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郴州治疗软下疳的费用郴州哪个三甲医院治疗男科医院郴州最好的泌尿科医院 Shop assistants in luxury stores are perhaps the most snobbish group of people. In their presence we feel we have to wear expensive coats to survive their judging looks.奢侈品店员可能算是最势利的一群人了。似乎只有穿着昂贵的衣,才能逃过他们的“有色眼镜”。But according to research from Harvard Business School, putting on your ordinary gym sweatpants in a luxury store may boost your standing in the eyes of store assistants. Why? Because sticking out in distinct ways in certain circumstances can make you seem more successful and important than you actually are.而根据哈佛商学院的一项研究显示,穿普通运动逛奢侈品店,会提高你在店员眼中的身价。原因何在?因为特定环境里与众不同的出场方式会让你显得更成功、更具影响力。In a series of studies recently published in the Journal of Consumer Research, Silvia Bellezza, a doctoral student, and two Harvard professors tried to examine what observers thought of individuals who deviated from the norm in the workplace and in a retail setting, The Wall Street Journal reported. What they found was that being a little different can socially benefit people — in some situations.据《华尔街日报》报道,哈佛士生西尔维娅·贝利扎及两位哈佛教授近日在《消费者研究杂志》上发表了一系列研究论文,在这些研究中,他们试图考察在工作场合和零售店里偏离常规会给他人留下什么印象。研究发现,在某些情况下,略显与众不同能让人在社交中获益。“The problem is that conforming to noraptms is an easy and safe spot to be in,” Bellezza told The Wall Street Journal. “If you’re willing to deviate, there are upsides.” But, she also warned that acting differently risks losing the benefits that come with conforming, such as shared group identity and trust.“问题在于,遵守定规是一种简单而安全的做法。” 贝利扎在采访中说道,“若你愿意特立独行,也是有好处的。”但是,她也警告道,不按常规出牌会失去遵循常规所带来的好处,比如,集体认同感和信任度。In their first study, they asked shop assistants in Milan to rate what they thought of people who walked into luxury stores wearing gym clothes. They were also asked to rate those who wore outfits typically considered more appropriate in luxury stores, like a dress and a fur coat.在第一项研究中,他们让米兰的奢侈品店员分别评价两种人,一种人穿着运动走进奢侈品店;另一种人则在店中身着得体饰,比如礼或裘皮大衣。You may think that a well-dressed individual was more likely to have the money to buy something in the store. But shop assistants thought the opposite. They assumed that a client wearing gym clothes was confident enough to not need to dress up more, and therefore more apt to be a celebrity making a purchase than someone wearing fur.你可能会认为穿着得体的人更有购买力,但店员们的观点却恰恰相反。他们认为穿着运动的人更自信,不需要盛装打扮。因此,比起身着皮草的人,他们更有可能是一掷千金的名流。Surprising results出人意料的结果The study found the same pattern emerged in academic and workplace settings: Students showed more respect to a fictitious bearded professor who wore a T-shirt than to a clean-shaven one who wore a suit and tie.在学术领域和工作环境中,该研究也得到了类似的结果:学生们更尊重穿着衬衫,胡子拉碴的教授,而不是西装革履,面庞干净利落的教授。Candidates entering a business-plan competition who chose to use their own PowerPoint presentation background were thought more likely to win than those who used the standard background.在商业计划大赛中,选择使用自定义PPT背景的参赛选手被认为比使用默认背景的选手更有希望胜出。However, not everyone can benefit from looking different. For example, wearing jeans to a formal event is always a social mistake. Andrew Luecke, a writer for the lifestyle magazine Esquire, said Harvard’s research should not be used as an excuse for not caring about one’s style and grooming.