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武汉非淋尿道炎治疗Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. -- which is preparing to launch perhaps the largest U.S. stock listing ever of a Chinese company -- dominates China#39;s e-commerce market. But not everybody in the U.S. has a grasp of its scope.阿里巴巴集团(Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.)准备赴美国上市,有望成为有史以来美国市场上规模最大的一桩中资公司首次公开募股(IPO)。阿里巴巴主导着中国的电子商务市场,但并非所有美国人都清楚阿里巴巴的业务范围。Perhaps the best way to understand Alibaba is as a mix of Amazon, eBay and PayPal, with a dash of Google thrown in, all with some uniquely Chinese characteristics.了解阿里巴巴的最佳方法也许是把它看成亚马逊(Amazon)、eBay和贝宝(PayPal)的混合体,再加入一点谷歌(Google)成份。每块业务都具有独特的中国特色。Unlike Amazon.com Inc., which buys goods from suppliers and sells them to customers, Alibaba has always acted as a middleman, connecting buyers and sellers and facilitating transactions between them. While it isn#39;t an auction company, its middleman role is similar to the one played by eBay Inc.不同于亚马逊从供应商进货再销售给客户的经营模式,阿里巴巴扮演的是中间人的角色,它把买家和卖家联系到一起,为他们之间的交易提供便利。阿里巴巴并非拍卖公司,但其中间人角色与eBay Inc.扮演的角色相似。Taobao, Alibaba#39;s biggest website, is like a gigantic Chinese bazaar, with about 760 million product listings from seven million sellers. Merchants don#39;t pay to sell products on Taobao. Instead, they pay Alibaba for advertising and other services to allow them to stand out from the crowd.阿里巴巴旗下的最大网站淘宝(Taobao)像一个庞大的中国集市,约有7.6亿条商品信息,注册卖家多达700万家。卖家在淘宝上销售产品无需付手续费。不过,如果想让自己的商品在淘宝上脱颍而出,卖家就要向阿里巴巴付广告费以及其他务费用。That no-fee model is part of Taobao#39;s appeal in China. Much as with Google Inc., the ads from merchants appear with Taobao#39;s product-search results.在中国,这种免费模式构成了淘宝的吸引力之一。买家在淘宝上搜索商品时,卖家的广告会出现在搜索结果页面上,这与谷歌的广告模式相似。While Taobao is mostly for small merchants, Tmall, another shopping site run by Alibaba, is designed for bigger merchants, including well-known brands such as Nike Inc. and Gap Inc. Apple Inc. this year opened a store on Tmall. Unlike Taobao, Tmall, which has about 70,000 merchants, charges each seller a deposit and an annual fee, as well as a commission on each transaction.淘宝上的卖家大多是小商户。阿里巴巴旗下另一个购物网站天猫(Tmall)是专门为大商户设计的,已进驻天猫的知名品牌包括耐克(Nike Inc.)、Gap Inc.等。苹果公司(Apple Inc.)今年也在天猫开设了一家官方旗舰店。天猫目前拥有约7万家商户。与淘宝不同,天猫向所有商户收取保金和年费,并向每单交易收取佣金。What sets Alibaba apart is size. The company has said that Taobao and Tmall account for more than half of all parcel deliveries in China. In 2012, the combined transaction volume of Taobao and Tmall topped one trillion yuan (3 billion), more than Amazon and eBay combined.庞大的业务规模令阿里巴巴显得与众不同。该公司称,淘宝和天猫产生的快递包裹已占到中国整个快递业务量的一半以上。2012年,淘宝和天猫平台综合在一起的交易额突破人民币1万亿元(约合1,630亿美元),超过了亚马逊和eBay的交易总额。Alibaba#39;s revenue is about one-tenth of Amazon#39;s because the Chinese company doesn#39;t sell products on its site. But Alibaba is far more profitable. Alibaba#39;s third-quarter revenue rose 51% from a year earlier to .78 billion. Net profit was 2 million, giving the company a profit margin of 44.6%, according to shareholder Yahoo Inc., which owns a 24% stake in Alibaba. Amazon posted revenue of .09 billion and a loss of million in the same quarter.由于阿里巴巴本身并不在其网站上销售产品,该集团的收入仅相当于亚马逊的十分之一左右,但利润率却高得多。据阿里巴巴股东雅虎(Yahoo Inc.)披露的数据,去年第三季度,阿里巴巴收入为17.8亿美元,同比增长51%; 利润为7.92亿美元,利润率达到44.6%。雅虎持有阿里巴巴24%的股权。相比之下,亚马逊当季收入为170.9亿美元,但同期亏损4,100万美元。