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So the Duke went to strategy number two,turning the matter into an international crusade.于是公爵决定用备选策略 将其发展成一次国际征讨Couldnt the Pope see that his cause was just,that Harold was an infamous oath breaker,a despoiler of churches?教皇又怎会看不出 他此举出于正义 哈罗德不过是一个声名狼藉的背信小人 一个教堂掠夺者呢William on the other hand was a builder of abbeys,a protector of bishops against bullying barons.而威廉却是修道院的建造者 保护主教 对抗恃强凌弱的财主们It was completely absurd and it worked like a dream.此举随荒谬之极 却轻而易举地得以实现The Pope was won over,gave William his Papal blessing and invested him with his ring and banner.威廉赢得了教皇的心 得到了教皇的祝福 并被授予权戒和族旗It was now much more than a dynastic feud.形势的发展已远远超过了王朝内斗William used the consecration of his wifes abbey,here at La Trinite in Caen,威廉利用在卡昂的拉特立尼达 他妻子修道院中的献祭to proclaim a crusade against the infidel Harold.宣告对异教徒哈罗德的讨伐The barons whod fought shy of risking their necks on the Dukes personal vendetta之前因怕受牵连而不愿 插手公爵私怨的男爵们now flocked to join the legions of the blessed.现在蜂拥加入了这个挟上帝之名的讨伐大军中The Bayeux Tapestry shows work immediately got under way to build an awe-inspiring expeditionary force.贝叶挂毯上展示了他们如何立即投入精力 组建一令人敬畏的远征军队Rows of Normandy trees went down to the axe to emerge as 400 dragon-headed ships.斧头下 成排的诺曼底树被砍倒 摇身变成了四百艘龙头船Loaded onto the ships were coats of mail, bows, arrows, spears and the most indispensable item of all, vast casks of wine.船上载满了铠甲 弓箭 梭镖 还有最不可或缺的 大桶大桶的酒 /201608/458067。

  • 栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201609/460647。
  • Could this really ever have happened?这种事真的会发生吗As paleontologists considered the idea of such an epic battle, they immediately saw a problem.古生物学家认为这种想法是荒谬的,他们立刻指出了其中的破绽The giant meat-eater, Giganotosaurus, may have been large, but he was still no match for Argentinosaurus.巨大的食肉恐龙——南方巨兽龙,的确是庞然大物,但它仍无法与阿根廷龙抗衡There was no way even this big meat-eater could been able to kill such a huge animal.即使这种大型食肉动物也无法,杀死一只如此巨大的动物No way, that is, unless Giganotosaurus did what many other predators do when faced with a much bigger prey.除非南方巨兽龙,能像许多其它掠食动物那样对付大型猎物For these hyenas, hunting together is the only way they can bring down this wildebeest.对于这些鬣来说,集体狩猎是制这只角马的唯一方法Could this have been what the clash of titans was really like?这种情况会发生在巨型恐龙身上吗Not with two solitary dinosaurs battling it out by themselves,不是两只恐龙展开一对一的较量but with a pack of marauding Giganotosaurus hunting one enormous Argentinosaurus?而是一群残暴的南方巨兽龙围捕一只庞大的阿根廷龙Unfortunately, there was a fundamental problem with this idea.可惜的是,这种观点犯了一个最基本的错误Paleontologists have traditionally believed that large carnivorous dinosaurs lived and hunted alone.古生物学家们一向认为大型食肉恐龙都是独自生活与狩猎There was no evidence to support the idea of them as pack hunters.没有任何据能明它们是群体狩猎If they werent pack hunters, they could never have attacked the massive long-necked Argentinosaurus.如果它们不是群体掠食者,它们就不可能攻击庞大的阿根廷龙201611/480143。
  • Growing up, I didnt always understand why my parents made me follow the rules that they did.在成长的过程中,我并不总能理解为何我的父母让我遵循他们所遵循的规矩。Like, why did I really have to mow the lawn?比如,为什么我非要修剪草坪?Why was homework really that important?为什么家庭作业就这么重要?Why couldnt I put jelly beans in my oatmeal?为什么不能把软糖放在燕麦里边?My childhood was abound with questions like this.我的童年充斥着类似的问题。Normal things about being a kid and realizing that sometimes,这在孩童时期很正常,并且我意识到有的时候,it was best to listen to my parents even when I didnt exactly understand why.最好还是听父母的话,即使你并不理解为何他们要你这么做。And its not that they didnt want me to think critically.并不是他们不希望我能够批判的思考。