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新英语900句视频版 第42课 阅读与提高 文本如下:LESSON 1 THE WORLD#39;S ,FAIR NEWSLETTER第一课 世界览会会刊Volume I No.10Published by THE WORLD#39;S FAIR CORPORATIONand THE G. W. CRAWFORD ENCYSOMETHING FOR EVERYONEby Henry LEEDSIn case you#39;ve never stopped in at the World#39;s Fair Ice Cream Parlor, let me introduce you to it. First, the facts:Our World#39;s Fair Ice Cream Parlor is one of the largest ice cream parlors you will find anywhere in the world.It is open until midnight, seven days a week, and the staff is always y to serve you and your friends.Our ice cream parlor hasn#39;t really been there for a hundred years. It just looks that way. In fact, they have been selling ice cream for only two months now.Inspired by a more elegant age, the careful manners and the old-fashioned costumes of the staff were designed to make you.the customers, feel at home.Let me now tell you about the ice cream. They tell me that the recipe they use has been making ice cream lovers happy since .They have flavors#39;that you#39;ve never heard of. And all of them are delicious. I will describe only one of their specialties. It is called the Kitchen Sink. What is a kitchen Sink? It is a huge stainless steel dish, about twelve inches wide, eighteen inches long, and about eight inches deep, which is filled with twenty different kinds of ice cream.On top of all this are piled whipped cream, nuts, fruit, and chocolate syrup. I warn you, this dessert is only for the strongest of stomachs. Don#39;t worry, though. They have desserts for every taste and pocketbook.第1册、第10号世界览会与加里·惠特尼?·克劳伍德事务所联合印发人人满意亨利·利斯如果您从未到过世界览会的冷饮店,那就让我来给您介绍一下。首先,可以说,我们世界览会的冷饮店是您在世界上所能见到的最大的冷饮店之一。每周七天营业,每日务到午夜。您和您的朋友在这里将随时受到最好的款待。我们冷饮店的历史不到一百年。正是这样,事实上,出销冰激凌才两个月。穿着古典装的务员,他们的精心照料和一流务将吸引着您和所有的顾客,使您感到宾至如归。现在我来谈谈冰激凌。冷饮店的人告诉我,他们所用的冰激凌配方从1865年以来,一直深受顾客们的欢迎。他们的风味你从来没听说过。而所有这些冷饮都可口。我只介绍其中的一种,它叫Kitchen Sink。什么是Kitchen Sink?它是一个大不锈钢盘子,大约十二英寸宽,十八英寸深,里面装着二十种各式各样的冰激凌。每个冰激凌上面都放些奶油、坚果仁、水果和巧克力蜜。我提醒您,这些仅仅是为那些胃口好的人所享用的。不过别担心,他们还为您准备了不同口味和价格的冰激凌。LESSON 2 A Letter from Brazil Dear Joana and Paulo,第二课 来自巴西的信I just wanted to tell you that I arrived here safe and sound.Your father was fine. He was a bit lonely while I was away, but it was nice to find out how much we missed each other.He#39;s really a good man. You know, he was sick while I was visiting you, but he never told us because he didn#39;t want us to worry.He was probably right. He knows how I worry.Anyway, he#39;s better now, although I wish he would take better care of himself.How are you, Paulo? How I admire your ability to learn languages!I must tell you how nice it was to come home to Brazil where everyone in the street speaks Portuguese.I realize now how much energy it took to speak English !And Joana, keep me informed of your plans. I wish your father could meet Michael.Your father wants to add a few words at the end of the letter. Take care of yourselves, and please write when you get a minute.Love, MamaYour mother had a wonderful time with you both, but I#39;m glad to have her back home. Paulo-one of my clients, Mr. Cortisoz will be in New York next week. If it is not too much trouble, I#39;d like you to do whatever you can to make his stay more pleasant. If he doesn#39;t call you, fine. I#39;ll be in New York on business in October. I#39;ll see you both then.Take care, papa亲爱的乔安娜、鲍罗:告诉你们,我已经安全正点到家。