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Yahoo Inc. said Thursday it could reverse its May decision to return more than billion to shareholders from selling part of its stake in a Chinese Internet company, a signal that new Chief Executive Marissa Mayer may want to use the cash for other purposes. 雅虎(Yahoo Inc.)周四说,该公司可能调整5月份做出的将回售一家中国互联网公司部分股权所得的逾40亿美元返还给股东的决定。这暗示出新任首席执行长梅耶尔(Marissa Mayer)可能希望将这笔现金转做他用。 Yahoo#39;s statement, contained in a regulatory filing signed by Chief Financial Officer Tim Morse, sent the Sunnyvale, Calif., company#39;s shares down 3.5% in after-hours trading to .17. 雅虎的声明令该公司股价在盘后交易时段下跌3.5%,至每股16.17美元。声明包含在一份提交给监管机构的备案文件中,文件上有首席财务长莫尔斯(Tim Morse)的签名。 In May, Mr. Morse helped engineer the sale of part of Yahoo#39;s stake in Chinese Web company Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. He said on a July 17 earnings call with analysts that Yahoo#39;s board was committed to returning the proceeds from the Alibaba sale to shareholders, though the company hadn#39;t determined the form or timing of such an action. 今年5月,莫尔斯参与筹划了回售雅虎在中国网络公司阿里巴巴集团(Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.)所持部分股权的交易。他在7月17日与分析师召开的收益电话会议上说,雅虎董事会承诺将回售阿里巴巴股权的所得返还给股东,不过公司尚未确定返还的形式及时间。 On Thursday, Yahoo said in the filing it may change its prior decisions because Ms. Mayer, who was hired three weeks ago, is reviewing the company#39;s strategy. 雅虎周四在备案文件中说,该公司可能改变此前的决定,因为梅耶尔正在对雅虎的战略进行评估。梅耶尔三周前受聘担任雅虎首席执行长。 Ms. Mayer#39;s #39;review process may lead to a reevaluation of, or changes to, our current plans, including our restructuring plan, our share repurchase program, and our previously announced plans for returning to shareholders substantially all of the after tax cash proceeds#39; from the sale of Yahoo#39;s stake in Alibaba. 文件中说,梅耶尔的评估过程可能导致我们现有计划的重估或改变,包括我们的重组计划、股权回购计划以及此前宣布的将回售雅虎在阿里巴巴股权的大部分税后现金所得返还给股东的计划。 Anne Espiritu, a Yahoo spokeswoman, said in a statement that Ms. Mayer is #39;carrying out a careful review of the company#39;s business#39; and is looking at #39;potential strategy changes to Yahoo#39;s current plans#39; along with fellow Yahoo directors. She declined to elaborate. 雅虎发言人埃斯皮里图(Anne Espiritu)在一份声明中说,梅耶尔正在与其他雅虎董事一起对公司的业务进行仔细评估,并考虑对公司现有计划进行可能的战略调整,但她拒绝详细说明。 Joseph Grundfest, a law professor at Stanford University who is an expert on corporate governance, said that #39;management can, for entirely legitimate reasons, change its mind as long as it hasn#39;t made a binding commitment#39; to return the cash to shareholders. 斯坦福大学(Stanford University)法学教授、公司治理专家格伦德费斯特(Joseph Grundfest)说,只要尚未就向股东返还现金一事做出具有法律约束力的承诺,如果有完全合理的理由,管理层就可以改变主意。 The potential about-face in Yahoo#39;s spending plans falls in line with Ms. Mayer#39;s technology-heavy background, ThinkEquity analyst Ron Josey said, but it still caught some investors by surprise. ThinkEquity的分析师乔西(Ron Josey)说,雅虎出计划可能出现的大调整符合梅耶尔的技术背景,但仍让一些投资者感到意外。 He noted a lot of shareholders bought the stock thinking that Yahoo was going to start a multibillion-dollar buyback plan that would help lift the stock#39;s near-term value. 他指出,很多股东之所以买进雅虎股票,是因为他们认为雅虎将开始一项数十亿美元的回购计划,有助于在近期内提振雅虎的股价。 For years, the vast majority of Yahoo#39;s market valuation has been tied to its stakes in Asian Web companies Alibaba and Yahoo Japan. Investors have placed little value on Yahoo#39;s core business, which generates around billion in revenue annually, mainly from selling online advertising. 