Alibaba, which could raise about billion from its U.S. IPO, also has emerged as a huge player in China#39;s creaky financial system. To solve the problem of buyers trusting merchants on its site, Alibaba created Alipay, a payment system that protects buyers if sellers don#39;t deliver. Alipay has become so ingrained in China that when the company created a money-market fund, it became one of the world#39;s largest in just eight months.阿里巴巴赴美上市可能筹资约150亿美元,该公司同时还成为中国脆弱的金融系统中的一个重要力量。为了解决其网站买家与商户之间的信任问题,阿里巴巴打造了付系统付宝(Alipay),以便在卖家不发货的情况下保护买家的利益。付宝在中国已经根深蒂固,以至于阿里巴巴设立一个货币市场基金时,该基金在短短八个月内就成为世界最大的同类基金之一。Alibaba also makes microloans and is taking part in a Chinese government program to set up five private banks on a trial basis in some big cities. Run by an affiliate of Alibaba, the payment system has allowed the company to accumulate a vast amount of information on Chinese small businesses, consumers and their online transactions.阿里巴巴还发放小额贷款,并参与了中国政府在一些大城市设立五家民营的试点计划。由阿里巴巴旗下公司运营的付系统让该公司积累了大量有关中国中小企业、消费者以及他们在线交易的信息。Even though Alibaba remains by far the biggest player in China#39;s fast-growing e-commerce market, the company faces stiff competition as more Chinese consumers use smartphones. Social-media and online-games company Tencent Holdings Ltd. is emerging as a powerful competitor because of its ability to use its popular WeChat mobile-messaging application as a platform to offer services such as e-commerce.虽然阿里巴巴仍然是中国快速增长的电子商务市场的龙头老大,但随着更多的中国消费者使用智能手机,阿里巴巴开始面临激烈的竞争。社交媒体和在线游戏公司腾讯控股(Tencent Holdings Ltd.)就是阿里巴巴的一大竞争对手。腾讯将该公司备受欢迎的移动短消息应用微信(WeChat)作为一个平台,向用户提供电子商务等务。To further bolster its e-commerce capabilities, Tencent this month announced a deal to buy a 15% stake in JD.com Inc., China#39;s second-largest e-commerce firm.为进一步增强电子商务方面的能力,腾讯本月宣布了收购中国第二大电子商务公司京东商城(JD.com Inc.) 15%股权的交易。Alibaba has fought back with a string of deals, including its offer last month to pay .13 billion for the 72% stake in Chinese online map company AutoNavi Holdings Ltd. that it didn#39;t aly own. Last year Alibaba invested 5.8 million for a 18% stake in Sina Weibo, the popular microblogging site controlled by Sina Corp.阿里巴巴也不甘示弱,该公司也进行了一系列收购,包括上个月提出以11.3亿美元收购其尚未持有的中国在线地图公司高德(AutoNavi Holdings Ltd.)剩余72%股权的的交易。去年阿里巴巴斥资5.858亿美元收购了新浪微(Sina Weibo)的18%股权,新浪微是新浪(Sina Corp.)旗下的高人气微客网站。Weibo unveiled plans Friday to sell 0 million of stock in the U.S.新浪微上周五公布了在美国上市的计划,拟发行5亿美元股票。Alibaba was founded in 1999 by Jack Ma, an English teacher in the eastern Chinese city of Hangzhou. Though the dot-com bubble was expanding in the U.S., the Internet was still a foreign concept to many Chinese businesses.阿里巴巴是马云在1999年创立的,他原本是华东城市杭州的一名英语老师。当时虽然美国的互联网泡沫正在扩大,但对许多中国企业来说,互联网仍然是个陌生的概念。Mr. Ma and 17 other founding members created Alibaba.com, a trading website that connected Chinese manufacturers with overseas clients. Shortly after, eBay entered China by buying a stake in a domestic e-commerce company. Alibaba created Taobao in 2003 to enter a consumer e-commerce business, as China#39;s Internet-user population was growing rapidly.马云和另外17位创始团队的成员创建了阿里巴巴网络有限公司(Alibaba.com),该交易网站将中国的制造商与海外客户联系了起来。不久之后,eBay通过收购一家中国本土电子商务公司的股权进入中国市场。阿里巴巴于2003年创建淘宝网(Taobao),进入消费者电商业务,当时正值中国互联网用户人数迅速增长之际。 /201403/280487武汉华夏男子医院华夏Nobody in their right mind is going to swap an iPhone for an Amazon Fire — a shopping machine that calls itself a phone, as Quartz’ Dan Frommer deftly put it.