你爸爸很好。我走之后,他有点寂寞。我们好长时间不见,这次重逢真让人高兴。他是个好人。你们知道吗?我去看你们的时候,他生病了,可他没有告诉我们,他怕我们着急。也许他是对的,他知道我着急是什么样子。总之,我一直叮嘱他要注意自己的身体。他现在病已经好了。怎么样,鲍罗?我真羡慕你学语言的能力!告诉你,当我一回到巴西,听到街上的人都讲葡萄牙语,心里是多么地高兴。现在我觉得讲英语很费力。乔安娜,随时给我写信,谈谈你的思想。我想让你爸爸见见米其尔。你们的爸爸想在信后边说几句。照顾好自己,立刻回信。爱你们的妈妈你们的妈妈和你们在一起过的很快活,可我倒很高兴她回来。鲍罗,我的一位顾客考替索斯下个星期要纽约,如果不麻烦,希望你们尽力帮助他,让他满意。如果他不去找你们,就算了。我也将在9月份到纽约去办点儿公事,到时候去看你们。注意身体,爸爸LESSON 3 A Thousand Voices第三课 沸腾的欢呼声[Jim Yamamoto wrote this essay to accompany his application to college. In the end, he sent in the one about his parents because he liked it better. But we liked this one, too, and thought you might like to see it]From the earliest times, people have held sports competitions.The athletic few compete on the field while the rest of us participate from the safety of our seats.Today sports are certainly as popular as ever, and because of radio and television, we can now compete from a distance. In fact, for important competitions, the whole world becomes one big stadium.It is hard to say why humans like organized games. The reasons that we enjoy sports probably differ from person to person.Whether little kids are kicking a ball around a city playground, or million-dollar-a-year athletes are playing in a modern stadium, the excitement of competition, motion, discipline. and beauty are in the air.Who doesn#39;t stop to watch a ball game in the street or a swimmer in a pool? What parents are not proud to see their children carried off the field by thankful fans?For the players, the joys of sportsmanship can include punishing self-discipline and the friendship of teammates.Then there is that special thrill that comes only to a lucky few. It is the thrill that comes from hearing a thousand Voices shout your name. But personal victory is only one kind of victory. In every game someone must lose, but mankind wins every time an athletic record is broken. It is this sapect of sports that brings people together.Even in defeat, no one says to an athlete, ;So what?; You say, ;Good try!; And when your pride gets hurt and your muscles are sore, you say to yourself, ;That#39;s part of the game. I#39;ll win next time!;[吉姆·亚玛莫托写了下面这篇短文交给学校。前面他交了一篇关于他父母的短文,他很喜欢那篇文章。但我们也很喜欢这篇,而且我们认为您也会喜欢这篇。]很久以前,人们就举办体育比赛,当时的运动很少在正规的场地中进行,以供其他人在自己的位置安全地观看。今天的体育运动已经相当流行。由于电视和收音机的普及,我们远离比赛场地,也会有身临其境的感觉。实际上,对于一场重要的比赛来说,整个世界就好像一座大体育场。很难说清楚人们为什么喜欢组织比赛。参加体育运动的原因是因人而异的。无论是小孩子们喜爱在市内的运动场上踢足球;还是在现代化的体育场内举办的每年一百万美元的体育运动,你都能感觉到比赛的精、运动、训练和美妙。谁不停下来看两眼街头的球赛和游泳池中的游泳健儿?哪个家长不盼望自己的孩子被狂热的球迷们簇拥着抬出运动场?对运动员来说,他们的乐趣还包括自身的严格训练及队员们之间的友谊。然而对于运动场上的姣姣者来说,那就是当成千上万的人呼喊你的名字时,还有一种特殊的刺激。可是个人的胜利仅仅是胜利的一种。在任何一场比赛中都会有人失利,但每一次也总会有人赢,打破运动记录。体育是使人们聚集在一起的一种形式。即使是失败,也没人会对运动员说“怎么样?”人们会说“再试试”。