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Think your dad is one of a kind? Give him a gift that will make him wish every day was Fathers Day.认为你的父亲是独一无二的?那就给他一份独特的礼物,让他感觉每天都是父亲节!You Will Need你需要Scrapbook剪贴簿Photos照片Memorabilia大事记Cardstock卡片纸Accessories饰品Scissors剪刀Adhesive粘合剂Specialty pens专业笔Ribbon缎带Color copies (optional)色复印(可选)Page protectors (optional)页面保护(可选)Steps步骤Children under 10 should use safety scissors, and an adult should help older children.十岁以下儿童应该使用安全剪刀,较大的儿童也应该在成年人的帮助下进行。STEP 1 Choose an album1.选择相簿Pick a scrapbook to use for your fathers day album. Find one with your dads favorite colors and a blank cover you can decorate later.选择一本剪贴簿,用作父亲节相簿。选择父亲最喜欢的颜色和空白的封面,稍后你可以自己装饰。STEP 2 Go to the archives2.搜寻档案Collect photos and memorabilia associated with your father. Divide the items into themed categories to make a variety of unique pages.收集与父亲有关的照片和大事记。按照主题将这些物品分类,分别制作成独特的页面。Use color copies of photos if youre worried about ruining the originals.如果你担心损坏原件,可以把照片印。STEP 3 Stock up on stock3.囤积卡片Buy cardstock to use as frames for your pictures. Pick up a few different styles, so they pop against the pages.购买一些卡片纸,作为照片的框架。选择几种不同的风格,所以各个页面之间比较醒目。STEP 4 Accessorize4.装饰Find related accessories to add -- craft stores carry a wide variety of stickers, stamps, and 3-D decorations, many with fathers day themes.寻找相关的饰品——工艺品商店有许多不同种类的标签,印章,3-D装饰品,许多都有父亲节的主题相关。STEP 5 Make the album5.制作相簿Assemble your pages by cutting, pasting, and matting your items. Use acid-free, waterproof, and fade-proof pens to write messages and add details for your father on each page of the memory album.通过剪切,粘贴等把所有物品集成册。使用无酸,防水,不褪色的笔在纪念册的每一页书写信息,添加细节。Use page protectors to preserve your scrapbook over time.使用页面保护装置来保护剪贴簿,使其保存更长时间。STEP 6 Decorate the cover6.装饰封面Write a title on the cover of your memory album and decorate it using a particularly meaningful or funny photo. Then tie a ribbon around the album, give it to your dad, and bask in his adoration.在纪念簿封面书写标题,用有着特别意义或者有趣的照片来装饰。然后在相簿上绑一条缎带,送给父亲,享受他的爱不释手吧。In 2007, a 90-year-old man from India fathered his 21st child.2007年,来自印度的一名90岁男子成为第21个孩子的父亲。视频听力由。 /201406/304826。