没有哪个脑子正常的人会把自己的iPhone换成Amazon Fire。正如新闻网站Quartz的丹o弗洛默所言,自称手机的Amazon Fire明明是一款购物设备。That said, the smartphone unveiled by CEO Jeff Bezos in a Seattle warehouse Wednesday is a serious device that puts the business models of two tech giants in a new light.话虽如此,上周三,由亚马逊首席执行官杰夫o贝佐斯在西雅图某仓库发布的智能手机Amazon Fire依然是一款不容小觑的设备,它令人从全新的视角审视亚马逊和苹果这两大科技巨头的商业模式。“Apple and Amazon are much more alike than they are different,” Asymco’s Horace Dediu wrote last summer in an essay called The Anti-Apple. They’re both in the business of “delighting customers” in controlled, predictable environments with convenience and ease of use. They both have huge customer bases (800 million for Apple, 250 million for Amazon). And now they both sell smartphones. For roughly the same price.去年夏天,Asymco的贺拉斯o德迪欧在名为《苹果反对者》(The Anti-Apple)的文章中写道:“苹果(Apple)和亚马逊(Amazon)可谓“大同小异。”两家公司都致力于在受控且可预见的环境中,以便利性和易用性“取悦客户”。两者都拥有庞大的客户群(苹果有8亿用户,亚马逊有2.5亿用户)。而现在,两家公司都在销售智能手机,而且售价基本相同。The main difference is that Apple’s AAPL -0.35% mission, as Tim Cook never tires of saying, is to make the very best products.两者主要的区别在于,苹果的使命是打造最好的产品,这也是苹果首席执行官蒂姆o库克常常挂在嘴边的一句话。Amazon’s Fire doesn’t have to be the best. It just has to be good enough. Its mission is to make impulse buying at Amazon’s AMZN -2.21% growing retail empire even more friction-free. If it does that well – using a point-and-buy feature called Firefly — some portion of those 250 million customers will trade up for one.亚马逊的Fire无需成为最好的产品,它只要足够好就行了。Fire的使命是,使用户能更顺畅的在亚马逊不断扩张的零售帝国进行冲动性购物。如果能通过名为Firefly的扫描购买功能做到这一点,亚马逊的2.5亿用户中,一部分原本使用较低端手机的用户就会购买Amazon Fire手机。But they won’t trade down. Compared with an iPhone, Apple loyalists sniffed Wednesday, Fire’s user interface is “a mess.” It only runs, for now, on ATamp;T’s T 0.45% network. There won’t be a flood of new apps until developers are persuaded that it’s going to take off. And because it uses a forked version of Android, it can’t run apps purchased on either Apple’s App Store or Google GOOG 0.28% Play.但原本使用更高端手机的用户却不会降低标准。上周三,苹果的忠实粉丝对Fire的用户界面嗤之以鼻,说它“一塌糊涂”。目前,Fire仅在美国电话电报公司(ATamp;T)的网络上运行。除非开发者们相信Fire将大热,否则不会有大量针对这款手机开发的应用。而由于采用Android的分版本,Fire无法运行苹果应用商店(App Store)或谷歌(Google)Play平台上购买的应用。Still, it’s better than a flip phone. It comes with 12 months of free Amazon Prime shipping. Its camera is said to be excellent. It boasts some whizzy features (3D, Mayday, scroll’n’roll). And Bezos is not too proud to stick an ad for it in the face of every Amazon user who logs on. Unless Fire melts down in real-world usage, it will probably succeed in establishing a beachhead in an over-crowded smartphone market dominated by Apple (which skims off the cream) and Samsung (which, if you’ll pardon a badly mixed metaphor, mops up most of the rest).不过,Fire还是比翻盖手机强:它自带1年免费Amazon Prime快递务;它的摄像头据说相当好;它还有一些出色的功能(包括3D、求救以及scroll#39;n#39;roll功能)。而且贝佐斯大肆为Fire向每位登陆亚马逊的用户做广告。除非Fire在实际使用中出问题,否则它很可能将在由(把持高端市场的)苹果和(统治中低端市场的)三星(Samsung)配的过度饱和的智能手机市场占据一席之地。One more difference between Amazon and Apple, perhaps the most important:亚马逊和苹果还有一个或许是最重要的区别:Apple’s iTunes user base is growing exponentially but its sales per user are falling. Amazon’s user base is growing arithmetically, and its sales per user are relatively flat. (See Horace Dediu’s charts, reproduced below.)