当你的自尊心受到打击,你的肌肉感到疲劳时,你应该对自己说:“这只是比赛的一部分,下次我准能获胜。” /200809/47900【视频讲解】While many MBA programmes are feeling the pinch, life is rosy for the very best business schools. Chicago retains its place at the top of our ranking of full-time MBAs. It is the sixth time in seven years that it has taken first place.虽说很多MBA课程如今都光景惨淡,但那些顶尖商学院的前景却一片光明。在我们全日制MBA的排名中,芝加哥大学商学院仍然位居榜首,这是其七年来第六次拔得头筹。Pinch v./n.捏疼,疼痛- My mom pinched me.- The industry/business is feeling the pinch. 光景惨淡Rosy adj. 光鲜的,乐观的- rosy view of current situationRetain v.保持 (keep)Full-time 全职,part-time 兼职Like most of Chicago’s peers, nearly all of its MBA class can expect to find a job immediately after graduation, with a basic salary well in excess of 0,000. Such degrees do not come cheap. The average cost of tuition at the top 15 schools is 2,000.与其他多数同等层次的MBA课程一样,芝加哥大学商学院几乎所有的学生都有望一毕业就找到工作,并且基本工资超过10万美元。这样的学位读下来并不便宜。排名前15位的商学院平均学费要11.2万美元。Peer n.同龄/阶层的人- Peer pressure 同龄人压力Do not come cheap/easyTuition n.学费America, the spiritual home of the MBA, dominates our list, accounting for 11 of the top 15 schools. The ranking is based on a mix of hard data and subjective marks given by students.作为MBA的“精神家园”,美国的院校在我们的排名中占据着主导地位——包揽了前15名中的11席。本排名结合硬数据及学生们的主观打分。dominate v.占主导地位account for 占比subjective adj.主观的- objective adj.客观的It weights data according to what students tell us is important. The four categories covered are: opening new career opportunities (35% weighting), personal development and educational experience (35%), increasing salary (20%) and the potential to network (10%).并依据学生的意见来衡量数据的重要程度。数据涵盖的四个类别分别为:拓展新的工作机遇(占35%的权重)、个人发展及教育经历(35%)、涨薪(20%),以及建立关系网的潜力(10%)。potential n.潜力 Article/201706/512611We#39;re doing well. Say hello to GaryVee and what are your thoughts so far?我们做得很好,向加里打招呼,你现在在想什么?Hey Joe. What did the last girl say on the radio show?嘿,乔。广播节目中的最后一个女孩说了什么?We couldn#39;t hear it on my...我听不到...The last call in from Joe was, I was driving and Gary was making me super uncomfortable与乔的最后一个电话是,我正在开车,加里使我特不舒because he was saying stop complaining因为他让我停止抱怨but I love complaining and I live my life complaining and it just hit me.但我喜欢抱怨,我过着抱怨的生活,这让我很生气。Joe, I love you so much. You don#39;t understand.乔,我非常喜欢你,你不懂。This is the biggest thing for me. Like, I#39;ve aly made my thing.这是我最重要的事,就像我已经做完了我的事。I#39;m gonna buy the New York Jets and there#39;ll be a movie and it#39;s gonna be great.我打算买纽约喷气机队的票,这会是一部电影,很好的电影,At this point, Joe, this phone call means the world to me.在这点上,乔,这个电话就是我的全世界You have to understand why this matters.你必须理解它多么重要。If you actually believe what you just said,如果你真的相信你刚才说的,if this is not a fleeting moment of the energy of this show and如果它不是这个节目的兴奋剂,you#39;re able to maintain that feeling you cannot imagine how much better your life is going to be.并且你能保持那种感觉的话,你简直不能想象你的生活会提升到什么层次。It#39;s easy to complain. Complaining is the easy way out.抱怨很容易,抱怨是捷径,Negativity is the easy way out.消极是捷径,You#39;re lucky if you#39;re gorgeous but if you eat like crap and如果你生活得极好,那很幸运,但如果你吃的不好,don#39;t take care of yourself and do drugs and drink alcohol, you#39;ll not look gorgeous.还不照顾自己,吸毒酗酒,那你看起来特别不好You#39;re lucky if you#39;re 6#39;11; and can sprint like a gazelle如果你身高是6英尺11英寸,那么你很幸运,可以像瞪羚一样奔跑。