然而,并非人人都能从与众不同中获利。比如,一身牛仔现身正式场合就犯了社交大忌。美国版《时尚先生》的写手安德路·路耶克说,哈佛的这项研究不能成为不顾形象者的借口。“You must know the rules to break them properly,” Luecke said. “Not just any filthy jeans will get you four-star service at luxury stores. They must be the perfect filthy jeans that fit properly and convey a sense of knowing but not caring. To paraphrase Sun-Tzu, ‘If you know your enemies’ swag and your swag, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles.’”“你必须学会恰如其分地打破常规,”路耶克说,“在奢侈品店,不是任何一条破洞牛仔裤都能带来四星级务,只有时尚得不露痕迹且非常合身的破洞牛仔裤才能做到。引用孙子名言便是:‘知己知彼,百战不殆’。” /201408/318026郴州治生殖感染哪家医院好

郴州有哪些医院割包皮郴州汝城县人民医院妇幼保健割包皮 The reason the Titanic hit an iceberg and sunk has been hotly debated for the past century.在过去的一个世纪里,人们对泰坦尼克号的沉没原因议论纷纷。While some say it was due to human error, others say the unusual appearance of a large iceberg in a region of the Atlantic Ocean was the main factor.有些人认为是人为原因所致,而有些人则认为是大西洋海域出现的冰山异常所致。But now a paper claims it was not one or the other, but rather adverse weather conditions that drove icebergs south farther than usual.但是最近一篇研究否定了两者,认为当时恶劣的天气状况造成的冰山位置比以往偏南,导致了事故的发生。The paper #39;The iceberg risk in the Titanic year of 1912#39; was published in the journal Significance.这篇题为“1912年泰坦尼克号遭遇的冰山风险”的论文发表在Significance期刊上。It describes how the distance the iceberg that sunk the Titanic had drifted south was much farther than would have been expected at the time.论文中称当时泰坦尼克号撞上的那座冰山所在位置比往年偏南,并给出了偏离的具体距离。While they admit stresses on the crew might have been a factor, they say the surprising appearance of such a large iceberg meant the ship’s fate was down to poor luck.文中还提到,虽然船上工作人员的失职也是一个原因,但是突然出现的巨大冰山似乎也预示了泰坦尼克号命中注定的厄运了。‘It is most likely that a combination of human errors associated with the captain not reducing speed - despite a number of ice reports reaching the vessel in the days before the collision - and possible variable rivet quality in the hull manufacture led to the tragedy, ’ the authors write.“船长在已知撞击冰山的前几天船身就已经触碰到一些冰块的情况下仍未减速,以及船体制造上可能存在的质量问题,这大概就是酿成这场悲剧的人为因素。”作者在这篇论文中写道。‘However, the question has often been raised: was the Titanic unlucky in sailing in a year with exceptional iceberg numbers?’“然后问题就来了‘泰坦尼克号这么倒霉真是因为它出航的那一年冰山数量异常偏高吗’。”While today there is an extensive ice harzard warning service in the northwest Atlantic, provided by the International Ice Patrol (IIP), in 1912 ships relied on largely on information from others at sea.虽然现在在大西洋西北部有国际巡冰队(IIP)提供的冰山预警务信息,但在1912年轮船能依靠的只有其他在海上航行的轮船所提供的信息。In early April 1912 a number of icebergs had been reported in the northwest Atlantic, which suggests it may have been an exceptional year for icebergs - although not a record.1912年4月初出现在大西洋西北部被报告的冰山数量,虽然不是最高值,但确实异常的高于往年。The IIP monitors icebergs by the number that drift south below the 48°N line called the I48N, which runs from Newfoundland to 40°W.国际巡冰队的监控区域包括被称为148N的北纬48度以南也就是从纽芬兰岛到西经40度的海域漂浮的冰山数量。This includes any iceberg greater than 16 feet (5m) in above-surface length.任何高于海平面16英尺(约5米)以上的冰山都在监控之内。In 1912 1, 038 icebergs are thought to have crossed the line - a large number, but not the most on record.1912年超过这个高度的冰山数量有1038个,这已经高出常年值很多,但并不是史上最多的。