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Tuesday was another awkward day for Britain as Prime Minister David Cameron met with European Union leaders in Brussels for the first time since British voters chose to quit the EU.星期二对英国来说又是一个难过的日子。卡梅隆首相在布鲁塞尔会见欧盟领导人。这是英国选民决定脱离欧洲以来的首次见面。Cameron was expected to face tough questions on exactly when and how Britain plans to start divorce proceedings.卡梅隆可能会面临一些有关英国准备究竟何时、如何开始脱离欧盟程序的严峻问题;I want the U.K. to clarify its position. Not today, not tomorrow at 9 a.m., but soon,; EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker told an EU parliament emergency meeting Tuesday.欧盟委员会主席容克星期二在欧盟议会紧急会议上说:“我要求英国澄清它的立场。不是今天,也不是明天上午九点,而是很快。”But British leaders appear to be in no hurry to start the process. Cameron, who has aly said he will resign because of the Brexit vote, has made it clear it will be his successor, not he, who will initiate the disengagement by invoking Article 50 of the Lisbon treaty on a negotiated departure.但是英国领导人看来并不急于马上就开始脱离程序。卡梅隆已经说过公投以后他将辞职。他明确表示,将是他的继任者,而不是他本人,按照里斯本协定的第五十条款的规定启动英国与欧盟的脱离程序。That may not happen until September at the earliest.这样的话,启动程序最早也要到九月份才会开始。But France and other EU members fear the longer Britain waits, the more economic damage could occur. Brexit has aly shaken markets around the world, and Juncker said Tuesday, ;We cannot allow ourselves to remain in a prolonged period of uncertainty.;但是法国和其他欧盟成员国担心,英国等待的时间越长,经济所受到的伤害就越重。英国脱欧的公投结果已经给全球股市带来了震荡。容克星期二说,“我们不能让自己一直身陷长期的不确定之中。”Leaders of the leave movement are demanding Britain still get tariff-free trade with the rest of the EU, just like Norway, a non-EU member, enjoys.脱离运动领导人要求英国仍然像非欧盟成员挪威一样享有与欧盟国家的免关税贸易待遇。Some EU lawmakers are upset by the British demand, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel.欧盟的一些议员对英国的要求感到不满,其中就包括德国总理默克尔。She warns Britain against what she calls cherry picking, saying, ;If you want to exit and leave this family, then you cannot expect to drop obligations and have privileges continue.;默克尔警告英国不要挑三拣四。她说,“如果你要退出,离开这个家,那么你就不能期望只放弃责任,同时还照样享受特权。”U.S. President Barack Obama says he does not anticipate ;major cataclysmic changes; coming out of Britains decision to leave the EU.美国总统奥巴马表示,他并不预期英国要离开欧盟的决定会产生“重大的巨变。”He said the Brexit vote is a ;pause button; for European integration as countries ;take a breath; to think about how to keep their national identities, preserve the benefits of integration, and deal with voter frustrations.奥巴马说,英国脱欧公投对欧洲的整合只是“一个暂停的动作”,有关国家要“喘口气”,想想如何保持自己国家的个体性,如何保存整合的好处,如何应对选民的烦恼。来 /201606/451944B News The daughter of the woman at the centre of a presidential scandal in South Korea has been arrested in Denmark, say South Korean police. Chung Yoo-ra, 20, is accused of staying in Denmark illegally, they said. They have requested her extradition.B新闻 处于韩国总统丑闻漩涡中心的崔顺实的女儿在丹麦被捕,韩国警方说0岁的郑宥拉被控在丹麦非法滞留,他们说。他们要求将其引渡。Her mother is accused of using her friendship with President Park Geun-hye for personal gain. Both women apologised but denied the accusations. After weeks of protest, parliament voted on 9 December to impeach Ms Park.她的母亲被控利用与朴槿惠总统的交情谋取私利。俩人均作了道歉但否认指控。经过数周抗议后,议2日投票决定弹劾朴槿惠。One of the ways in which Ms Chungs mother, Choi Soon-sil, is alleged to have mis-used her friendship with the president is by getting Ms Chung into a top Korean university.据称郑宥拉的母亲崔顺实滥用她与总统交情的方法之一,是让郑宥拉进入韩国的名牌大学。South Korean authorities had asked for Interpols help in tracing Ms Chung - a former member of the national equestrian team - after she failed to return to answer questions about her role in the scandal.韩国当局此前要求国际刑警组织帮助追查曾经是韩国国家马术队队员的郑宥拉的踪迹,因为她未能回国就她在丑闻中的角色接受质询。Her mother Ms Choi is in detention having returned from abroad to face questioning. She has been charged with various offences, including abuse of authority, coercion, attempted coercion and attempted fraud.她的母亲崔顺实从国外回国接受质询后被羁押。崔顺实被控犯有各种罪行,包括滥用权力,胁迫,胁迫未遂和诈骗未遂。South Koreas constitutional court has six months to uphold or overturn the impeachment vote against Ms Park. Until then she remains formally president but stripped of her powers, which have been handed to the prime minister, a presidential appointee.韩国宪法法院个月时间决定维持或推翻弹劾朴槿惠的表决结果。在那之前,她仍然是正式总统,但被剥夺了权力,权力交给总理 被任命的总统。来 /201701/486663

On a mountaintop near the heavily fortified North Korean border, a group of human rights activists stuffs three large plastic bags with anti-Pyongyang leaflets, dollar bills and USB memory sticks loaded with popular South Korean soap operas and K-pop music.在布防严密的韩朝边境附近的一个山顶,一群人权活动人士把反对平壤政权的传单、美元纸币和储存着韩国高人气肥皂剧和流行歌曲的U盘装入三个大塑料袋。They then strap the bags and a giant placard condemning North Korea’s ballistic missile launches to cylindrical 7m-tall helium balloons, which they release in the hope they will drift deep into the hermit kingdom. 接着,他们把塑料袋和一个巨大的布告牌(上面写着谴责朝鲜发射弹道导弹的文字)捆在多个米的圆柱形氦气球上。他们希望这些气球释放后会飘到朝鲜这个隐秘王国的纵深地带。It is the latest stunt by Fighters for Free North Korea, an activist group led by North Korean defector Park Sang-hak, who has for the past decade been at the vanguard of the propaganda campaign against the secretive Communist state. 这是脱北者朴相鹤(Park Sang-hak)领导的自由北韩斗Fighters for Free North Korea)实施的最新一次惊人之举。过去十年,朴相鹤一直置身于针对这个隐秘的共产党国家的宣传战的前沿。North Korea is the worst feudal society. 朴相鹤表示:北韩是个最糟糕的封建社会。It would surprise even Marx North Koreans remain slaves of the three generations of the Kim dynasty, says Mr Park. 就连马克思也会对它感到震惊——北韩人民仍然是金家王朝三代人的奴隶。The three Kims are above God there, although they killed millions of North Koreans through famine, war and concentration camps. 金氏三代人在北韩的地位比神还高,尽管他们通过饥荒、战争和集中营杀害了数以百万计的北韩人。Mr Park’s mission is to destroy the personality cult around Kim Jong Un, the North’s young supreme leader, by challenging his monopoly on information. 朴相鹤的使命是通过挑战金正Kim Jong Un)对信息的垄断,摧毁围绕这位朝鲜年轻最高领导人的个人崇拜。North Korean defectors have accelerated their campaigns to float information into the country since Pyongyang’s fourth nuclear test in January, while Seoul has also escalated its psychological warfare against Pyongyang, resuming its propaganda blasts through loudspeakers across the border. 自朝鲜政月份实施第四次核试验以来,脱北者已强化宣传攻势,用气球向朝鲜传播各种信息。与此同时,韩国政府也升级了针对平壤的心理战,恢复了通过高音喇叭越境向朝鲜开展的宣传轰炸。Although North Korea has survived years of international sanctions, rights groups believe the information war they are waging could eventually help topple the oppressive regime. 尽管朝鲜挺过了多年的国际制裁,但人权组织相信,他们正在发动的信息战最终会帮助推翻这个高压统治的政权。We believe education is the key to assisting the North Korean people. 总部位于美国的非盈利组织人权基金Human Rights Foundation)的领导人托尔#8226;哈尔沃森(Thor Halvorssen)表示:我们相信,教育是帮助朝鲜人民的关键。We do not believe that the North Korean human rights catastrophe will be aided by military action or UN diplomacy, says Thor Halvorssen, head of the US-based non-profit Human Rights Foundation. 我们不相信军事行动或联合国斡旋对朝鲜的人权灾难会有帮助。As North Koreans consume outside content, they learn that everything they have been taught is a lie and that there is something better beyond their borders. 随着朝鲜人对外来内容的消化,他们会了解到,他们被灌输的一切都是谎言,边境线的另一边存在更美好的东西。