Their parenting always sought to reconcile the tension他们的教育方式总是寻求缓解矛盾,between having my siblings and I understand the realities of the world,让我和我的兄弟在看清现实世界的同时,while ensuring that we never accepted the status quo as inevitable.确保我们不会屈从于不可避免的现状。I came to realize that this, in and of itself, was a very purposeful form of education.我意识到这种方式本身是一种很有意义的教育。One of my favorite educators, Brazilian author and scholar Paulo Freire,我最爱的教育家之一,巴西作家和学者保罗·弗莱雷,speaks quite explicitly about the need for education to be used as a tool for critical awakening and shared humanity.曾公开说过对教育的需求要成为批判性意识和共享人性的工具。In his most famous book, ;Pedagogy of the Oppressed,;在他最著名的《被压迫者教育学》一书中,he states, ;No one can be authentically human while he prevents others from being so.;他指出,“当一个人要阻止他人成为人时,他就不算是个真正意义上的人。”Ive been thinking a lot about this lately, this idea of humanity,最近,我对这种人性的观点进行了很多思考,and specifically, who in this world is afforded the privilege of being perceived as fully human.特别是那些人,在这个世界上被赋予了特权成为了完整的人。Over the course of the past several months, the world has watched as unarmed black men, and women,在过去的几个月,在全世界的注目下,手无寸铁的黑人男子与妇女,have had their lives taken at the hands of police and vigilante.被警察和民间武装夺走了生命。These events and all that has transpired after them have brought me back to my own childhood这些事件所产生的影响,让我想起了我的童年,and the decisions that my parents made about raising a black boy in America以及我父母关于在美国抚养一个黑人孩子所作出的决定,that growing up, I didnt always understand in the way that I do now.在成长的过程中,我从未像现在这样理解他们的决定。I think of how hard it must have been, how profoundly unfair it must have felt for them我能想象当他们为了让我们能够在夜晚平安的回到家里,to feel like they had to strip away parts of my childhood just so that I could come home at night.而不得不剥夺我们的部分童年是多么艰难和不公平。For example, I think of how one night, when I was around 12 years old, on an overnight field trip to another city,例如,我想到在我12岁时,在去往另一个城市郊游的夜晚,my friends and I bought Super Soakers and turned the hotel parking lot into our own water-filled battle zone.我和朋友们都带了水,并把旅馆的停车场变成了水战场。We hid behind cars, running through the darkness that lay between the streetlights, boundless laughter ubiquitous across the pavement.我们躲在车后面,在街灯间的黑暗中穿梭,笑声传遍了整条街道。But within 10 minutes, my father came outside, grabbed me by my forearm and led me into our room with an unfamiliar grip.但还不到10分钟,我的父亲就走了出来,反常地紧紧抓住我的前臂,把我拉回到了房间。Before I could say anything, tell him how foolish he had made me look in front of my friends, he derided me for being so naive.在我还没来得及开口告诉他,他这么做让我在朋友面前多丢脸,他就开始嗤笑我太天真。Looked me in the eye, fear consuming his face, and said,他一脸后怕地看着我的眼睛说,;Son, Im sorry, but you cant act the same as your white friends.“儿子,我很抱歉,但是你不能像你的白人朋友那样。You cant pretend to shoot guns. You cant run around in the dark.你不能假装自己在开。你不能在夜里乱跑。You cant hide behind anything other than your own teeth.;一旦出事你没人可以保护你。”I know now how scared he must have been, how easily I could have fallen into the empty of the night,我现在知道了他当时是多么的害怕,我可能很容易就倒在这空荡荡的黑夜中,that some man would mistake this water for a good reason to wash all of this away.让别人把这水中的水,当做一个好的借口来清除掉我。These are the sorts of messages Ive been inundated with my entire life:我的一生都淹没在这些信息中:Always keep your hands where they can see them, dont move too quickly, take off your hood when the sun goes down.把你的手放在他们能够看到的地方,动作不要太快,晚上把你的帽子摘下来。My parents raised me and my siblings in an armor of advice,我的父母为我和兄弟装备了一系列告诫,an ocean of alarm bells so someone wouldnt steal the breath from our lungs, so that they wouldnt make a memory of this skin.这无数警告只为我们能够平安活下来,而不需要因为肤色付出代价。So that we could be kids, not casket or concrete.