In 2009, for example, over 1, 200 icebergs were seen to cross the I48N.比如2009年这个数值为1200个。‘The iceberg risk in 1912, in terms of number entering the northwest Atlantic shipping lanes, was therefore large, but not unprecedented, ’ the authors write.作者还在论文中写道:“1912年存在的冰山风险,从大西洋西北部海域上存在的冰山数量来说,是很大的,但也并非前所未有。”Icebergs, however, generally lose most of their size while drifting south.但是这些冰山在向南漂浮的过程中改变了原来的大小。It is thought that the Titanic iceberg was up to 605ft (185m) deep and about 410ft (125m) long, quite large for one so far south.有人认为导致泰坦尼克号沉船的这块冰山深度达605英尺(约185米),长度为410英尺(约125米),这对于一座南移了这么多的冰山来说已经够大了。The reason for this, the authors say, was because high pressure dominated the mid-latitude, central Atlantic atmosphere for several days in 1912.作者称,1912年冰山出现异常是连续多日控制在中纬度、大西洋中部的高气压气流所致。This led to winds carrying freezing air from northeastern Canada over the western Atlantic south of Newfoundland and, in turn, led to icebergs being transferred further south than normal for that time of year.这导致夹带冷空气的大风从加拿大西北部刮过大西洋西部和纽芬兰岛的南部,继而使得冰山向南漂浮。Indeed, the distance south this particular iceberg travelled while maintaining the bulk of its size was largely unusual, despite being in a year with not a record number of icebergs.确实,无论是这块冰山向南偏离的距离,还是它的体积,虽然都不是记录最高值,但都远远异于常年值。‘Thus, two unfavourable factors had combined: there were a greater (though not exceptionally greater) number of icebergs than normal that year; and weather conditions had driven them further south, and earlier in the year, than was usual, ’ the authors write. They add, however: ‘We may add a third: the stresses on the crew of the Titanic’s maiden voyage.’“所以,事故发生当时有两个不利因素:一是远高于往年的冰山数量(但未破纪录值),二是天气状况导致的冰山位置异常偏南。”作者写道,并补充说:“当然还有另一个因素:泰坦尼克的首次航行给船上工作人员带来的压力。” /201408/323626郴州男科检查医院

嘉禾县人民中妇幼保健医院治疗前列腺疾病多少钱Husband: Did you sew the button on my shirt, darling?丈夫:你给我把扣子缝好了吗,亲爱的?Wife: No, dear. I couldn#39;t find the button, so I just sewed up the buttonhole.妻子:没有,亲爱的。我找不到扣子,所以我只把扣眼儿给缝上了。 /201309/255807 When smog descends on Beijing or other Asian cities, people rush to buy face masks.当雾霾降临到北京等亚洲城市的上空时,人们争相购买口罩。But how effective are the masks at filtering out tiny, harmful particles of pollution?可是,在过滤微小的有害颗粒物方面,这些口罩究竟有多少效果呢?The effectiveness varies tremendously, depending on factors like type, brand and fit. Simple, loosefitting masks do little to combat pollution, according to the ed States Food and Drug Administration, whereas more advanced, government-approved respirators that bind tightly to the wearer#39;s face can help but may be uncomfortable. More public education and research are urgently needed about face masks, health professionals say.基于类型、品牌和贴合度等因素,它们的有效性千差万别。美国食品与药品(ed States Food and Drug Administration)称,松垮地戴在脸上的简单口罩在对抗污染上起不到什么作用,而如果是获政府审批的更为先进的呼吸防护罩紧贴在面部,则能起到作用,但或许不太舒适。卫生领域的专业人士称,在口罩方面亟需加强公众教育与研究。;Consumers simply just don#39;t know which of those masks are the best,; Richard Saint Cyr, a physician in Beijing who writes a health column for the Chinese-language T Magazine once a month, said in an email. ;And some indeed may be worse than helpful if people are falsely reassured and spend more time outside using a mask which doesn#39;t work.;为纽约时报国际生活网站撰写月度健康专栏的圣西睿智医生(Richard Saint Cyr)在北京执业,他通过电子邮件接受采访称,“消费者对哪些口罩最好完全是一头雾水。