Once enough North Koreans come to this realisation, the regime will no longer be able to sustain itself. 一旦足够多的朝鲜人达成这种认识,朝鲜政权将撑不下去。Despite tight state control, North Koreansdemand for outside information has increased sharply since nearly 1m people died of starvation in the mid-1990s. 尽管朝鲜政府实施着严格的控制,自上世纪90年代中期00万人死于饥荒以来,朝鲜人对外界信息的需求已急剧上升。News from beyond its borders has been making its way into North Korea in various ways and in greater volume amid the growing availability of televisions, radios, computers and mobile phones, activists say. 活动人士表示,随着电视、广播、电脑和移动电话的增多,境外信息一直在以各种途径向朝鲜内部传播,信息量也越来越大。The younger generation does not have the same religious belief in the Kim dynasty that their parents and grandparents had, and they will not tolerate this system for long, says Mr Halvorssen. 哈尔沃森表示:较年轻的一代并不像其父辈或爷爷辈那样,怀有对金家王朝的宗教般信仰,他们不会容忍这种体制太久。Human rights abuses remains widesp in the world’s most totalitarian society, with the US State Department in July blacklisting some officials involved in extrajudicial killings, arbitrary arrests and the running of prison camps that are believed to house up to 120,000 North Koreans. 在这个全球最极权主义的社会,对人权的践踏依然十分普遍。今月,美国国务院将部分参与凌驾司法之上的杀戮、随意逮捕和运营集中营的朝鲜官员列入黑名单——朝鲜的集中营据信关押着多达12万朝鲜人。Washington also levied its first financial sanctions against Kim Jong Un in July to punish him for human rights abuses. 此外,美国政府还在今月首次针对金正恩实施了金融制裁,以惩罚他对人权的践踏。Kim In-sung, researcher at the Database Center for North Korean Human Rights, says North Koreanspolitical rights have deteriorated amid increased surveillance since Kim Jong Un came to power in late 2011. 北韩人权数据库中Database Center for North Korean Human Rights)研究人员金仁成(Kim In-sung,音译)表示,自金正恩在2011年底掌权以来,朝鲜的监控日益升级,朝鲜人的政治权利已大大恶化。But the international community remains indifferent to their problems, says Kang Cheol-hwan, a prominent defector who wrote about human right abuses after escaping a North Korean concentration camp. 不过,著名脱北者姜哲焕(Kang Cheol-hwan)表示,国际社会依然对他们的问题漠不关心。姜哲焕曾在逃离朝鲜一座集中营之后,撰写过关于朝鲜人权践踏的文章。I believe we are nearing an era in which bottom-up pressure can be piled on the regime, says Mr Kang. 姜哲焕表示:我相信我们正接近这样一个时代。在这个时代里,自下向上的压力会不断积聚在北韩当局身上。But it will never go down unless international society does something to weaken [the North’s] absolute control over information. 不过,如果国际社会不做点什么削弱北韩对信息的绝对掌控,北韩政权永远都不会倒下。In March South Korea passed the North Korean Human Rights Act after years of debate over how to deal with the regime, allowing the establishment of a foundation to research and record North Korean human rights abuses and to fund non-governmental groups working in the field. 今年3月,在如何对付朝鲜政权的问题上辩论多年后,韩国通过了《北韩人权法North Korean Human Rights Act),允许建立基金会研究和记录朝鲜对人权的践踏,并为在这个领域开展工作的非政府组织提供资金。But rights groups are not pinning much hope on the new legislation, although they believe increased information flows into North Korea are bringing changes as seen in the recent defections of elite North Koreans. 然而,人权组织对这部新法并未抱多大希望。不过他们相信,流入朝鲜信息的增多正在带来变化,这些变化从最近朝鲜精英人士的叛逃中可见一斑。In the first seven months of this year, the number of North Korean defectors rose by about 15 per cent to 814, with many fleeing their country for political reasons rather than economic, according to Seoul’s unification ministry. 根据韩国统一部的说法,今年头七个月朝鲜叛逃人数增加了5%,达14人。其中许多人叛逃是出于政治原因而不是经济原因。The defectors include North Korea’s deputy ambassador to the UK and a group of 13 North Korean restaurant workers in China, dealing an embarrassing blow to Pyongyang. 这些叛逃者包括朝鲜驻英国公使和在中国3名朝鲜餐馆员工,他们的叛逃给平壤政权带来了打击,令其十分尴尬。South Korean President Park Geun-hye said last week that they signalled a serious fracture within the North Korean regime, although experts say this does not necessarily mean Kim Jong Un himself is losing his grip on power. 上周,韩国总统朴槿Park Geun-hye)表示,他们的叛逃反映出朝鲜政权内部的严重分裂。不过专家表示,这不一定表示金正恩自己正在丧失对权力的掌控。Not all South Koreans are supportive of the increased propaganda campaigns. 并不是所有韩国人都持升级对朝宣传攻势。Liberals and residents of border towns worry that such activities risk provoking renewed conflict with Pyongyang, which has threatened artillery attacks against leafleting activists. 自由派人士和边境城镇的居民担心,这种活动可能会引发与平壤方面的新冲突,后者已威胁要炮击投放传单的活动人士。But it is only North Koreans who can bring down the dictatorship. 朴相鹤表示:不过,能够打垮独裁的只有北韩人民。They should know who and what caused their hardship, says Mr Park. 他们应该知道是谁、是什么导致他们处境艰难。It is hard to expect them to rise against Kim Jong Un soon because they are brainwashed and society remains tightly controlled. 由于他们被洗脑,而且北韩社会依然处于严密控制之下,很难指望他们在短期内起来反对金正恩。But we should never give up telling them the truth.不过,我们永远都不应放弃把真相告诉他们。来 /201609/464396

7 Times Boris Johnson, Britain’s New Foreign Secretary, Was Anything but Diplomatic英国新任外交大臣的惊人语录LONDON Boris Johnson, Britain’s new foreign secretary, has a quality unusual for a nation’s top diplomat: He can be spectacularly undiplomatic.伦敦——英国新任外交大臣鲍里斯·约翰Boris Johnson)身上有种鲜见于国家最高外交官的特点:他口无遮拦起来十分惊人。Johnson has suggested that President Barack Obama had an “ancestral dislike of the British Empire,written a poem insinuating that Turkey’s president had sexual relations with a goat, and likened the European Union which he helped lead the campaign for Britain to leave to Hitler’s Third Reich.约翰逊曾表示贝拉克·奥巴马总统有“源自先辈的对大英帝国的反感”,他写了一首诗暗示土耳其总统和一只山羊发生性关系,并将欧盟比作希特勒的第三帝国——他是英国脱离欧盟运动的领导人之一。And that was only this spring.以上这些还只是今年春天的言论。In December, he compared Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin, to Dobby the House Elf, a “Harry Pottercharacter. In 2007, he wrote that Hillary Clinton looked like “a sadistic nurse in a mental hospital.In 2002, he referred to Africans as “flag-waving pickaninnies.”去2月,他把俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔·普Vladimir Putin)比作“哈利·波特Harry Potter)系列中的人物——家养小精灵多比007年,他撰文说希拉釷克林顿(Hillary Clinton)像精神病院里的一个“虐待狂护士”002年,他把非洲人叫做“挥舞着小旗的黑小子”。So it was with no little shock that the world reacted to the news Wednesday evening that Britain’s new prime minister, Theresa May, had named Johnson to lead the rarefied Foreign and Commonwealth Office, which employs 14,000 people in nearly 270 diplomatic offices and works with the secret intelligence service MI6.因此,当周三晚上传出消息,新任首相特丽莎·Theresa May)将让约翰逊领导清贵的外交与联邦事务部(Foreign and Commonwealth Office)时,全世界都颇为震惊,这个部门掌管着70座外交办事处.4万名雇员,还要和秘密情报机构军情六处(MI6)合作。Informed of the appointment, the State Department’s spokesman struggled to keep a straight face. The French foreign minister told a radio station that Johnson had “lied a lot to the British peoplewhile campaigning for Britain’s exit from the European Union. Carl Bildt, a former prime minister and foreign minister of Sweden, lamented on Twitter: “I wish it was a joke, but I fear it isn’t.”在得知这个任命时,美国国务院发言人忍俊不禁。法国外交部长接受电台采访时说,在呼吁英国退出欧盟的行动中,约翰逊“对英国人民撒了很多谎”。前瑞典首相和外交大臣卡尔·比尔特(Carl Bildt)在Twitter上哀叹:“我希望这是个玩笑,但恐怕不是。”Putting Johnson whose aspirations for prime minister were dashed by the betrayal of an erstwhile ally, Michael Gove at the helm of the foreign office may have been an astute move by May. He will frequently be out of the country. He will have limited say over trade and withdrawal from the European Union, tasks May gave to other proponents of a “Brexit.And perhaps, at least in his public style, he’ll have to grow up a little.