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But it always survives.Its,I suppose its Bear-proof.不过最后总是幸免遇难 我想这就是;贝尔定律;吧This tiny camera enables me to get some extraordinary shots when its just too dangerous to risk the crew.这个微型摄像机可以在 摄制人员无法冒险跟随我时 拍摄到惊人的画面Its not always just the terrain thats difficult, though.有时候不仅地势险恶Often, its the creatures and the climate.天气与周遭生物也是我们的一大威胁Just had to evacuate another of the crew with heatstroke.又有一位中暑的组员 需要疏散In my quest to show you how to survive in the wild,Ive visited dozens of different environments.在荒野求生的探索中 我去过许多不同的地方What all these locations share is that theyre tough on the mind and the body.其共同之处就是 它们是对精神和身体的双重考验In places like these,illness, extreme temperature,and the nastiest bugs on the planet are all out to get you.在这样的环境中 疾病 极端温度 还有地球上最讨厌的虫子都会找你麻烦Acclimatization is a tricky thing.It is quite a shock to the body.适应环境是个棘手的事情 对身体的打击也很大If youre in the military,they give you a week, normally the acclimatization period.如果你在军队 通常会有一周 适应期Not this team.You know, you get a couple of days,and then thats it. Youll get into it.这队伍显然不同 你只有几天时间 时间一到 你必须进入自然Most of the local hazards I face,my crew face, too.我在当地遇到的绝大多数危险 我的组员也会遇到Forgeting covering pants to spans,bloody, bloody, bloody cactus.忘记给裤子加防护了 该死的仙人掌Dealing with the nightmare of mosquitos.Ohh, man, these mosquitos.Just relentless here.还要对付如噩梦一般的蚊子 天呐 这群蚊子 在这没完没了了To getting attacked by blood-sucking leeches.Oh, well, Im getting hammered by these things.被吸血水蛭攻击 我被它们吸血了201610/475008Silk Road was a global drugs marketplace丝绸之路是一个全球性的毒品市场which brought together anonymous buyers and sellers因此这里集结了全世界的from around the world.匿名买家和卖家And what they found was他们发现people arent just buying one or two instances of designer drugs人们并不是在买小剂量毒品but theyre buying massive quantity wholesale.而是在进行大规模的批发经营In London, the tech community was watching closely.在伦敦 技术人员正密切关注着它Thomas Olofsson was one of many interested汤马斯·奥洛夫森同很多人一样in how much money the site was making.好奇这个网站到底有多少盈利Well, in Silk Road, they have something called an ;Escrow; System在丝绸之路里 有一个第三方保管账户系统so if you want to buy drugs, you pay money into Silk Road如果想买毒品 你要把钱付给丝绸之路as a facilitator作为交易促进者and they keep the money in escrow until you sign off在你签字确认收货之前that you have had your drugs delivered.钱会由第三方保管They will then release your money to the drug dealer.之后他们才会将你的钱转给毒贩Were talking about several millions a day in trade.这里面涉及到的可是每天数以百万的交易The extraordinary success of Silk Road丝绸之路的巨大成功attracted new customers to new illegal sites.吸引了新客户来到新的非法网站重点解释:1.sign off 停播;结束例句:Im tired of the sound of your voice, sign off quickly. 我讨厌听你的声音,快别讲了。2.talk about 谈论例句:I never talk about gossip.我从不传播流言蜚语。3.attract to 吸引例句:She is easily attract to thing like these. 她易受诸如此类事情的吸引。201703/499230


