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Stay hungry. Stay foolish.求知若饥 虚怀若愚Its impossible to ask that how many people he deeply influenced directly or indirectly.有无数人直接或间接地受到他的深刻影响 But its certain that the Steve Jobs ripple effect will continue 但有一点却毫无疑问 史蒂夫·乔布斯连锁效应in some degree, forever.在某种程度上会永远延续下去He didnt invent the computer or the portable music player or the smartphone.他没有发明电脑 便携式音乐播放器 抑或是智能手机But Steve Jobs sure transformed our thinking from do I really need this?To -- I cant live without it.但史蒂夫·乔布斯的确改变了我们的想法从;我真的需要它吗;到;我已经离不开它了;His absence will be felt and well all benefit from his legacy.我们将会缅怀他 而且我们都将受益于他的遗产I think the Steve Jobs we lost more than just a friend and innovator.史蒂夫·乔布斯的离去对我们而言 不单是失去了一个朋友和创新者We lost the person who was the engine,我们失去的是一台引擎the engine of this revolution一台发动了此次革命的引擎and a person who personified it.一位将其赋予人性的伟人He was the face.他是位领袖500 years from now people will talk about the introduction of personal computers and all that came with them五百年后 人们会谈起个人电脑的诞生及其带来的影响and how it changed the world in every way.如何从各方面改变了这个世界And Steve was at the forefront of it.史蒂夫绝对是人们首先想到的He never really kind of went out there like he wanted fame,他一生澹泊明志 宁静致远he wanted money or anything like that.从不争名逐利He just wanted to make good products.他只想要制造优秀的产品I think every time you hear that little thing on your phone or your iPad,我想每当你听到电话或iPad上的提示音you remember him.你就会想起他He has inspired millions and millions of people.他激励了成千上万的人They got a really good team at Apple,苹果拥有一非常出色的团队but Steve, himself, that passion and energy,但是史蒂夫本人的和活力that ability to rally the troops and make it happen will never be replaced.那种重整旗鼓并东山再起的能力是无人能取代的Its true. One person can really change the world.没错 一个人真的可以改变世界And we just -- you just dont see that very often.只是这种事实在太罕见了Somebody once said to follow the path others have laid before you is a reasonable course of action.有人曾说过 遵循前人走过的道路才是正确合理的选择And therefore, all human progress is made by unreasonable men.但人类的进步都得益于那些不寻常的人Well, Steve Jobs was an unreasonable man.史蒂夫·乔布斯就是其中之一Hopefully, our little journey into his life will inspire you to go out and be unreasonable as well.希望他的这段传奇人生能激励你去走不寻常的道路As the man himself said正如他自己说的Stay hungry. Stay foolish.求知若饥 虚怀若愚And one more thing...我最后说一句Thanks Steve!谢谢你 史蒂夫 /201306/242390

Endurance running requires dedication and skill. Not only does the runner need to maximize speed, but the individual also has to maintain it. This will give you some basic tips on how to increase your speed and succeed at endurance running!长跑需要付出,也需要技巧。运动员不仅要把速度最大化,而且要保持这个速度。本视频将教给你提升跑步速度,在长跑运动中获胜的一些基本技巧。Heres some basic advice on how to run faster, and by that, I mean faster within endurance running, so for events 800 meters,1,500 meters up to the marathon. The sort of things you will need to focus on will be practicing some fast running which is fairly close to your maximum speed and slightly quicker than you can maintain in a middle distance race. So youre looking at fast bursts of running, maybe between eight and ten seconds up to maybe twenty-five, thirty seconds, moving at a fast pace with a sufficient recovery between each of these fast bursts so that you can carry on and do another burst with a good technical form.以下是怎样跑的更快的一些基本建议。我的意思是在长跑中跑的更快,可以是800米,1500米,甚至马拉松比赛。你需要集中进行一些快跑运动,最好接近你的最快速度,在比赛中间比你能维持的速度稍微快一点。所以,跑步过程中你需要加速,或许坚持8到10秒钟,然后增加到25秒钟,30秒钟,以最快的速度跑动,然后在这些加速之间充分恢复体力,这样就可以更好地进行另一次加速。Because youre putting big stresses through your body at close to maximum speed, youll need to think about the strength and conditioning that you need to undertake to ensure that you can withstand these stresses of high velocity. Youd also need to be as efficient as you can at fast speeds, so theres a range of technical running drills that youd need to be practicing so that everything is moving fast as it can. So, for example, each time you put your foot down, theres a breaking effect.因为你以接近最大的速度跑动,你的身体承受着巨大的压力。你需要考虑一下你要承受的力量和训练,以确保你能够承受高速度的压力。在快速跑动时你还要尽量做到最高效,你需要进行一系列技巧练习来确保达到最快。例如,你的脚每次落地的时候都有一个碎波效应。Now, you need to ensure that how you stride has a minimum breaking effect. So, in particular on the faster stuff and the technical elements of running at high speed, you should probably think about working with some sort of coaching group and getting someone to observe how. Someone who knows what theyre looking for and how to analyze it and feedback to you on the tweaks you could be making to improve your maximum running speed.你要确保你的步伐拥有最小的碎波效应。为了达到更快的速度,了解快速奔跑的技巧,你或许应该考虑与一些教练团队合作,让别人对你进行观察。他们知道要注意哪些方面,知道怎样进行分析,然后向你反馈,让你做出调整,使长跑速度最大化。So, its not just a matter of running training sessions. Its a matter of overall conditioning and technical elements to get close to your maximum velocity. So those are the over option things on how to run faster. .所以,这不仅仅是跑步训练时间的问题,而是要达到最快速度的整体训练和技巧的问题。以上就是关于怎样跑的更快的重点建议。Thanks for watching How To Run Faster感谢收看“怎样跑的更快”视频节目。201209/199861