曾经的盟友迈克尔·戈夫(Michael Gove)的背叛,令约翰逊的拜相之梦破灭,而此时让他去执掌英国外交,似乎是梅的一个高招。他会频频出囀?他在贸易和退欧事务上的发言权是有限的,梅已经把这些事务交给其他脱欧持者。此外他可能得让自己显得更像个成年人,至少在公众形象上。His defenders argue that for all of his verbal daggers, Johnson is at heart a liberal internationalist. He was born in New York City, grew up partly in Brussels, speaks French and Russian, and sprinkles his sentences with Latin phrases. He is a polymath who studied at Eton and Oxford and was a prolific journalist and author who wrote a well-regarded book on his hero Winston Churchill.捍卫他的人称,尽管语言伤人,但约翰逊本质上是一个崇尚自由主义的国际主义者。他出生于纽约市,在布鲁塞尔生活过一段时间,会说法语和俄语,还会在讲话时穿插引用一些拉丁语。曾在伊顿和牛津就读的他学识渊,以前还是一名高产的新闻工作者和作家,写过一本颇受好评的著作,是关于他心目中的英雄温斯顿·丘吉Winston Churchill)的。As London’s mayor from 2008 until May of this year Johnson proved to be both popular and canny, presiding over a successful Olympic Games in 2012, improving public transportation (the city’s shared-cycling program is still informally known as “Boris Bikes and traveling the world to raise the city’s profile as a capital of commerce and finance.事实明,担任伦敦市长期间——从2008年一直到今年5月——约翰逊既受民众欢迎,又谨慎精明:在他的领导下,伦敦成功举办了2012年的奥运会;公共交通得到改善(在非正式场合,该市的公共自行车项目依然被叫做“鲍里斯自行车”);为了提高伦敦作为商业和金融中心的地位,他在全世界奔走。Here, however, are some of Johnson’s memorable utterances that may shadow him in his new role as Britain’s top diplomat:然而,以下是约翰逊一些令人难忘的言论。它们可能会在他担任英国最高外交官期间给他蒙上阴影:He Called Obama Part-Kenyan他称奥巴马是一半肯尼亚人When Obama urged Britons in April to remain in the European Union, Johnson was not amused. In a column in The Sun, he mentioned a theory, prominent in the U.S. far-right, that Obama was motivated by a radical anti-imperialist agenda and that “the part-Kenyan president’s ancestral dislike of the British Empirehad motivated the removal of a bust of Churchill from the White House. (Obama, a native of Hawaii, had limited contact with his Kenyan father. There is no evidence that the bust, a loan from the British government, was removed for political reasons. Another Churchill bust remains in the White House.)奥巴月呼吁英国留在欧盟时,约翰逊感到不快。在《太阳报The Sun)的一个专栏里,他提到了一个理论,即促使奥巴马这么做的是一个激进的反帝国主义议程,且“这个一半是肯尼亚人的总统源自先辈的对大英帝国的反感”导致丘吉尔的一尊半身塑像移出白宫。这个理论在美国的极右翼中很著名。(实际上,作为一个土生土长的夏威夷人,奥巴马与来自肯尼亚的父亲联系有限。而且没有据表明,从英国政府借来的那尊半身塑像是因为政治原因被移走的。丘吉尔的另一尊半身塑像仍在白宫里。)Asked Wednesday evening if he planned to apologize to Obama, Johnson replied: “The ed States of America will be at the front of the queue.(That might have been a nod to Obama’s warning that Britain would be at the “back of the queuein trade negotiations with the ed States if Britons voted to leave the European Union.)周三傍晚被问及是否打算向奥巴马道歉时,约翰逊回答说:“美利坚合众国排在第一位。”(这可能是对奥巴马早前发出的警告的一种示意。奥巴马曾表示,如果英国投票决定退出欧盟,在与美国进行贸易谈判时将“排在最后一位”。)He Has Insulted Hillary Clinton他曾侮辱希拉釷克林顿As a columnist for The Telegraph a job for which he has reportedly been paid 275,000 pounds (5,000) a year Johnson wrote of Clinton in 2007, when she was running for president: “She’s got dyed blonde hair and pouty lips, and a steely blue stare, like a sadistic nurse in a mental hospital.He concluded, however, that she should become president, “not because we necessarily want her for herself, but because we want Bill in the role of first husband. And if Bill can deal with Hillary, he can surely deal with any global crisis.(Johnson later apologized.)007年,为《每日电讯报The Daily Telegraph)担任专栏作家的约翰逊写到了当时正在竞选总统的克林顿:“她有着一头染过的金发和肥大的嘴唇,用蓝色的眼睛冷冰冰地盯着人看,就像精神病医院里的一个虐待狂护士。”不过,他在文章结尾处写道,她应该当总统,“不是因为我们必然希望她当总统,而是因为我们希望比尔当第一丈夫。如果比尔应付得了希拉里,他肯定也能应付任何全球危机。”(约翰逊后来表示了道歉。)据称,这份工作一年带给他的收入是27.5万英镑(约合250万元人民币)。He Called Donald Trump Crazy他曾说唐纳德·特朗Donald Trump)疯了Asked about a proposal by Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, to bar Muslims from entering the ed States, Johnson responded that Trump was “clearly out of his mind.”被问及稳获美国共和党提名的总统候选人唐纳德·特朗普禁止穆斯林进入美国的提议时,约翰逊回答称特朗普“显然是疯了”。As to Trump’s suggestion that parts of London were so overrun with radicalized Muslims that they were no-go areas for police officers, Johnson retorted that Trump had displayed “stupefying ignorancethat made him unfit to be president. He said he would welcome Trump to London to show him the city, “except that I wouldn’t want to expose Londoners to any unnecessary risk of meeting Donald Trump.”对于特朗普称伦敦部分地区挤满了变得激进的穆斯林,成了不适合警察前往的地区的言论,约翰逊反驳称特朗普表现出的“令人错愕的无知”让他不适合当总统。他说,本来欢迎特朗普来伦敦,让他好好看看这座城市,“只可惜我不想让伦敦民众面临任何不必要的见到唐纳德·特朗普的风险”。He Compared the European Union to Nazi Germany他曾将欧盟比作纳粹德国In May, Johnson told The Sunday Telegraph that European history had been marked by ill-fated attempts to unify the Continent, in efforts to re-create the “golden ageof the Roman Empire. “Napoleon, Hitler, various people tried this out, and it ends tragically,he said. “The EU is an attempt to do this by different methods.”今月,约翰逊对《星期日电讯报The Sunday Telegraph)表示,欧洲历史上有多次注定会失败的尝试,意在统一整个欧洲大陆,这些行动旨在重现罗马帝国的“黄金时代”。“拿破仑、希特勒和各种各样的人都尝试过,但均以悲剧收场,”他说。“欧盟是试图用不同的方式来做这件事。”Donald Tusk, the president of the European Council, said Johnson had “crossed the boundaries of rational discourse.But Jacob Rees-Mogg, a Conservative lawmaker, defended the remarks as “absolutely true.While Hitler and Napoleon wanted to create a single European power through violence, he said, “the EU is trying to do it by stealth.”欧洲理事会(European Council)主席唐纳德·图斯克(Donald Tusk)表示,约翰逊“越过了理性言论的界限”,但保守党议员雅各布·里莫格(Jacob Rees-Mogg)为约翰逊的言论进行了辩护,称其“绝对属实”。他说,希特勒和拿破仑希望通过暴力建立一个统一的欧洲大国,“欧盟则试图通过暗中行动这么做”。He Has Offended Commonwealth Nations他得罪了多个英联邦国家Johnson has offended people from central Africa to Southeast Asia (not to mention Liverpool, England). He will have to work with a number of African and Asian nations in his new portfolio, which includes handling Commonwealth affairs.从中非到东南亚(更别说英格兰的利物浦了)的人,都被约翰逊得罪了。在包括处理英联邦事务的新工作中,他将不得不与大量非洲和亚洲国家合作。In 2002, criticizing a trip by Tony Blair, then prime minister, to the Democratic Republic of Congo, Johnson wrote: “It is said that the queen has come to love the Commonwealth, partly because it supplies her with regular cheering crowds of flag-waving pickaninnies.He added: “No doubt the AK-47s will fall silent, and the pangas will stop their hacking of human flesh, and the tribal warriors will all break out in watermelon smiles to see the big white chief touch down in his big white British taxpayer-funded bird.(He later apologized.)2002年,约翰逊在谴责时任首相托尼·布莱Tony Blair)访问刚果民主共和国时写道:“据说女王开始喜欢英联邦,在一定程度上是因为它能为她提供一群群放声欢呼、挥舞旗帜的黑小子。”他接着又说:“看到白人大头领乘坐着那架用英国纳税人的钱购买的白色大鸟着陆时,无疑AK-47会安静下来,非洲大砍刀会停下砍人肉的动作,部落武士也会露出西瓜似的笑容。”(他后来为此道歉。)In 2006, describing his own party, Johnson wrote: “For 10 years, we in the Tory Party have become used to Papua New Guinea-style orgies of cannibalism and chief-killing,stunning leaders of the Pacific nation, which is part of the Commonwealth. He apologized, but only halfheartedly.006年,约翰逊在写到自己所在的政党时说:0年来,我们托利党(保守党的俗称——译注)内部已经习惯了巴布亚新几内亚式的食人和弑主狂欢”,这让位于太平洋地区的英联邦国家巴布亚新几内亚的领导人大为震惊。他后来也道歉了,但只是敷衍了事。来 /201607/454784

