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Morgans newfound power is a huge wakeup call to his rivals.根新得到的力量 无疑是给对手们敲响了警钟They see Morgan as a threat they need to deal with.他们将根看成是需要处理的威胁Before he deals with them.在根着手对付他们之前John Rockefeller feels the pressure to keep his empire intact like never before.约翰·洛克菲勒感受到了前所未有的压力Despite his best efforts to stop it in its tracks......electricity has gone mainstream.他已经想尽一切办法阻止电力的普及 但电还是成为了主流The people started these great companies, they just think out solutions on their own to problems.开创这些大公司的人 他们会自己思考问题的You dont do it the way its been done before-- thats in a book.你不能按照书本上写的老办法做You go out and you try something new cause you think itll, that youll be able to make it work...你需要自己去尝试新思路 你需要设法让它能够奏效To keep Standard Oil profitable, Rockefeller needs to find a product to replace kerosene.为了维持标准石油的盈利性 洛克菲勒需要找一种替代煤油的产品And the answer may have been in front of him the entire time.或许早就曾出现在他面前Just over 100 degrees you get a mixture of alkanes.超过100度后 你就会得到烷烃混合物Sadly it cant be used for anything.可悲的是 这些不能被用于任何东西Why not?为什么Too volatile.挥发性太强Rockefeller targets a byproduct of refining oil that for years has been thrown away.洛克菲勒看准了炼油中的一种副产品 很多年来 它都被当成废物丢掉The highly flammable runoff is soaking fields and polluting rivers.高可燃性废料一直在渗入土地 污染河流The toxic substance is called gasoline......and so far, no one has figured out a use for it.这种有毒物质的名字叫作汽油 到目前为止 没人知道怎么用它201606/448886原味人文风情:Ah...beautiful day. Id call it perfect. But its missing something, dont you think? Ah! There it is. This morning just wasnt complete until your first cup of coffee, right? Yeah, theres nothing quite like a steaming cup full of an addictive drug in the morning.Im Roger. And Id love to tell you about Horton brand warm, addictive brown stuff.啊...美好的一天。我会说是完美的一天。但少了某些东西,你不觉得吗?啊!来了。这早晨不到你喝下第一杯咖啡就不算完整,对吧?是呀,没有什么比得上早晨来一整杯热呼呼让人上瘾的毒品。我是 Roger。而我很乐意和你谈谈霍顿牌那温暖、使人上瘾的咖啡色物体。Please enjoy this footage of velvety smooth beans,followed by a well-shot close-up of a hot brown liquidthats brewed by mixing heated water with the roasted, smashed-up seeds of a flowering shrub native to Southern Africa and Tropical Asia. I only showed you that to remind you, you desperately need your fix. How could you forget? You see, these small brown seedsare a naturally occurring source of the worlds most widely consumed central nervous system stimulant—caffeine. While most brain-altering substances are outlawed or at least tightly controlled by the government, this entirely legal psychoactive drug is enjoyed by basically every person you know, on a daily basis, completely unrestricted, and with zero cultural stigma. In fact, its openly celebrated by your friends, family, and morning television personalities!请享受这天鹅绒般光滑的豆子的画面,紧接着是一个滚烫棕色液体的超美特写,由热水混合烘烤过且捣碎的开花灌木种子冲煮而成,原产于南部非洲和热带亚洲。我给你看那不过是要提醒你,你亟需满足你的瘾头。你怎能忘记?你瞧,这些咖啡色小种子是世界上最广泛被摄取的中枢神经系统兴奋剂的天然来源--也就是咖啡因。尽管大部分会改变精神状态的物质都被法律禁止或至少受到政府严密管控,这一个完全合法的精神药物却基本上被每个你认识的人享用着,每一天、完全不受限,且完全没有文化污名。事实上,它被你的朋友、家人和早晨电视名人们公开地赞扬着!Smells so good. I cant wait to add flavors and sweetener to distract from the natural flavor of this thing I claim to love and not be addicted to.闻起来真香!我等不及要添加香料跟甜味剂,这样就喝不到这个我宣称热爱又没上瘾的饮品的天然风味。I do like it! Its just that...two sugars and that hazelnut creamer make it—Im not addicted to...我真的喜欢它!只是...两颗糖和那榛果奶精让它--我没有上瘾...Junkies like him keep me, a harvester of brown seeds, in business. But not just me—also me, a distributor of overpriced addictive sludge.像他一样的瘾君子让身为咖啡色种子采收者的我有生意上门。