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ISIS (the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham) also known as ISIL, and DAESH seemed to appear very suddenly, out of nowhere, in . By 9 June of that year it had proclaimed a new Worldwide Caliphate with its leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi as Caliph.ISIS(伊拉克和大叙利亚伊斯兰国)也称ISIL(伊拉克和黎凡特伊斯兰国)年,“达伊沙” 不知从何处突然出现年6月9日,ISIS声称建立了一个新的哈里发政权,其首领贝克尔·巴格达迪为国家的领导人ISIS insists on calling itself the Islamic State (to the chagrin of many Muslim countries around the world) but in spite of tales of almost unimaginable horror coming from the lands ISIS now control it has proved almost impossible the west to understand what motivates ISIS and how to deal with them. This ignorance is fuelled, in great part, by ISIS themselves. They either prevent westerners from entering their domains or capture those who do enter, use them as hostages and then torture and kill them in a variety of increasingly gruesome ways while capturing the deaths on camera and disseminating them around the world to underline the power and uncompromising nature of ISIS. However, while there is much we do not know about ISIS, some key facts have come to light about their motivations and goals. So here is our top list of things that ISIS really wants.ISIS坚持自称伊斯兰国(全球很多穆斯林国家对此颇为不满)尽管ISIS的领地上发生了大量令人惊骇之事,但是西方诸国对此类事件的动机难以理解也束手无策,而这种无知很大程度上对ISIS的行为起到了推波助澜的作用ISIS不准西方国家的人进入他们的领地,或是将“擅入者”作为人质,以用之不尽的可怕手段来折磨直致杀死他们ISIS还会将人质遭折磨致死的过程录像并散播出去,以展示自己的权威和强硬的本性虽然我们对ISIS所知甚少,但是通过几个事实,我们可以更了解他们的动机与目标以下是我们列出的件ISIS所求之事.To Be Seen As Separate From And More Islamic Than Al Qaeda.欲与基地组织割袍断义,并更加极端行事ISIS started out in 1999 as Al-Qaeda in Iraq, fighting in the Iraqi insurgency and ming the Islamic State of Iraq in . It advocated the use of extremely violent methods which led to discontent amongst partner organizations. By they had cut all ties with Al Qaeda, Al-Qaeda will not pledge allegiance to the Caliphate and their methods are criticized by ISIS as not being extreme or Islamic enough.ISIS源起于1999年建立的伊拉克基地组织年,该组织在伊拉克暴乱中奋战,并建立伊拉克伊斯兰国,ISIS因崇尚使用极端暴力手段引起合作组织的不满年,ISIS与基地组织割袍断义因为ISIS认为基地组织不再效忠于哈里发,他们的做事方法也不够极端或者不够“伊斯兰”Indeed when ordinary Syrians in the north of their country became fed-up of ISIS control and their brutal imposition of an extreme brand of Islam they rebelled. Fighting alongside them was the local Syrian Al-Qaeda cell – al Nusra. While Al-Qaeda and ISIS share many of the same intrinsic core beliefs and are both extreme terrorist groups they operate in fundamentally different manners. ISIS believes that it is necessary to establish territorial control and promote a Caliphate. Al-Qaeda are working towards the end goal of a caliphate but do not necessarily expect it to be established any time soon. ISIS believe that the declaration of the new Caliphate in was the first time in 00 years that true Islam actually existed. Followers of ISIS believe that it is not possible to be a proper Muslim without pledging allegiance to a Caliph. The caliphate of the Ottoman Empire is regarded as a sham and all those who fail to pledge support to Al-Baghdadi (including Al-Qaeda) are failing in their duty as proper Muslims.