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盐城市妇科挂号盐城包皮整形多少钱Everyone wants a piece of Jeremy Lin. From Linsanity to Lin-credible then Va-Lin-tine, news headlines have been trying to find wordplays to match the new sensation on the NBA court with his meteoric shoot to stardom.人人都想跟林书豪扯上点关系。从;林疯狂;、;林不思议;,到;情林节;,新闻标题中变着花样地玩着文字游戏,来描述这位一夜成名的NBA新星。However, ;A Chink in the Armor;, a news headline that blamed Lin for his team#39;s loss of a game, is obviously a turnoff which threw a PR disaster at ESPN, one of world#39;s major sports network. It also cost an editor his job. The charge is racism.然而,一条指责林书豪导致他所在球队输掉比赛的新闻标题;;;盔甲上的中国佬;却令人大倒胃口,也将身为全球最大的体育新闻网之一的体育节目电视网身陷公关危机。一位编辑甚至被炒了鱿鱼,罪名是使用种族主义词汇。The case again reminds Americans that while the First Amendment guarantees freedom of speech, a wrong choice of word might ignite a bomb.这一事件让美国人再次意识到,虽然美国宪法第一修正案确保了言论的自由,但错误的措辞可能会引起轩然。It#39;s also a warning to people outside the country who engage in international communications.这也为其他国家从事国际交流的人士敲响了警钟。Racism种族主义Put aside the context, the phrase ;Chink in the armor; means the weak point in a supposedly strong defense. It is somewhat similar to ;a fly in the ointment;.如果不考虑具体语境,;盔甲上的破绽;这句短语指的是本该万无一失的防御中出现的弱点,有点类似于;软膏里的苍蝇;这个短语(意为一粒老鼠屎坏了一锅粥或令人扫兴的人或事物)。The phrase is often deployed in sports writing to describe a player#39;s weakness which affects the whole team.这一短语经常出现在体育报道中,用来形容因为某位队员的弱势而导致整个团队受影响。But the word is also a racial slur against Chinese people.但同时Chink这个词也是对中国人带有种族主义的诽谤。With Lin#39;s Chinese heritage, the ;Chink in the armor; was soon bombarded for its racial implication. To quiet public fury, ESPN issued an apology: ;We regret and apologize for this mistake.;由于林书豪的中国背景,这则题为;盔甲上的破绽(Chink在俚语中,贬义指中国佬);的报道因带有种族主义色,很快招致人们炮轰。为平息众怒,ESPN公开道歉:;我们对这一错误表示遗憾和歉意。; /201203/174002盐城/地区比较好的人流医院 Sleep On, Sneeze Not 睡觉的时候不会打喷嚏 The signs are unmistakable: the eyes water, the chest heaves, the nose twitches, the body tenses, suspense builds until finally a sneeze blasts forth, concluding the drama. It's a momentarily paralyzing experience that can seize one at almost any time. 眼睛湿润,胸部隆起,鼻子一阵抽搐,身体紧绷,(身体)就这样待定着,到最后一个喷嚏响起,像是演了一出戏剧!这使得人的身体短暂麻痹,它几乎可以在任何时间让一个人给紧缩。 But try and recall if you've ever been jarred out of a peaceful sleep by an explosive sneeze. Chances are you can't, because, thankfully, we don't sneeze while we sleep. To understand why, first we need to know why we sneeze while we're awake. 但是,试想你曾经有过在安详的睡眠中被一个突然的喷嚏给震醒的情况吗? 你是不会有的,因为很庆幸,我们在睡觉的时候不会打喷嚏。要理解其原因,我们首先需要了解为什么我们会在醒的时候打喷嚏。 Sneezing is a reflex, which means that it's an uncontrollable physical response to an outside stimulus. When something, say a piece of dust or a strong odor, stimulates nerve endings in the lining of the nose, the stimulus travels to the central nervous system and is then routed back to the muscles of the face, throat, and chest. 打喷嚏是一种反射,也就是说它是一种生理对外界环境的反应,不可控制。有时候,像一颗尘埃或一股强烈的味道刺激了鼻子里的神经末梢,这个刺激就会到达中枢神经系统,继而再返回到脸部、喉咙和胸部的肌肉。 Once stimulated, these muscles go to work and cause us to forcefully expel air from the mouth and nose. Or, in other words, we sneeze. 这些肌肉一旦被刺激,它们就会运动,导致我们强有力的排出口腔和鼻子里面的空气。或者,换句话说就是打喷嚏。 Because the nose lining tends to swell when we lie down, making it even more sensitive to sneeze-causing particles, it would seem that sneezing would be likely during sleep. 因为在我们躺下的时候,鼻子里面部分趋于隆起,这使得它对引起打喷嚏的微小颗粒更加敏感。这样看来,似乎在睡觉的时候更容易打喷嚏。 However, since there is little airflow in most bedrooms at night, and little movement to stir up dust and other particles, the nose is not bombarded by as many foreign particles as it is during the day. 然而,由于我们的卧房里在晚上几乎没有空气流动,也没有什么运动会扬起灰尘及其它微粒,所以就不会有像白天那么多外界微粒来刺激我们的鼻子。 Furthermore, the area of the brain responsible for the sneeze reflex relaxes while we sleep. So, even when a particle does touch the nose lining, the brain doesn't notice, and we don't sneeze. 而且,当我们睡觉的时候,脑袋中负责打喷嚏反射的区域也休息了。所以,即使有微尘碰触了鼻子内部,大脑也没意识到,我们就不会打喷嚏。生词注释:twitch v. 抽搐,抽动,痉挛paralyze v. 使麻痹,使瘫痪reflex n. 反应,反射stimulate v. 刺激sensitive adj. 敏感的bombard v. 轰炸,攻击 /201110/156648盐城哪个男子医院比较好

