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9  Book of Jeff Bezos  When one thinks of the individuals who have played a great role in the development of the Internet, names like Tim Burners Lee (developer of the World Wide Web), Bill Gates (Microsoft), Michael Dell (Dell Computer), Steve Jobs (Apple Computer) and Vint Cerf (Father of the Internet) spring to mind. Add Jeff Bezos to that list.  Jeff Bezos is the founder and CEO of Amazon.com, which is headquartered in Seattle, Washington, and ranked as the world largest e-tailer. He is not exactly your typical CEO. In fact, everything about him and his company Amazon.com challenges convention. How else can you explain how a man who had an extremely successful career in Wall Street would leave his job, move across the US to Seattle, and start an e-company that would soon amass + million customers in cyberspace?  Learn from competitors. Bezos seems as comtable stealing ideas as he does inventing them. eBay is the rage? Amazon begins holding auctions. Google is getting the headlines and Web searching is the hot business? Bezos starts Amazon own search engine, A9. And he is determined to make his company the Wal-Mart of the Internet. Bezos has admitted to his copycat skill. He said, ;We watch our competitors, learn from them, see the things that they were doing customers and copy those things as much as we can.;  Hire very carefully -- youre creating an enduring culture. Bezos would rather interview 50 people and not hire anyone than hire the wrong person, Why? ;Company Cultures arent so much planned as they evolve from that early set of people. New employees either dislike the culture and leave or feel comtable and stay,; says Bezos.  Be stubborn and flexible. ;If youre not stubborn, youll give up on experiments too soon,; Bezos says. ;And if youre not flexible, youll go against the wall and you wont see a different solution to a problem youre trying to solve.;  Focus on customers, not colleagues. ;There are many ways to be externally focused that are very successful,; Bezos says. ;You can be customer-focused or competitor-focused.; But he warns that ;some people are internally focused, which may hurt the whole company.;  Be simpleminded. Bezos loves making decisions based on hard data, but when that not possible, he believes in the power of being ;simpleminded,; relying on common sense about what would be in the best interests of his customers.  Dont chase the quick buck. ;Sometimes we measure things and see that in the short term they actually hurt sales,; says Bezos. ;But we do it anyway, because we believe that the short-term results probably arent indicative of the long-term.; 186。

  • Part . Southwest.Keywords. low-cost, low-debt, personal, inmal, crazy, low fares, corporate culture, spirit, personality.Vocabulary. Charismatic, brash, dividend, unorthodox, concerted, emanate, refute, revenue, Dallas, Southwest Airlines, CEO, Buick.A. Youre going to hear a report about the success of a small airline called SouthWest Airlines. Listen carefully, match each expression in bold print in column A with the one closest in meaning in column B.Another North American business hard hit in the late eighties and the early nineties is the airline industry.Major carriers have gone into bankruptcy or theyve been bought up, while others have cut back operations and lost money.Only one airline reported big earnings in the early nineties, Dallas-based Southwest Airlines.Under the leadership of its charismatic chairman and CEO Herb Kelleher, and his low-cost, low-debt philosophy, SouthWest has beaten the odds in the cutthroat game above the clouds.Southwest image reflects Kelleher style: personal, inmal and a little crazy.He once arm-wrestled the president of an airline manufacturing firm the right to use an advertising slogan.Employees are free to dress as they like, even wearing shorts around the company headquarters.Flight attendants were once famous wearing hot pants.Southwest ad campaigns are clever and brush and not afraid to make fun of competitors. 8。