叙利亚北部的平民百姓开始反感并反抗ISIS的控制及其极端伊斯兰式的野蛮残暴同样对抗ISIS的还有当地叙利亚反对派组织虽然基地组织与ISIS在本质上有些许相同之处,但是他们的运作方法却有根本上的差异ISIS认为,建立地方控制来发扬哈里发政权是必要的基地组织虽以建立哈里发政权为战斗目标,但是时间上并没有那么紧迫ISIS认为,年新哈里发政权的建立意味着伊斯兰的真正存在,而这也是00年来的第一次ISIS的追随者相信,一名合格的伊斯兰教徒应誓死效忠哈里发他们认为奥斯曼土耳其帝国的哈里发政权是一个骗局,那些没有誓死追随巴格达迪(包括基地组织)的人都算不上一个合格的穆斯林教徒9.To Liberate Istanbul And Raise The Flag Of Allah Over The White House.9.解放伊斯坦布尔,真主入住白宫ISIS has understood the need to engage with people on modern platms and as such they are expert operators of Social Media and will engage with select reporters if the collaboration will be of some benefit to them. In they worked with Vice News to create a documentary to disseminate their beliefs to the Western World. In this documentary they threatened to attack Istanbul.ISIS明白他们必须在现代化的平台上与人交战,他们善于利用社会媒体,也会与特定的记者合作,前提是对他们有利年,ISIS与维斯新闻合作,拍了一部纪录片,以向西方世界宣扬他们的信仰在这部纪录片中,他们威胁要袭击伊斯坦布尔Turkey and Syria have been engaged in a long running dispute with Syria and Iraq concerning the building of the Ataturk Dam on the Euphrates River. This dam, built in the 1990s has helped regulate the availability of water in South East Turkey but it has, as a result, limited the amount of water reaching Syria and Iraq. ISIS threatened to liberate Istanbul to ce the opening of the dam. In the same ISIS heckled the US, goading it to send soldiers who could be humiliated. They threatened to invade the west, capture women and orphan children and prophesied that the Flag of Allah would be raised over the White House. ISIS has further called on Muslims around the world to work together to kill million Americans in retribution the Muslims killed by the west.土耳其长期以来与叙利亚和伊拉克冲突不断,原因就是幼发拉底河上的阿塔图尔克大坝(Ataturk Dam)该水坝于世纪90年代建成于土耳其南部,用于水的分配管理,叙利亚与伊拉克境内的可用水也减少ISIS威胁要“解放”伊斯坦布尔,以迫使他们打开水坝在这盘影像带中,ISIS一直在刁难美国,意图激怒美国派兵,好“供”他们羞辱ISIS威胁要侵占西方各国,捕获妇女和孤儿,并预言真主的旗帜定会插在白宫之上ISIS还号召全球的穆斯林国家共同努力,杀掉00万美国人以祭奠被西方各国杀害的穆斯林教徒8.Defeat The Armies Of Rome At Dabiq8.在达比克镇大战罗马军队The town of Dabiq in Syria has a symbolic importance to ISIS that goes far beyond its strategic value, so important, that ISIS has used the name of the town as the name their propaganda magazine. This importance harks back to a statement in a hadith (a saying of the Prophet Mohammed) which claims that the armies of Rome will meet the Armies of Islam at Dabiq where there will be a battle in which Islam will be ultimately victorious. This battle is part of the final Armageddon, or end of days and the battle of Dabiq will precede the conquest of the world bee Jesus will return to lead the armies of Islam.叙利亚的达比克镇对ISIS而言非常重要,其象征意义超越了其战略意义,ISIS甚至用达比克来命名其宣传杂志这一重要性要追溯到穆罕默德圣训圣训称,罗马大军将在达比克镇与伊斯兰军队交战,且伊斯兰大军会完胜这场战役是世界末日善恶决战的一部分在耶稣重新领导伊斯兰大军之前,达比克战役就是他们征世界的序曲It is not quite certain who ISIS considers to be the modern day Rome. The term could refer to Turkey as Istanbul was the capital of the Byzantine (Eastern Roman) Empire in the time of Mohammed or it could be any western led army or coalition, indeed any grouping that opposes ISIS. ISIS itself appears to be almost desperate to entice the armies of the west to Dabiq, In November the of the gruesome beheading of Peter Kassig, the American aid worker showed the executioner boasting that his body was to be buried in Dabiq stating they were waiting the armies to arrive.