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栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。 Article/201606/431421新英语900句之基础篇 Lesson37:TALKING ABOUT FAMILIES AND RELATIVES谈论家庭和亲属541. He likes fishing. 他喜欢钓鱼。542. He’s a lawyer. 他是个律师。543. It doesn’t make any sense for them to still be mad at you. 他们还生你的气,这没有道理。544. She’s a natural#61557; entertainer#61558;. 她是个天生的表演者。545. When he was a little boy, he was a real troublemaker#61559;. 当他还是个小孩子的时候,真是一个小捣蛋鬼。546. My father can be a real grouch#61560;. 我父亲有时候真爱发牢骚。547. My parents almost never fight. 我的父母几乎从不吵架。548. His brother is very protective#61561; . 他哥哥保护意识很强。549. Her sister is very jealous. 她的忌妒心很强。550. My mother enjoys the piano. 我母亲喜欢钢琴。551. I have two sisters and one brother. 我有两个和一个哥哥。552. My wife and I just had a baby boy. 我妻子和我刚生了一个男婴。553. We’ve been married for eleven years. 我们结婚有11年了。554. My uncle’s wife just died. 我叔叔的妻子刚去世了。555. I was adopted#61562; as an infant#61563;. 我婴儿时候就被收养了。【生词解读】1. natural adj. 自然的;有关自然界的2. entertainer n. 专业演员;表演者 3. troublemaker n. 惹麻烦的人;闹事者;捣乱者4. grouch n. 好抱怨的人 5. protective adj. 保护的;防护的6. adopted adj. 被收养的;有收养关系的7. infant n. 婴儿 /200708/17050新英语900句之生活篇 Lesson16:Marriage 婚姻226. We’re been marriedu for fourteen years. 我们结婚十四年了。227. Are you still married? 你还是已婚的吗?228. They got married last year. 他们去年结婚的。229. We were married in a church. 我们在教堂结婚的。230. We had a small weddingv. 我们举行了一个小小的婚礼。231. Next week is our twentieth anniversaryw. 下周是我们结婚二十周年纪念。232. We invited all our friends to the wedding. 我们邀请了我们所有的朋友来参加婚礼。233. It’s nice to be married. 结了婚真好。234. My wife is from Chicagox. 我的妻子是芝加哥人。235. We don’t want to have kids anytime soon. 我们不想很快就有孩子。236. I cannot imagine spending the rest of my life with any one else. 我无法想像再与其他人共度余生了。237. Not many people can say that they’re made it to their golden wedding anniversary. 并不是很多人都可以说他们已度过了金婚纪念日。238. There’s nothing sadder than a bitter divorcey. 痛苦的离婚是最令人伤心的。239. It was also good that they could easily agree how to fairly divide up the marital propertyz. 他们很容易就对婚姻财产的公平分割达成了一致,那也是好的。240. Nevertheless, I still think it’s heartbreaking{ when a marriage splits up|. 不过, 我仍认为一段婚姻破裂的时候是很让人心碎的。【生词解读】1. married [5mArid] a. 已婚的,有配偶的2. wedding [5wediN] n. 结婚典礼3. anniversary [7Ani5vE:sEri] n. 结婚周年,结婚周年日4. Chicago [Fi5kB:^Eu] n. 芝加哥(美国城市名)5. divorce [di5vC:s] n.离婚6. marital property [5mAritl 5prCpEti] 婚姻期间所获财产 7. heartbreaking [5hB:t7breikIN] a. 令人心碎的,悲痛的8. split up [5split Qp] v. 绝交 ;分开 /200710/19239

零起点英语口语 第15讲 相关专题推荐:从零开始学口语英语口语999句疯狂英语现场教学新英语900句视频色拉英语乐园视频 /200810/53571

新英语900句视频版 第49课:评审 推荐口语专题:··新英语900句·英语口语900句··新东方英语900句 /200809/48174[00:03.10]She feared staying alone in the farmhouse. 她害怕一个人留在农舍里。[00:11.95]She guided the tourists around the castle. 她引导旅游者参观了这座城堡。[00:20.73]She runs everyday in order to lose weight. 她每天都跑步是为了减肥。[00:28.65]She sang perfectly in the hall last night. 她昨晚在大厅唱得非常好。[00:36.90]Somebody is always complaining to others. 有人总是向别人抱怨。[00:44.82]They don't often have a bad day this year. 他们今年的运气还不错。[00:52.56]We regard the matter as nothing important. 我们认为这件事情不重要。[01:00.44]We'll take our holiday sometime in August. 我们将在八月份的某个时候休假。[01:09.51]Could you direct me to the station, please? 请问到车站怎么走?[01:17.00]Have you cleared your luggage with customs? 你的行李通关了吗?[01:23.84]He bothered me with a great many questions. 