苹果的iTunes用户群正呈几何级数增长,但单位用户销售额正在下降。亚马逊用户群的增长没那么迅猛,单位用户销售额也比较平稳。(贺拉斯o德迪欧给出的图表转载如下。)“Apple’s user growth is a function of expanding its device portfolio and distribution,” Dediu wrote in April. “Amazon’s user growth is a function of expanding its logistics and merchandise mix. This is also not easy to do globally. Arguably, Amazon cannot scale in the exponential rates seen by Apple… because it has to depend on trucks and roads and regulators to complete most of its sales.”德迪欧在四月份写道:“苹果的用户增长是扩大设备组合及分销的结果。而亚马逊的用户增长是扩大物流和商品组合的结果。后者难以在全球范围内实现。可以说,亚马逊无法获得苹果那样的几何级数式增长……因为它大部分销售的完成必须依赖卡车、道路和监管机构。” /201406/307287武汉华夏医院电话

咸宁市嘉鱼县治疗龟头炎哪家医院最好武汉华夏男科医院早泄检查多少钱?The developers in the audience at WWDC may have missed the significance of the attention Apple AAPL 1.41% paid Monday to Spotlight — the little magnifying glass on the top right hand corner of the Mac’s home screen — but Ad Age didn’t.周一召开的苹果全球开发者大会(WWDC)上,开发者们可能忽略了苹果对于Spotlight的重视程度,但行业资讯网站广告时代Ad Age却注意到了这一点。Spotlight是Mac电脑主屏幕右上角的一个小放大镜图标。When it was released in 2005, Spotlight was simply a quick and convenient way to search the contents of your local hard drive — to locate a document, say, or a lost e-mail. It’s been quietly gathering power with each new iteration: doubling as a calculator or a dictionary and offering Boolean (and/or) searches.苹果2005年就推出了Spotlight,最初只是一种搜索本地硬盘内容的便捷方式——比如查找文件或丢失的邮件等。而它每一次改版,都伴随着功能的不断增强:如今的Spotlight既可用作计算器或词典,也可提供布尔(和/或)搜索。But in OS X Yosemite, the new Mac operating system unveiled Monday, Spotlight comes front and center — literally. When you tap on the magnifying glass, a search window pops up in the middle of the screen. And when you type a few characters, it doesn’t just search your local computer, it searches the Internet as well, delivering maps, Wikipedia articles and Web results stripped of their ads. Repeat: Stripped of their ads.而在周一发布的最新Mac操作系统OS X Yosemite中,Spotlight被推到了台前的中心位置——至少从形式上看确实是这样。点击放大镜后,屏幕中央会弹出一个搜索窗口。输入文字之后,Spotlight不仅会搜索本地计算机,还会进行互联网搜索,提供地图、维基百科(Wikipedia)文章和去除广告后的网页搜索结果。注意:是去除广告后的搜索结果。Microsoft MSFT -1.23% is delighted that Apple is using its Bing service to search the Web. “Last year Bing became the default web search for Siri, and will now also be the default web search provider in the redesigned Spotlight search feature for the next generation of iOS and OS X,” a Microsoft spokesperson told Ad Age. “We’re excited about extending the Bing platform to help iOS and Mac customers find what they need to get things done.”微软(Microsoft)很高兴看到苹果利用必应(Bing)提供网页搜索务。一位微软发言人告诉Ad Age:“去年,必应成为语音助手Siri的默认网页搜索引擎;而在新一代iOS与OS X中,必应将作为改版后的Spotlight搜索务的默认网页搜索务提供商。能够扩展必应平台,帮助iOS与Mac用户查找他们需要的信息,我们感到非常兴奋。”Google GOOG -1.62% will not be so happy. Advertising — especially U.S. search advertising — pays for nearly everything Google does, from building driverless cars to wiring whole cities with fiber optics. According to eMarketer estimates, Google took in 70.8% of the .92 billion spent on U.S. search advertising last year.但谷歌(Google)恐怕不会开心。从设计无人驾驶汽车,到建设光纤城市,谷歌每一个项目的资金,几乎都来自广告业务,尤其是美国搜索广告业务。据市场调查公司eMarketer估计,美国去年的搜索引擎广告开为199.2亿美元,其中约70.8%被谷歌收入囊中。If Apple hopes to disrupt Google by giving the information away for free, it’s got its work cut out for it. As Ad Age poins out:苹果如果希望通过免费提供信息来扰乱谷歌的运营,那它还有很长一段路要走。