  He was supposed to be leading a revolt against America’s elites. In practice Donald Trump is laying out a banquet for their delectation. The Trump White House is drawing up plans for across-the-board deregulation, tax cuts and a new generation of defence contracts. The only question is at what speed.他本应领导一场对美国精英的反抗。但实际上,唐纳特朗Donald Trump)正在为这些精英准备一场饕餮盛宴。特朗普主政的白宫正在为全面放松管制、减税和签订新一代国防合同制定计划。唯一的问题在于以多快的速度进行。In contrast, Mr Trump’s middle-class economic plans, such as they were, are aly receding. The chances of a big infrastructure bill are rapidly dimming. In marketing they call this bait and switch. The effect of Mr Trump’s economic agenda will be to deepen the conditions that gave rise to his candidacy.相比之下,特朗普之前提出的中产阶级经济计划早已渐渐远去。出台大型基础设施建设法案的可能性正迅速变得渺茫。在市场营销中,他们将这称为“偷梁换柱”。特朗普的经济议程,将加剧人们当初给他总统候选人资格时原本希望他解决的种种状况。The biggest winners will be on Wall Street, in the fossil fuel energy sector and defence. Stephen Bannon, Mr Trump’s most influential adviser, last week described the bonfire of regulations as the “deconstruction of the administrative state For every new regulation, two will be scrapped. The first clutch will come this week with executive orders undoing Barack Obama’s “clean power planthat limits carbon dioxide emissions and a separate one on clean water. Anticipation of this has helped to fuel the boom in energy stocks since Mr Trump was elected. The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose more in Mr Trump’s first month than for any president since Franklin Roosevelt.最大的赢家将出现在华尔街、化石燃料能源领域和防务领域。上周,特朗普身边最有影响力的顾问斯蒂芬?班农(Stephen Bannon)将这场火烧监管规则的“监管篝火”形容为“对行政国家的解构”。每出台一条新规,就将有两条旧规被废止。本周将打出第一记重拳——特朗普政府将颁布行政命令,取消巴拉奥巴Barack Obama)时期限制二氧化碳排放的“清洁能源计划”以及另一项清洁水计划。自特朗普当选以来,对此的期待已经助推了能源股的上涨。特朗普上任首月,道琼斯工业平均指数(Dow Jones Industrial Average)的涨幅比自富兰克罗斯Franklin Roosevelt)以后的任何一任总统上任首月都高。Financial stocks have also over-performed since the election. Many, if not most, of the protections included in the Dodd-Frank law after the collapse of Lehman Brothers are in Mr Trump’s sights. These include the Volcker rule that restricts banks from speculating with other people’s money, and possibly protections designed to shield the consumer what Mr Trump called the “forgotten Americanfrom reckless marketing. Such rules have inhibited Mr Trump’s Wall Street friends from lending money, he said earlier this month.金融股自特朗普当选以来的表现也相当强劲。雷曼兄Lehman Brothers)倒闭后通过的《多弗兰克法Dodd-Frank Act)中的许多(甚至多数)保护性规定都已是特朗普的眼中钉。其中包括限制利用他人资金进行投机的沃尔克规Volcker rule),以及旨在防止消费者——特朗普口中“被遗忘的美国人”——权益遭不计后果的营销侵害的保护性规定。特朗普本月早些时候曾表示,这些规定阻碍了他在华尔街的朋友发放贷款。Elsewhere the open season is well under way. Mr Bannon’s “deconstructionis aly touching most areas of US federal activity. Last week the stocks of private prison companies soared after the Department of Justice scrapped an Obama rule that ended the outsourcing of federal incarceration. They had aly jumped after the announcement the Trump administration would detain illegal immigrants in federal centres rather than release them.其他领域也在大举放松管制。班农的“解构”已经触及到美国联邦政府活动的大多数领域。上周,在美国司法部(Department of Justice)取消奥巴马时期一项终止联邦监狱外包的规定后,私营监狱公司的股价一路飙升。在特朗普政府宣布将在联邦拘留中心拘留非法移民(而非释放他们)之后,它们的股价早已大涨。Likewise, the new head of the Federal Communications Commission has purged key parts of the net neutrality rules put in place to shield consumers from discrimination. The FCC also scrapped plans to open the cable box market to competition. Expect similar field days in the for-profit higher education sector, defence industrial stocks and public housing contractors.同样,美国联邦通信委员Federal Communications Commission)新任负责人清除了旨在保护消费者不受歧视的网络中立规则的关键部分。该委员会还取消了有线电视机顶盒市场开放竞争的计划。预计营利性的高等教育业、防务工业股票及公共住房承包商都将迎来类似的好时光。来 /201702/494582

  As US navy ships, spy planes and satellites monitor Chinese activity in the South China Sea, officials in Washington are keeping a close eye on a big submarine deal that could bring the US closer to its Pacific allies Australia and Japan.在美国海军舰艇、间谍飞机和卫星监控中国在南中国South China Sea)行动之际,华盛顿官员正密切关注一项可能拉近本国与澳大利亚和日本这两个太平洋盟国之间关系的重大潜艇销售协议。In Tokyo’s first large-scale attempt to export weapons in 70 years, Japanese, German and French companies are bidding for an Abn contract to replace Australia’s current fleet of submarines. The deal, one of the world’s biggest defence contracts of recent times, has strategic implications in a period when the US and its allies face an increasingly assertive Chinese navy in the waters of the Asia-Pacific region.这是日本0年里第一次尝试大规模对外出口武器。日本、德国和法国的企业正在竞标一项价00亿澳元、更替澳大利亚现有潜艇编队的合同。这是近些年来世界上规模最大的防务合同之一。在美国及其盟国在亚太海域面对日益强大的中国海军之际,这一交易将产生战略性影响。“As Australia is one of our closest allies, and given that they are positioned at the heart of one of the most important areas in the world, it goes without saying that the fact that Australia is investing in increased security capability, particularly in submarines, is significant,says Vice Admiral Chris Aquilino, deputy chief of US naval operations for operations, plans and strategy. “This investment should significantly improve Australia’s and by extension our collective security efforts in a region of vital importance.”“由于澳大利亚是与我国关系最密切的盟国之一,加上他们地处世界上最重要的地区之一的核心位置,不言而喻的是,澳大利亚通过投资提高安全能力、尤其是潜艇方面的能力,是非常重要的,”主管作战、计划和战略的美国海军作战部副部长克里斯阿奎利诺(Chris Aquilino)海军中将表示,“这一投资应会在一个至关重要的地区显著提高澳大利亚的、乃至我们的共同安全行动能力。”The competition has huge significance for Japan as it marks the country’s first substantial attempt to export weapons since Shinzo Abe, prime minister, ended a ban on selling arms overseas in 2014, as part of his push to make Japan a “normalnation.这次竞标对日本的影响十分巨大,因为这是自2014年日本首相安倍晋Shinzo Abe)终止向海外销售武器的禁令以来,第一次进行武器出口的重大努力。安倍解除该禁令,是为了使日本变成一个“正常”国家。The US has not taken an official position even though Japan is clearly a more important ally in the Pacific region than Germany or France, which have less at stake in Asia. But Kurt Campbell, a former top US diplomat, says: “Privately there is a strong recognition that a deeper partnership between Japan and Australia is in the best strategic interests of the US.”美国对此并未表明官方立场,尽管日本是美国在太平洋地区比德国或法国更重要的盟囀?德国或法国在亚洲的利害关系更小。但是,美国前顶级外交官库尔特丠贝尔(Kurt Campbell)表示:“私下里,我们强烈认同,日本和澳大利亚深化合作关系最符合美国的战略利益。”Japan also believes that selling its Soryu-class submarines to Australia would boost joint operations with the US and Australia in the Pacific. “If there was not such a common strategic ambition, Japan would not be trying to export its treasured submarines to Australia,says a senior Japanese official. Richard Armitage, a former US deputy secretary of state, adds that Washington would like to see Japan win since it pushed Tokyo so hard to change the law to allow arms exports. “It makes a big difference in terms of solidifying the relationship between Australia and Japan,he says.日本也认为,向澳大利亚出售苍龙级(Soryu-class)潜艇,将提升日本与美国和澳大利亚在太平洋的联合作战能力。“如果没有这样一种共同的战略抱负,日本将不会努力把宝贵的潜艇出售给澳大利亚,”一名日本高官表示。美国前副国务卿理查德阿米蒂Richard Armitage)补充道,美国愿意看到日本胜出,因为美国曾竭力推动日本修改法律,以放行对外出口武器。“如果日本胜出的话,将在巩固澳大利亚与日本关系方面产生重大影响。”来 /201601/422972。