We all grew up, even a nice Jewish boy like me,但凡国人--包括像我一样的犹太人with the idea that the English reformation was a historic inevitability,都自幼被灌输着一个观念 即英国宗教改革 是历史之大势所趋the culling of an obsolete, unpopular,fundamentally un-English faith.它淘汰了原有的陈腐 过气 从根本上有悖英格兰精神的信仰But on the very eve of the Reformation,然而宗教改革前到来的前夕Catholicism in England was vibrant, popular and very much alive.天主教在英格兰却如日中天 生机盎然This is Walsingham in Norfolk,once the home of the miracle working shrine of our Lady of Walsingham.此地是诺福克郡的沃尔辛厄姆 曾是沃尔辛厄姆圣母行神迹的圣祠所在Along with the Becket shrine at Canterbury,同坎特伯雷的贝克特圣祠一样Walsingham was the must-see place for all serious 16th-century pilgrims,对十六世纪虔诚的朝圣者而言 沃尔辛厄姆是必见的圣地a tradition revived this century by High Church Anglicans.这是本世纪才被高教会派重拾的传统Today, you get only the faintest echoes of what Walsingham once was,时至今日 沃尔辛厄姆曾经的繁华已消失殆尽a gaudy, rowdy mix of hucksterism and holiness,piety and plaster saints;这里曾喧闹而俗丽 既有圣洁与虔诚 亦有强卖的石膏圣像the kind of place youd expect to find, say, in Naples or Seville,not in the depths of sober East Anglia.这样的地方 你大概觉得会在那不勒斯或是塞维利亚见到 而绝非冷僻的东英格兰深处But even then, as today,not everybody approved.但往昔亦如当代 并非未得到所以人认可Erasmus, the Catholic scholar superstar of the age,came here on a monk pilgrimage当年的天主教学术巨星伊拉斯谟 作为一个修士来此朝圣and poured scorn on tales of sacred milk and chapels airmailed in from the Holy Land.对神圣的牛奶的故事 或是从圣地降临的教堂 都不屑一顾But his was the minority intellectual view,safely expressed in Latin and tolerated, though not necessarily endorsed,by members of the ruling Tudor dynasty.但他所持不过是少数知识分子的观点 安全地用拉丁文表达 都铎王朝的掌权者们对其态度是容忍但不持 /201612/484178


  Blue is cold. Red, white is hot.蓝色表示冷 红色 白色表示热So if I put my hand, so you can see my hand at the moment is warm, red and white.如果我把手放在上面 你能够看到 手是温暖的 显示屏显示了红色和白色So, if it goes in the water,then you can see a blue hand.所以 当我把手放进水里后 你将看到一只蓝色的手Look at that.So, well see how much of Bears body turns blue.快看 我们可以观测到贝尔的身体变蓝的程度The thermal camera will only get an accurate ing of whats happening to my body if it can see exposed skin.热感摄像机仅仅只能准确的测出 我的身体裸露在外时的体温Time to get my kit off.Theres nothing fun about stripping off nice, warm layers.所以 是时候宽衣解带了 把温暖的衣一件件的脱下可没那么好玩Been in water this cold before just plain horrible.我之前也挑战过这样的刺骨冰水 除了恐怖还是恐怖Whoa. Chilly perkins.Okay, well, Im hooked up to this transmitter as well.冰冷的珀金斯 与此同时 我将绑上这个传送器and its actually showing my heart rate,But also my breathing rate.事实上 它是用来显示我的心率 还有呼吸频率的Its all linked up to a laptop,so the team can monitor me in real time.传送器与笔记本电脑相连 以便工作人员能及时监测我的状况And Ive got a thermal imaging camera showing my skin temperature.Okay, lets get into this.我还有一个热感摄像机 用它来显示我的体温 好的 行动吧My skin temperatures currently 88 degrees fahrenheit.Thats about to fall dramatically.我的皮肤现在温度是摄氏三十一度 体温现在开始急剧下降Ive got to swim over 80 feet.Half of that is under solid ice.我要游二十四米 一半是在冰面之下Okay. Lets go for this.Do you know, its much harder than normal.好吧 开始行动 你知道吗 这比通常的要难得多Whenever Ive done this before,its been part of a journey.在往常 这是旅途的一个部分You come across a river. You just get on and do it.遇到河了 跳进水里游过去就完事This is much more premeditated.I find that harder.Okay, go.这个是事先计划好的 我发现这个艰难得多 好的 出发201703/495649。


