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李村新阳光医院宫颈糜烂手术治疗即墨市妇幼保健医院网址青岛市北区医院做人流 ,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活 You are courageous.你很勇敢.Living a full life means being bold and courageous in order to protect what you stand and aspire your biggest dreams. 过充实的人生意味着你将变得勇敢无畏,来保护自己坚持的东西,追寻自己的梦Every day we face choices and the course your life is taking depends greatly on how courageous you are when making decisions.我们每天都面对着挑战,你面对选择时有多大的勇气决定了你能过怎样的人生Dont settle the easiest choice but rather use your courage to live a bold and full life.不要贪图安逸,勇敢地去过想要的充实人生吧bold 勇敢的例句:Amrita becomes a bold, daring rebel. 阿姆里塔成了一个勇敢无畏的叛逆者stand 为…奋斗 aspire 追求,向往例句:That is not something I particulary aspire to at thismoment. 目前,这不是我特别向往的courageous 鼓励的例句:a very courageous decision 十分勇敢的决定[本节目属] 7679山东省青岛市第二医院门诊正规吗

山东省妇幼保健收费好不好【主题】Last time we learned "Keep talking." If you ask someone to keep talking, he hesitating. However, you'er so eager to know about it that you'll blurt out a word. What could it be? Let's listen to a simple situational dialogue and get the answer from it. A : I don't want to tell you why I was punished. B : Let's have it. The teacher is upset with you. 【答疑解惑】It is "Let's have it." This indicates that the speaker wants to know the full story of something. We also say it as:Let me have it. 意思是:快点说说说看让我听听In this situation, it's similar to saying"Tell me about it now." or “Tell me about it quickly,” let's look at another situation. "Mom, I haven't eaten an apple al long time and let me have it on the table." In this sentence, it means "Give it to me. " 给我Another situation is: Since nobody else to want the job, we might as well let him have it. In this sentence, it means“to give an opporty to do something”. 让某人做这事【即学即用】Now let's put it into practice. Please translate this sentence from a Chinese modern literature called Midnight with "Let's have it. "一句话为定,不要啰啰嗦嗦Think it while and the answer is about to given later. It is: Let's have it straight with no more beating around the bush.【挑战自我】We have been learning ways of telling people you'll listen to me recently. Let's have a review. 1 Tell me something. So, tell me. 3 Tell me what happened. Keep talking. Oaky, now, let's challenge ourselves, creating a dialogue according to the situation given below. It is : A在B的追问下说出了自己发疯的原因Think it hard and the suggestive dialogue is about to be given later. 【参考对话】A : My gosh! I'll be mad. (crying)B : What's up? You want to tell me what happened?A : I had a severe fight with my husband. En......B : Keep talking. A : get it. Anyway I've made a decision to get a divorce with him.B : Let me have it. Calm down, please.Maybe you misunderstood him which makes you have a wrong choice. A : That's 0% true, believe me. Alright, tell you something. He has been involving with a ditch who is younger and much more beautiful than I am. 天啊,我简直要疯了怎么啦能告诉我发生什么事情了?我和我丈夫大闹了一架嗯......继续说呀算了,我已经决定和他离婚了快说给我听听冷静一下也许你误解了他以致你做出错误的选择那是千真万确好吧,就告诉你吧,他一直和一个比我年轻的美貌女子私通【话题畅聊】Yeah, in reality,marriage is a grave of romantic love. 婚姻是爱情的坟墓不管哪方与别人有染,都会给对方带来巨大的心灵伤害,若真是走到了死亡的婚姻哪一步,是要用很长的时间去抚平心灵的创伤的,可以说在抚平心灵创伤的时间中,那整个人是在伤害中煎熬不过,在此我认为我们也要善于原谅对方的错误,a person has seven passions and six desires Sex is one of them. 常言道:人有七情六欲很多人与外人有染,那只是一时的,甚至只是那一刹那间的念头,或是出于某种原因,但是他心中的妻子还是只有您一个,,还是冷静考虑再做决定,特别是对于那些已经有爱情结晶的夫妇, the sake of your children, 还是不要走到离婚的那一步由于这种情况,现在很多人也开放了,住在一起,不结婚,合不来就闪人But I don't think it's a good idea. 93日照做孕检多少钱 青岛哪家人流

青岛市第六医院怎么去However, two injury-time goals from Edin Dzeko and Sergio Aguero propelled the City to outlast the visitors and win the expected title of the Premier League"s th season in an unbelievable dramatic way, sending the "Blue sea" packed Etihad Stadium wild with joy. ,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活Time-management tips时间管理技巧There always time. Time is priorities.时间是用不尽的,把时间摆在首位You never run out of time. 时间是用不尽的If you didnt finish something by thetime it was due, it because you didnt consider it urgent or enjoyable enough to prioritize ahead of whatever else you were doing.如果你没有时完成某项任务,那是因为你没有把这个任务看得非常紧急,或者你认为做这个任务的过程并不能让你享受,所以你没能把它放在其他要做的事情前Days always fill up faster than youdexpect.时间总是过得比你想象的要快Build in some buffer time. 设置一段缓冲时间As the founder of Ruby on Rails, David Heinemeier Hansson, said, ;Only plan on four to five hours of real workper day.;就像Ruby on Rails公司的创始人大卫·汉森所说的:“每天只需计划到5个小时的工作就够了”【知识点讲解】fill up (使)充满; 补; 垫; 填充例句:I fill up the tank with gasoline about once a week. 大约每个星期我加满一箱汽油We fill up our lives with meaningless tasks. 我们终日忙忙碌碌,过得毫无意义The sea of hatred [ regrets ] is hard to fill up. 恨海难填.安夏の微信公众号:安夏说英语(anxia)安夏个人微信:anxia[本节目属] 568崂山区微创医院妇科那个好青岛市妇幼保健医院要预约吗



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