多年来,雅虎市值的绝大部分都来自于其在亚洲网络公司阿里巴巴和雅虎日本(Yahoo Japan)的持股。投资者认为雅虎的核心业务价值并不高。雅虎核心业务每年实现营收约50亿美元,主要来自在线广告业务。 Yahoo currently has around billion in cash, and Ms. Mayer aly has shown signs she is willing to spend substantial sums to turn around the struggling Internet company. 雅虎目前约有现金20亿美元,梅耶尔已经显示出愿意花大笔资金将这家陷入困境的互联网公司扭亏为盈的迹象。 #39;She didn#39;t come here to wind the company down,#39; Mr. Josey said. #39;She came here to restore Yahoo to what it used to be.#39; 乔西说,她来这里并不是要任由雅虎走下坡路,而是要使雅虎重振往日的雄风。 She has told colleagues she is interested in hiring or acquiring new talent and products through acquisitions, among other things, and possibly investing in Yahoo#39;s advertising technology, according to people briefed on the matter. 据了解情况的人士说,她对同事们说,她有兴趣通过收购获得新的人才和产品,并可能投资在雅虎的广告技术上进行投资。 #39;For someone who#39;s thinking about a growth strategy, of course you should maintain as much cash on the balance sheet as possible, maybe for acquisitions,#39; said Mark Mahaney, a stock analyst at Citigroup Inc. 花旗集团(Citigroup Inc.)的股市分析师马汉尼(Mark Mahaney)说,对于一个考虑增长战略的人来说,当然应该尽可能地将现金留在资产负债表上,或许可以用于收购。 /201208/194736。

ARIES It is the impressive, bold, individual perfumes that suit you best. Generally speaking, sweet romantic scents have trouble keeping up with you. People find you cheerful, energizing and stimulating - you need a fragrance to match! The fragrance to suit your Arien qualities is Calvin Klein.白羊:大胆前卫、体现独特个性的香水最适合你了。一般来说,你不太适合味道过重的香水。想让大家看到你的积极乐观、朝气蓬勃和热情坦率,Calvin Klein 是最理想的选择了。 /201208/195746。

If you expect the worst, the worst will happen. If you let things bother you, they will. But if you smile, you#39;ll feel better. Studies have shown that putting a cheerful smile on your face can trigger a part of your brain that actually makes you feel happier and more optimistic about the present and future.如果你总是期待坏的事情发生,那坏事情一定会发生。如果你让事情来烦扰你,那它们一定会烦扰你。但如果你选择微笑,你一定会感觉更好。研究表明挂一个大大的微笑在脸上能够刺激你大脑的一个部分,使你对现在和未来感到更开心和更乐观。Also, feed your optimism with positive reminders. Write down short statements that inspire optimism. Put them in places where you#39;ll see them every day, such as on your bathroom mirror, the inside of your locker, and on your computer monitor.同样,用积极的提醒也可以提升你的乐观。写下一些短小的话语来激励你自己。把它们放在你每天都会看到的地方,比如卫生间的镜子上,柜子里,或是电脑显示器上。;Anything is possible.;;一切皆有可能。;;Lead a life of positivity.;;积极生活。;;The only thing I can control is my attitude towards life.;;我唯一能掌控的就是我对生活的态度。;;I always have a choice.;;我总有选择的余地。;;Even the longest journey begins with a single step.;;千里之行始于足下。;;I will look at the sunny side of everything and make my optimism shine.;;我会看到每一件事情积极的一面,并让我的乐观情绪发光。; /201206/188555。

About 6 percent of luxury hotels in three major Chinese cities have stopped serving shark fin, a survey has found.一项调查显示,在中国的三大城市中有近6%的高档酒店对鱼翅说“不”。Although the controversial delicacy remains on the at most hotels, Green Beagle Environment Institute, a Beijing-based non-government organization that was the main sponsor of the survey, said the results are encouraging and reflect increased awareness.尽管这道备受争议的美味仍出现大多数酒店的菜单上,本次调查的主办单位、来自北京的非政府组织达尔问自然求知社则表示,此次调查结果令人鼓舞、体现出人们环保意识的提高。The survey was carried out in Beijing, Shenzhen in Guangdong province and Fuzhou in Fujian province, which were selected as representative cities to collect basic data on shark fin consumption nationwide.这些调查分别在北京、深圳、福州三地展开,这三座城市被选为收集全国鱼翅消费基本数据的代表城市。