中国社科院考古研究所14日举行“2009年度公共考古论坛”,公布该所对“曹魏高陵”的考察结果。河南省文物考古研究所副研究员、安阳县西高穴“曹魏高陵”发掘主持人潘伟斌表示,专家初步认定此墓葬的主人就是曹操,此墓葬就是魏武帝曹操的高陵。随后,包括王巍在内的多位考古专家从专业角度解读了这一发现。 Identification of Cao Cao tomb to be provedSenior archaeologists with Chinese Academy of Social Sciences say they agree withan the opinion of excavation team by and large that the tomb unearthed in Henan province's Anyang city belongs to Cao Cao, a famous general and leader who died in the year 220.The excavation team has found new evidence of three stone tablets at the tomb. Although there's no inscriptions of Cao Cao's title -- "King Wu of Wei", the calligraphy pattern is the same as previous tablets. One of the skulls found in the tomb belongs to a female between the age of fifty and sixty. The Academy of Social Sciences says the final result will come after conferring with historians.201001/94642

Learn how to plant carrots. Here Tom Cole from Capel Manor College in London shows you how to pant carrots from seed. Enjoy some fresh carrots from your own garden after watching VideoJugs tips.学习一下怎样种植胡萝卜。来自伦敦坎贝尔蒙纳学院的汤姆·科尔向你展示怎样从种子开始种植胡萝卜。听了VideoJug的建议后,品尝自己菜园里种植的新鲜胡萝卜吧!Step 1: You will need1.你需要Seeds,A draw hoe,A cane or something similar,A plank of wood,A frame and horticultural fleece,A garden fork,A metal rake,A stake and string,A landscape rake,It is also useful to have plant labels种子,锄头,竹藤或类似的东西,木板,框架和羊毛装织物,叉子,金属耙子,木桩和绳子,园艺用耙子,准备一些植物标签也有用处Step 2: Prepare the site2.准备场地Carrots should be planted in sunny or partially shaded sites that are sheltered from the wind. Loosen the soil with a fork and remove any weeds or large stones. Use a rake to create a level surface. If you have poor soil you may want to add well-rotted organic matter before you start sowing.胡萝卜应该种植在阳光充沛或部分阴凉的避风的地方。用叉子松土,除掉任何杂草或大的石块。使用耙子把土壤表面整理平整。如果土壤贫瘠,在种植之前可以施用一些分解良好的有机物质。Use the head of the rake to lightly press down the soil and lightly rake the surface once more.使用耙子顶部轻轻压一下土壤,再次轻轻耙平土壤表面。Step 3: Plant3.种植Carrots should be planted in shallow rows called drills. Lay a piece of string on the soil as a guide to make sure you dig the row in a straight line. Lay a plank of wood next to your line. Then, use a cane or hoe to dig a narrow drill about 1 centimetre deep.胡萝卜应该成行种植。在土壤上方拉一根绳子,保挖出的沟在一条直线上。在绳子旁边放置一块木板。然后使用锄头挖出深1厘米的沟。Drop the seeds into the drills at the spacing recommended on the packet. If you are planting more than one drill, leave a 15-20 centimetre gap between each one. Using a hoe, gently cover the seeds with soil. Then using the head of the metal rake,lightly firm the soil.按照包装上的说明向沟里撒种子。如果你计划种植不止一行,每行之间保持15至20厘米的距离。用锄头轻轻的把种子盖上土壤。然后使用金属叉子的顶部轻轻地把土壤压实。Step 4: Water4.浇水If the soil is dry, water the seeds in. The soil should be kept moist and free of weeds throughout the growing season. It is also useful to label your carrots so you know where and when they were planted.如果土壤很干燥,要给种子浇水。在整个种植季节,土壤应该保持湿润,没有杂草。给胡萝卜贴上标签也很重要,这样你就可以知道何时何地种植的。Step 5: Protect5.保护To protect your plants from late frosts in Spring, build a frame to cover the drills. Push the sides of the fabric into the soil, or fix it in place with canes. Remove the fleece when the seeds germinate and the plants are visible through the soil.为了保护植株免于春季的霜冻,在土壤上方建造一个框架,把织物的边缘埋在土壤中,或者用竹藤固定。种子发芽,在土壤上看到植株之后就可以拆除织物了。Thanks for watching How To Plant Carrots.感谢收看“怎样种植胡萝卜”视频节目。201211/210981

摄影师布赖恩 凯斯拍摄波浪以下和波浪以上的生命--如他所说,海洋的恐惧和魔力。通过分享令人惊叹的鲜为人知的海底生物的照片,他展示了有冲击力的照片如何能帮助我们作出改变。 分集介绍:摄影师布赖恩 凯斯拍摄波浪以下和波浪以上的生命--如他所说,海洋的恐惧和魔力。通过分享令人惊叹的鲜为人知的海底生物的照片,他展示了有冲击力的照片如何能帮助我们作出改变。 201212/212786

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