但不只是我--还有我,一个提供订价过高、使人成瘾的烂泥的人。It also comes in pumpkin flavored, if youd prefer that to the wet-cigar, boiled-asphalt flavor that occurs naturally.这还有南瓜口味喔,如果比起像湿雪茄和煮沸沥青的原味,你更喜欢南瓜口味的话。I do!我喜欢!Great! Thatll be 11 dollars and...heres a cup with your name just butchered on it to prove that you will let literally anyone treat you literally however they want as long as theyre handing you a cup of the chemical reward of an unregulated psychoactive drug. Enjoy your drug disguised as a universally celebrated touchstone of human culture, Randor. Randor? Thats not even a name! I didnt even try.好极了!那总共是十一美元,还有...这里是一个被胡乱写上你的名字的杯子,明你真的会让任何人随意对待你,只要他们递给你一杯不受管制的精神药物所带来的化学反馈。享受你那被伪装成全世界颂扬的人类文化标竿的毒药吧,Randor。Randor?那甚至不是一个名字!我连试着拼出来都没有。Now, I understand that you wouldnt want to associate that chemical reward with the knowledge that people with far less money than you are severely underpaid to grow and harvest these bitter, drug-laden seeds. So Id like to show you some more footage, this time of a hardworking, happy-looking person in Ethiopia, or Guatemala, somewhere hot—it doesnt really matter.Im also going to say some words that, combined with these images, should make you feel better.现在,我了解你不会想要把咖啡带来的化学反馈和这种事连结在一起,赚的钱比你少许多的人正被低价剥削来种植和采收这些又苦又满是毒品的种子。所以我想要再给你看看更多画面,这次是一位勤奋、满脸喜悦的人,他在衣索比亚,或危地马拉,某个很热的地方--其实不太重要。我也要来说一些词,结合这些影像,那应该会让你觉得好受点。Organic.有机。Cooperative.协同合作。Sustainable.永续发展。Ethical...um...ethics.合乎道德的...呃...道德。I could bore you with the details and complexities of the international commodities market, or I could just say, ;Hey, look! This burlap bag of beans has Fair Trade stamped on it.;我可以用国际商品市场的细节和繁琐事物让你感到厌烦,或者我可以就说:「嘿,你看!这袋粗麻布袋的豆子上面印有『公平贸易』耶。」Thats good...right那很好呀...是吧?Sure! Or at any rate, it lets you plausibly deny that your happiness fix relies on somebody elses misery. Now the only thing thatll keep you up at night is the central nervous system stimulant you consume on a daily basis via this mix of heated water and roasted, smashed-up seeds.当然!或至少,它让你貌似合理地否认你的快乐泉源是建立在别人的痛苦之上。现在唯一会让你夜晚失眠的东西,只有你每天摄取的中枢神经系统兴奋剂,透过这杯热水与烘烤过且捣碎的种子的混和物。Why are you doing this Why are you telling us this?!你为什么要这么做?你为什么要告诉我们这个?!Youre really cranky when you havent had your coffee, you know that? There you go...a nice warm cup of your personality. Drink it up!你还没喝咖啡时真的很暴躁不安耶,你知道吗?就是这样...极棒又温暖的一杯人品。干杯吧!Im Roger, by the way.顺道一提,我是 Roger。201703/498531These giant animals lumbered slowly across the landscape in large herds.这些巨大的动物成群结队,在陆地上缓慢行走With tiny brains the size of a golf ball,它们的脑只有高尔夫球那么大they were neither quick-witted nor fleet-footed. They didnt need to be.所以它们既不聪明,也不灵敏,可是它们根本不需要这些Sheer size was their defense.庞大的体型是最好的防御武器Only the youngest or the sickest were at risk from smaller predators.只有老弱病残者才会面临较小的掠食恐龙的威胁The reign of the long-necks lasted for 60 million years, and then they died out; no one knows why.蜥脚类恐龙的统治持续了6000万年,接着它们就灭亡了,没有人知道原因By the end of the final age of dinosaurs, the Cretaceous Period, things were very different.到了恐龙时代的末期——白垩纪,情况变得很不一样A new and more vicious species of dinosaur arrived on the scene, the massive carnivorous tyrannosaurs.一种全新并且更为凶猛的恐龙登上了历史舞台,巨大的食肉霸王龙They were enormous. They were the biggest carnivores known.它们庞大无比,而且是已知最大的食肉动物For the next 25 million years, these huge meat-eaters preyed upon everything around them.在之后的2500万年里,这种巨型食肉恐龙捕食身边所有的动物These giant predators never met the long-necked herbivores.这些高大的掠食动物永远不会碰上植食蜥脚类恐龙But there was a part of the world where evolution took a different path... South America.但在地球上的某个地方,进化却走上了一条不同的道路。南美洲Millions of years ago, when dinosaurs first appeared, all the land was connected in one huge super-continent, Pangea.亿万年前,当恐龙刚开始出现时,所有的陆地板块都联结为一块超大陆--盘古大陆201611/479303栏目简介:《趣味科普英语视频》有着浓厚的趣味性,能够增加英语学习爱好者对英语科普知识的兴趣,从而更加开心快乐地学习英语知识,建立起英语学习的基础,为以后学习更多的英语知识奠基,快来边看视频边涨姿势吧!201605/441578