我们不知道ISIS会将谁看做现代版的罗马,不过最有可能的是土耳其,毕竟在穆罕默德时期,伊斯坦布尔是拜占庭(东罗马帝国)的首都当然,也有可能是西方国家军队或联盟总之,只要反抗ISIS,就会被其当作死敌ISIS费尽心机要把西方军队引到达比克镇年月,美国救援人员皮特卡塞格被斩首,丧心病狂的刽子手将过程录制下来,并声称将Peter的身体埋在了达比克镇,等待美国大军的到来7.To Adhere To A Hardline Interpretation Of Islam7.坚持伊斯兰的强硬路线It has become fashionable those who condemn ISIS to claim they have nothing to do with Islam this is not factually correct. Many (indeed most) Muslims do not subscribe to or agree with ISIS hardline interpretation of Islam but that does not mean that they are not Islamic or that they are not interpreting the Koran and other Islamic texts their own ends. ISIS are Islamic fundamentalists –to fail to understand this is as wrong as failing to understand that extremist Christian groups can be both extreme and Christian. 9% of polled Saudi Arabians agreed, when asked that ISIS conmed to Islamic beliefs. This might not be surprising coming from Saudi Arabia where people follow a strict Wahhabist m of Islam but it is instructive. Any religion is open to both moderate and fundamentalist interpretations. It is more correct to say that the beliefs and practices of ISIS are not in line with modern moderate Muslim belief any more than moderate Christians believe in stoning women adultery.越来越多的人谴责ISIS,声称他们与伊斯兰并无关系,其实这一观点并不正确许多(其实是大部分)穆斯林教徒不赞同ISIS的伊斯兰强硬路线,但是这并不意味着ISIS不信仰伊斯兰教或是不遵从《古兰经或其他宗教文献的圣训ISIS是正统伊斯兰教,这跟极端基督教组织既是极端分子又是基督教徒一样沙特阿拉伯的一项民意调查表明,9%的人认为ISIS与伊斯兰教义相符沙特阿拉伯信奉的是伊斯兰教里是最为严格的瓦哈比派,这个结果并不意外,反而提醒了我们:每一种宗教都有温和派和基要派ISIS的信条与做法并不符合现代温和主义的穆斯林信条,但是一点儿也不比温和主义基督教(温和主义基督教徒认为通奸的女子应乱石打死)更过分If we ascribe modern western or, indeed, modern Muslim, values to ISIS it will only lead to analysts and opponents to make mistakes in understanding what ISIS want. Indeed, understanding the Islamic beliefs of ISIS is one of the keys to understanding their motivation which is to live life exactly as ordained by the Prophet Mohammed. ISIS believe it is the duty of all Muslims to do this. ISIS believes it is at war, surrounded by non-believers (any Muslim who does not subscribe to their strict interpretation is considered an apostate) and hostile neighbors, struggling to establish their religion in exactly the same way as Mohammed all those years ago.如果我们把现代西方,或者是现代穆斯林等同于ISIS,只会让对手或分析家误解ISIS真正所求理解ISIS的伊斯兰教信条是理解他们的动机——完全照先知穆罕穆德的规定生活的关键之一ISIS认为所有穆斯林教徒都有义务这么做他们觉得自己已经处于战争之中,敌人是非信徒(所有不遵守ISIS严格信条的穆斯林),以及他们虎视眈眈的邻居,要竭尽全力照穆罕默德的指引建立起自己的宗教6.Execute All Those Muslims They Believe To Be Apostate6.处决所有叛教Hand in hand with their desire to follow the teachings of Mohammed faithfully, ISIS believes that those Muslims who do not live exactly as they require are apostate, they follow a doctrine of Takfirism which requires all true Muslims to expose those who are apostate. There is no room movement – to be a proper Muslim you must follow a hard line, pure, Sunni belief or you can legitimately be called apostate.ISIS希望可以如实的遵从穆罕默德的教诲,而那些不遵守的穆斯林教徒都是叛教者ISIS遵从Takfirism教条,要求所有真正的穆斯林教徒揭穿叛教者一名合格的穆斯林教徒必须遵循强硬路线,纯粹的正统派信条,否则你就是叛教者,对此没有商量的余地While all Muslims