这样我们才是活生生的孩子,而不是棺材或墓碑。And its not because they thought it would make us better than anyone else, its simply because they wanted to keep us alive.这并不是因为他们想让我们比别的孩子更优秀,他们只希望我们平安地活着。All of my black friends were raised with the same message, the talk,我所有的黑人朋友都在同样的信息和谈话中成长,given to us when we became old enough to be mistaken for a nail y to be hammered to the ground,当我们到了能够轻易被人按倒在地上的年龄时,when people made our melanin synonymous with something to be feared.当人们把我们的肤色与恐惧对应起来时。But what does it do to a child, to grow up knowing that you cannot simply be a child?但是这么做对孩子的影响是什么,当在孩童时期就知道自己不能成为一个真正的孩子?That the whims of adolescence are too dangerous for your breath, that you cannot simply be curious,青春期的冲动会危及你的生命,你无法再有好奇心,that you are not afforded the luxury of making a mistake,你没有资格犯错误,that someones implicit bias might be the reason you dont wake up in the morning.某人似有若无的偏见就可能是你没法活到第二天的原因。But this cannot be what defines us.但是这些并不是定义我们的因素。Because we have parents who raised us to understand that our bodies werent meant for the backside of a bullet,因为我们的父母让我们知道,我们的身体并不意味着弹靶子,but for flying kites and jumping rope, and laughing until our stomachs burst.而意味着可以去放风筝和跳绳,并且笑到肚子疼。We had teachers who taught us how to raise our hands in class, and not just to signal surrender,我们的老师教会我们在课堂上举手发言,而不是举起双手以示投降,and that the only thing we should give up is the idea that we arent worthy of this world.我们唯一应该摒弃的观念,就是我们不配在这个世界上生存。So when we say that black lives matter, its not because others dont,我们说黑人的生命很重要,并不是因为别人的生命无关紧要,its simply because we must affirm that we are worthy of existing without fear, when so many things tell us we are not.只是因为我们必须在一切都否定我们的时候,还能无畏无惧的生存下去。I want to live in a world where my son will not be presumed guilty the moment he is born,我想生活在这样一个世界,在那里,我的孩子不需要一出生就被假定有罪,where a toy in his hand isnt mistaken for anything other than a toy.在那里,孩子手上的玩具不会被误认为是其他东西。And I refuse to accept that we cant build this world into something new,我拒绝承认我们不能够让这个世界变得更美好,some place where a childs name doesnt have to be written on a t-shirt, or a tombstone,在这个世界,一个孩子的名字不需要被印在T恤或者被刻在墓碑上,where the value of someones life isnt determined by anything other than the fact that they had lungs,一个人的生命价值不由除了呼吸之外的任何其他因素决定,a place where every single one of us can breathe. Thank you.一个我们每个人都能自由呼吸的地方。谢谢。201706/514211。
  • Fabulously wealthy and gilded by history, the Principality of Monaco lies on the French Riviera in Western Europe.纳哥公国,一个坐落于西欧法国蓝色海岸的奢华国家,历史的长河为这个国家镶上了一层金边。Smaller than New Yorks Central Park, this graceful destination is bordered by France and the sparkling Mediterranean sea.作为一个优美的旅游胜地,纳哥与法国和波光粼粼的地中海相接壤,其占地面积甚至比纽约的中央公园还要小。With ancient streets full of exotic cars, a natural harbour filled with super yachts and a glittering royal legacy,在纳哥古老的街道上奔驰着各式超跑,在其天然港口中停泊着各种超级游艇,夺目的皇家遗产也随处可见,Monaco is a tiny relic of medieval Europe that has made itself at home in the 21st century.纳哥是中世纪欧洲一颗微小夺目的遗珠,在21世纪的拥抱中无拘无束。It draws the rich, the famous and those seeking the kind of lifestyle usually only found on the silver screen.纳哥奢华无比的格调让无数豪门贵族以及那些追求银幕场景的人们流连忘返。There is no glamour quite like the old world style still to be found under the soaring chandeliers of Monacos magnificent Casino de Monte-Carlo.在高挂的枝形吊灯下,奢华的蒙特卡洛如同古老的世界风格一般,如此使人着迷。Although it is open for tours during the day, the real James Bond magic begins here as the sun goes down and the roulette wheels start to spin.虽然白天也对外开放,但只有在日落之后,当赌盘开始旋转之时,真正的詹姆斯·邦德魔法才开始上演。