Chinas illegal ivory trade is dying.中国的非法象牙贸易正在消亡。And thats fantastic news for Africas waning elephant population.这对于非洲日渐衰弱的大象种群来说是个好消息。According to a new report from conservation group Save the Elephants, the price of ivory in China has dropped from about 2,100 dollars per kilogram in 2014 to 730 dollars per kilogram in 2017.根据拯救大象保护组织的一份新报告,中国象牙的价格已从2014年的每公斤2100美元下降到2017年的730美元。On top of that, the report says every single one of Chinas ivory factories will be shut down by April 1. And all retail outlets in the country will close by the end of the year.此外,报告称中国在4月1日前将关闭每家象牙工厂。全国所有零售店年底前将关闭。Save the Elephants is crediting these big steps to an economic slowdown, growing public awareness and the governments commitment to put a stop to the trade.拯救大象将这些重大举措归功于经济增长的放缓、越来越强的公众意识和政府停止贸易的承诺。Chinas ivory market is one of the biggest in the world. And conservationists hope its decline will help end the widesp poaching of African elephants for tusks.中国的象牙市场是世界上最大的。自然资源保护主义者希望贸易的减少有助于结束为了获得象牙对非洲大象的普遍偷猎。According to the World Wildlife Fund, 3 million to 5 million elephants lived in Africa in the early part of the 20th century. Today, the countrys elephant population has plummeted to about 415,000.根据世界野生动物基金会的数据,二十世纪早期非洲有300万到500万头大象。现在该国的大象数量已锐减至约415,000头。But China still has a long way to go to protect other vulnerable species. Loopholes and exceptions allow the country to traffic parts from other wild animals, including tigers and rhinos.但是,在保护其它濒危物种上中国仍然有很长的路要走。法律上的漏洞和例外使其非法买卖其它野生动物,包括老虎和犀牛。译文属。201704/501735

For soldiers and spies,gaining access to buildings is a vital strategic and survival skill.对于士兵和间谍 进入建筑是重要的战略和生存技能This things set to blow.Soak this bandage in the diesel.炸弹安装完毕 用柴油浸泡绷带But it should never be attempted without the proper training.没接受过正确培训千万不要尝试As soon as this lights, you move back.Do exactly as I say, okay?一旦点着 向后退 照我说的做 好吗Okay.Fingers in ears.The charge is detonated with a loud explosion and a serious fireball.好了 手指堵住耳朵 随着一声巨响和一团巨大的火球 炸弹爆炸了Were in, were in.The wood around the entrance is alight,and I want to wait for the flame to die down.我们进去 进去 入口处的木头还在燃烧 我想等火势小了The doors been successfully blown,but I got to get through the flames to get in.门被成功的炸飞了 但我必须穿过火舌才能进入Check out the scale of this place.看看这地方规模多大You know, its not just the wild that can feel vast and intimidating.Its just huge.不只是荒野才会有 广袤和恐怖之感 太大了Its a massive abandoned workshop the size of four football fields and the height of a cathedral.这是个已废弃的巨大厂房 有四个足球场那么大以及大教堂那么高All the workers have long gone,but other creatures have started to settle in.工人们是早就离去了 但是其他生物开始入住此地Look, theres feathers everywhere here.Its more likely gonna be pigeon.看见没 到处都是羽毛 很可能是鸽子的羽毛Its just the sort of place theyre gonna like big, old, abandoned building, loads of place to shelter from the weather.这就是它们喜欢的地方 巨大的废弃老建筑 可以为它们遮风挡雨You know, but where theres pigeons, theres also gonna be eggs.一般来说 哪里有鸽子哪里就有鸽子蛋What I do know about pigeons is they like to nest high.就我所了解 鸽子喜欢在高地筑巢Getting up high in this building means a climb up through a serious forest of metal.攀爬这样一座建筑 就相当于攀爬慎人的钢筋丛林一般201610/470240

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