but if you don#39;t work on your craft then you don#39;t work on your outside jumper,但如果你不专注于手艺,你就不能外跳投,if you don#39;t work on your intensity and your endurance, you won#39;t be an NBA player.如果你不专注于强度和持久力,你就成不了NBA运动员。So, yes, I got lucky that I can win the game of life and entrepreneurship所以,我很幸运赢得生活和创业这场比赛,but I#39;ve put in the work for the last 25 years minimumly and maybe even longer但我以前已经努力了至少25年,甚至更多,to be the best version of myself at this thing.才成为最好的自己。 Article/201706/513074

13 Likes and Dislikes喜欢和厌恶Asking if somebody likes(doing)something询问某人是否喜欢(做)某事Are you interested in detective stories?你对侦探小说感兴趣吗?Does boxing interest you?你对拳击感兴趣吗?What are your interests?你有什么爱好?Is music your chief interest?音乐是你的主要爱好吗?Are you keen on disco?你热衷于迪斯科吗?Do you enjoy Beijing opera?你喜欢京剧吗?Do you like meeting people?你喜欢与人交往吗?Do you enjoy painting?你喜欢画画吗?Do you go for jazz?你喜欢爵士乐吗?Are you fond of movies?你喜欢看电影吗?Are you a film goer?你是电影迷吗?Are you a party goer?你热衷于聚会吗?Does boxing appeal to you?拳击对你有吸引力吗?Stating one#39;s likes or dislikes陈述喜欢或厌恶I#39;m interested in meeting VIPs.我对与名人交往感兴趣。Figure skating interests me a great deal.花样滑冰使我很感兴趣。My chief interest is writing novels.我的主要爱好是写小说。I#39;m keen on classical music.我热衷于古典音乐。I really enjoy attending parties.我确实喜欢参加聚会。I like fishing.我喜欢钓鱼。I#39;m really fond of collecting rare books.我特别喜欢收藏珍本图书。I really go for oysters.我特爱吃牡蛎。I#39;m a football fan.我是足球迷。I#39;m crazy about skating.我迷恋滑冰。I#39;m mad about skating.我迷恋滑冰。I#39;m wild about skating.我迷恋滑冰。I have a passion for Shakespeare#39;s wroks.我酷爱莎士比亚的作品。I have a liking for Beethoven#39;s symphonies.我喜欢贝多芬的交响乐。She doesn#39;t like anything I do or say.我的一言一行,她都不喜欢。I didn#39;t like the taste of the medicine,but I took it anyway.我不喜欢这种药的味道,但不管怎么说我还是吃了。I don#39;t care much for tomatoes.我不太喜欢西红柿。Frankly,I think it#39;s terrible.坦率地说,我认为这太糟糕了。To tell the truch,they made me sick.说实话,一见到他们我就讨厌。I hate going to the theatre.我讨厌看我。Conversations会话 /200706/14691

October 29th, 1942.Temperatures heading for minus 50.1942年十月二十九日 气温将近零下五十华氏度But today, the two ends of the road meet.但是今天 道路的两头接合了Corporal Refines Sims becomes a national hero.瑞凡斯·西姆斯下士成为了民族英雄It was a shining symbol of the fact these men are equal to the task,这是一个光辉的象征 象征着不同人种肩负着同等的任务they are equal to their white counterparts,they#39;re equal men.他们与白人工兵是平等的 他们是平等的人 Within six years, the U.S. Army is racially integrated.六年间 美国陆军集合了不同的人种The Alcan Highway: complete.爱尔肯公路竣工了Part of a 16,000-mile road,它是一万六千英里的公路的一部分The world#39;s longest drivable route,是世界上最长的可驾驶路线Running the length of the Americas.相当于美洲的长度It was a huge step forward and it led to such demand for more roads这是一个巨大的进步 它给人们带来了对于道路的更大需求that we see roads now literally circling the planet.以至于我们现在看到道路确确实实地环绕着地球Within half a century,The world is wrapped in a network of roads,五十年来 世界包裹在道路网络中Long enough to stretch to the moon and back 20 times.距离长到从地球到月球往返距离的二十倍But while warfare on a global scale Pushes us to connect the world and re-shape it,尽管全球范围的战争 促使我们连接世界 重塑世界It also unleashes a new and terrifying source of power它同时也释放出一种可怕的新生力量之源That could support human life on earth For millions of years,Or obliterate it.它既可以作为人类在地球上生活 几百万年的保障 亦可彻底毁灭人类 Article/201605/445917