有些的确是会帮倒忙,比如人们获得了错误的保,戴着不起作用的口罩在室外待更长的时间。”Many masks worn around Asia are simple surgical-type masks. But these are designed to prevent problems like splattering blood, not to block tiny particles, Benjamin Cowling, an associate professor of public health at the University of Hong Kong, said in an email. ;It is pretty common knowledge that surgical face masks have almost no filtration efficiency against pollutants,; he said.亚洲各地采用的许多口罩就是简单的医用口罩。香港大学公共卫生学副教授高本恩(Benjamin Cowling)在电子邮件中表示,这种口罩的设计用途是防止血液飞溅之类的问题,而不是阻挡细颗粒物。“医用口罩在过滤污染物方面几乎无效,这是很基本的常识,”他说。Surgical masks are made of polypropylene, according to Wallace Leung, director of the Research Institute of Innovative Products and Technologies at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. His tests found that at a standard airflow velocity, basic masks captured only 20 to 25 percent of tiny particles of 50 to 500 nanometers — a size common in diesel vehicles#39; exhaust. Such particles, less than 1 percent of the width of a human hair, are of particular concern because they can get buried deep in the lungs and end up in the bloodstream. The figures do not include any gap between the mask and the face that allows air to come in, further reducing efficiency香港理工大学创新产品与科技研究所所长梁焕方(Wallace Leung)称,医用口罩的材料是聚乙烯。他做的实验发现,在标准空气流速下,基本款的口罩只能过滤20%到25%直径在50到500纳米的细颗粒物。这种尺寸的颗粒物常见于柴油车尾气中,直径不到人体毛发的1%,因为能深入肺部进入血液循环而尤为令人担忧。这些数据还没有考虑口罩与面部之间漏气的情况,而这种空隙会进一步降低过滤效率。;What it means is, if you wear a face mask, you get 75 to 80 percent into the body,; Dr. Leung said. ;So that#39;s not good.;“这就意味着,如果戴的是一般口罩,就会有75%到80%进入人体,”梁士说。“所以情况不太妙。”A better bet, experts say, are respirators that guard against at least 95 percent of small particles. Sometimes known as N95 respirators, they use thick layers of polypropylene, according to Dr. Leung, and are designed to fit tightly to the face. In the ed States, such masks get tested by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health and must be shown to keep out at least 95 percent of all tiny airborne particles to gain approval. They are often used by industrial workers and are generally disposable.专家们表示,更好的选择是能阻挡至少95%细颗粒物的呼吸防护罩。这种产品有时被命名为N95防护罩,梁士说它由厚厚的多层聚乙烯制成,采用紧贴面部的设计。在美国,此类面罩接受国家职业安全与卫生研究所(National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health)的检测,要想过关必须明能过滤空气中至少95%的细颗粒物。它们常被工业工人使用,基本是一次性用品。One widely sought-after brand is 3M. The Minnesota-based company recently announced that it would invest million in a Singapore plant to increase production of its N95 respirators by 70 percent.一个广受欢迎的品牌叫3M,厂家的总部位于明尼苏达州。公司最近宣布,将投资1500万美元(约合9300万元人民币)在新加坡新建一座工厂,从而把N95防护罩的产量提升70%。;We definitely are seeing an increase in sales for respiratory protection; for use in China and elsewhere in Asia during hazy conditions, said Nikki McCullough, the technical manager for 3M#39;s personal safety division. The company said the price for its disposable respirators ranges from 30 cents to .70.3M个人安全部门的技术经理尼基·麦卡洛(Nikki McCullough)称,在中国等亚洲国家,由于人们在雾霾天气里要保护呼吸系统,“我们明显发现相关防护产品的销量增加了”。