  The most ambitious map in history史上最宏伟的星图is taking shape before our eyes.将在我们眼前展开And scientists are heading for the edge.科学家正驶向宇宙的尽头It may be the strangest map youll ever see.这可能是你见过的最神奇的星图And its bigger than you can believe.大到超乎想象Its a map of the entire universe.它描绘了整个宇宙Theres this whole pattern to the universe我们准备绘制出were starting to map out.宇宙的完整形态Seeing it really brought home这张星图能让我们the way the universe actually behaved,更加了解宇宙运行的规律in a way that all the numbers and equations never quite could.这是任何数字和方程都无法做到的Cosmologists are making sense of startling discoveries.宇宙学家正在解读这些惊人的发现Medieval maps would say, ;Here be monsters.;中世纪地图将未知地域看作怪物出没地带They werent entirely wrong.他们不完全是错的Theyre even building pictures宇宙学家甚至准备绘制出of the invisible.肉眼无法观测到的部分重点解释:1.map out 详细制定; 筹划例句:We spent weeks mapping out our holiday.我们花了好几个星期筹划如何度假。2.make sense of 了解 ... 的意义例句:Can you make sense of what I say?你能领会我说的意思吗?3.in a way 在某种程度上例句:In a way good service sells our products.良好的售后务在某种程度上促进了我们产品的销路。201705/510140We were in wilderness.我们身处荒野We saw nothing but trees upon trees.眼前看到的除了树还是树Seven teams, hundreds of miles apart,七个分队 彼此远隔几百英里Racing to meet in the middle.从不同方向同时向中心进发But with a third of the road unfinished...disaster.但当剩下三分之一路程的时候 灾难降临了Permafrost,a layer of frozen ground up to 2,000 feet deep.队伍遭遇了永久冻土层 一个深达两千英尺的冻土层Exposed by bulldozers,it melts into sinking mud.被推土机挖了出来 融化成了淤泥We only found out about the permafrost When it was too late.等我们发现永久冻土层时 却为时已晚Trucks and caterpillars sank into the muck Till they were out of sight.卡车和履带扯陷入淤泥 直到消失不见The army is losing the battle against nature.在与自然的搏斗中 军队逐渐败下阵来It staked the security of the ed States.这是以美国的安全做赌注And time is running out.时间却所剩无几Alaska.Army engineers racing to build the Alcan highway,阿拉斯加 陆军工兵竞相建造爱尔肯公路A supply route thatll help launch The greatest road-building boom in mankinds history,这条军事补给路线将会推动人类历史上最伟大的公路建造热潮But the project is stuck in the mud.但这项工程却陷入泥沼201605/445525

