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Strengthen Your Boundaries: Love yourself enough to say no to others’ demands on your time and energy. Step back amp; reassess the situation. A note from me this week over at TwitterMonthly Feature: I Dare You to Do Something Different:I am encouraging you and myself, for the entire month of June to put your whole entire beautiful self first. It’s not about ignoring your family members and friends nor becoming totally self absorbed.It’s simply about making sure you are nurturing and rejuvenating yourself sufficiently on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Be mindful you are not ignoring nor depleting your own energy reserves unwisely and unnecessarily.This months dare is a double dare and an opportunity to experience how absolutely amazing you would feel if you:* eat and drank well - you’d be nourished and hydrated* conscious of your breath - slowing down fast shallow breathing* quality rest - getting a balance between busy and calm, yin and yang* said no more often without feeling guilty - strong personal boundaries* released stress and worry often with regular simple rejuvenation tips* softened your thinking and refreshed your mind - back in your body* added more moments of joy and bliss - know what fills you up* restored your soul by listening to its soft guiding voice - meditate or journal* spent more time outside to revive your spirit and soul - get groundedGet Your Groove Back By Rejuvenating You - I Double Dare You:It’s all about energy in and and energy out:This month I encourage you to observe just how much time you spend on giving energy out compared to receiving energy in. The ultimate goal of course is to add more and more moments of receiving energy in; so you feel full, whole and complete rather than half empty, drained and depleted.A more balanced and equal exchange of energy in and out is what we are all aiming for to rejuvenate ourselves naturally.Emotional upset drains you in an instant:Personal rejuvenation is even more urgent if you have been exposed to a recent emotional upset. Emotional trauma is one of the quickest and easiest ways to deplete your energy reserves in an instant. It often comes without warning and turns your world upside down. The more intense or the longer the emotional upset continues the greater the focus needs to be on putting yourself first. It takes time and energy to re build your energy levels and internal strength again. Have patience and put yourself first more often.You only have two choices:1. Rejuvenate regularlyor2. Deplete yourself with physical, emotional and mental exhaustion and then wait for the illness to arriveStart Rejuvenating Now:Simply put yourself first for the month by focusing on one or more of the above suggestions I have listed (just under the photo).You may choose to put yourself first by frequently focusing on your breath. When your breathing is shallow and fast your thinking is hurried and fast. You talk fast, eat fast, drink fast, become anxious and work fast. It’s a classic symptom of stress.By observing your breathe and becoming conscious of slower, deeper breathes you are sending quality, life giving oxygen into your body and brain. You greatly calm your mind and actions along with releasing stress and tension with each long slow exhale. All this and much more happens when you simply choose to put yourself first and focus on your breath.For me personally I’m going to focus on strengthening my boundaries and releasing stress and worry more often. Sounds like a rejuvenation plan to me.Now, go forth and rejuvenate. 开阔眼界:别人对你时间以及精力上的要求要勇于说不。重新审视你所处的环境。这个星期我将向你提供一些建议。一周特色:我希望你能有所改变:我鼓励你以及我自己,在这整个七月能把优秀的自己放在第一位,而这并不意味着让你忽视你的家人以及朋友或完全沉浸于自我之中。而只是简单的让你在身体、情绪和精神层次上能充分的恢复青春恢复自我。要注意你并不是在忽视或是愚笨和没有必要的耗尽你的精力储量。这一个月的勇敢尝试效果将是加倍的,同时它也是一个让你感觉惊异的机会,只需要你:·吃好喝好-滋养你的生命·关注你的呼吸-放慢那些快而浅的呼吸·有质量的休息-从繁忙与平静、阴与阳中找到平衡·多说不而不会有犯罪感-明确自我与他人的边界·经常用简单而有规律的恢复青春的方法去释放压力和担忧·柔化你的思想,往你的意识中灌注新鲜血液-回归到身体·增加快乐和福佑的时刻-清楚什么使你快乐·通过聆听内心声音来恢复你的灵魂-沉思或是记录·多在室外来重新振作你的精神和灵魂-来搁浅自己通过恢复精力来使自己达到最佳状态-我加倍的激励你:所有的一切都只是能量的获取与释放:这个月我鼓励你去观察一下你花了多少时间在花费和存储能量。最终的目标是让你有更多的机会来储备;这样你才不会觉得空虚或被耗尽而是感觉充足完整。一个内外更加平衡和均等的能量交换正是我们所有人追寻的自然的返老还童的目标。感情上的不快能在霎那间击垮你自己:自我的恢复显得更加重要假如你近期陷入了感情的困境。感情上的创伤是最快也是最简单的在霎那间耗尽你能量的方法。它来时没有任何预兆但却能让你的世界从此一团糟。一旦那种创伤持续的越长越强烈,你所需要投入的关注也越重。恢复你现有的活力和内心的坚强需要时间和体力。因此要有耐心,把自己放在重要的位置。你只有两种选择:1.定期恢复精力又或2.身体、感情以及精神上的精疲力竭来耗尽你自己,随之而来的就是疾病的到来现在就开始恢复你的青春:简单的花一个月的时间来完成我的建议中的一条或一条以上(照片下面)。你也许会尝试用关注呼吸来恢复你的青春。当你发现你的呼吸浅而快,你的思想急促,你的说话进食工作也变得快速而且容易焦虑,这就是传统的压力所带来的症状。通过观察你的呼吸,并且意识到慢而深的呼吸的时候你就懂得了高质量的生活,这种生活向你的身体和大脑传输氧气。