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嘉兴曙光医院祛斑排名海盐县中医院纹眉多少钱To mark the Chinese New Year, Nanyang Business School invited a panel of five experienced business men and women to its CEO Breakfast Series to speak about their experience of doing business in China and discuss the challenges this brings. 为庆祝中国农历新年,新加坡南洋商学院(Nanyang Business School)邀请5位经验丰富的商界人士出席其CEO早餐系列活动,讲述他们在华做生意的经历并讨论由此带来的挑战。 Hosted in the Fullerton Hotel, Singapore, the series brings together current graduate students and industry leaders to share insights on current topics and trends. During the first session of the year, five panellists who volunteered insights into the business environment in China and the challenges its economy faces. 在新加坡浮尔顿酒店(Fullerton Hotel)举办的CEO早餐系列活动让应届毕业生和行业领袖能够共同分享对当前热点和趋势的看法。在今年首场早餐会,5位专家自愿分享他们对中国商业环境及中国经济面临的挑战的看法。 Despite the early hours, the panel featuring Kevin Lu, partner and chief executive of Partners Group; Berenike Ullmann, vice-president of consumer market knowledge at Procter and Gamble Asia; Jeffrey Hardee, Singapore country manager at Caterpillar Asia; Patrick Cherrier, chief executive of Essilor International; and Kok Poh June, deputy chief executive of Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City Investment and Development. 尽管是早上时间,但讨论会成员有瑞士合众集团(Partners Group)新加坡公司首席执行官及合伙人陆凯文(Kevin Lu)、宝洁亚洲(Procter and Gamble Asia)消费市场信息部副总裁吴凯(Berenike Ullmann)、卡特彼勒亚洲(Caterpillar Asia)新加坡总经理杰弗里#8226;哈迪(Jeffrey Hardee)、依视路(Essilor International)首席执行官帕特里克#8226;谢里耶(Patrick Cherrier),以及中新天津生态城投资开发有限公司(Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City Investment and Development)副总裁郭宝骏(Kok Poh June)。 In light of recent volatility of the Chinese stock markets, the panellists addressed the diverse challenges and risks involved when investing. But they had a positive outlook and believed that the current turbulence in the Chinese economy is not something to worry about. 鉴于最近中国股市的波动,这些专家谈到了投资时遇到的各种挑战和风险。但他们对前景乐观,认为不用担心中国经济目前的波动。 While there has been an impact on Chinese business, whether at local or multinational companies, the experts argued the fundamental growth prospects remain unclouded, promising additional demand and further economic growth. Progress is still expected in the “land of the dragon” incomes for Chinese employees over the coming years are likely to double, they said. The Chinese are still big spenders, which boosts the domestic economy, and new jobs will be created, so consumer businesses in particular will have many opportunities. With a growing middle class and rising living standards, the panellists believed the long-term viability of investments in China could be trusted. 尽管在华业务(无论是本国企业还是跨国企业)遭受影响,但专家们表示,基本增长前景依然明朗,有可能带来额外需求和进一步的经济增长。他们说,预计“龙之地”仍会发展,中国员工今后几年的收入可能翻倍。中国人仍然大举出,这推动了国内经济,将会创造新的就业岗位,因此消费者业务尤其具有许多机遇。随着中产阶层日益壮大和居民生活水平提高,专家们相信,在中国长期投资的可行性是可信的。 To back this up, Berenike Ullmann, an expert in the consumer behaviour of the Chinese, outlined their buying habits and the reactions of the country’s economy. While most Chinese prefer to buy local, they also trust western-made products, going to great lengths to buy them. To combat the trend of buying abroad, many local companies strive to improve their manufacturing standards. As a result, Ms Ullman believes China will become even more competitive than it is today, thereby protecting the country’s labour market, improving working conditions and promoting the country’s wealth. 为了持这种说法,中国人消费行为研究专家吴凯概述了他们的购买习惯以及中国经济的反应。尽管大部分中国人倾向于买国产货,但他们也信任西方制造的产品,不遗余力地去购买它们。为了对抗海外购物热,许多国内公司努力提高它们的制造标准。结果是,吴凯相信中国未来的竞争力将会比现在更高,从而保护本国的劳动力市场,改善工作环境并促进中国的财富增长。 While stalling growth keeps many global investors awake at night, Patrick Cherrier demonstrates that even only 5 per cent growth in gross domestic product today translates to equal or even greater economic growth in absolute terms than double digit percentage growth 10 years ago. 尽管增长放缓让许多全球投资者夜不成寐,但帕特里克#8226;谢里耶提出,按绝对值计算,如今国内生产总值中5%的增长相当于十年前的两位数增长乃至更高。 