This architectural masterpiece, with its wickedly decadent Opera Hall was dreamed up by the wife of Prince Florestan the first in the late 19th century,蒙特卡洛,这个建筑杰作与其邪恶而唯美的歌剧厅都是19世纪末由弗洛雷斯坦一世的妻子设计,as the royal family teetered on the edge of bankruptcy.而也是在那时皇室家族濒临破产的边缘。With gambling illegal in Italy and France, the Casino became a triumph.由于业在意大利和法国都属于非法行业,因此蒙特卡洛堪称一个巨大的胜利。Known as a ;health spa; to protect it from church criticism, the cream of European society flocked to try their luck with lady fortune.纳哥,因其免受教堂批判而被称为“疗养地”,吸引着欧洲社会精英相继来此,希望能得到幸运女神的青睐。Times may have changed but not the nature of Monte Carlo.时光流逝,蒙特卡洛特质永恒。International visitors are still lured here by the balmy weather and a calendar packed with star-studded events.温和的天气和星光熠熠的盛宴,使得国际游客垂怜于此。Nearby streets in the Carré dOr remain a magnet for lovers of high-end fashion, luxury jewellery and bespoke perfumes.卡雷迪奥街道附近仍是高端时尚、奢华珠宝和定制香水爱好者的流连之地。Follow ancient footfalls further back in time down medieval alleyways into the old town.跟随着古老的脚步,时光流转,让我们再次回到这座古老城市的中世纪小巷之中。This is where, 700 years ago, Francois Grimaldi disguised himself as a monk, murdered the guard and captured the fortress.700年前正是在此,弗朗索瓦·格里马尔迪乔装成一名僧侣,侵入城中,杀死警卫,占领了这座堡垒。On that night, it became a Grimaldi stronghold and a dynasty was born.一夜之间,这里变成了格里马尔迪的大本营,一个王朝由此诞生。Intimately connected to the Grimaldis, the fortress protected the family from foreign powers for many generations这座堡垒对格里马尔迪家族而言意义非凡,多年来,它一直保护着弗朗索瓦家族不受外国势力侵袭,before being transformed into the luxurious Princely Palace in the 16th century.直到16世纪,这座堡垒被改造成了奢华的Princely宫殿。It remains the royal residence, with a ceremony still taking place every morning at the changing of the guard.这里仍然是皇家住所,每日清晨,门卫换岗仪式仍在此举行。The Oceanography Museum, is a more recent royal legacy. It was created in 1910 by Prince Albert the first, who was known as the ;Prince of the Seas.;海洋学物馆是一座较新的皇家遗产,是在阿尔伯特亲王一世的倡导下建于1910年,阿尔伯特亲王一世也被称为“海洋王子”。Built into the side of The Rock of Monaco and almost 90 metres above sea level,海洋学物馆建于纳哥岩石侧面,其海拔将近90米,this ground-breaking institute was set up to share knowledge and protect the earths fragile oceans. It features many of the discoveries of Jaques Cousteau.这座开创性建筑的建立旨在知识共享,保护地球脆弱的海洋。Jaques Cousteau众多的海洋研究成为了这里的特色之一。Head downhill to the harbor that for centuries provided a natural barrier that helped shore up Monacos uneasy alliances.几世纪以来,港口的下部区域都起到了天然屏障的作用,帮助巩固纳哥惴惴不安的联盟。Today, Hercules Port is the place to watch mega yachts jostle for space, especially during the citys most famous event, the Monaco Grand Prix.如今,赫库勒斯港是欣赏豪华游艇空间争夺战的好地方,特别是在纳哥最负盛名的赛事——纳哥大奖赛之际。Although it is one of the most famous race tracks in the world, it is also one of the worlds most accessible.这里不仅是世界著名赛车跑道之一,也是世界上最易接近的跑道之一。When the formula one drivers arent in town, anyone can experience the tight corners of the street circuit.当一级方程式赛车手不在小镇上时,任何人都可以在赛道上去体验一把。But no legacy is quite as glamorous as that of Grace Kelly,没有任何一个遗珠能像格蕾丝·凯丽那样光夺目,the Academy Award winning Hollywood actress who wrote her own story when she married Prince Rainier III and became Princess of Monaco.这位奥斯卡最佳女主角得主,她嫁给了兰尼埃三世亲王三世,成为了纳哥王妃,她用自己的传奇一生书写了属于自己的故事。Princess Graces influence lives on throughout the principality, in the streets which were lined with crowds on her wedding day in 1956格蕾丝王妃的影响活络于整个公国,不论是1956年格蕾丝王妃大婚时人群驻足的街道,and in the neoclassical Monaco Cathedral where the fairytale couple were married and where they now rest together, forever.还是这对神仙眷侣举行婚礼的纳哥大教堂,都洋溢着他们的气息。而如今,他们也永远永远的长存于这座新古典风格的教堂之中。For many visitors, Monacos magnetic attraction lies in its chic reputation,对于很多游客而言,纳哥的吸引力还在于它别致而时髦的声誉、its A-list residents, and its high-profile events but her magic goes far deeper than that.它的绅士名流以及备受瞩目的盛事,而她魔力绝不仅限于此。Small in size, but expansive in its vision this is the perfect place to don your dark sunglasses, slip on your driving gloves虽然纳哥面积娇小,但视野开阔。在这里你可以带上你的太阳镜,套上你的驾驶手套and step into the world of the powerful characters whose stories have kept Monaco at the forefront of the worlds imagination for centuries.走进这个魅力之都,名家豪客将他们的故事流传于此,留与世界无限遐想。201707/516645。