are required to honor the Koran and the sayings of Mohammed these are not the only requirements ISIS sets out Muslim life. According to their interpretation anyone who touches or sells any drugs or alcohol is apostate. Wearing the wrong type of clothing is bidden and a beard is mandatory. Belief in or the following of any evolution from the strict m of Islam promulgated by Mohammed is considered to be anathema as Mohammed was guided by divine wisdom and theree proposed the perfect religion which has no need of change. Those who are takfir have to be executed in order to save the world from their sin. ISIS do not permit their followers to vote in elections – so any Muslim living in any democracy who has voted is apostate as is any Muslim who has run office (this includes all Muslim heads of state). ISIS are Sunni Muslims and theree consider all other types of Muslims to be apostate including all Shiites. They consider the Muslim Brotherhood, Al-Qaeda and the Wahhabist leaders of Saudi Arabia to be apostate as none of them practice Islam in its original and there perfect m. The latter is particularly ironic as it is believed that much of the funding ISIS comes from Saudi Wahhabists and its beliefs are founded on the extreme Wahhabism of the 1930s.所有穆斯林教徒都必须遵从《古兰经以及穆罕默德的教诲,但这并非ISIS对教徒的唯一要求根据ISIS对《古兰经的,接触或贩卖毒品和酒的人也是叛教者,不允许穿错衣,必须蓄须只要信仰与穆罕默德教规稍有不同,就代表着他已被诅咒,因为在ISIS看来,穆罕默德是被神所指引的,他们的完美宗教不需要任何改变为了让世界免受他们的罪恶,takfir教徒必须受到惩罚ISIS不允许他们的追随者选举投票,,任何一个生活在需要投票选举的民主国家的穆斯林教徒都是叛教者,就像为政府卖命的穆斯林教徒(包括所有穆斯林国家的首脑)一样ISIS是正统的穆斯林,他们认为其他类型的穆斯林教都是叛教者,包括所有什叶派教徒他们认为穆斯林的兄弟教,沙特阿拉伯的基地组织和瓦哈比派的领导者都是叛教,因为他们并不遵从原始且完美的伊斯兰讽刺的是,ISIS的大部分基金来自于沙特的瓦哈比派,他们的信仰也是建立在世纪30年代的极端瓦哈比主义智商翻译:由敬雯 审校:祝冉华 前十网 0


  Wedding albums showcase the most beautiful moments of the big day. But Jaclyn, a bride from Singapore, has taken to Facebook to share a selection of her disappointing yet highly amusing wedding snaps.婚礼相册会展现结婚当天的最美时刻,但新加坡新娘贾科琳却在脸书上分享了自己婚礼上一些令人扫兴、却极具喜感的照片The photos have been shared more than 18,500 times on social media.目前,这些照片在社交媒体上已被转发了逾1.85万次o, what do you do when you finally receive your actual wedding day photos and find yourself sorely disappointed in them? Bride Jaclyn, from Singapore, wrote on Facebook on last Sunday.新加坡新娘贾科琳上周日在脸书上写道:“那么,当你终于收到你的实际结婚照片,并发现自己对它们感到非常失望的时候,你怎么办?”Jaclyn is seen in a very unromantic shot with her eyes rolling back in her head as her groom helps her put her shoe on. Her groom is also seen standing in a black and white shot next to an oddly edited welcome sign.在一张极不浪漫的照片中,新郎为贾科琳穿鞋时她正在翻白眼在一张黑白照中,新郎站在一个P得很怪的欢迎标识旁边Guests were pictured in some of the photos looking bored, pulling odd faces and standing with their eyes closed.还有些照片拍到客人百无聊赖、做鬼脸、闭眼站着的场景The couple photographer posted an apology on Tuesday after being made aware of the bride post.据悉,在得知新娘的帖子之后,这对夫妇的摄影师已经于周二表达了歉意 385。