When Coco#39;s GPS collar is first turned on,当蔻蔻的GPS项圈最初开启时she#39;s in this house,她在这栋房子里and it#39;s not hers.可那并不是她的家On Tuesday, here#39;s Chip.周二 这是奇普Again, he enters a neighbouring house.他再次入侵了邻近的房子And a day later,一天后here#39;s Claude doing the same.克劳德在做同样的事情It#39;s only when we install surveillance cameras只有在猫洞旁安装监控摄像机后by the cat flaps that we see exactly what is happening here.我们才看清这里到底发生了什么Rosie has her evening meal.罗西正在享用晚餐And then half an hour later, her neighbour, Claude,然而半小时过后 她的邻居克劳德boldly enters her home大摇大摆走进她家and helps himself to the leftovers when she is out of the way.趁她外出时肆意享用了剩下的晚餐At 3pm the next day, he#39;s at it again.第二天下午3点 他又来拜访了And it won#39;t be the last time.而且这不会是最后一次It#39;s a bit of a surprise to Claude#39;s owner.对克劳德的主人来说这有点意外重点解释:1.turn on 打开例句:He asked me to turn on the radio for him.他让我替他打开收音机。2.help to 帮助例句:The music will help to relax you.音乐会使你感到轻松。3.a bit of 一点儿的例句:It was a bit of a bore, wasn#39;t it?这有点叫人厌烦,不是吗? Article/201608/463581

Has anyone ever told you, ;Stand up straight!; or scolded you for slouching at a family dinner?有没有人曾经告诉过你:“不要弯腰驼背!”亦或是因为你在家庭晚餐的时候肩背佝偻而受到训斥。Comments like that might be annoying, but they#39;re not wrong.但所谓忠言逆耳,他们并没有错。Your posture, the way you hold your body when you#39;re sitting or standing,姿势,也就是你掌控自己身体的方式,例如坐姿和站姿is the foundation for every movement your body makes,不仅是你肢体做出每个动作的基础,and can determine how well your body adapts to the stresses on it.也能决定你的身体能承受多大压力。These stresses can be things like carrying weight, or sitting in an awkward position.这些压力可能来自于重物的搬运或者不正确的坐姿。And the big one we all experience all day every day: gravity.还有一项每天都在影响我们的:万有引力。If your posture isn#39;t optimal, your muscles have to work harder to keep you upright and balanced.如果你的姿势不标准,你的肌肉需要更紧绷来保持身体的直立与平衡。Some muscles will become tight and inflexbile. Others will be inhibited.一些肌肉将会变得紧绷而且僵硬。还有一些会被拘束从而让人不自在。Over time, these dysfunctional adaptations impair your body#39;s ability to deal with the forces on it.随着时间流逝,这些功能失调将会减弱你身体对外来压力的抵抗性。Poor posture inflicts extra wear and tear on your joints and ligaments,不良的姿势会给你的韧带和关节增加额外负担,从而撕裂它们,increases the likelihood of accidents, and makes some organs, like your lungs, less efficient.也会增加事故发生的可能性,同时让某些器官,比如肺的工作效率降低。Researchers have linked poor posture to scoliosis, tension headaches, and back pain,研究明,不正确的姿势可导致的症状有:脊柱侧凸神经紧张性头痛以及背疼,though it isn#39;t the exclusive cause of any of them.尽管不良姿势并不是这些症状的唯一诱因。Posture can even influence your emotional state and your sensitivity to pain.姿势甚至可以影响你的精神状态以及你对痛觉的敏感度。So there are a lot of reasons to aim for good posture.所以保持好的姿势是很必要的。But it#39;s getting harder these days.但最近保持好姿势越来越难了。Sitting in an awkward position for a long time can promote poor posture,长时间别扭的坐姿会进一步加重不良姿势,and so can using computers or mobile devices, which encourage you to look downward.电脑和手机的使用也会有同样效果,因为电子产品会促使你向下看。Many studies suggest that, on average, posture is getting worse.很多研究表明,通常来讲人们的姿势越来越糟糕。