  • Hi my name is Rebecca and in todays lesson, Im going to show you how to give advice to someone in a diplomatic way when youre in a personal situation or a professional situation, Okay?大家好,我是Rebecca。今天我们将学习在私人情况或是工作场合中,以一种外交方式给别人提意见。Of course, theres many ways in which we can give advice to others, some are nice and some are not very nice. Lets look at some of these possibilities, okay?当然给别人提意见的方法有很多,一些方法比较友善而有一些则并不是那么友善。下面我们来看一些例子。Alright, so suppose you think that somebody that youre talking to should go and see the doctor, you could say to them, ;Go to the doctor.;假设你认为和你说话的这个人需要去看医生,你会对他们说,“去看医生。”now thats called an imperative, thats the imperative voice so thats like giving somebody an order,这样的说话方式和声音,特别像是在命令别人,给别人发号施令,not very nice, person isnt going to feel very good when you say that, okay?显得不友善,当你这么说的时候,会给大家一种不好的感觉,不是么?You could also say, ;You should go to the doctor.; Now thats a little better than the first one,你可以这样说,“你应该去看医生。“ 这样的说话方式会比第一个稍微好一些。but its still going to sound to the other one like youre telling them what to do and nobody likes too much to feel that somebody is telling them what to do.但是这听起来仍然有点像是你再告诉别人应该怎么做,而没有人会喜欢这种感觉。So if youd like to give advice in a way thats a little bit more diplomatic, a little bit more gentle, you could learn this useful expression.因此,如果你想以一种更加老练、更加礼貌的方式给别人提意见,那么,你应该学习以下这种有用的表达方式,You could say, ;If I were you, I would go to the doctor.; Okay?你可以说,“如果我是你的话,我会去看医生。”So what youre learning is this part, if I were you I would and then you add the advice, okay?你该学习的是这一个部分,如果我是你,我会,然后加上你给出的意见。明白了么?So lets see how to use this now in different situations.下面让我们来看看如何在不同情境下使用这个句型。Lets say you would like to suggest that somebody stop smoking, so you could say, ;If I were you, I would stop smoking.; Okay?假设你建议某人戒烟,你可以说,“如果我是你,我会戒烟。”So youre just saying that you would do that, youre not telling them to do that but indirectly you are in fact telling them to do that, okay?因此你是在表达你会怎么做,而不是告诉别人该做什么,但事实上这是以一种间接的方式告诉他们该做什么。明白不?Look for a new job. If I were you, I would look for a new job. Okay?比如,找工作。如果我是你,我会找份新工作。If I were you, I would finish university. If I were you, I would accept their offer. If I were you, I would buy that house. Okay?如果我是你,我会完成学业。如果我是你,我会接受他们的录用。如果我是你,我会买下那间房子。And if I were you, I would arrive by 6:00 p.m. All right?以及如果我是你,我会下午6点到。So by learning this expression, if I were you I would and you just use the verb in the regular tense, right,因此,这个句型就是“如果我是你+时态动词”这个句型,比如,I would finish my homework, I would go to school every day, I would eat a healthy breakfast every day. Okey.我会做完作业,我会每天上学,我会吃健康早餐。So whatever you want to say, you can say after that but by putting it this way, its much more likely that your advice will be accepted.不论你想说什么,你可以将你想说的放在后边。这样的话,人们会更愿意接受你的建议。And youll be a lot more polite, okay? So if youd like to do a quiz on this or many other aspects of English,而你应该更加礼貌,明白了么?如果你想做下英语方面的小测试,please visit our website www.engvid.com. Thanks for watching, bye for now.请登录我们的网站www.engvid.com。谢谢观看。下期见。201707/516244。
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