  • 七年的婚姻发生变故后,马克bull;安东尼(Marc Anthony)采访中首次开口谈论与詹妮弗bull;洛佩兹(Jennifer Lopez)的分手对于这对好莱坞最高调的夫妻来说,这次离婚非常令人惊讶,因为他们的感情看起来十分稳定We have an inside look now at the most high-profile break up of the year. Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez have announced this split back in July, but Anthony has not discussed it publicly until now. He sat down with John Quinones from an exclusive interview on Nightline tonight. And John is here now with the preview.我们可以对今年最知名的分手一探究竟马克bull;安东尼和詹妮弗bull;洛佩兹已经宣布在7月分道扬镳但是安东尼至今没有公开谈论过此事在今晚的《夜线节目中,这位老兄坐下来接受约翰bull;奎诺的独家采访并袒露心声约翰现在就在这里You know, Joyce, this is an intensively private man. He doesnt like to talk about his personal life, his family,his children. But Marc Anthony sat down with me because he says he fed up with all the lies and misinmation about what led to his break-up with Jennifer Lopez.你知道,乔伊斯,这是一个自我主义非常强烈的人他不喜欢谈论他的私生活,他的家人及他的孩子但马克bull;安东尼坐下来对我吐露真言,因为他表示已经厌倦了所有的谎言和谬误,而这些导致了他与詹妮弗bull;洛佩兹最终的感情破裂What can you tell us about what went wrong in the marriage?你能不能告诉我们这桩婚姻吗出了什么差错吗?I will tell you that it wasnt sensa..., you know, some sensationalistic happening.我告诉你,那是...你知道,一切都只是哗众取宠而已Infidelity.不贞?No, absolutely not, nothing sensationalistic.不,绝对不是这样,没有什么哗众取宠Marc Anthony is baffled and angry, he says, at the tabloid reports that he broke up his marriage to Jennifer Lopez with affairs.安东尼既失望又生气,他称小报报道说他因婚外恋与詹妮弗bull;洛佩兹结束婚姻It was a flight attendant.据说是一名空乘人员There was a flight attendant. There was a pilot I heard. There were this guy sitting next to me and rehabbing and hustling, and Ive heard it all. Celebrity watching, and speculations, is what calls a sport.恩,据说是有一名空乘人员我听说是一名飞行员这家伙坐在我的旁边,唏嘘不止我听到了全部,各种各样的假说,质疑,谣言就这样传播开了But the real reason the breakup, he says, was much simpler. Their marriage just no longer worked.但真正的分手原因,他说,要简单的多他们的婚姻已经走到了尽头It was realization on both our parts. So, you know, it wasnt shocking, this things happen. This things happen.这是我们两个都意识到的所以,你知道,别这么大惊小怪,事情就这么发生了,的的确确就是这样发生了Do you want this divorce?你想离婚吗?You know, it a decision that we made jointly and that how I answer that.你知道,这是我们共同决定的结果,这就是我的回答You know, Joyce, he confident and strong, y this next chapter, like Jennifer.你知道,乔伊斯,他自信满满而且非常坚强,就像詹妮弗一样,他已经准备好了But this chapter alone, ok, John, thanks very much, the whole interview tonight on Nightline.但接下来你就是独自一人了,好吧,约翰,非常感谢,感谢你今晚接受采访词语解释:1. announce v. 宣布. exclusive a. 独家的3. tabloid n. 小报。
  • 1  Identity Crisis  With industrialization and modernization, more and more people are confronted with the problem of identity. The most interesting example is that of a so-called ;banana;, which refers to an American who has an Asian face but holds Western values. In the US many banana children complain that they cannot explain to their young friends in the kindergarten why they cannot speak a word of Chinese and practice Kungfu although they look exactly like a Chinese.  In Shanghai, there now live a group of people from abroad. They look no different from the locals and speak fluent mandarin or even Shanghai dialect, but when it comes to writing the Chinese characters, they are almost illiterate. Jack is such an example. He runs a bar at the Changshu Road. Born in Shanghai, he moved to Los Angeles at the age of two with his parents. With his family, Jack spoke two languages: English and Shanghai dialect. But he never learned to or write the Chinese words, which he find mysterious and difficult. ;To be frank,; he said, ;Every time I signed a contract, I would pretend to its contents carefully, but actually I understood no word of it.; From time to time, he will fly to the US as he does not feel Shanghai is where he came from. ;But when I am in the States, I feel that not my destination either,; he said.  At the De Gaulle Airport in France, there is a Swiss man who has been living at the waiting-room years because he lost his passport during a travel. He was refused entry into several countries. He lived upon being interviewed by the mass media. But when at last, he was allowed to return to Switzerland, he refused to leave the airport. His reason is very simple -- ;I am very sure who I am. I need no acknowledgement from outer influence;, he said during an interview. this reason he is honored by the Western media as ;the Hero of Identity.;  As the Internet becomes more and more popular, the problem of identity becomes more serious. In a virtual world, people can have many identities. One can have different emails registered with different alias. In the Internet chatroom, even one gender is hard to determine. It seems that in this global village, people are saying hello everyday to each other without knowing whom they are talking to.  What will be the next crisis of identity? With the development of cloning technology, it might be: who is the real ;I;? 1818。
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