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青岛新阳光医院医院做血常规检查青岛哪里人流技术好China’s premier is pushing for debt-for-equity swaps and more aggressive measures to reduce the burden on struggling local governments as Beijing tries to capitalise on improved indications for economic growth in the first quarter. 中国总理李克强正在推动债转股和更为激进的措施以减轻挣扎中的地方政府的负担。与此同时,北京方面试图利用第一季度经济增长好转的迹象。 Premier Li Keqiang said yesterday that some localities would be allowed to reduce contributions to social security funds while all central budgetary investment would be allocated in the first half. 李克强昨日表示,一些地方将被允许阶段性降低“五险一金”,同时中央预算内投资上半年要全部下拨。 “Policy measures taken so far have paid off. At the same time, a lot remains to be done to ensure steady growth, advance reform and achieve further restructuring of the economy,” Mr Li said at a meeting of provincial leaders. “前期采取的一系列政策措施效应不断显现,同时稳增长促改革调结构还需加码发力,”李克强在部分省(市)政府主要负责人经济形势座谈会上表示。 The remarks were published after data released yesterday showed China’s producer prices remain deep in deflation. Last month’s producer prices index, an important gauge of the woes plaguing China’s industrial and export sectors, dropped 4.3 per cent, easing only slightly from a 4.9 per cent drop in February. Consumer prices rose 2.3 per cent, largely on the back of a sharp jump in pork prices. Non-food inflation remained modest at 1 per cent. 李克强的这些言论发表之前,昨日公布的数据显示,中国的生产者价格仍深陷通缩区间。上月的生产者价格指数(PPI)——衡量中国工业和出口部门困境的重要指标——同比下降4.3%,仅比2月份4.9%的降幅略有缓和。消费价格指数(CPI)同比上涨2.3%,主要原因是猪肉价格大幅上扬。非食品通胀率仍处于1%这一较低水平。 Chinese officials have been scrambling to paint a more optimistic picture of the economy. While recent data suggest there is some stabilisation, international jitters remain over the slowdown and the extent of the government’s efforts to rebalance towards consumption. A fuller picture is set to emerge this week, with the release of trade data tomorrow, followed by first quarter economic growth numbers on Friday. 中国官员近来忙于往乐观的方向描绘经济局面。尽管最近的数据似乎表明形势有一定企稳,但国际间仍对中国经济放缓和政府推动经济再平衡、让消费扮演更大角色的努力感到不安。本周将呈现更加完整的经济图景,贸易数据将在明日发布,第一季度经济增长数据将在周五发布。 Despite the more positive March figure, PPI remains deep in deflation, according to Zhou Hao, economist with Commerzbank. “From the Chinese authorities’ perspective, it is far more important to get rid of [PPI] deflation.” 德国商业(Commerzbank)经济学家周浩表示,尽管3月的数据相对更为积极,但中国的PPI仍深陷通缩区间。“从中国政府的视角看,摆脱(PPI)通缩要重要得多。” China’s PPI has been in negative territory since March 2012, a symptom of heavy industrial spending courtesy of Beijing’s Rmb4tn (8bn) stimulus to counteract the effects of the global financial crisis. The subsequent price deflation in sectors such as steel has rippled around the globe, adding to tensions between Beijing and its two largest trading partners, the EU and the US. 自2012年3月以来,中国的PPI一直处于负值区域,这是北京方面为抵消全球金融危机的影响而出台的4万亿元人民币(合6180亿美元)刺激计划所导致的巨额工业出的一个症状。随后造成的钢铁等行业的价格通缩的冲击波传遍全球,加剧了北京方面与欧盟和美国这两大贸易伙伴之间的紧张。 Blowback from lower commodity prices compounded the trend, since industrial input costs account for three-quarters of the country’s PPI. But as a large importer of oil and iron ore, China also benefited from the end of the commodity boom as large trade surpluses helped bolster flagging economic growth. 大宗商品价格下降进一步加剧了中国PPI下降的趋势,因为工业投入成本占中国PPI的四分之三。但是,作为石油和铁矿石的大规模进口国,中国也受益于大宗商品繁荣的终结,巨额贸易顺差帮助撑疲弱的经济增长。 “Today’s data suggest [China’s central bank] will be less aggressive in monetary easing,” said analysts at ANZ Research, who are now predicting just one more cut this year in the level of reserves banks are required to hold. ANZ had previously expected three additional cuts in the reserve requirement ratio by the end of the year. “今日的数据似乎表明,中国央行将在放松货币政策方面降低一些力度,”澳新经济研究部(ANZ Research)的分析师们表示。他们现在预测,今年中国央行将只会再下调一次存款准备金率。此前该行预计中国央行在今年底之前将把存准率再下调三次。 China’s benchmark stock index, the CSI 300, rose more than 1 per cent on the inflation data. The renminbi also strengthened against the dollar. It has risen almost 2 per cent against the greenback over the past two months. 通胀数据发布后,中国基准股指沪深300(CSI 300)攀升逾1%。人民币相对于美元走高。过去两个月来,人民币对美元累计上涨近2%。 /201604/437129青岛市妇幼保健所几点下班 青岛妇幼保健院在什么位置

荣成做人流费用My husband and I share a 492-square-foot apartment in Cambridge, Mass. We inhabit a “micro apartment,” or what is sometimes called a tiny house. This label is usually proudly applied to dwellings under 500 square feet, according to Wikipedia. We are unwittingly on a very small bandwagon, part of a growing international movement.我和丈夫住在马萨诸塞州坎布里奇一套面积为492平方英尺的公寓里。我们住的是“微公寓”——有时又被称作微型房子。按照维基百科的说法,面积低于500平方英尺(约46.5平米)的居所通常会被光荣地贴上这一标签。我们不知不觉置身其中的这波小小潮流,是一场日益壮大的国际运动的一部分。But deep inside the expensive custom closets and under the New Age Murphy beds, the pro-petite propaganda has hidden some unseemly truths about how the other half lives. No one writes about the little white lies that help sell this new, very small American dream.但在昂贵的定制衣橱深处和New Age墨菲床之下,提倡小巧化的宣传者藏起了关于你的另一半如何生活的某些不太体面的真相。没人在文中提及帮助销售这种新式微型美国梦的善意小谎言。Here, on the inside, we have found small not so beautiful after all. Like the silent majority of other middling or poor urban dwellers in expensive cities, we are residents of tiny homes not by design, but because it is all our money can rent.我们内心里明白,“小”根本就没有那么“美”。我们和其他中产人士或贫穷的城区居民一样,在生活成本高昂的城市中是沉默的大多数,我们住进小房子并非有意为之,而是因为我们的钱只够租这样的房子。Tiny houses are booming. The movement, whose origins fans often link in spirit all the way to Thoreau’s cabin at Walden Pond, became increasingly popular after the 2008 housing crash. Living small has come to signal environmental mindfulness and restrained consumerism.微型房子方兴未艾。这场运动在2008年房地产市场崩盘后日渐流行——其拥趸经常在想象中将其起源一直追溯至瓦尔登湖的梭罗小木屋。住小房子开始成为环保觉醒和克制式消费主义的标志。A tiny home is a state of mind, if not a religion. It is in vogue, and it is in Dwell. The tiny house pairs well with other contemporary cultural currents. It is cut from the same cloth as the Marie Kondo craze of 2014, and suits this year’s hygge, too. (The recently imported cult of hygge-ness — or coziness, from Denmark — often entails the burning of candles, wearing of chunky sweaters and a pursuit of togetherness facilitated by small spaces.) Micro living plugs into the age of Apple minimalism, too. In real estate listings, “cozy” is no longer an unconvincing euphemism, but a coveted catchphrase.小房子即便不是一种宗教,也代表着一种心绪。它很流行,还登上了《Dwell》杂志。它跟其他当代文化潮流颇为相配。它与2014年的近藤麻理惠(Marie Kondo)热潮如出一辙,与今年的舒适风(hygge)也很搭调。(最近从丹麦舶来的舒适风,常常涉及点蜡烛、穿蓬松的毛衣,以及追寻因为置身于小空间之中而更加易于实现的亲密。)“微居住”还和苹果(Apple)的极简主义时代相联通。在房产信息中,“舒适”不再是一个不具说力的委婉語,而是一个令人垂涎的流行词。Our apartment in Cambridge was built in 1961, part of an earlier wave of utopian interest in tiny affordable housing. Our space occupies most of the lower third of a two-unit, three-story building. There is a contiguous row of nine such pairings — pint-size below, family-size above — on our street. The original developer’s vision was that income from renting the lower units could help cover the mortgage for the owners’ homes above.我们在坎布里奇的公寓建于1961年,是早前的乌托邦浪潮在微型廉价住房领域留下的印记之一。在一栋分为两个单元的三层建筑中,我们的居所占据了一层的大部分空间。