  Are you familiar with the, uh, website Ashley Madison.com. Yes你们熟悉Ashley MAdison.com 这个网站吗?当然Ok, I know a lot of guys are pretending they are not, but恩,但我知道很多人还在假装自己不懂Ashley Madison is a, they describe, they call it a dating siteAshley Madison据说是一个用于约会的社交网站for married men and women who are looking to have an affair.专门务于那些想要‘第二春’的已婚男女They pay a fee of some kind and they pair you up with other sneaky people.人们以某种方式先付费 然后网站就会把你和另外一个人配对But well.....unfortunately for those who signed up for this service actually Madison was hacked.但我想对那些注册过这个网站的人说 我为你们感到不幸 因为Madison被黑客攻击了A group of hackers called the Impact team broke in and theyre threatening to expose有一个叫‘影响力’的黑客组织黑进了这个网站 并威胁说the identities of more than 37,000,000 users.要曝光所有三千七百万用户的信息if actually Madison They said shut down the site. or we will reveal everyones identity.如果Madison选择关闭这个网站 他们就会披露出所有的用户信息Now first of all how crazy is that they have 37,000,000 Hahaha....诶 等等 拜托 他们居然有三千七百万的用户!哈哈哈Isnt that like everyone? Isnt that like...... I mean really......那不就是所有人了么 难道不是吗?我真是醉了……Walmart doesnt have 37,000,000 customers.就连沃尔玛都没三千七百万的顾客好么And you know 36,000,000 of those 37,000,000 customers are guys right?不过其中的三千六百万都是[同志]吧?I mean Women dont need a website. Women just need ..all they need is a pos and they are fine.本来就是啊 因为女人们根本不需要这种网站啊 她们只要有一个刷卡机就够了But if this information gets released, millions of marriages could be affected.但话说回来 如果这些信息曝光了 估计得有上百万的家庭受到影响吧And you know thats hardest on kids. Kids dont undetstand of the sort of thing.这样的话小孩子才是最受伤的 小屁孩才搞不懂大人的这些事儿呢Kids are very innocent until we pollute their minds.他们都超单纯 直到我们‘污染’了他们纯洁的心灵And in fact, we went on the street today, we asked kids...... We asked kids what adultery it is? Oh......实际上 我们今天延沿街采访了孩子……我们问孩子“出轨”是啥意思?天……!Were trying to do a show or I dont know what to tell you. And here it is. Kids explaining Adultery.诶 拜托 我们在努力做节目好么 不然你们看什么?好 来看看孩子们对‘出轨’的解释吧!What is “Audltery”? Um......to be a movie star? Do you know anyone who is a audlterer? Um......你知道什么是‘出轨’不?呃……就是当个电影明星?那你知道有谁出轨了的吗?呃……Johnny Depp? What is “Audltery”? A dog running? Describe “Adultery”. Its artery for adults?约翰尼.德普?什么是‘出轨’?啥?奔跑的小?请你描述一下‘出轨’是什么?变成大人?What is “Adultery”? Being an adult? What do you think the best part of adultery is? Getting to drink.什么是‘出轨’?做大人?那你觉得“出轨”最好的地方是什么?可以喝酒!Getting to drink? Yeah...... I agree. What is “Adultery”? Apparently saying that is fun...nursing...and...可以喝酒? 嗯……好样的 我同意 什么是‘出轨’?很明显啊……就是做父母啊 ……照顾别人神马的……还有..all sorts of things. Are your parents adulterers? Yes. Both of them? Yes.反正就是那些事儿呗 那你爸妈出轨不?要!两个都出轨?对!Hows that? Fun. Fun. Yeah. What is Adultery? Um.......what do you say?感觉咋样?挺好玩的!嗯……好玩……答的好……什么是“出轨”?呃……你说啥?Adultery. Adultery? I dont know what those are. You wanna take a guess? Um...... Heeeee......出轨 出轨啊?我也不知道那是什么鬼诶 那你猜一下呢 呃呃呃……呵呵呵呵……Did you guess its funny? Adultery? Until it happens to you right?你觉得好笑么?嗯……等发生在你身上的时候就好笑了吧?What does it mean when somebody cheats on somebody? It means theyre cheating?对不起另一半是啥意思?就是……他们做了对不起另一半的事And what does that mean? It means theyre not following the rules.那又是什么意思呢?就是说 他们犯规了And what are the rules? That you cant cheat.犯什么规了?就是你不能做对不起另一半的事What does it mean when somebody cheats on somebody else?什么是对不起另一半?That means that they...you know ...get the wrong person就是说……嗯你懂的……就是找错人了They might accidently get the different person that they are not supposed to get.他们可能不小心找到不适合自己的人了So when you cheat on somebody, its usually an accident? Yea.那么就是说 你对不起别人的时候都是不小心的咯?对But not all the time. Sometimes its on purpose. Yea.但也不总是这样 有时候你是有目的才对不起别人的是吧 恩 对Like if you went on to Ashley Madison and signed up to meet somebody? Yea.就像是人们注册Ashley Madison网站然后去和别人约会是吧?对的Right!Thanks kids Im Jimmy Kemmel.干得好!谢谢孩子们!我是吉米.坎尔If you like that, subscribe to our youtube channel to get all our latest s before they die and go to Youtube heaven.如果你喜欢我们的视频 请订阅我们的油管频道 观看享受更多的最新视频吧!201706/514212TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201611/477460

  A group of children in a village in southwest China are getting some attention for their commute to school.中国西南地区一群往返学校的孩子正受到关注。The boarding school children have to climb down more than 2,500 feet of incredibly steep terrain to get to school. Global Times reports the kids go up the mountain to visit home about twice a month. And according to China Daily, the trip can be dangerous. A villager in his 40s recently died making the trip.这些寄宿学校的孩子不得不攀爬2500英尺高非常陡峭的悬崖去上学。环球时报报道,孩子们每月上山回家两次。据中国日报,途中是很危险的。一名40多岁的村民最近坠崖身亡。Global Times reports urban residents were shocked to learn about the kids dangerous commute, highlighting the divide between urban and rural China.全球时报报道,城市居民对孩子们的危险往返感到震惊,突显中国城市和农村间的鸿沟。Since the schoolchildrens trek has gained some media attention, local government might be intervening.学生们的长途跋涉已经引起媒体的关注,地方政府可能会介入。Chinese outlets say local officials are considering putting in place sturdier steel infrastructure to help villagers get up and down the mountain until a more permanent solution is found. 中国媒体称,在找到更永久的解决方案前,当地官员正考虑建立坚固的钢基础设施帮助村民上下山。译文属。201605/446287

  TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201608/457836。


  Near the island, the sea state changes.靠近岛的地方 海水变得湍急As the waters funneled and pressured by the land,海水洋流收到陆地的阻挡strong current form. Its a battle to stay on course.形成了强劲的水流 难以保持前进方向Weve through that current line,the challenge now is all the swell on the rocks.我们安全游过了洋流区 峭壁上突兀的岩石是下一项挑战Trying getting into this gully.Watch this, Simon. Let me get up first.争取赶快上岸 当心点 西蒙 我先上去Timing is everything when you are faced with a fight for swell.当你要强行登陆险滩时 时机很重要These rocks are bone-breakers.I got it. Yeah. Thats it. Cool.这些石头能让你粉身碎骨 让我来 好了 搞定I may have reach dry land.but Im sea-locked by 60 foot wall of solid rock.尽管我终于上岸了 但是我被60英尺高的峭壁困住了I gotta find a way out.Lets both wish we could get out this.我必须找到出路 但愿我们能离开这里These islands were formed, when two tectonic plates collided over one and a half million years ago.一百五十万年前 地球的两个板块 相互碰撞 形成了这些小岛The seabed was literally forced up out of the ocean to form this archipelago.海床被迫上升 露出海面 从而形成了此群岛The sedimentary limestone makes for a challenging ascent.Its... its horrible.沉积的石灰岩很难往上爬 太恐怖了Man, its a layer upon layer of crumbling rock,bird poo, and bone-dry dirt.天呐 瞧这一层层 全是碎石 鸟粪和干燥的泥土块Nightmare!You think its solid.Okay, lets get into this.简直是噩梦 你会误以为这是结实的 好了 终于上来了201606/450158

  Now, I mean, can you imagine the extravagance of these pages?你能想象印制的这些页是多么奢侈么?Annie Flanders never blinked.Annie Flanders做决定的时候连眼睛都不眨一下。You cant say anything, Annie.Annie你不要有什么意见。I didnt take money, so I can do what I want.我的这些照片没有收你钱,所以我要做我想做的东西。Its a wonder she didnt say, ;That didnt mean you can bankrupt me.;很意外她居然没有说,;这不意味着你可以为所欲为,弄得我破产;。What I did from the very first issue...is I kept a list of how much Bill wouldve gotten paid.我从最开始发行的时候就列了一张单子,我们应该给Bill的照片付多少钱。Well, the first check I sent him, he came in the office and ceremoniously ripped it up.当我寄给他第一张票的时候,他跑到办公室来当着我的面把票撕掉了。The second check, he did the same thing.第二张票,他也这样撕掉了。You see, if you dont take money, they cant tell you what to do, kid.俗话说拿人手软,我不收他们的钱也就不用被他们要求怎么去做。Thats...Thats the key to the whole thing.哈哈,这是这件事的关键。Dont touch money.别碰钱。Its the worst thing you can do.除非你实在没辙了。Theres a story about the fact that Bill, when you sold Details to Condé Nast, Bill refused to cash his check. -Yes.有一些关于Bill的故事,当你把Details杂志Cond Nast的时候,Bill拒绝把他的票兑现。-是的。And Si Newhouse was calling you like every couple of months...to say, ;Bill, your check is waiting.;Si Newhouse不得不隔几天就给他打一通电话告诉你说;Bill,你的票可以兑现了。;Condé Nast bought it? -Yes, yes.Cond Nast买下了Details杂志?-是的,是的。Newhouse bought it a year ago.Newhouse大概一年前买下的。Well, Newhouse is taking the money.Newhouse赚走了那些钱。Yeah, but they dont own me, you see.但是他们不能配我。They dont own you.你不归他们管。201608/459384

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