets get the rucksack out of the way first.所以你得把步子放轻点 先来看看我是怎么做的 先把背包拿开That sound tells me the rattlers still in there.听上去响尾蛇还在里面It also says that its y to defend itself,but its best defense is to stay in the crevice.这声音也告诉我 它已经准备好自卫了 但对于它来说 最佳防御就是待在石头下面And this is why these snakes like these sort of places,cause theyre very hard to get out.这些蛇之所以喜欢待在这种地方 是因为在这些地方 你很难逮到它You start putting your hand into it,youre just gonna get bit.如果你将手伸进去 你就会被它咬上一口Okay, look, here we go. Ooh.And that very distinct diamond head,and that tells you youre dealing with a killer of a snake.瞧 搞定了 你看它的头部是菱形的 这表明 你正在和一只夺命杀手蛇打交道If he gets those fangs into you,hell inject you with this hemotoxic venom.如果它的毒牙刺进你肉里 它就会把血毒素毒液注入你的血液And basically, what it does is stop your blood coagulating.这会造成你的血液无法凝结You end up just vomiting and pooing blood.你最后会呕吐 并伴随着便血Thats the nastiest sort of death you can imagine.那是你能想象到的 最痛苦的一种死法All right, lets put him out,and try and get him.好了 我把它弄到这里来 想办法抓住他201604/434944长清妇科门诊部做四维彩超价格聊城妇幼保健医院电话号码是多少



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