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1. What do you think of this apartment?你觉得这个公寓怎么样?还能这样说:How do you feel about this apartment?What do you say about this apartment?谚语:What is done cannot be undone.木已成舟。2. We are moving next month.我们下个月搬家。还能这样说:We will be moving the following month.Well make a move next month.谚语:One false move may lose the game.一步走错,全盘皆输。3. Would you mind helping me to move my house?你介意帮我搬家吗?还能这样说:Can you help me move?Would you do us a favor of moving out of the apartment?谚语:Nothing in the world is difficult for one who sets his mind to it.世上无难事,只怕有心人。4. Moving house is a troublesome business.搬家是件麻烦的事情。还能这样说:Moving is never much fun though.Moving house is a matter of nuisance.应用:a hash house 小饭馆;a rogue house 监牢;thin house 观众稀少;the White House 白宫;the upper house 上议院;the lower house 下议院

Todd: Now Kate, you said that you actually had exchange students live with you…托德:凯特,你说过你曾和交换学生一起住在……Kate: I did.凯特:是的。Todd: …in New Zealand.托德:……在新西兰。Kate: Ive had 3 exchange students.凯特:我家里曾住过三个交换学生。Todd: Ok, can you talk about each one?托德:好,你能分别介绍一下他们吗?Kate: Yep, the first one, she was very young, she was 14 I think at the time, so it was quite difficult for her to come to another country by herself, but by the end of 2 weeks she was in tears when she left our family. She was just so happy and overjoyed. And we still keep in contact.凯特:好的,首先第一个,这个女孩年龄非常小,当时她只有14岁,所以对她来说独自来到一个陌生的国家非常难,两周后交换结束时她离开我家时哭了。那是因为她太开心了,可以说是欣喜若狂。现在我和她还有联系。Todd: What was her name?托德:她叫什么名字?Kate: Ariko.凯特:她叫Ariko。Todd: Oh, ok.托德:好。Kate: Ariko.凯特:名字是Ariko。Todd: So were all the exchange students from Japan?托德:那这些交换学生都来自日本吗?Kate: They were. Three from Japan.凯特:是的。都来自日本。Todd: Who else did you have come to stay with you?托德:还有哪个交换学生在你家住过?Kate: The next one was interesting. She was from Kanto.. Kansai, near Osaka in Japan. And she actually…she was in a band, a brass band, an orchestra. She actually came to New Zealand to just play in this orchestra. She was a very lovely girl. She spoke fluent English so we had no problems in communicating.凯特:第二个交换学生非常有意思。她来自关东……抱歉,是关西地区,在日本大阪附近。实际上她是乐队成员,是铜管乐队,管弦乐队的成员。她来新西兰就是为了参加这个管弦乐队。她是个非常可爱的女孩。她能说流利的英语,所以我们在交流上完全没有问题。Todd: How long did she stay?托德:她住了多长时间?Kate: She stayed for 3 weeks actually. A bit longer.凯特:她住了三周的时间。要稍微长一些。Todd: You said there was one more…托德:你说过还有一名交换学生……Kate: One more was Ayako. She was older, she was actually more my brothers age so she spent a lot of time with my brother rather than with me cause I was going to school every day.凯特:对,最后一个交换学生叫绫子。她的年龄要大一些,其实她和我哥哥的年龄差不多,所以相比我来说,她和我哥哥待在一起的时间更长,因为我每天都要去上学。Todd: Oh, I see.托德:哦,我知道了。Kate: But we still got on very well. And my most memorable moment was going horse riding with her.凯特:不过我们相处得很好。我印象最深的就是和她一起去骑马。Todd: Oh, nice. Had she been on a horse before?托德:真好。她以前骑过马吗?Kate: No, first time.凯特:没有,那是第一次。Todd: She must have been pretty scared of the horses!托德:她一定非常害怕马!Kate: Yeah she was.凯特:没错,她很害怕。 译文属 /201412/347577

中国与意大利联合举办的“佛罗伦萨与文艺复兴:名家名作”展正在中国国家物馆展出。央视近日在播出“大卫像”画面时,为其私处打上了马赛克。这一举动引来网友一片争议。请看中国日报网的报道:CCTV covered the genitals of the statue with digital mosaics while broadcasting images of the exhibition at 11:48 am on July 9.7月9日中午11:48央视在播出展览的画面时,在著名雕像大卫的生殖器部位打上马赛克。上面报道中的digital mosaic就是指“马赛克”,指一种使图像(视频)变得模糊、无法辨认的处理手段。加了马赛克的图像英语中叫mosaic-blurred images,去除马赛克就叫remove mosaic blur。央视打马赛克的行为引发热议,有网友认为裸体雕塑确实not for childrens eyes (少儿不宜);也有网友认为该用艺术眼光去看艺术品。Mosaic本意是指用小块的五颜六色的石子或是玻璃拼接成的棋盘似的图案,或是马赛克(一种瓷砖);也可作动词,例如mosaic a sidewalk(用马赛克把人行道铺出来)。这个词现在引申为任何由小块图像拼接起来的图案,如photomosaic(马赛克拼图)是指用很多小的图片按色搭配等拼出一张大的图片。 /201207/189841

9. Have you made any distance calls?你打长途电话了吗?还能这样说:Do you use the service of distance calls?Have you called the long distance?应用:in the distance 在远处;keep at a distance 别靠近;keep distance 留间隔;keep ones distance from 避开,不接近;keep sb. at a distance 对某人保持疏远10. There is an extra room charge on your bill.在账单上还有一笔额外的房间费用。还能这样说:There is an additional room fee on your bill.There is another room charge on your bill.应用:extra loss 额外损失;extra bus 加班车;extra cost 追加费用;without extra charge 不额外收费;extra power 外部能源11. We cant get a cleaner in any earlier than 10 a.m.我们上午10点前没有清洁工清扫。还能这样说:We dont provide house keeping before 10 a.m.We cant do some cleaning earlier than 10 a.m.谚语:When the going gets tough, the tough get going.艰难之路,唯勇者行。12. Ill just need to ask you for your room keys.现在请您把房间钥匙给我。还能这样说:May I have your room keys?Your room keys, please.应用:for the asking 一经索取免费赠送;if you ask me 我认为,依我说;ask about 打听,询问,查询;ask after 问候,探问 /201407/308863

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