正如Ad Age指出:“Apple’s search tool shows only a few results per query, meaning a lot less real estate for results. That means Apple would have to prove that its small number of results are accurate enough to fulfill someone’s query. Good-enough search has never been enough to unseat or take share from Google.”“苹果搜索工具每次查询只显示很少的几个结果。。这意味着,苹果必须明,它寥寥可数的搜索结果就已经足够准确,可以满足用户的查询需求。一款搜索引擎如果只是足够好,那它不足以撼动谷歌的地位,也不足以抢占谷歌的份额。” /201406/303473SEOUL PLANS FIRST SATELLITE LAUNCH South Korea plans to make its first satellite launch today in a step that could test North Korea's commitment to recent rapprochement moves and rekindle fears of an Asian arms race.Although North Korea's self-claimed satellite launch in April appeared to have failed, the growing technological prowess demonstrated by firing a long-range rocket unnerved politicians in Seoul. Seoul has also been eager to demonstrate its capabilities as China, India and particularly Japan have moved into space missions.Japan has set next month for the debut launch of a new unmanned resupply spacecraft for the International Space Station.South Korea's government has been unabashed in wanting its space programme expanded with an eye to putting astronauts into space. Russian rockets have in the past carried South Korean satellites and, last year, the first Korean astronaut. Russia has also provided critical assistance for South Korea's rocket programme.North Korea insists its rocket launch in April marked the successful launch of a satellite that is now beaming patriotic anthems from space. The US, South Korea and Japan contest this and say Pyongyang was simply upgrading its ballistic weapons. Stung by UN Security Council sanctions over the launch, Pyongyang has said it expects the UN to show impartiality by condemning South Korea's rocket launch.“North Korea's reaction will be a barometer of how committed it is to the recent positive trend,” said Andrew Gilholm, senior analyst at Control Risks, the security consultancy, referring to a recent thawing of ties between Seoul and Pyongyang.Pyongyang has freed US and South Korean detainees and has pledged to co-operate on investment and tourism projects.After North Korea's launch, politicians in the south complained South Korea was being held back by its adherence to the Missile Technology Control Regime, an informal agreement with the US that restricted southern scientists to working on ballistic missiles with a range of less than 300km. North Korea's rocket flew about 3,000km. /200908/81783武汉包皮环切手术费用Your friends and contacts change jobs, phone numbers, email addresses, and residences all the time. But keeping your digital address book or contact list current with all these changes is tedious at best and often impossible. So, the contacts on most smartphones and computers are usually out of date and incomplete.你的朋友和联系人总在更换工作、电话号码、邮箱地址和住址。要使你的电子通讯录或联系人列表跟上所有这些变动是项繁复乏味的工作,而且通常是无法实现的。因此,大多数人的智能手机和电脑上的联系人信息都是过时且不完整的。Now, a tiny Silicon Valley startup called Addappt is trying to end all that by making your address book self-updating. The company is offering a free service and contacts app of the same name for the iPhone that matches people in each others#39; address books, and then automatically updates their information when changes occur.现在,硅谷一家名为Addappt的小公司正在尝试让你的通讯录能够自动更新,从而结束上述烦恼。这家公司提供一项免费务以及与公司同名的iPhone通讯录应用程序,该应用可以将其注册用户与你通讯录上的人进行匹配,关联上之后,一旦他们的信息变动,你的通讯录就会自动更新。