他对我提了一大堆问题,真烦![01:32.01]He does exercises every day in the morning. 他每天早上锻练身体。[01:39.93]How do I control myself? I can't calm down. 我怎能控制我自己?我无法冷静下来。[01:50.70]I dig songs and I like pop music very much. 我特别喜欢歌曲和流行音乐。[02:00.16]I'd like to cash a traveler's check please. 我想兑换旅行票。[02:07.72]I'd like to pick sea shells this afternoon. 今天下午我想去捡贝壳。[02:16.08]It's odd that they didn't reply our letter. 他们没有给我们回信,这真奇怪。[02:24.36]John seldom gets together with his friends. 约翰很少与朋友聚在一起。[02:32.71]Many people have been out of work recently. 最近有许多人失业。[02:39.91]Please give my best regards to your family. 请代我向你们全家致以最诚挚的问候。[02:48.87]Some people have compared books to friends. 有些人把书比作朋友。[02:56.58]The bat together with the balls was stolen. 球拍和球全被偷了。[03:04.21]The color of her dress suits her very well. 她衣的颜色很适合她。[03:12.20]The days get longer and the nights get shorter. 白天变长了,黑夜变短了。[03:20.44]The dress doesn't fit her. She is too thin. 这件衣不适合她,她太瘦了。 /200810/53757新东方英语900句 Lesson 25:InjuryCore Sentences1. What's the matter with you?2. I don't feel very well because I had a .3. How did you break your arm?4. Stella fell of the bag, and splent her .5. Steve is injured in the car accident.6. I have pain in the back.8. I walked the whole day, and my feet hurt.9. Sean was stung by the bee, and his faces swollen.10. My muscles were after the one hundred meter dash11. Paul got a cut on his arm,and it is bleeding.12. Put the around your wounded finger. Don't move, I will calling the doctor.13. Go see a doctoer soon.14. Watch your step, and don't slip again.15. My pains are gone after a sound sleep.Dialog ExerciseNumber One, In a parkA. Are you all right, mom?B. I , and my ankle were .It hurts, I cannot move.A. It seems you should go to a hospital soon.B. Is there a hospital nearby?A. Shall I help you out of the park first, then I'll call a tax for you?B. It is so nice of you to help.A. Stay here in the bench, I'll go and get a tax.B. Thank you so much.Number two, on the way home after an evening partyA. We've got to hurry up, Julie, it's almost midnight.B. Sorry, but my feets hurt so much.A. What's wrong?B. I was last Friday. I was walking a class when a man rush to me and heat me in the face. A. That's real bad. Then what happened?B. He robbed my purse, and I my anker.A. Did you go see a doctor?B. I stayed at home these days, and the paints are almost gone.A. Did you dial up 911?B. Ye, I reported the robbery later, they said this robbery keeps happening all these days.A. Oh, really. We got watch out on it. Shall we call a tax now? /200604/5870

Many people think that Maslow’s hierarchy of needs stopped with self-actualization.很多人认为马斯洛需求层次理论的最高层次是自我实现这个层次And that’s not actually true.事实上这并非正确He had another piece that was on top of self-actualization and that was self-transcendence.在自我实现这一层次之上它还提出了更高层次那就是自我超越He just didn’t publish it widely before he passed away.只不过在他逝世之前没有将之公布It was something he started working on towards the end and so he published the hierarchy of needs before he finished his work on self-transcendence.自我超越是他临近逝世才开始着手研究的 他在完成对自我超越的研究之前就使需求层次理论公之于众He was one of the first people really to track flow and to track some of the more interesting and advanced altered states that human beingscan get to.