Its pretty underwhelming to look at-in fact its quite dull. Its made of brown-grey clay, a simple round pot about the size of the bucket that children play with on the beach, about six inches high, six inches across at the top, and its got its got straight sides and a flat base, and it was made about seven thousand years ago in Japan.其实它本身令人印象相当之深刻。虽然它颜色其实很暗淡,原料是棕灰色的粘土,简简单单的圆型深钵,大小就像孩子们用在沙滩上玩耍的那种小塑料桶一样,大概六英寸高,上边端口直径也差不多六英寸,两侧是笔直的直线,还有一个平底。它大概是制造于七千年前的日本。When you look more closely, you can see that it was built up with coils of clay and then, into the outside, fibres have been pressed, so that when you hold it, you feel as though you are actually holding a basket. It looks and feels like a basket in clay.当你再仔细一点观察,你就可以发现它其实是用一圈圈的粘土圈先绕成型的,然后外边压上绳索般的花纹。当你拿起它的时候,就感觉像是在举着一个篮子。其实它看起来就像一个粘土制成的篮子。The basket - like markings on this and other Japanese pots of the same time, are in a cord pattern and thats in fact what their name is in Japanese. They are Jomon - or cord-pattern pots.这种仿照竹篮纹理的花纹,在这件陶器及其同时期日本陶罐上都可以找到,被人们称之为绳纹,事实上它们的命名在日文里就是这意思。它们就是绳纹陶器。And the word Jomon has come to be used not just for the objects, but for the people that made them, and even the whole historic period in which they were lived. It was the Jomon people living in what is now northern Japan, who created the worlds first pots. Simon Kaner, of the University of East Anglia, is a specialist in ancient Japanese culture:现在绳纹一词,已经不仅仅是这些物品的名称,那时代的人类,及他们生活的整个历史时期都被称之为绳纹。正是这些生活在如今日本北部的绳纹人制造了世界上的首件陶器。东英吉利大学的西蒙?康尔是古日本文化的专家,他说道:In Europe weve always assumed that people whove made pottery were farmers, and that it was only through farming that people were able to stay in one place, because theyd be able to build up a surplus that they could then subsist on through the winter months, and it was only if you were going to stay in one place all the year round, that youd be making pottery, because its an awkward thing to carry around with you.“在欧洲,我们一向认为制作陶器的古人类肯定是农耕人类,因为只有依靠农业,人类才能定居下来,他们可以长年停留在同一地方,渐渐积蓄起余粮,培养起一种可持续的生活方式,能保他们顺利渡过寒冬里那几个月。而且只有长年居住在同一地方,才有制作陶器的必要,要不然如果你得东奔西跑,这种东西搬来搬去可真是不方便。”The Japanese example is really interesting, because what we have here is pottery being made by people who were not farmers, and its one of the best examples that weve got from anywhere in the world really - from pre-history, of people who subsisted on fishing, gathering nuts and other wild resources, and hunting wild animals - that they also had a need for cooking pots.“日本这例子真是相当有趣。因为这些陶器不是农民做出来的。这绝对是我们在全世界范围内收集到的关于史前文化的最好例子。这些人类、采集坚果及其他野生植物,同时也狩猎野生动物,同时他们也需要煮东西的盆钵锅罐。”201405/296798。

ANNOUNCER: See if you can I.D. me. 看你能否鉴别出我。I became a U.S. state in 1876, which is why one of my nicknames is a Centennial State. 我在1876年成为美国的一个州,因此我的小名叫百年州。I have the highest mean elevation of all 50 states. 我在所有的50个州中平均海拔最高。And my capital is sometimes called the Mile High City. 我的首府有时被称为“里高城”。Im Colorado, and Im home to more than 5 million people.我是科罗拉多州,我有五百多万人。AZUZ: It started with this: heavy rain that began soaking parts of Colorado on Wednesday night. 事情是这么开始的:从周三晚上开始,大雨侵蚀了科罗拉多州部分地区。But it didnt stop, and that caused this: roads washing out, rescuers and residents getting trapped, parts of northern Colorado being cut off when more than half a foot of rain fell and rolled down mountainsides in less than a day. 但雨并没有停下来,那造成:路被冲走,居民和救援人员都被困住,科罗拉多北部部分地区与外界切断联系,一天之内降雨量以及从山上流下来的雨水超过半英尺。Several people have died in the floods, officials have told a lot of folks to stay home, because the roads are so bad, its hard to see where there is asphalt, and where there is just water. 洪水造成数人死亡,官员们告诉大家让大家都待在家里,因为路况太差了,根本看不清哪里是柏油路,哪里只是水而已。 /201309/257123。

作为从小在朝鲜长大的孩子,Hyeonseo Lee(李炫秀/音译 )认为她的国家是”世界上最好的;。她一直这样认为。直到90年代的大饥荒,她开始怀疑。14岁时,她逃出朝鲜并开始了在中国隐姓埋名的难民生活。 这是一个关于生存和希望,令人痛心的私人故事。同时也是对那些远在他乡,却仍然时刻生活在恐惧中的朝鲜人一个鲜明有力的提醒。201307/248818。