In Beijing, 132 hotels completed the phone questionnaire between Nov 20 and Dec 12.11月20日到12月12日之间,共有132家北京酒店完成了电话问卷调查。Only 12 hotels, 9 percent, said they do not serve shark fin.只有12家酒店(占9%)表示拒绝鱼翅。A similar survey of 131 Beijing hotels conducted a year ago found only one hotel that did not serve shark fin, Wang Xue, chief coordinator of the survey, said on Saturday.该调查的主要协调人王雪(音译)上周六表示,一年前的一项类似调查显示,在北京受访的131家酒店中,只有一家酒店对鱼翅说“不”。In Shenzhen, four out of the 85 four and five star hotels surveyed had stopped serving shark fin, accounting for about 5 percent. In Fuzhou, only one of the 40 hotels surveyed did not serve shark fin.在深圳,共有85家四五星级酒店参与此次调查,其中有四家酒店拒绝鱼翅,约占5%。在福州,参与调查的40家酒店中,只有一家表示拒绝鱼翅。On average, about 6.61 percent of the hotels in the three cities did not serve the food.平均来说,三地约有6.61%的酒店对鱼翅说“不”。;The survey reminded us there is still a long way to go to remove shark fins from Chinese hotels and restaurants, but the improved situation in Beijing is encouraging,; said Wang. ;We found more hotels and restaurants were willing to take action over the past year.;王雪表示:“该调查提醒我们要想中国餐营业全面拒绝鱼翅,还有很长一段路要走,但是北京状况的改善十分令人鼓舞。过去一年中我们发现越来越多的餐厅和酒店自愿加入拒绝鱼翅的行列。”International hotels are more active in the ;shark-fin-free; project, she noted. Shangri-la, Peninsula, JW Marriot, Accor and Starwood are among the hotels that have declared they will not serve shark fin.她指出,许多国际酒店在“拒绝鱼翅”项目中表现得更积极。香格里拉、半岛、J.W.万豪、雅高以及喜达屋等酒店品牌纷纷表示不再提供鱼翅。China is the world`s biggest importer and consumer of shark fin, which has been used in luxurious Chinese dishes for 500 years. Dishes made from shark fin are still regarded as a symbol of honor and respect, especially at business dinners, according to Wang.王雪介绍说,中国是全球最大的鱼翅进口国兼消费国,鱼翅作为中国顶级食材已有500年的历史了。鱼翅菜肴仍然被视作尊贵的象征,尤其是在商务宴会上。;Our awareness-raising mainly targets the luxury hotels, restaurants and businessmen associations,; she said.她表示:“我们旨在提升这些高档酒店、餐厅以及商会的相关意识。”Her organization has held talks with China Hotel Association and discussed the association adding ;shark fin free; into its scoring system for hotels hoping to gain the Green Hotel or Green Restaurant label, said Wang.王雪称自己所在的组织已同中国饭店协会展开会谈,并就将“零鱼翅”加入绿色酒店、餐厅的评分机制这一问题进行讨论。Displays of dried shark fin in hotels and restaurants are expected to soon be banned by the hotel association.中国饭店协会有望在短时间内对各大酒店、餐厅下达“鱼翅禁售令”。;We hope hotels and restaurants remove shark fin products from their s,; Wang said.王雪表示:“我们希望所有酒店及餐厅都可以将鱼翅产品从菜单上去除。”The Chinese government pledged to ban shark fin products from government banquets in late June, but the regulation is expected to take three years to release officially.今年六月末,国家政府承诺官宴禁止鱼翅产品,而该禁令将在三年内正式发布。The NGOs that oppose shark fin consumption aim to protect the decreasing number of sharks in the ocean and stop shark-finning, a practice that condemns the finless sharks to a slow death.那些反对鱼翅消费的非政府组织致力于保护海洋中鲨鱼数量的减少,制止“削鳍”行为的发生——这种行为致使那些失去鳍的鲨鱼慢慢消亡。Research has also found that shark fin contains poisonous elements, including lead and mercury, but the nutritious value is less than that of chicken or pork.同时也有研究发现鲨鱼翅含有铅汞等有毒元素,而营养价值却不及鸡肉和猪肉。Some fishing associations in China say shark fin products should not be banned and deny shark-finning occurs. They claim a ban on the fins will lead to waste when sharks are captured with other fish.国内几家水产协会表示鱼翅产品不应被禁,声称割鳍弃肉的行为根本就不存在了。他们表示,当鲨鱼同其他鱼类被一同捕捞上来时,鱼翅禁令将会导致资源浪费的现象。 /201212/215203。