每一个缓慢的呼气都有助于你释放压力与紧张,这样你才能缓和你的思想和行动。只要你看重自己关注自己的呼吸,这些都能或至少大部分会实现。对我个人而言,明确自己与他人的界限,释放压力和担忧更为重要。听起来好像是一个为我自己量身打造的恢复计划。现在就开始返老还童吧。 /200808/46209“电子菜单”进餐馆 节约成本刺激消费Restaurants in Europe, the ed States and Japan are testing technology to let diners order their food direct from a screen at their table instead of depending on a fellow human being to note their choice -- sometimes grumpily or erroneously.Besides cutting costs, companies that sell the "e-" argue the bytes-for-bites approach has a novelty value that can lure younger customers, and boost revenues as tantalizing photographs of succulent steaks and gooey desserts tempt diners to order more.In Israel, privately owned start-up Conceptic has aly installed e-Menu technology in sushi bars, pubs and family restaurants. The system is based on touch-screens aly used in self-service canteens or for ticketing in airports and cinemas."It's about impulse-buying," said Adi Chitayat, Conceptic's chief executive. "If a person starts looking at pictures of chocolate cake, the chances are he'll order it."The firm has also supplied its systems to restaurants in France, South Africa and Belgium.Frame, a trendy sushi restaurant in Tel Aviv which has installed the system, said sales on tables with the e-Menu have increased by about 11 percent. Customers often call ahead to reserve spots equipped with the screens, manager Natalie Edry told reporters.At one of the e-Menu tables, information technology worker Gil Uriel and his young family were enthusiastic as they checked out pictures of the dishes on offer and squabbled over desserts."It's more visual," said Uriel. "We can still choose, we can still argue -- but it's much easier when you can all see it." 欧洲、美国和日本的一些餐馆目前正在试用一种可让顾客直接通过餐桌上的屏幕点餐的技术,这项新技术取代了务员点餐——务态度不好或忙中出错的情况也可以避免了。推广这项“电子菜单”技术的公司称,这种新潮的电子点餐法除了可以节约成本外,还能吸引年轻顾客,而且牛排和甜点等各种美味佳肴的图片能“引诱”顾客消费,从而增加餐馆的收益。新成立的以色列“新概念”私人公司推出的这套“电子菜单”系统目前已在寿司店、酒吧和家庭餐馆中使用。该系统使用的是触摸屏,这种屏幕在自助餐厅和机场、影院的自动售票机上可以见到。新概念公司的执行总裁阿迪#8226;齐塔亚特说:“这会引起顾客‘冲动消费’。如果顾客看到了巧克力蛋糕的图片,很有可能会点它。”目前,该公司已将这一系统推广到了法国、南美和比利时的餐馆。以色列特拉维夫的一家名叫Frame的流行寿司店安装了这一系统。据其介绍,安装了电子菜单的餐桌收益增长了约11%。餐厅老板娜塔莉#8226;艾德里在接受记者采访时说,顾客们常打电话提前预定安装有电子点餐屏的桌子。在其中一张电子点餐桌上,年轻的IT工程师吉尔#8226;乌力尔正与家人一起兴致勃勃地浏览菜肴的图片、讨论点哪些甜品。乌力尔说:“这种点餐方式更加直观。我们仍然可以挑选、讨论——但同时可以看见所有菜肴的图片,这就好办多了。” /200803/31198

For many of us, checking our bank balances can result in a nasty shock if they have been unable to control their spending habits.对我们很多人来说,如果控制不了购物习惯,查看存款余额的时候就会目瞪口呆。But now a British company is hoping to turn this into a real physical sensation.但是现在,一家英国公司希望把这种震惊转化成生理上的真实感觉。A wristband that delivers a 255 volt electric shock can now be linked to bank accounts, to send a shock when the user#39;s bank account reaches below a certain threshold.现在,一款可传导255伏电击的手环可与账户绑定,一旦用户的存款下降到一定的额度,就会发射电击。The wristband was first launched in 2014 by a US-based company called Pavlok.此款手环在2014年由一家叫做巴甫洛克的美国公司第一次推出。At first it was designed as a #39;personal coach on your wrist#39; and, to encourage the development of good habits and could even be used to help stop overeating.起初,这款手环的设计思路是“手腕上的私人教练”,可以鼓励良好习惯的养成,甚至能够用于阻止暴饮暴食。Now British firm Intelligent Environments has launched software that can link the wristband to people#39;s bank accounts.现在英国的智能环境公司已经推出了一款能够绑定手环和账户的软件。The idea behind the shocking invention is that the two milliampere shock will condition wearers to develop and stick to good habits by associating the bad habits with the uncomfortable yet effective shock.这一发明令人震惊,其背后的想法是,两毫安的电击虽不舒,却可以有效更正坏习惯,有利于佩戴者形成并坚持良好的习惯。It could also be used to save heating bills, by working with smart metres and encouraging people to turn their thermostats down.它还可以与智能电表合作,鼓励人们调低暖气温度,节省取暖费用。Chief executive David Webber said the idea was about consumer choice.首席执行官大卫#8226;韦伯说,此想法是为了帮助消费者做选择。#39;This is about reacting to changes in your financial well-being,#39; he said. #39;Willpower is great if you#39;ve got it - not everybody has.#39;他说:“这款设备旨在帮助人们应对财务状况的变化。如果你意志力强当然很好,但不是每个人都能控制住自己。”But Professor Alan Woodward, a cybersecurity expert from Surrey University, told the B the more connections which are made between devices, the greater the risk of a security weakness.但是萨里大学网络安全专家艾伦#8226;伍德沃德教授对B说,绑定的设备越多,安全风险越大。#39;According to reports, the device can link to a customer’s bank account, which could leave the door open for cybercriminals to access bank details.#39; Liviu Itoafa, security researcher at Kaspersky Lab said.卡巴斯基实验室安全研究员利维乌#8226;依托亚法说,“据报道,这款手环可以和顾客的账户绑定,为黑客盗取账户的详细信息打开了大门。” /201605/446120

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