  Receive the customer迎接客户A:Good morning, Mr. Jackson. Welcome to Shanghai.早上好!杰克逊先生,欢迎来到上海B:Good morning!早上好!A:Mr. Jackson, did you have a good flight?杰克逊先生,旅途愉快吗?B:I just feel a little tired. You know, it took me hours to get here.只是有点儿累,您知道到这儿得需要个小时A:You must take a rest today.您今天得好好休息B:That very kind of you, but I can do without a rest. I have long wanted to have a talk with you about the possibility of business between us.您太好了,但是我不休息也可以我一直想和你们谈谈我们之间商务活动的可能性A:We welcome good business. Anyhow, we know you must get tired by the flight, so we have arranged a meeting tomorrow morning. Today you can have a good rest.我们欢迎有意义的业务往来但是,我们知道您旅途一定很劳累,所以我们把会议安排到了明天早上今天您可以好好休息一下B:Thank you very much.非常感谢A:We wish you a pleasant stay here!我们希望您在这里过得愉快!B:I believe I will.我相信你会的 188536Climbing nighttime temperatures, driven by climate change, may harm human sleep, a new study revealed, with the poor and elderly most affected.一项最新研究表明,气候变化导致的夜间气温上升,可能危害人们的睡眠,其中低收入者和老人受到的影响最大;What our study shows is not only that ambient temperature can play a role in disrupting sleep but also that climate change might make the situation worse by driving up rates of sleep loss,; Nick Obradovich, who conducted much of the research as a doctoral student in political science at the University of Calinia San Diego, said in a statement.加利福尼亚大学圣地亚哥分校的政治学士、该研究的负责人尼克·奥布拉多维奇在一份声明中说道:“我们的研究不仅表明环境温度可干扰睡眠,而且还能显示出气候变化导致睡眠损失率上升,可能让情况变得更糟”In a study published last week by the U.S. journal Science Advances, Obradovich and colleagues looked at responses from 765,000 individuals across the ed States who took part in a public health survey, alongside temperature data from to .美国杂志《科学进展于上周刊登了奥布拉多维奇和其同事的一项研究,他们分析了76.5万名参与调查的美国公民在年至年的睡眠数据They found that a one-degree Celsius increase in nighttime temperature translates to three nights of insufficient sleep per 0 individuals per month.研究表明,夜间气温每上升1摄氏度,将导致每月每0人中多出3个睡眠不足的夜晚;To put that in perspective: If we had a single month of nightly temperatures averaging one degree Celsius higher than normal, that is equivalent to nine million more nights of insufficient sleep in a month across the population of the ed States today, or 1 million extra nights of insufficient sleep annually,; the study said.该研究称:“换句话说,如果夜间气温比正常情况高1摄氏度,那么美国人单月将多出900万个睡眠不足的夜晚,1年则将多出1.1亿个睡眠不足的夜晚”The negative effect of warmer nights is most acute in summer, the research showed. It is almost three times as high in summer as during any other season.另外,夏季夜间气温上升对睡眠的负面影响更为明显,几乎是其他季节的3倍It also revealed that those whose income is below 50,000 U.S. dollars and those who are aged 65 and older are affected most severely.该研究还显示,年收入在5万美元以下的人和65岁以上的老人受影响最严重 older people, the effect is twice that of younger adults. And the lower-income group, it is three times worse than people who are better off financially.对老年人的影响是年轻人的倍,对低收入人群的影响是高收入人群的3倍 50


  Are eigners allowed entry into any country?所有国家都允许外国人入境吗?Whether eigners are allowed entry is decided by the individual country.是否允许外国人入境是由国家决定的It is absolutely the scope of the sovereignty within a country whether eigners are allowed entry.一国是否准许外国人入境,完全是国家主权范围内的事项What certificates and procedures does a eigner need to enter a country?外国人入境需要哪些件及程序?Generally speaking, passports and visas are needed while entering a eign country.通常来讲,入境必备的两件就是护照与签On some occasion, on the basis of reciprocity, some countries allow entry of eigners without visas through agreements.