  China pledged 0 million in humanitarian aid on Monday to help countries and international organizations resolve refugee and migrant crises and will consider additional support measures.本周一,中国承诺向有关国家和国际组织提亿美元的人道主义援助以解决难移民危机问题,同时还将考虑进一步的持措施。The vow was made by Premier Li Keqiang when he addressed a meeting at the ed Nations (UN) on refugees and migrants.国务院总理李克强在联合国有关难民移民问题的会议上发言时做出了上述承诺。He said that the refugee and migrant problem concerns global peace and development and affects regional stability, adding that global society needs to cope with the issue proactively.他表示,难民和移民问题关系到全球的和平与发展,影响地区的稳定。此外他还说道,全球社会需要主动应对这个问题。Li said China would also consider using part of the China-UN peace and development fund to support refugee and migrant work in developing countries, and actively explore working with international institutions and developing countries on trilateral cooperation.李克强总理表示,中国还将研究把中国-联合国和平与发展基金的部分资金用于持发展中国家难民移民工作;并积极探讨同有关国际机构和发展中国家开展三方合作。He called for enhanced international cooperation to address the issue, and stressed the importance of formulating and implementing a comprehensive solution under the UN framework.李克强呼吁,解决难民和移民问题需要加强国际合作,并强调在联合国框架下制定实施全面的解决方案的重要性。The number of displaced people reached a record 65.3 million at the end of last year, an increase of more than 5 million from 2014, according to the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.根据联合国难民事务高级专员办事处表示,截至去年年底,流离失所的人数达到了创纪录的6530万人,这一数字同比2014年增长了超过500万。That includes 21.3 million refugees, 3.2 million asylum seekers and 40.8 million migrants.这其中包130万名难民20万名寻求庇护者和4080万在本国境内流离失所的人民。来 /201609/468191

  The US has formally accused the Russian government of attempting to meddle in November’s presidential election and blamed Russia for a series of cyber attacks, including the hacking of the Democratic National Committee.美国正式指控俄罗斯政府企图干1月的总统大选,并将一系列网络攻击归咎于俄罗斯,其中包括民主党全国委员DNC)遭黑客入侵事件。In a joint statement, the Department of Homeland Security and Director of National Intelligence on Election Security said it was now “confident that the Russian government directed the recent compromises of emails from US persons and institutions, including from US political organisations美国国土安全Homeland Security Department)和负责选举安全的国家情报总监(Director of National Intelligence)在联合声明中表示,现已“确定俄罗斯政府主导了最近美国人民、机构乃至美国政治组织遭到的邮件入侵事件。”“These theft and disclosures are intended to interfere with the US election process. Such activity is not new to Moscow,US authorities said. “We believe, based on the scope and sensitivity of these efforts, that only Russia’s senior-most officials could have authorised these activities.”美国当局表示:“这些偷窃和泄露行为旨在干扰美国选举过程,俄罗斯政府对此类活动并不陌生。我们认为,基于这些行动的范围和敏感性,只有俄罗斯的最高级官员能够授权这些活动。”On Friday night, President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman dismissed the US allegations. “This is again some kind of nonsense,Dmitry Peskov told Russian news agency Interfax. “[Our] website experiences tens of thousands of attacks by hackers every day.”周五晚间,俄罗斯总统弗拉基米#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin)的发言人驳斥了美国这一指控。德米特#8226;巴斯科夫(Dmitry Peskov)向俄罗斯通讯社国际文传电讯社(Interfax)表示:“(我们的)网站每天都遭到黑客数万次攻击。”The US has alleged that the hacking fits into patterns of other cyber attacks in Eurasia and Europe, as all were attempts to “influence public opinion美国声称这些网络攻击与欧亚大陆和欧洲遭到的网络攻击模式相符,它们都企图“影响公众舆论”。A breach of the Democratic National Committees emails and servers this year led to 20,000 internal emails being leaked on the eve of the Democratic convention, with many of the exchanges embarrassing. The DNC’s then chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz resigned in the wake of the scandal, along with a handful of senior DNC staffers.今年民主党全国委员会的电子邮件和务器入侵事件,导致2万封电子邮件在民主党全国代表大会前夕遭到泄露,其中包含许多尴尬内容。这桩丑闻发生后,民主党全国委员会时任主席黛#8226;沃瑟#8226;舒尔Debbie Wasserman Schultz)连同几名资深员工宣布辞职。In a separate cyber attack, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee was hacked, resulting in Democratic lawmakers mobile phone numbers and other personal information being leaked to the public.民主党国会竞选委员会(Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee)也受到网络攻击,导致民主党议员手机号码及其他个人信息被泄露给公众。In addition to blaming those two attacks on Russia, the US also said that some states had seen an increase in scanning and probing of their election related systems, suggesting that hackers may be trying to tamper with the actual US ballot machines.除了将上述两起攻击归咎于俄罗斯外,美国还表示国内有些州已观察到其选举相关系统受到的扫描和探测在增加,表明黑客可能在试图篡改美国的选票机。The US said it was not currently “in a position to attribute this activity to the Russian government But it also noted that the hacking activity appeared to originate on servers located in Russia. 美国表示目前还不能“将这一行为归咎于俄罗斯政府”,但它同时注意到这些黑客活动似乎起源于俄罗斯的务器。The US said that it would be “extremely difficult for someone, including a nation-state actor, to alter actual ballot counts or election results by cyber attack or intrusion citing the decentralised nature of the US election system and protections in place at the state and local level.美国以其选举制度的分散性以及国家及地方受到的保护为例,表示“对于个人,包括国家行为体来说,通过网络攻击或入侵来改变实际投票数或选举结果都是极其困难的”。来 /201610/469676Workers in Greece walked off their jobs Friday in protest of new tax and pension reforms being considered by the government that workers say will cut deeply into their incomes. The governments austerity measures are part of a multi-billion-dollar international bailout agreement.希腊工人星期五罢工,抗议政府考虑实行新的税收和退休金改革。工人们说,这些改革将使他们的收入大幅减少。希腊政府的紧缩措施是希腊与欧盟签订的救助协议的部分内容。The 48-hour protest came at the behest of the country’s largest public and private sector labor unions, and has shut down various services, including ferries to the island nation, garbage collection and government offices.这次48小时罢工是希腊最大的私营和公营部门主要工会联合号召的,多项务因此而中断,包括轮渡、垃圾收集和政府部门的运作。Greece’s parliament is set to vote on a bill to overhaul the country’s pension system Sunday night. If the law is passed, Greece will raise its social security contribution requirements, increase the income tax on high-wage earners and set up a new national pension.希腊议会星期日晚上将就一项退休制度改革方案进行表决。如果法案得以通过,希腊将提高雇员对社会保险金的承担份额、提高高薪人员的所得税率并制定新的全国退休金制度。The new austerity measures are aimed at persuading international creditors to release additional bailout money.希腊采取新的紧缩措施,是为了说国际债权方向希腊发放更多的救助款项。来 /201605/441893