For instance, in my tests of Addappt, one of my colleagues who was helping me try it out updated her home address on her own phone, and the new address appeared within minutes on her contact card in my phone#39;s address book. In turn, I added an additional phone number to my address record on my phone, and it showed up in her information for me almost immediately. No manual changes were needed on either end.比如,在我测试Addappt时,一个帮我进行测试的同事在她自己的手机上更新了她的家庭住址,短短几分钟内,我手机通讯录里她的名片页就显示出了该新住址。反过来,我在我的手机上往自己的联系信息中加了一个额外的电话号码,而这几乎立即就出现在了她的手机上。两端都不需要进行任何手动操作。Addappt users control their own information. Only the person who is the subject of a contact card can make changes that will be synchronized through Addappt. It isn#39;t a social network, and it has no ties to Facebook or Twitter. Addappt says it stores only your own record, not your whole address book, on its servers. The idea is to focus on the address book, and make it better, not clutter it up.用户自己的信息由用户负责管理。每张名片只能被它的所有人更改,而这些更改将通过Addappt被同步。它不是一个社交网络,而且与Facebook或Twitter没有关联。Addappt公司说,他们在务器上只保存你本人的记录,而不是你的整个通讯录。这个构想是专注于通讯录,使它变得更完善,而不是把它搞复杂。After testing Addappt, I can say it does what it promises. I tried it successfully with several people. I was able to use Addappt itself as my address book, or to stick with my phone#39;s familiar contacts app, because Addappt instantly shares any changes with the built-in iPhone app, and vice versa. In fact, if you use Apple#39;s iCloud to synchronize your own address books, changes made automatically by Addappt can be propagated to all iCloud-connected devices, including iPads and Macs.在测试Addappt之后,我可以说它做到了它所承诺的。我与好几个人进行的测试都成功了。我可以将Addappt本身作为我的通讯录,或者继续使用我手机上我所熟悉的通讯录应用,因为Addappt会立即把所有信息变更同步到iPhone的内置通讯录应用上,反之亦然。事实上,如果你使用苹果iCloud来同步你的通讯录,由Addappt自动做出的任何改动都可以传到你所有与iCloud相连的设备上,包括iPad和Mac电脑。However, this is a new product from a company with few resources, so it is just starting out. That means it has some limitations and flaws that keep it, at least for now, from being a universal, living address book.不过,Addappt是由一家没多少资源的公司开发的新产品,所以它仅仅处于起步阶段。这意味着它存在一定的局限性和一些瑕疵,这使得它至少在目前很难成为一款普遍适用的、实时的通讯录。One limitation is that because Addappt is an iPhone-only app, you can#39;t get self-updating information for those people in your address book who don#39;t use iPhones. The company says it hopes to add an Android version by the middle of 2013, and has longer-range plans for other platforms.局限之一:因为Addappt是一款仅持iPhone的应用,你无法自动获得你通讯录中那些不使用iPhone的人对通讯信息进行的更新。该公司说它希望在2013年年中开发出安卓版本,并且有开发兼容其他平台的版本的长期计划。Another is that, to gain the benefits of Addappt, you have to convince even your iPhone-using contacts to download and use it. But the company makes this somewhat difficult. Every new user must apply for an invitation code to activate the app. The company says this process is needed to authenticate people, and to guard against a surge of new users, which might swamp its servers.另一局限是,要想充分享受Addappt带来的便利,对于你那些使用iPhone的联系人,你也得说他们下载并使用这款应用。但是这家公司把这一过程弄得有些麻烦──每一位新用户必须先申请到一个邀请码以激活这款应用。该公司称这一过程对于用户的身份验来说是必需的,另外也可防止大量用户的涌入导致务器瘫痪。And the app has some flaws. It can#39;t make a match between two Addappt users, even if they#39;re in each others#39; iPhone contact lists, unless their current contact cards have the email address each used to join Addappt (it must be the top email on the contact card) or your name and the top phone number listed. Also, I found the Alphabetical index down the side of the Addappt app, meant to save you from scrolling through long lists, worked poorly.