So what does good posture look like?所以正确的姿势看起来是什么样的呢?When you look at the spine from the front or the back, all 33 vertebrae should appear stacked in a straight line.当你从前方或者后方观察脊椎时,所有的33根脊椎骨看起来应该在同一条直线上。From the side, the spine should have three curves:从侧面观察,脊柱应该有三个曲线。one at your neck, one at your shoulders, and one at the small of your back.一个在脖子处,一个在肩膀处,还有一个小弯曲在背部。You aren#39;t born with this s-shaped spine. Babies#39; spines just have one curve like a ;c.;这个S曲线不是与生俱来的。婴儿的脊椎只有一个弧度,就像字母C一样。The other curves usually develop by 12-18 months as the muscles strengthen.其他的弯曲通常会在12-18个月发育成型,与肌肉力量的增长同步。These curves help us stay upright and absorb some of the stress from activities like walking and jumping.这些弯曲帮助我们直立,并帮助我们分担一部分来自于走路和跳跃的压力。If they are aligned properly, when you#39;re standing up,如果它们被排成一条直线。当你站立时,you should be able to draw a straight line from a point just in front of your shoulders,你能够画上一条直线,从你的肩膀正前方to behind your hip, to the front of your knee, to a few inches in front of your ankle.经过臀部的正后方、穿过膝盖的前方,直到你脚踝前方几英寸。This keeps your center of gravity directly over your base of support,这让你的重心正好在你的撑面的正上方,which allows you to move efficiently with the least amount of fatigue and muscle strain.让你能够更有效率的移动,同时减少了肌肉的绷紧与疲劳。If you#39;re sitting, your neck should be vertical, not tilted forward.如果你正坐着,你的脖子应当是竖直的,而不是向前倾斜。Your shoulders should be relaxed with your arms close to your trunk.你的双肩应当放松,双臂靠近躯干。Your knees should be at a right angle with your feet flat on the floor.你的膝盖应在正确的角度,且脚掌平放接触地面。But what if your posture isn#39;t that great?不过万一你的姿势没有那么好呢?Try redesigning your environment. Adjust your screen so it#39;s at or slightly below eyelevel.试着重新设定你所处的环境。调整你的屏幕,使其刚好或略低于你的平视视线。Make sure all parts of your body, like your elbows and wrists, are supported, using ergonomic aids if you need to.确保你身体的每一个部分,比如肘和腕关节都有撑物,必要的时候使用人体工程学的辅助设备。Try sleeping on your side with your neck supported and with a pillow between your legs.试着侧睡,并让脖子得到撑,以及双腿之间夹一个枕头。Wear shoes with low heels and good arch support, and use a headset for phone calls.穿低跟或能撑足弓的鞋,并用耳麦接电话。It#39;s also not enough to just have good posture.但是,仅仅拥有好的姿势是不够的。Keeping your muscles and joints moving is extremely important.保持关节和肌肉的持续运动是非常重要的。In fact, being stationary for long periods with good posture can be worse than regular movement with bad posture.事实上,长时间以正确的姿势保持静止不动甚至比用不好的姿势做寻常运动更糟糕。When you do move, move smartly. Keep anything you#39;re carrying close to your body.所以要明智的移动。保持你所搬运的人或物靠近你的身体。Backpacks should be in contact with your back carried symmetrically.背包需要对称地紧贴在背上。If you sit a lot, get up and move around on occasion, and be sure to exercise.如果你长时间坐着,每隔一段时间起身在周围走动一下,另外一定要锻炼。Using your muscles will keep them strong enough to support you effectively,经常锻炼肌肉让它们保持强健,以便于让它们更有效地为你务,on top of all the other benefits to your joints, bones, brain and heart.另外这对你的关节、骨骼、大脑以及心脏都有好处。And if you#39;re really worried, check with a physical therapist, because yes, you really should stand up straight.而且如果你实在很担心,你可以去找理疗师做检查,因为是的,你真的应该站直。 Article/201706/515119

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