也有些国家,在互惠的基础上,通过协议,互免签In order to protect legitimate interests, a country has its right to refuse entry of some kind of people.为了维护本国的合法利益,国家有权限制某些外国人入境What regulations do we have in terms of refusing entry into another country?对拒绝入境都有什么规定?Generally speaking, such kind of people is not allowed entry into another country as psychopaths, infectious people, criminals and people who are in illegitimate occupation.各国一般不允许以下人员入境:精神病患者、传染病患者、刑事罪犯、从事不正当职业者The restrictions on entering a eign country should not act against the fundamental principles of International Law.对于入境的种种限制不得违反国际法的基本原则Different countries have their unique regulations on entry into their countries.不同国家对于入境也有自己的规定Are there any regulations about residency of eigners after their entry?对于外国公民入境后的居留权有哪些规定?In accordance with the laws in the host country and relational international treaties or agreements, eigners can obtain long-term, short term or permanent residency.根据所在国的法律和有关的国际条例或协定,可以在该国短期、长期或永久居留eigners who can not obtain long term residency bee he or she asks and gets permission.外国人未经请求并获得许可不能在一国领土内长期居留 7395

  A set of newborn triplets were the talk of their Tennessee hospital this year, after tipping the scales at a combined 19.6 pounds at birth.今年田纳西州医院的热门话题是新生的三胞胎,他们出生时总重达19.6磅Jack, Stella and Luke Tipton arrived in that order, weighing 7 pounds, ounces; 6 pounds, 3 ounces; and 5 pounds, 9 ounces. The siblings missed the world record mark heaviest triplets by . pounds.杰克、斯特拉和卢克先后出生,老大重7磅盎司,老二重6磅3盎司;老三重5磅9盎司这三胞胎只与世界最重三胞胎记录相差.磅;We were shocked,; mom Kate Tipton of Knoxville told A News. ;They weighed Jack twice. He was first. They thought, That not right. He cant weigh 7 pounds, ounces as a triplet.;“我们很震惊,”来自诺克斯维尔的妈妈凯特·蒂普顿接受美国广播公司采访时表示“他们给杰克称了两次体重,他是最重的他们认为这不对作为三胞胎,他不可能有7磅盎司重”Jack, Stella and Luke arrived in March but only recently did Tipton doctor suggest that she look into whether or not her kids had broken the Guinness World Record the largest triplets.杰克,斯特拉和卢克是在今年3月出生的,但直到最近蒂普顿的医生才建议她看看是否她的孩子们打破了最重三胞胎的吉尼斯世界纪录To her surprise, Tipton triplets were just . pounds shy of the title.令她吃惊的是,蒂普顿三胞胎只与吉尼斯世界纪录相差.磅The heaviest triplets on record tipped the scales in at a combined weight of pounds in Calinia, according to Guinness.根据吉尼斯世界纪录显示,记录的最重三胞胎是年在加利福尼亚出生的,总重量是磅;I look back now and I said, Wow, what if I had been pregnant another week?; Tipton joked. ;But, I did not want to be pregnant any longer. They were the biggest in the history of UT Medical Center.;“我现在回头看,我说,哇,如果我再怀一个星期,会发生什么呢?”蒂普顿开玩笑道“但是,我不想再怀了他们是田纳西大学医学中心历史上最大的三胞胎”Tipton doctor Mark Hennessy told her this was the first time in his 5 years of practice that hed ever delivered or seen triplets of this size.蒂普顿的医生马克·汉尼斯告诉她,这是他5年行医生涯中所接生的或者所看到的三胞胎里最大的Tipton and her husband, Caleb, have two other daughters, Sophia, 9, and Aubrey, 8.蒂普敦和她的丈夫迦勒还有两个女儿,分别是9岁的索菲亚和8岁的奥布里 698。

  A: Im interested in a store credit card.我对你们商店的会员卡很感兴趣B: Okay. Here the application m.好的这是申请表A: ...Okay. Ive filled everything out.好的我已经全部填完了B: Thank you. Now let me see a credit card, please.谢谢请给我看下你的信用卡,好么A: Certainly. Here my VISA card.好的,给你我的信用卡B: Very good. Thank you. 非常好,谢谢 1