  The B World Service is to start broadcasting a daily radio programme into North Korea as part of its biggest global expansion in more than 70 years.英国广播公司国际频道(B World Service)每日将向朝鲜播放广播节目,这是它70多年来最大规模全球扩张努力的一部分。The new Korean service is one of 11 new foreign language services being launched from 2017 funded by a 89m grant from the British government designed to boost Britain’s place in the world.这一新的朝语广播是自2017年起推出1项新外语广播中的一项。英国政府拨.89亿英镑资助这些外语广播,目的是提升英国的国际地位。The B said in a statement that the programme, which also includes an expansion of Russian, African and Arabic services as well as a new digital channel in Thailand, would bring independent journalism to millions around the world including in places where media freedom is under threat.B在一份声明中表示,该计划将把独立的新闻带给全球数百万人,包括那些媒体自由受威胁地区的人。该计划还包括扩展对俄罗斯、非洲及阿拉伯地区的广播,以及在泰国新增一个数字频道。The move comes at a time when the broadcaster, which is funded by an annual licence fee paid by viewers and listeners:B的资金来自观众和听众每年缴纳的许可费。Under intense financial pressure at home as executives deal with the financial fall out from a deal last year with the government. 上述举措推出之际,该公司在英国国内正面临极大的财务压力,公司高管正在应对去年与政府达成的一项协议的财务影响。As part of that agreement, the B has committed to finding 00m of savings per annum over the next five years to fund the licence fee for people aged 75 and over.根据该协议的部分条款,B承诺今后五年每年节省亿英镑,以便5岁及以上人群不用再缴纳许可费。At the same time, the B is also seeking to raise its global ambitions at a time when there are growing concerns about the rise of state-backed broadcasters such as Qatar’s Al Jazeera, China’s CCTV and Russia’s RT.与此同时,B还试图在人们越来越担心卡塔尔半岛电视al-Jazeera)、中国中央电视台(CCTV)和俄国的今日俄罗RT)等国有电视台崛起之际树立更大的全球抱负。Fran Unsworth, B World Service director, said that while she accepted the programme would be seen as part of British soft power, the B was keen to emphasise its independence from the government.B国际频道主任弗兰.昂斯沃Fran Unsworth)表示,尽管她同意该计划会被视为英国软实力的一部分,但B希望强调它独立于英国政府。If soft power is about how you express western values, fairness, rule of law then the World Service is an expression of those values, said Ms Unsworth. 昂斯沃思表示:如果软实力是指如何传达西方的价值观、公平、法治,那么国际频道确实是对那些价值观的一种传达。But we are not there to support British foreign policy objectives.不过,我们这么做不是为了持英国的外交政策目标。The Korean service, to be launched in the spring, will be transmitted in short wave to try to evade the communist government’s censors. 这项朝语广播将于明年春天推出,用短波传送,以避免遭到朝鲜政府屏蔀?According to B Monitoring, as of Tuesday North Korean state media had still not reported Donald Trump’s victory in last week’s US presidential election.根据B监听B Monitoring)的说法,截至周二,朝鲜官方媒体仍未报道唐纳德.特朗Donald Trump)在上周美国总统选举中获胜的消息。来 /201611/478986Japan has issued a daunting challenge to Theresa May, UK prime minister, to negotiate a very soft British exit from the EU or risk seeing Japanese banks and other companies leave for the continent.日本向英国首相特里萨#8226;Theresa May)发起一项强硬挑战,要求英国谈判达成软退欧,否则就会面临日资和其他公司移师欧洲大陆的风险。Mrs May, attending her first G20 summit in China, was also warned on Sunday by Barack Obama, US president, that strong business links between his country and the UK could unravel unless Brexit was handled carefully.梅正在中国出席她的首0国集G20)峰会。周日她还受到美国总统巴拉#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)的警告:除非英国小心处理英国退欧,否则美英之间的强大经贸纽带可能瓦解。The British prime minister had been left in no doubt that Japanese and US companies invested in the UK partly as a base to reach the 500m consumers of the European single market, and that continued access was seen as vital.英国首相被明确告知,日本和美国企业投资英国的部分原因是要以英国为基地,接触欧洲单一市场亿消费者,英国能够继续进入这一市场被视为至关重要。A memo on Japan’s Brexit demands, posted on the ministry of foreign affairs website, called on Mrs May and the EU to negotiate a post-Brexit deal that safeguarded almost all of Britain’s rights in the single market.日本外务省网站张贴了阐明日本对英国退欧要求的备忘录,其中呼吁梅和欧盟谈判达成一份保障英国在单一市场几乎所有权利的后退欧协议。The memo said the UK government lured some Japanese companies to Britain on the basis that it was seen to be a gateway to Europe and suggested it had a moral obligation to honour those promises.该备忘录称,英国政府以英国被视为欧洲的门户为基础,吸引了一些日本企业到英国,暗示英国有道义责任兑现这些承诺。We strongly request that the UK will consider this fact seriously and respond in a responsible manner to minimise any harmful effects on these businesses, said the memo, setting out Japan’s position to both British and EU negotiators.我们强烈要求英国认真考虑这一事实,并以负责任的态度作出回应,尽量减少对这些企业的任何有害影响,备忘录在阐述日本对英国和欧盟双方谈判者的立场时表示。Japanese businesses with their European headquarters in the UK may decide to transfer their head-office function to continental Europe if EU laws cease to be applicable in the UK after its withdrawal, the report says.目前把欧洲总部设在英国的日本企业,可能决定把他们的总部职能转移到欧洲大陆——如果英国退欧后不再适用欧盟法律的话,该报告称。It adds that Japanese financial institutions might have to relocate their operations from the UK to existing establishments in the EU if they were to lose their right to the single passport obtained in Britain to access the single market.备忘录接着称,日本金融机构如果失去他们的单一护照(在英国落地即可进入单一市场),就可能不得不把自己的业务迁至欧盟境内的现有经营地点。Mr Obama, who met Mrs May at the G20 in the eastern Chinese city of Hangzhou, said Britain’s exit should be negotiated so that there was minimised disruption of American investment in the UK and it did not unravel strong business ties between the two countries.奥巴马在出席于杭州举行的G20峰会期间与梅会晤。他表示,围绕英国的退出应审慎谈判,以便尽量减小美国在英投资所受的干扰,不让英国退欧瓦解美英两国间强大的经贸纽带。来 /201609/464904


  Michigan voters this week cast their lot with Republican frontrunner Donald Trump and Democrat Bernie Sanders, registering the angst America’s blue-collar workers feel over globalisation, trade and China. 密歇根选民最近把自己的命运与共和党总统竞选人领跑者唐纳德#8226;特朗Donald Trump)和民主党总统竞选人角逐者伯#8226;桑德Bernie Sanders)绑在了一起,这表明了美国蓝领工人对全球化、贸易和中国的焦虑But not all of them, perhaps. From his perch in America’s rust belt, Randy Adams, a 55-year-old veteran of a US motor parts industry that has endured years of struggle, rejected both of the rising populists. He is instead a newly-minted fan of China. 但是,或许并非所有人都是这样。生活在美国“工业锈带”的兰迪#8226;亚当Randy Adams)现年55岁,是经历了多年挣扎的美国汽车零件制造业的一名老将,他拒绝把选票投给上述两位人气不断上升的民粹主义者。相反,他成为了中国的新粉丝It is a political stance born of a recent change in his personal circumstances. Since late last year Mr Adams has been working as a supervisor for Fuyao Glass, a rapidly expanding Chinese company, inside what by the end of the year is predicted to be the world’s largest motor glass factory by production volume. 这种政治立场是因最近他个人境遇的的变化而起。自从去年末以来,亚当斯在福耀玻璃(Fuyao Glass)担任监工。该公司是一家迅速扩张的中国企业,到今年底有望成为全球产量最大的汽车玻璃制造厂Fuyao plans to spend 0m refurbishing the former General Motors plant in Moraine, Ohio, into a factory that will employ up to 2,000 workers by the end of the year. The investment is part of a nascent trend that is reshaping the economic relationship between China and the US and may one day alter longstanding electoral habits in places such as Michigan. 福耀计划斥资4.5亿美元,对通用汽车(General Motors)之前在俄亥俄州莫雷纳(Moraine)的这家工厂进行改造,到今年底该厂将雇用至000名工人。这笔投资代表了一种正在重塑中美经济关系的新趋势——或许有一天也会改变密歇根等地长久以来的选举习惯Chinese foreign direct investment into the US reached a record .7bn in 2015 and this year is aly on pace to top that, according to the Rhodium Group, a research company. 据研究咨询公司荣鼎咨Rhodium Group)表示015年中国对美国的外商直接投FDI)创下157亿美元的纪录,而今年迄今的数字已经有望超越去年Moreover, a growing share of China’s investment in the US is in the form of greenfield investments by companies such as Fuyao Glass. 此外,越来越多的中国在美投资是像福耀玻璃等企业进行的绿地投资“It’s a game-changer in US-China economic relations,says Thilo Hanemann, an analyst with the Rhodium Group. “You are actually seeing Chinese companies investing here and putting American workers on their payroll.“这将是美中经济关系中一件改变游戏规则的事情,”荣鼎咨询的分析师韩其洛(Thilo Hanemann)称,“你实实在在地看见中国企业在这里投资,雇用美国工人。