该公司称自己生产的一次性呼吸防护罩的价钱从30美分到6.7美元不等。The respirators block particles in a number of ways as the airflow encounters layered fibers. But respirators that guard against small particles can make it more challenging to breathe. That is especially true for people with heart or lung problems, said Tze-wai Wong, a research professor at the School of Public Health and Primary Care at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.随着气流经过层状纤维,呼吸防护罩会以多种方式阻挡颗粒物。不过,能阻挡细颗粒物的呼吸防护罩可能会让呼吸变得更困难。香港中文大学公共卫生及基层医疗学院(School of Public Health and Primary Care at the Chinese University of Hong Kong)的黄子惠(Tze-wai Wong)教授表示,对有心肺问题的人群尤其如此。To improve breathability and increase filtering efficiency at the same time, Dr. Leung of Hong Kong Polytechnic University wants to create masks and respirators that use multiple layers of nanofibers. He received a ed States patent last year, and ;a number of companies have approached us,; he said.为了改善透气性,同时增强过滤效率,香港理工大学的梁士想发明出使用多层纳米纤维的口罩和呼吸防护罩。去年,他在美国获得了一项专利。“已经有多家公司跟我们接洽了,”他说。Another issue is that while N95 respirators guard against small particles, they do not combat another form of traffic-related pollution: gases like nitrogen oxides or volatile organic compounds.另一个问题是,尽管N95防护罩能阻挡细颗粒物,它们却无法抵御另一种与交通有关的污染:像氮氧化物这样的气体或挥发性有机化合物。Some companies have created cartridges that can connect to certain respirators to block some gases. But they are expensive and cumbersome — and, Dr. Leung said, not a good choice for the public in Asia.一些企业已经研制出了能和特定的呼吸防护罩相连以阻挡部分气体的滤芯。但它们很贵,而且很笨重。梁士说,对亚洲的民众而言,它们不是很好的选择。Dr. Leung hopes to create a system that uses sunlight and oxygen to turn nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds into ;harmless substances, like carbon dioxide or water.; Eventually, he hopes to be able to join it to a regular, particle-filtering respirator.梁士希望能制造一个用阳光和氧气,将氮氧化物和挥发性有机污染物变成“像二氧化碳或水那样的无害物质”的系统。他希望最终能把这个系统加进过滤颗粒物的常规呼吸防护罩中。More testing of existing brands of masks and respirators should be a priority, Dr. Saint Cyr said.圣西睿智表示,首要的应该是对现有的口罩和呼吸防护罩品牌进行更多的检测。Aided by his blog, Dr. Saint Cyr is trying to organize independent testing for 40 brands that are commonly available in China. But he recently put the project on hold, citing the need to gain academic and scientific backing for the project.通过自己的客,圣西睿智正试图组织对中国常见的40个品牌进行独立检验。但前不久,他搁置了这个项目,理由是必须让这个项目有学术依据和科学依据。;I feel it#39;s very important to warn people against masks that don#39;t work, as well as to tell them which work well,; Dr. Saint Cyr said, adding that research is also needed on household air-purifying machines.“我觉得提醒人们有些口罩不起作用,并告诉他们哪些口罩效果好很重要,”圣西睿智说。他还表示,也需要对家用空气净化器进行研究。Dr. Wong said that one low-tech method of combating air pollution might also be the most effective — encouraging people not to go jogging or engage in other strenuous activities during times of heavy smog. The goal, he said, is ;really to try to change the behavior of people on high-pollution days.”黄子惠表示,对付空气污染的一种科技含量很低的方法可能也是最有效的,那就是建议人们不要在烟雾浓重的时候跑步或进行其他剧烈运动。他说,目的“实际上是试着改变人们在高污染天气中的行为”。 /201410/335708郴州哪里有治疗尖锐湿疣的医院郴州东方男科女医生



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