According to him, the challenges a company faces in China are not all that different from the challenges for other developing markets. Yet China provides many scaling opportunities, supported by government policies that support growth aspirations. Hence, despite its current troubles, investors and multinationals should not shun the country just yet. 谢里耶表示,一家公司在中国面临的挑战和在其他发展中市场面临的挑战没有很大不同。然而,中国提供了许多不断增长的机遇,持增长目标的政府政策是一个有利因素。因此,尽管当前存在问题,但投资者和跨国企业还不应将中国排除在外。 To conclude, panellists touched on the risk factors that go along with doing business in China, such as the involvement of the government, an ageing population and compliance risks. As most multinationals have identified ways to successfully engage the state and understand the compliance practice, the ageing population poses the most unpredictable threat to the development of the country’s market. 总而言之,专家们谈及了在中国做生意伴随的风险因素,比如政府介入、人口老龄化和合规风险。随着大多数跨国企业找到了成功与政府打交道的方式并理解了合规实践,人口老龄化成为对中国市场发展最为不可预测的威胁。 /201603/430557平湖市红十字会医院玻尿酸隆鼻多少钱 嘉兴隆鼻手术的费用

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嘉兴隆鼻哪个医院比较好South Korea’s military said yesterday it would conduct its largest ever artillery drill near the border with North Korea, a day after Pyongyang said it had resumed plutonium production and would continue nuclear tests.韩国军方昨天表示,将在韩朝边境附近开展史上规模最大的炮兵演习。就在一天前,朝鲜表示已重启钚生产,并且会继续进行核试验。Seoul’s defence ministry said the large-scale drill marked the first anniversary of exchange of fire near the demilitarised zone that separates the two Koreas. On August 20 last year, North Korea fired at a South Korean frontline army unit near the zone, prompting South Korea to fire back amid high tension on the peninsula.韩国国防部表示,这次大规模演习是对韩朝双方在非军事区附近交火一周年的纪念。非军事区将朝鲜与韩国分开。去年8月20日,在朝鲜半岛局势高度紧张之际,朝鲜曾向非军事区附近的韩国前线部队开火,促使韩国方面予以还击。About 300 artillery pieces from 49 artillery battalions will take part in the live-fire exercise to counter possible provocations from North Korea, the ministry said.韩国国防部表示,来自49个炮兵营的大约300门炮将参加这次实弹演习,以反制来自朝鲜的可能挑衅。It criticised Pyongyang for its reported resumption of plutonium production, saying it was a clear violation of UN Security Council resolutions that prohibit nuclear-related activities.韩国国防部对报道所称的朝鲜政府重启钚生产的行为表示谴责,称此举明确违反了联合国安理会(UN Security Council)禁止开展与核有关的活动的决议。“We are well aware that North Korea has been seeking reprocessing [of spent nuclear fuel rods] to secure more plutonium,” the ministry said, adding that Seoul would discuss with related countries how to respond.韩国国防部表示:“我们十分清楚,北韩一直在试图再加工(废弃核燃料棒),以获得更多钚。”该部还表示,首尔方面会与相关国家讨论如何回应。Pyongyang told Kyodo News on Wednesday it had resumed plutonium production and had no plans to stop nuclear tests as long as perceived threats from the US continued.周三,朝鲜政府曾向共同社(Kyodo News)表示,它已恢复钚生产,而且只要它眼中来自美国的威胁继续存在,就不打算停止核试验。North Korea’s atomic energy institute, which oversees the main nuclear facilities at the Yongbyon complex, said the country had also been producing highly enriched uranium necessary for nuclear arms and power generation “as scheduled”. The confirmation came after Kim Jong Un, North Korean leader, told a party congress in May that North Korea should strengthen its nuclear force in quality and quantity for self-defence.负责宁边(Yongbyon)主要核设施的朝鲜原子能研究院表示,朝鲜也一直在“按计划”提炼核武器和发电所需的高浓缩铀。该机构做出这一确认之前,朝鲜领导人金正恩(Kim Jong Un)今年5月在一次党代会上表示,出于自卫,朝鲜应该从质和量两方面加强其核力量。The sabre-rattling comes amid questions over Mr Kim’s grip on power after North Korea’s deputy ambassador in London defected to the South. Seoul’s unification ministry said Tae Young-ho and his family were now under South Korean government protection.朝鲜炫耀武力之际,金正恩对权力的掌控正面临质疑,原因是朝鲜驻英国公使叛逃至韩国。韩国统一部表示,太勇浩(Tae Young-ho)及家人目前处于韩国政府保护之下。It said his case underlined growing internal scepticism of Mr Kim’s regime in North Korea and weakening unity among its ruling elite.该部表示,太勇浩一案突出表明,朝鲜内部对金正恩政权的怀疑日渐增加,精英统治阶层越来越不团结。 /201608/462123 嘉兴体丰胸价格嘉善县职工医院激光去胎记多少钱




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