他是首批开始真正研究心流和研究人类能达到的更有趣更高境界的人之一Things that you would find the terminology really similar to things that you’ve heard advanced meditators describe.你会发现这个术语和资深冥想者所描述的很接近And so he was working on self-transcendence. And he just didn’t publish it.所以他确实在研究自我超越 他只是没有公布而已So there’s actually another level on top of that hierarchy of needs.所以在那个需求层次理论上面还有一个层次And so when I think of human psychology I really think of human psychology as a spectrum and it’s not a series of islands or unique locations.当提到人类心理学时 我会把它想象成一个光谱 它不是一群岛屿 或者一系列独立的地方It’s really sort of a spectrum.它真的有点像光谱And on one end you have what I call areas that require human support.在光谱的一端你会看到我称之为需要他人持的区域So this is when people are facing severe stress, severe anxiety and depression.所以这是当人们承受着很大的压力或者在极其焦虑和抑郁的状态下And then in the middle is what I call the human condition.然后中间部分是我称之为人类状态And so that is loneliness, happiness, connection, empathy.也就是孤独 幸福 联结 共情The human condition is where we learn how to deal with our first heartbreak and the first time that we fall in love.人类状态是我们学习如何处理第一次心痛和第一次坠入爱河的状态The human condition is where we deal with sadness and betrayal and loss.人类状态是我们处理悲伤 背叛和失去的状态Basically all the things that happen to you as you grow up through life.基本上包括了所有你生命成长中要面对的事The full spectrum of human emotion. That is the human condition.人类情感的整个光谱 这就是人类状态And there’s an infinite number of songs on the radio and poems and art that’s about the human condition. So that’s there.无数的电台歌曲 诗歌和艺术所描述的都和人类状态有关 就是这样And then on this other side which I think really maps to self-transcendence然后另一边是我认为非常符合自我超越和马斯洛and Maslow’s later work is the part of the people in the world who are really pushing on human psychology and what are the limits?后面的工作是这个世上一些人致力于推动的人类心理学它的局限在哪?Where are our boundaries? What is the frontier of human psychology?我们的界线是什么 人类心理学的边界又是什么?And I think a lot of direction that we get is from the contemplative communities around the world我觉得很多方向都来源于世界各地的冥想团体who really have been exploring and pushing on human psychology for as long as humans have been organized.他们确实在探索和推进人类心理学从人类有组织活动时就开始了And pushing on what it is, what does it mean to be human.他们探索人类是什么 成为人意味着什么The other day I talked to a guy who now has three Guinness Book records on endurance sports.前几天我跟一个至今在耐力运动上已经有三次吉尼斯纪录的人聊天And he meditates the entire time.他一生都在冥想And he just swam the English Channel in a Speedo and he meditated the whole time.他就穿着一件泳衣就游过了英吉利海峡 他一直在冥想So, you know, people are using mind training, meditation and other things to push into abilities that right now, today, one could say are limited to the few.所以人们正在运用思维训练 冥想或者其他类似的训练来促使自己向至今在这个世界上只有少数人才能达到的水平努力But with the advent of things like transformative technology但是随着像自我超越这样的技术的出现there’s the ability, the possibility, the potentiality of these extraordinary states, abilities and conditions to be available to a much wider group of people.有很大的潜力和可能 使更多的人群能够达到这样超凡的状态和能力And the reason why I think it’s relevant is what would make it significant, relevant and actionable我之所以认为它是相关的 有意义的和可行的is that when I think about the world today and the challenges facing mankind I don’t think the problems are technical.是因为我认为人们面临的最大的挑战不是技术上面的落后I think they’re human. So last summer I went to Singularity University.而是人类自身的问题 所以去年夏天我去了奇点大学I took time out of everything that I’m doing to go into their graduate studies program and it was a fantastic program.