建湖县怀孕检测哪家医院最好的盐城协和医院割包皮怎么样 西方人不赞成办公室恋情,而在印度,外包公司的员工更有可能把职场当作检验长期关系的好地方。“Office hours sometimes get very hectic,” says 25-year-old D. Karthik as he waits with his colleague and fiancée, K. Tejaswania, at the juice bar of their employer, Mphasis. “If we are still able to adjust to it with our partners, that shows we are best for each other.”“上班时间有时会十分忙碌,如果我们能够与恋人共同适应这种状况,就说明我们是最适合彼此的,”今年25岁的D.卡蒂克(D. Karthik)表示,他与他的同事兼未婚妻K.泰贾斯瓦尼娅(K. Tejaswania)正在他们就职的公司Mphasis的果汁吧等候着。In a country in which young people used to outsource the business of finding a spouse to their parents, workers in India's growing outsourcing sector often look for partners themselves among their nearest colleagues.在印度,过去年轻人的婚姻往往由父母包办,但在不断发展的外包行业,职员们经常在最接近的同事中寻找自己的伴侣。Far from discouraging such relationships, their employers are happy to play matchmaker, according to a new study by the Indian School of Business, the country's prestigious MBA college in Hyderabad.根据印度商学院(Indian School of Business)最新调查,对于办公室恋情,公司方面非但不加以阻止,还乐于撮合。印度商学院是该国知名MBA学院,位于海德拉巴。One of India's most important industries with export revenue of more than bn a year, the outsourcing sector has been at the forefront of economic, social and cultural change since its emergence in the 1990s.外包行业是印度最重要行业之一,每年出口收入超过400亿美元,崛起于上世纪90年代,此后一直处于经济、社会和文化变革的前沿。The ISB cites a survey by Monsterindia.com, part of the global recruitment site Monster Worldwide, that found nearly 58 per cent of 12,191 respondents admitted to either having indulged in, or being open to, office romance. “There is a perception that a lot of companies are encouraging this trend because this accrues benefits to the organisation,” the ISB study by students Anshumita Sen and Naina Bhattacharya says.印度商学院援引了国际招聘公司Monster Worldwide旗下Monsterindia.com所作的一项调查,该调查发现,在接受调查的12191人中,近58%的人承认有过办公室恋情或对之持开放态度。“人们感觉到,很多公司都鼓励这种趋势,因为对组织有利,”调查报告表示。实施该调查的是两名学生安苏米塔·森(Anshumita Sen)和奈纳#8226;巴塔查里亚(Naina Bhattacharya)。[Nextpage]These perceived benefits include “reduced attrition, higher employee engagement, satisfied and happy employees, greater feelings of citizenship towards the organisation and greater productivity through longer working hours at the workplace”.人们眼中的好处包括“减少员工流失、提高员工敬业度、使员工感到满意和愉快、增强普通人对公司的好感,以及因上班工作时间延长而提高生产率”。Some companies have gone as far as welcoming spouses under “referral programmes” in which staff can recommend friends to their human resources departments for recruitment, the study finds. The outsourcing industry says it does not “encourage or discourage” office romances but tolerates them when they develop.调查发现,一些公司甚至欢迎员工的配偶通过“推荐计划”加入公司。根据此类计划,员工可向人力资源部推荐自己的朋友。外包行业表示,“不鼓励也不阻止”办公室恋情,但一旦发生办公室恋情,会采取容忍的态度。Francisco D'Souza, chief executive officer at US-listed Cognizant Technology Solutions, says the company draws the line only when relationships occur between people in a direct “reporting line”. “We have plenty of husbands and wives working for us and that's good.”在美国上市的Cognizant Technology Solutions的首席执行官弗朗西斯科·德苏佐(Francisco D'Souza)表示,公司唯一不能容忍的是上下级之间的恋情。“我们有很多员工是夫妻,这很好。”Office romances are to be expected in such a youthful industry. “If you work with a workforce so young – 80 per cent of our population is under 25 – that's something that's in the air,” says Pratik Kumar, executive vice-president of human resources at Wipro, India's third biggest software outsourcing company.在这个年轻人集中的行业,办公室恋情是可以预期的。“如果一起工作的人都这么年轻——我们80%的人不到25岁——这种事就会很普遍。”印度第三大软件外包公司Wipro的人力资源执行副总裁帕拉提#8226;库玛尔(Pratik Kumar)表示。Many employees in the industry hail from small, conservative communities in India's vast hinterlands and feel liberated when they come to big cities such as Bangalore or Mumbai.该行业的许多职员来自印度广大内陆地区保守的小地方,来到班加罗尔或孟买这样的大城市,让他们感觉像是得到了解放。