The numbers remain relatively small compared with other longstanding Asian investors in the US. According to Rhodium, 80,000 US workers were employed by Chinese companies at the end of 2014 versus almost 900,000 for Japanese companies. Honda, for example, is the largest employer in Ohio’s motor sector, with more than 14,000 employees, or seven times the number Fuyao will employ by the end of year. 相比那些在美国投资已久的其他亚洲投资者,中资企业的用工人数仍然相对较少。根据荣鼎咨询的数据,截014年底,中国企业雇用了8万名美国工人,而日本企业雇佣的美国工人达到将近90万。比如,本田(Honda)是俄亥俄州汽车产业最大的雇主,拥有超.4万名员工,相当于福耀到今年底计划雇用的员工数量的7倍But as they continue to deal with the enduring industrial scars of the 2008 financial crisis the trend is something local politicians across industrial America have noted and even begun dare using in political campaigns. 但是,在美国工业腹地的地方政界人士继续应008年金融危机留下的迟迟难以愈合的工业伤痕之际,这种趋势成了他们注意到——甚至开始敢于在政治活动中使用——的情况Ohio Governor and Republican presidential candidate John Kasich worked with local officials to woo Fuyao to Moraine, a scrappy industrial suburb south of Dayton. Tomorrow, the Chinese-owned factory will provide the backdrop for one of his final rallies ahead of the state’s crucial March 15 primary contest which the Ohio governor needs to win. 俄亥俄州州长、共和党总统候选人角逐者约#8226;卡西John Kasich)曾与当地官员一起吸引福耀落户代顿Dayton)以南粗旷的工业化郊区莫雷纳。这家中资工厂成了卡西奇初选竞选集会宣传的功绩5日,俄亥俄州将迎来至关重要的初选,身为该州州长的卡西奇势在必得The move is meant to highlight his record on job creation, but it also serves as a political poke in the eye for Mr Trump, who has vowed to wage what would amount to a trade war on China to bring jobs back to the US. 此举旨在凸显他在创造就业方面的政绩,但也是对特朗普发起的一记政治“点穴”,因为特朗普誓言要对中国采取可能演化为贸易战的行动,目的是让就业岗位回到美国“With Fuyao John Kasich has proof that he has brought jobs from China to Ohio and that he has brought many other jobs to Ohio. He knows how to compete and he knows how to win,says Mike Turner, a Republican congressman whose district includes Moraine. “有了福耀的例子,约翰#8226;卡西奇就可以明他把就业从中国带到俄亥俄、并给俄亥俄带来了很多其他岗位。他知道如何竞争、如何赢,”共和党议员迈克#8226;特纳(Mike Turner)称。特纳的选区包括莫雷纳But bringing China into the campaign and boldly proclaiming the benefits of trade has risks for Mr Kasich, who is locked in a tight race with Mr Trump. 但是,在竞选中引入中国话题、并且大胆宣称贸易的好处,会给卡西奇带来风险。目前他与特朗普难分上下His attempt to beat Mr Trump in Ohio is part of a bigger effort by the Republican mainstream to try to block the property tycoon’s push to win the party’s nomination for November’s general election. 他希望在俄亥俄州打败特朗普,这是共和党主流努力的一部分,目的是阻止这位房地产大亨赢得代表该党参1月大选的资格While Mr Kasich touts his record of job creation in Ohio the reality is that there are 400,000 fewer Ohioans working in manufacturing than in 1990 and 80,000 less than before the financial crisis of 2008. 尽管卡西奇鼓吹自己给俄亥俄带来就业岗位的记录,但是现实情况是,如今在制造业工作的俄亥俄人较1990年减少了40万,008年金融危机发生前减少万But as the Fuyao investment illustrates, there is also a manufacturing recovery under way. 不过,正如福耀的投资所表明的那样,制造业正在复苏By the end of this year, says John Gauthier, president of Fuyao’s US subsidiary, the Moraine facility will have the capacity to produce a quarter of all the motor glass used in North America and fill a huge gap in capacity that had previously been filled by glass produced in China. 福耀美国公司总裁约翰#8226;高蒂John Gauthier)称,到今年底,莫雷纳工厂将具备供应北美市场四分之一汽车玻璃的产能,填补之前由中国制造的汽车玻璃填补的巨大空癀?Higher labour costs in the US than in China mean the plant is heavily automated. But what is making the investment possible is also the much lower energy costs, with electricity costing half the amount it does in China. 美国的劳动力成本高于中国,这意味着该工厂将高度自动化。但是,促成该投资的因素还包括比中国低得多的能源成本。美国的电力成本是中国的一半“That is a huge competitive advantage,Mr Gauthier says. “这是一个巨大的竞争优势,”高蒂尔称For Mr Adams, that means a new job and a new focus on efficiency. At its current pace the new assembly line he oversees can turn out more than 1,000 windscreens a day, although that is just the beginning, according to Mr Adams. 对于监工亚当斯来说,这意味着一份新工作,更注重效率。亚当斯称,按照目前的速度,他负责的新生产线每天可以生000块以上的挡风玻璃,尽管这还仅仅是开始“It can run a little faster,he says. “We just haven’t pushed it yet.“速度还能更快点,”他称,“我们只是还没开足马力。”来 /201603/431711。

  Using the J-16/Su-30 airframe, the J-16D deletes some air to air combat gear for cramming in electronic attack equipment that includes electronic intelligence pods.在歼16/0的机体框架上,歼16D用包含电子侦察吊舱在内的电子战设备取代了部分空对空配备。The J-16Ds wingtips have built in electronic intelligence pods, which intercept enemy electronic signals like radar transmissions, for processing in the fighters computers, which then tell the J-16Ds jammers how to scramble, confuse and block enemy usage of the electromagnetic spectrum.6D翼尖上的电子战吊舱,可以用来截获敌方的电子信号,这些信息经由机载计算机处理后,能够使得歼16D对敌方使用的电磁信号频段进行争夺,阻塞和干扰.The J-16D is a J-16/Su-30 multi-role fighter optimized for ;Wild Weasel; missions. Starting in the Vietnam War, Wild Weasels are fighters designed to take on surface-to-air missile batteries in a SEAD (Supression of Enemy Air Defense) role. Armed with anti-radiation missiles (which lock on and target radars by their electronic emissions) and electronic intelligence and electronic warfare jammers, they are designed to engage and suppress defenses, opening the way for traditional air attacks.6D是歼16/0多用途战斗机用来执行“野鼬“任务的优化版本,“野鼬”,这个始于越南战争的词,是指那些被用来执行压制敌方地空火力任务的战机。这些战机通常会装备有反辐射导弹,电子侦察设备以及电子战设备,他们的主要设计目标就是压制对面的空防,为后续的传统意义上的空袭铺平道路。Electronic Flanker电子战侧卫This comparision of the J-16D to the baseline J-16, done by noted aviation journalist Andreas Rupprecht, shows that the J-16D has removed its IRST sensor and 30mm cannon, as well as installing addition antennas.依据航空记Andreas Rupprecht的报道来看,6D相较于歼16基本型,移除了光电探测系统和30毫米机炮,取而代之的是更多的天线。The J-16D also two large ELINT pods on its wingtips, similar to those on the E/A-18 Growler, to collect enemy radar and electronic activity. Additionally, the J-16D has smaller radome, likely to include an active electronically scanned array (AESA) radar optimized for electronic warfare, including signals collection and jamming. The J-16D will be fitted with large AESA jamming pods, a development of current jammers on JH-7A attack aircraft; its attack ability will come from YJ-91, LD-10 and other anti-radiation missiles.6D的翼尖上拥有两个与EA18G“咆哮者”类似的大型电子情报侦察吊舱,以收集敌方的雷达活动。此外,6D还具有更小的雷达天线有可能装备了优化过的有源相控阵雷达等用来截获和干扰电信号的电子战设备。歼16D还将配备最先进的,在歼A现有雷达干扰吊舱的一种发展型。同时,其将拥有鹰击91,LD-10或其他反辐射导弹作为攻击手段。The J-16D provides Chinese aerial operations with a fast, maneuverable and long range EW and Wild Weasel platform that can protect Chinese fighters and bombers like the J-10, J-11, J-15, J-20, J-31 and H-6K bomber. This will be an important requirement in combat operations in increasingly militarized areas like the Taiwan Straits and South China Seas. In combat operations, the J-16 would first use its jammers to disrupt the target and fire control of enemy air defenses, before firing its long range anti-radiation missiles, which are equally deadly against both mobile and fixed air defenses. As a fighter, it can still take part in aerial combat in self defense and to protect other aircraft against enemy fighters.6D给中国提供了一个快速,机动,大范围的电子战amp;野鼬战术的平台,其可以用来保护歼10,歼11,歼15,歼20,歼31和轰6K等机型的行动。它将会在诸如台海和南海这样日益军事化的区域扮演一个重要的角色。在发射远距反辐射导弹之前,6D可以先发制人的干扰敌对目标,瘫痪敌方空防火力控制系统,这对于敌方飞行器来说是相当致命的。同时,作为一个战斗机,它同样具有一定的空对空作战能力,它可以在自保的同时为友军军机提供对抗上的持。来 /201702/493725

  Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s highly symbolic visit to Pearl Harbor yesterday was touted as an emblem of the closeness between Japan and the US, coming half a year after Barack Obama made a historic trip to Hiroshima.日本首相安倍晋Shinzo Abe)昨日对珍珠港进行的具有高度象征意义的访问被誉为日美紧密关系的体现。半年前巴拉奥巴Barack Obama)对广岛作了历史性访问。Yet as the Japanese and US leaders prepared to honour the 2,403 Americans who lost their lives in the 1941 surprise attack that propelled the US into the second world war, uncertainties cloud the future of the partnership.然而,在日本和美国领导人准备纪念在1941年珍珠港突袭中丧生的2403名美国人(那次袭击使美国卷入第二次世界大战)之际,一些不确定性给这一伙伴关系带来阴云。President-elect Donald Trump’s campaign comments raised doubts about his commitment to US postwar alliances, as he complained about the cost of US military support and vowed to tear up the Trans-Pacific Partnership that Mr Abe and Mr Obama advocated.美国当选总统唐纳特朗Donald Trump)在竞选过程中发表的言论,令人怀疑他对美国战后联盟的诚意。他抱怨美国军事持的成本,并誓言撕毁安倍和奥巴马倡导的《跨太平洋伙伴关系协定TPP)。Mr Abe visited Mr Trump in November seeking clarity about his intentions, emerging from the meeting to declare him a “trustworthy leader安倍在11月拜访了特朗普,寻求弄明后者的意图,他在会晤结束后宣布特朗普是一个“值得信赖的领导人”。“This is a time when the alliance has never been strongerbetween the two countries, said Jennifer Lind, professor in the Department of Government at Dartmouth College. “The big question is Trump’s Asia policy and Trump’s China policy. I don’t think we know. He campaigned as if he were someone who did not value the US-led order in Asia.”“当今是美日同盟空前强大的时代,”达特茅斯学Dartmouth College)政府系教授詹妮弗.林德(Jennifer Lind)表示。“最大问题是特朗普的亚洲政策和特朗普的中国政策。我不认为我们知道。从他的竞选言论看,他似乎并不看重美国在亚洲主导的秩序。”Yesterday, Mr Abe was due to be the first Japanese leader to visit the USS Arizona memorial, completed in 1961. Some 1,177 of the 1,400 sailors on board the battleship died in Japan’s attack. It was initially thought Mr Abe would be the first Japanese prime minister to visit Pearl Harbor but records emerged of a private visit by former prime minister Shigeru Yoshida in 1951.根据日程安排,昨日安倍晋三将成为首位访问美国海军亚利桑那号战列舰纪念USS Arizona Memorial)的日本领导人;这个纪念馆961年建成。在珍珠港袭击中,这艘战舰上400名水兵中177人丧生。外界起初认为,安倍将是首位访问珍珠港的日本首相,但历史记录显示,前首相吉田茂(Shigeru Yoshida)曾在1951年以私人身份访问了珍珠港。Significantly, Mr Abe was to be the first leader to visit since the revival of nationalism made all expressions of Japanese remorse and culpability controversial at home. It is the latest effort by Mr Abe to settle the ghosts of Japan’s second world war history, strengthen the US-Japan alliance and “look to the future值得注意的是,安倍将成为自民族主义在日本卷土重来、使该国国内对于悔恨和罪责的任何表达都变得有争议以来首位访问珍珠港的领导人。这是安倍驱散日本二战历史魅影、加强美日同盟和“展望未来”的最新努力。He referred to Pearl Harbor in a well-received speech to the US Congress last year and navigated a statement on the war’s 70th anniversary without causing new offence to Japan’s neighbours. In May he accompanied Mr Obama to the site of the first atomic bombing in Hiroshima, where the US president said nuclear-armed nations should pursue a world without the weapons.他去年在向美国国会发表的反响不错的演讲中提到了珍珠港,并在没有对邻国造成新的冒犯的情况下发表了纪念二战结0周年的声明。今月,他陪同奥巴马访问广岛第一次原子弹轰炸的遗址,其间美国总统表示,核武国家应该为实现一个没有核武器的世界而努力。Mr Abe will probably be the last foreign leader to hold a bilateral meeting with Mr Obama before he leaves office. However, his visit is as much about trying to make a point to the incoming Trump administration as it is about cementing ties with Mr Obama.安倍很可能将是奥巴马卸任前最后一位与他举行双边会晤的外国领导人。然而,他的访问既是为了夯实与奥巴马的关系,也是为了向即将上台的特朗普政府表明观点。Mr Trump has a long record of scepticism about Japan that goes back to the trade disputes of the 1980s and has consistently called on Tokyo to spend more on its own defence to reduce the burden on the US. During the election campaign, he suggested he would be willing to downgrade the US-Japan alliance.特朗普长期对日本持怀疑态度,他在这方面的记录可以追溯到上世0年代美日贸易争端期间。他还一再呼吁东京方面加大国防出,以减轻美国的负担。在竞选期间,他曾暗示他愿意降级美日同盟。But with Mr Trump also pledging to take a harder line with China on economic and security issues, he could find Mr Abe’s Japan becomes a crucial ally.但是,鉴于特朗普也承诺在经济和安全问题上对中国采取更加强硬的立场,他可能发现安倍领导的日本会是一个至关重要的盟友。Not only is Japan central to the American military presence in the region, but it is pushing for closer ties with the US at a time when some of Washington’s other alliances in the region are in trouble from the disputes with Rodrigo Duterte, the president of the Philippines, to the political turmoil in South Korea. At the same time China is pursuing a more aggressive approach in the East and South China Seas.日本不仅在美国在亚洲的军事存在中处于核心地位,而且在美国的其他一些亚洲盟友出现问题之际,该国正在推动与美国建立更紧密关系。这些问题包括菲律宾总统罗德里戈.杜特尔特(Rodrigo Duterte)对美国找茬,以及韩国陷入政治动荡。与此同时,中国正在东中国海和南中国海摆出更加咄咄逼人的姿态。Sheila Smith, senior fellow for Japan studies at the Council on Foreign Relations, said that Mr Trump had toned down some of his rhetoric on US-Japan relations since the campaign, and that Mr Trump’s key foreign policy appointees were likely to value strong alliances.美国外交关系协会(Council on Foreign Relations)从事日本研究的高级研究员希拉.史密Sheila Smith)说,相比竞选言论,特朗普已经弱化了他对美日关系的调门,而特朗普任命的关键外交政策官员很可能会重视强大的联盟。Mr Abe will not apologise for the Pearl Harbor attack while in Hawaii, in keeping with his past statements on the war. The prime minister has evolved a formula whereby he often talks of his grief and sadness at the events of the war without offering specific apologies.安倍在夏威夷期间不会为珍珠港袭击事件道歉,这与他过去关于战争的陈述一致。这位日本首相已经发展出一个套路:他经常谈到他对战时事件的悲伤和痛心,但不作具体道歉。来 /201612/485913

  Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump dismissed his campaign manager last Monday as the New York billionaire developer was bogged down in controversies.上周一,共和党总统假定提名人、身家数十亿的纽约地产开发商唐纳德·特朗普因身陷争议,解雇了其竞选经理科釷莱万多夫斯基;The Donald J. Trump Campaign for President, which has set a historic record in the Republican primary having received almost 14 million votes, has today announced that Corey Lewandowski will no longer be working with the campaign,; according to a statement offered by the Trump campaign to The New York Times.根据由特朗普阵营向《纽约时报》提供的一份声明指出:“在共和党初选中创下了历史纪录、获得了400万张选票的唐纳德·特朗普竞选总统团队,今天正式宣布,科里·莱万多夫斯基将不再为竞选团队工作。”Also with a belligerent character as Trump, Lewandowski was reportedly in constant conflict with GOP officials at the Republican national committee.与特朗普一样,莱万多夫斯基性格好斗。据报道,他与共和党全国委员会的一些官员冲突不断。His competing relations with Trumps new campaign chairman Paul Manafort, an experienced presidential campaign advisor to many Republican candidates, was also a reason behind his dismissal, according to local media who cited sources familiar with the issue.当地媒体援引知情人士消息称,莱万多夫斯基与特朗普的新任竞选主席保罗·马纳伏-对于许多共和党候选人来说一位有经验的总统竞选顾-的竞争关系也是他被解雇的原因之一。The dismissal of one crucial member of Trumps core team came at a time when Trump was ripped by both Democrats and leaders within his own party after he made a series of controversial remarks, including his accusation that a Hispanic-American judge involving Trump University was biased.特朗普核心团队中这位关键成员被解雇之时,正值特朗普本人因发表了一系列有争议的言论,包括抨击一名负责审理“特朗普大学”案件的西语裔美国法官有所偏袒,而受到了党内外的强烈批评。来 /201606/451854

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