而且这款应用程序有一些瑕疵。它对两个Addappt用户进行匹配必须满足以下条件:他们现在的联系人卡片中有他们各自用于注册Addappt账号的邮件地址(而且该地址必须是其联系人卡片中的首选邮件地址)或者你的名字以及首选电话号码在列,除此之外,即使这两个Addappt用户都在对方的iPhone联系人列表中也不能自动匹配。并且,我发现这款应用的字母索引在底部,这项功能的初衷是让你不必滚动长长的列表进行查找,但其实它很不好用。In addition, the Addappt app lacks a Favorites or Recents list. Finally, while the company swears it will never share or sell or rent any contact information, it has yet to post a formal privacy policy.另外,Addappt没有常用联系人和最近联系人列表。最后一点,虽然这家公司发誓说它永远不会分享、出售或者租赁任何联系人信息,但它尚未公布正式的隐私保护政策。In many other respects, however, the app is nicely designed and easy to use. Once it is up and running, it scans your address book to see if it can match any of your contacts to other Addappt users. If it can, it automatically connects you with them. As people in your address book join and use Addappt, they also get connected.无论如何,在其他许多方面,这款应用程序都设计得很棒,并且使用方便。一旦它被设置好并且开始工作,它便会扫描你的通讯录以查看它是否能将你通讯录中的联系人与其他Addappt用户配对。如果可以,它便会自动将你和他们关联上。当你的手机联系人中有人注册并开始使用Addappt,它同样能将他们与你关联。Addappt users who aren#39;t in each others#39; address books can ask for permission to connect. The app includes a list of connected users, and pending connections, as well as your entire address book. In the main list, connected users are designated by small icons showing two links of a chain.对于没有在通讯录上记录彼此联系方式的Addappt用户,可以通过发送请求来建立联系。这款应用程序包含一个已建立联系的联系人列表,一个等待认的联系人列表以及你的完整通讯录。在主列表中,已建立联系的用户被形状为带两个链环的一根链条的小图标标示出来。Addappt#39;s address book itself is attractive and easy to use. As you scroll through it, the contact at the top of the screen expands to show more information -- such as the city and state -- and even the local time (so you don#39;t wake people up in the middle of the night). Icons appear that allow you immediately to make a voice call, or to send an email or text, without opening the contact entry.Addappt的通讯录本身很有吸引力并且易用。当你滚动它时,位于屏幕顶端的联系人条目会展开,以显示更多信息──诸如其所在的州和城市──甚至当地时间(因而你不会在对方的深夜时间将其吵醒)。展开的条目上还会出现一些图标,让你可以立即拨打语音电话,或者发送邮件或消息,而不需打开该联系人条目。What information for a person in your contact book will change once you are connected to him or her on Addappt? It depends. For some things, like name or photo or job title, the other person#39;s choices will obliterate yours.一旦你在Addappt上与某人建立联系,你通讯录中与该联系人对应的哪些信息会被更改?这得看情况。对于有些东西,诸如名字、照片和职位,对方提供的信息将会冲掉你原本的记录。For others, like phone numbers, which can have multiple entries, information you#39;ve entered for the person will be preserved, and the contact#39;s own new information will be added.对于其他可以同时保存多条记录的信息,诸如电话号码,你已经为联系人录入的信息将被保留,而该联系人自己的新信息将会被添加进来。Contacts#39; pictures in Addappt are supplied by the person whose contact it is, and are displayed in a large size on the contact card.Addappt中联系人的照片由联系人本人提供,并且在联系人卡片上以大尺寸显示。The product has no advertising. The company hopes to make money eventually by selling premium versions with additional features.这款产品没有插入广告。该公司希望最终能通过销售带附加功能的高级版本挣钱。Addappt is a promising product that could solve a real problem. But it can#39;t reach its full potential until it runs on all platforms.Addappt是一款很有前途的产品,它可能能帮人们解决一个很实际的问题。但在能兼容所有平台前,它还无法充分发挥其潜力。 /201304/233524武汉包茎手术需要多少费用

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