Wipro even has an internal matrimonial site where would-be suitors can seek partners among the workforce of 96,965. Wipro's gender balance roughly matches the sector average of 65 per cent male.Wipro甚至设有一个提供婚介务的内部网站,想找对象的人可以通过这个部门在本公司的96965人中寻找伴侣。该公司的性别比例大致保持行业平均水平,即男性占65%。One risk from such openness, of course, is emotional drama between employees. Mr Kumar says Wipro has an “ombudsman's process” for sorting out staff disputes that sometimes has to resolve romantic tussles.当然,这种开明做法存在一个风险,即员工之间可能上演情感剧。库玛尔表示,Wipro有一个处理员工纠纷的“调查程序”,有时不得不解决情感纠纷。“Do we get issues? Yes, we do. Sometimes these issues can appear very silly,” he says.“我们遇到问题了吗?是的。有时问题还十分愚蠢,”他表示。The ISB study also cautions that Indian companies need to be mindful of potential problems such as sexual harassment – one issue that has given inter-office romance a bad name in the west.印度商学院的调查还指出,印度公司需警惕一些潜在问题,如性骚扰——在西方,这个问题已给办公室恋情招来坏名声。Indian legal guidelines on harassment require companies to maintain a “complaint cell” for women to report abuses. But the ISB finds that nearly a third of employees surveyed thought their company did not have such a cell or had not heard of one.印度性骚扰法规要求企业成立“骚扰投诉处”,接待女性员工的投诉。但印度商学院发现,近三分之一的受访者认为,自己所在的公司并没有这种设置,或者自己从未听说过。Such dangers aside, Indian parents probably do not need to be alarmed. When it comes to tying the knot, it seems traditional concerns such as caste quickly return to the fore.抛开这些隐患不谈,印度的父母们或许无需担忧。当发展到谈婚论嫁时,种姓等方面的传统顾虑似乎很快又占了上风。Ms Tejaswani says: “I used to bore my mother talking about him [Mr Karthik]. So when the time came, it wasn't difficult at all convincing them. And since caste also was not an issue, his parents, too, agreed.”泰贾斯瓦尼娅表示:“我过去常在我母亲耳边唠叨卡蒂克的事情。因此当时机成熟时,说他们就一点都不难了。而既然种姓方面也不存在问题,他的父母也就同意了。” /200905/69217盐城/市私密整形多少钱

盐城协和尖锐湿疣一位生物老师告诉我,外表并不重要,真正重要的东西在我的里面。 /201107/144867 Japan shoppers grab lucky New Year bags amid gloomForget the recession, at least for now in Japan, where it's time for some mystery New Year's shopping designed to cast off the economic gloom.Thousands of shoppers queued for hours in front of department stores across Japan on Friday to buy limited-edition, traditional New Year's "goodie" bags in what has become one of the biggest events of the holiday season.The so-called Lucky Bags are priced between 10,000 yen (0) and 30,000 yen, and are completely sealed, with nothing to indicate the contents.But experienced shoppers know that they are often filled with fashionable accessories and clothes at a substantial discount, which makes them especially desirable during the current financial crisis.In Tokyo's glitzy Ginza shopping district, excited shoppers dashed inside the Mitsukoshi department store to grab over 20,000 lucky bags."There's this excitement before you open your bag, then comes the surprise and some degree of disappointment, but most of the time I'm happy with what I get," said Hisayo Kuwabara, a 52-year-old part-time worker.Some shoppers sought to banish the economic gloom with these festive bags."Though the economy is worsening, I wanted to buy some lucky bags because it is sold at a discounted price. I also wanted to get some luck in this recession," said Eiichi Kakegawa, a 47-year-old businessman.Takashi Masuko, director of "Lucky Bags" operations at Mitsukoshi, said the yearly shopping extravaganza is especially popular this year."People tend to buy more Lucky Bags during a recession," he said."We've been preparing for this day since last August, and since we were expecting some recession ahead, we changed the volume and items of our bags to better satisfy our customers at times like this."The economy appears set for a gloomy 2009 in Japan, as firms cut their outlooks and industrial output slumps.Most economists say a recovery in Japan will have to wait until global demand picks up. Some say that will not happen until the final quarter of next year, at the earliest. /200901/60383盐城/协和做流产怎么样价格盐城/龟头炎治疗哪里好




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