我花时间尝试了他们研究生项目的每样东西 那是个精的项目I love Singularity University.我喜欢奇点大学And the way that the program is set up is that it’s this ten-week program以及它这个为期十个星期的项目and you’re in class from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. every night早上九点到晚上十点上课 有一次参观了and there’s just a parade really of some of the most extraordinary people on the planet working either in exponential technologies.这个星球上一些最非凡的人正致力于;指数技术;So AI, robotics, 3D printing, bioinformatics, everything you could imagine.如人工智能 机器人 3D打印 生物信息学 你能想象到的任何的东西And people who are on the frontlines of the challenges facing mankind.和那些致力于研究人类所面临的前沿问题Like the people who are working on the water problems.比如那些努力解决水资源问题的人The people who are teaching in the refugee camps.那些在难民避难处教书的人The people who are trying and working legitimately, sleeves rolled up on the ground.那些光明正大地尝试和努力的人 正捋起袖子苦干The thinking around SU is it’s the place where exponential technologies are applied to the grand global challenges that are facing mankind and that being the purpose and the use for them.奇点大学是一个应用;指数技术;的地方应用到人类面临的全球危机中这成为使用这些技术的目的So for me when I was there my questions always centered on what is your biggest challenge to what you’re trying to accomplish.当我在那儿的时候 我所问的一直围绕着:你最大的挑战是什么以及你想要试图实现什么And the answers were not technical. The answers were human.都和技术无关 而是和人类自身有关It was about fear, one’s own or the people around you.这是关于恐惧 你自己的或是身边人的They were all human problems and it was interesting to spend the entire summer there它们都是人的问题 这值得你花费整个暑假去学习because you definitely walk away with the feeling that the problems aren’t technical.因为当你离开时 不会再觉得是技术上的问题We always figure it out.我们总是可以解决技术问题We got a man on the moon and we have alternative energy and there’s so many other things that are happening so fast.我们把人送上了月球 我们拥有可替代能源和好多其它东西它们发生得很快Changes coming hard and fast just from year to year if you see the difference in the quality of the robots at the robotic competitions.改变一年比一年来得更有力和迅速 如果你见识过机器人竞赛的质量的话It’s dramatic year after year after year.一年一年又一年 变化实在太快了And so really the challenge facing mankind is human.所以真的 人类面临的挑战只是自己It’s can we get past the fear, aggression, anxiety, stress.我们能否克恐惧 挑衅 焦虑和压力Can we get past that inner dialogue that takes us off track,我们能否克内心的挣扎either makes us miss out on game day, not perform,它使我们飘飘然 它使我们错过比赛机会 无法发挥makes us unable to create collaborations and cooperate with other people.它使我们无法和别人沟通和合作Because we do have very real challenges as a species and the only way that we’re going to solve them is together.因为作为一个物种我们确实有很多挑战唯一的解决方法就是团结起来We have some very serious conversations that we have to have about everything from genetic engineering to what do we do with a lot of the technologies我和他们深入交流了一些必须讨论的话题从基因工程到如何应用这么多种that are coming online whether it#39;s algorithmic accountability or a variety of things.网络上的技术 包括算法问责制和各种话题And so the way that I see my work and the way that I see transformative technology因此我看到了我的方向和超越技术是指is that if we could use the technology to understand ourselves better,我们能否应用技术去更好地理解自己 如果我们应用技术if we can use the technology to start to deliver and help people mimic the experiences of meditation去开始传播和帮助人们模仿冥想体验 这样的话so that people can be calmer, happier, understand themselves better人们可以更沉静 更快乐 更了解自己silence the critical voices inside themselves that stir up a lot of trouble.