  A Colorado man is accused of the attempted murder of his -year-old son, who cops say he tried to kill by intentionally crashing his car.日前,一名科罗拉多男子被警方指控意图在车祸事故中谋害两岁的亲生儿子Police said 9-year-old Nathan Weitzel placed his toddler son, Isaiah, into his car on August 1 after bucking his own seatbelt, but not the boy.警方表示,8月1日,9岁的内森·韦策尔把刚学会走路的儿子以赛亚放在车上,并只绑了自己的安全带,而没有绑孩子的安全带Weitzel then allegedly crashed the car into several other vehicles, WUSA reports. When questioned, police said Weitzel told investigators, ;I was trying to kill my son.;据WUSA报道,韦策尔随后撞上了几辆汽车警方称,当韦策尔在被盘问时,他竟然告诉调查人员:“我想杀了我儿子”Isaiah suffered life-threatening injuries, including a ripped a muscle in his neck that left him in a neck brace and a head injury that required to 30 stitches.以赛亚受的伤有生命危险,脖子的一处肌肉撕裂,导致颈托和头部的伤需要缝到30针Police say Weitzel admitted to using cocaine that day and that he told them ;the reason he wanted to kill Isaiah was because being a father was a big responsibility and he did not think he was man enough to raise a child.;警方透露,韦策尔承认事发当天用了可卡因,并称“之所以想杀了儿子,是因为做父亲需要很大的责任,他觉得自己不够男人,不能养小孩”;He doing better every day thank god. He my little soldier,; Isaiah mom, Nancy Lopez, told InsideEdition.com.以赛亚的妈妈南希·洛佩兹在接受nsideEdition.com采访时表示:“上帝保佑!他的情况一天天好转,他是我的小士兵”Lopez called Weitzel actions ;horrifying; and struggled to understand what could motivate such an act.洛佩兹称韦策尔的行为是非常恐怖的,很难理解是什么让他做出这样的事情来;Im extremely broken by all of this,; she said. ;I still dont understand how someone could be so cruel to a beautiful little human they created by choice. ;“我已经被他的所作所为伤透了,”她说“我不能理解一个人怎么会残忍到去伤害他们可爱的亲生儿子”;Isaiah was planned and he wanted to be a father at the time. I dont know why he would try to take him away. I will never understand. But I hope he stays in jail the rest of his life.;“在备以赛亚的时候,他也曾想做一名好父亲我不知道他为什么想杀了儿子我永远都理解不了但是我希望他余生都在监狱里度过”In addition to attempted first-degree murder, Weitzel is charged with child abuse, assault, criminal mischief, possession of a controlled substance and vehicular assault.除了涉嫌一级谋杀,韦策尔还被指控虐待儿童、破坏财物、私存受控制药品、汽车伤人等罪名 65701

  Within the next ten years, the word ;honeymoon; might start to live up to its name.未来年内,;度蜜月;一词可能开始名副其实了Newlywed couples could celebrate their love with a trip to our satellite, according to the founder of a space exploration company called Moon Express in the US.美国一家名叫;月球快递;的太空探索公司的创始人称,新婚夫妇将可以前往地球的卫星(月球)庆祝爱情The company wants to team up with Elon Musk SpaceX to get humans there.该公司有意与埃隆·马斯克的SpaceX公司合作将人类送上月球;Elon will build the rocket and we do the rover,; Naveen Jain, the founder of Moon Express said.;月球快递;创始人纳威恩·杰恩称:;埃隆将建造火箭,我们负责研发月球车;Jain said that while it once cost billions of dollars to go to the moon, his company unmanned mission next year will cost just million.杰恩称,尽管登陆月球曾经耗资数十亿美元,其公司明年的无人飞行任务的费用仅为700万美元As costs continue to decline, he believes that within the next decade, getting to the moon will cost just $,000. Better yet, itll take just four hours to get there.随着费用继续降低,他认为未来年内,登陆月球将仅需花费1万美元更棒的是,登陆月球将仅需小时In August, the company won US government permission to send a robotic lander to the moon next year.今年8月,该公司得到美国政府的许可,将于明年向月球发射一台机器人着陆器 839

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