排除内心那个挑剔的带来麻烦的声音And if they can also connect to other people better then we can get busy doing the work如果他们还能跟其他人更好地联结 我们有信心投入这项工作that needs to be done to create the future that we’d like to have for ourselves去创造我们更喜欢的未来and for our children and our communities on the planet.也为了我们的孩子和这个地球上的人们So that’s why I’m doing what I’m doing.这就是我现在所做的原因 Article/201706/515180Air transport for Samsung Galaxy Note 7s is now more strictly regulated than firearms.现在三星Galaxy Note 7的航空运输管制比械更严格。A U.S. Department of Transportation ban went into effect Saturday. The phones aren#39;t allowed in carry-on luggage, checked bags or even your pocket for all flights heading out of or coming into the U.S.周六,一项美国运输部的禁令生效。随身行李、托运行李、甚至口袋里不允许携带Note7进出美国。Firearms, however, are allowed on aircraft under certain conditions. The TSA has some regulations, like requiring they be locked in a hard container and only be transported in checked luggage.然而,在一定条件下是被允许携带的。美国运输安全有一些规定,比如要求它们被锁在一个坚硬的容器中,只能放在行李中托运。Still, the fact that a smartphone has a more restrictive ban than a deadly weapon says a lot.然而,一部智能手机比致命武器有更严格禁令的事实说明了很多。If you#39;re unfamiliar, Galaxy Note 7s have become notorious for bursting into flames. The phones went on sale in early August, and shortly after that, there were reports of the batteries overheating and catching fire.如果你还不熟悉,Galaxy Note 7因爆炸起火变得臭名昭著。该手机在8月初出售,不久之后有报道称出现电池过热引起火灾。The company recalled the phones and promised to replace them, but when the replacements came in, they also started overheating.三星召回了手机,并承诺取代它们,但更换过后也开始出现过热现象。So, until Samsung comes out with a Note 7 that isn#39;t a fire hazard, travelers will have to leave those ;phablets; at home.所以,直到三星推出没有火灾隐患的Note7前,旅客的三星手机只能放在家里了。译文属。 Article/201610/472784Now for the second one.Try to get it into one of these cracks.下面是第二根 最好那些裂缝里Okay. That shouldn#39;t be able to slip out. You know?好了 这样应该不会滑出去了I#39;m not sure whether that#39;s a good or bad thing that I can#39;t see the bottom because of all the dust.由于全是尘土 我看不到井底 不知道这是好事还是坏事Falling 50 foot into a hole in the desert will most certainly kill you. So you have to get this right.掉进沙漠里一个十五米深的坑 会让你必死无疑 所以一定不能出错My leg is twitching.But with the base of the pole in position,your body weight jams both ends in tight creating a kind of bridge.我的腿在抖 只要树枝的两端都放稳 你的体重可以将两端踩实 这样就搭了一座桥Alternate this from pole to pole you can make your way slowly down.然后两根树枝交替使用 你就能慢慢爬下去了Now this is working.Even when you think things are going well and the temptation is to hurry,you#39;ve got to stay focused.还是很管用的 即便你觉得一切进展顺利 心急火燎地往下冲 你也必须注意力集中Concentrate only on the next step.You can#39;t afford a mistake here.专心想着下一步 这里发生意外可伤不起I#39;m down.Definite feel quite vulnerable down here.我下来了 在下面确实 很容易受到攻击Not a good place to be stuck with no way out.Okay.Let#39;s get digging.没有出路 不是呆着的好地方 好吧 开始挖Hear that? I#39;m hitting water.The darkling beetle.Nod on that, trying to climb up the walls.听到没 就要挖到水了 一只拟步甲 趴在墙上 想要爬上去That#39;s going to be a long journey.Probably one he#39;s not going to make.这将是一段长途跋涉 也许它永远也爬不上去 Article/201611/478566

零起点英语口语 第24讲:Where..句型 相关专题推荐:从零开始学口语英语口语999句疯狂英语现场教学新英语900句视频色拉英语乐园视频 /200810/54115零起点英语口语 第23讲:What..句型 相关专题推荐:从零开始学口语英语口语999句疯狂英语现场教学新英语900句视频色拉英语乐园视频 /200810/53981

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