我们那条街上,排成一排的一连九栋建筑都是这样的组合式房屋——下方是小单元,上方则为适合全家人居住的单元。开发商当初的设想是:房主可以用下方单元的租金收入来付上方房屋的部分抵押贷款。The most striking feature of our small lives is the unavoidable, domineering presence of the plastic laundry hamper originally bought from Target in 2007. Embarrassing, ordinary objects like the hamper are empowered in small spaces; they become tyrants. In a larger home, this perfectly functional item might recede quietly into a closet or laundry room.我们的微生活最大的特点,就是2007年购自塔吉特(Target)的塑料洗衣篮那不容忽视的霸气存在感。洗衣篮之类尴尬的寻常物件,在小空间里显得格外强大;它们简直成了暴君。在大一些的房子里,这种极为实用的物品或许会悄悄隐退到壁橱或洗衣房里。Our unattractive centerpiece occupies approximately 0.4 percent of our home’s surface area, but visually, it seems much larger. In an otherwise horizontal bedroom landscape (a queen-size mattress on the floor), the hamper looms high and white above the rest of the room. It often reminds me of the Capitol in Lincoln, Neb. — a piece of monumental architecture designed to dominate the prairie, to force man’s will over nature.我们花10美元买来的这件毫无吸引力的核心摆设,占据了我们家表面积的0.4%,但就视觉效果而言,它似乎要大得多。在原本应该横向延展的卧室景观中(地板上摆着大号床垫),洗衣篮赫然高踞于房间内其他所有一切上方。它常常让我想起林肯市的内布拉斯加州议会大厦——一栋旨在称霸草原,把人类的意志强加于自然之上的纪念碑式建筑。Glossy photo sps on popular blogs like Tiny House Swoon make the small life look disproportionately good. Small houses have spawned a decent-size media subindustry. Browse Amazon for helpful tomes such as “Tiny House Living: Ideas for Building and Living Well in Less than 400 Square Feet” and “The How To Guide to Building a Tiny House.” The big screen features small houses. You may try documentaries like “Tiny: A Story About Living Small” or “Small Is Beautiful: A Tiny House Documentary.” Or “Tiny House, Big Living,” the small-screen series, which is in its fifth season on HGTV.通过“小房子大惊喜”(Tiny House Swoon)等广受欢迎的客流传开来的那些漂亮照片,让微生活显出了不合情理的好。小房子已经为媒体业催生出了一个规模不可小觑的子行业。在亚马逊(Amazon)网站可以看到实用的大部头著作,比如《栖居于小屋:建造不足400平方英尺的小房子、过上幸福生活的创意》(Tiny House Living: Ideas for Building and Living Well in Less than 400 Square Feet)和《小房子建造指南》(The How To Guide to Building a Tiny House)。小房子还上了大银幕。你或许可以看看《微小:一个关于微生活的故事》(Tiny: A Story About Living Small)或《小即是美:一部关于小房子的纪录片》等纪录片。或者看看《小房子大生活》(Tiny House, Big Living),HGTV的这个电视节目已经播到了第五季。Tickets for the Tiny House Conference (“tiny houses, big conference”) in Portland, Ore., in April cost 9. The event featured inspirational talks like “Downsize Your Space and Life” and “Future of the Movement.” In Charlotte, N.C., you can hire a tiny house life coach to help with your transition.4月份,俄勒冈州波特兰市举行了一个小房子大会(Tiny House Conference,会议主题是“小房子,大会议”),门票是349美元。会上有一些鼓舞人心的话题,比如,“缩小你的空间和生活”,“这场运动的未来”。在南卡罗来纳州的夏洛特市,你可以雇一名小房子生活教练帮你过渡。There have been some skeptics. In December 2013, The Atlantic ran an article headlined “The Health Risks of Small Apartments.” The results the magazine reported were inconclusive. Small spaces may pose psychological risks to some populations, but not to others. Some of the experts interviewed by The Atlantic argued that age might matter. Micro apartments could be good for young people, like my husband and me.也有人对此表示质疑。2013年12月,《大西洋》月刊(The Atlantic)刊登了一篇文章,标题是《小公寓的健康风险》(The Health Risks of Small Apartments)。该杂志报告的结果没有定论。小房子可能对某些人具有心理风险,但对其他人不会。《大西洋》采访的一些专家认为,年龄可能是一个影响因素。对于我和丈夫这样的年轻人来说,小房子可能是有益的。Life in our tiny home is characterized above all by shabbiness. Like the apartment’s pervasive, undomesticateable dust bunnies, the thbare feeling grows and grows simply because it aly exists.我们在小房子里的生活最大的特点是破旧。和公寓里无处不在、难以制的灰尘球一样,破旧的感觉会不断增强,而这只是因为它已经存在了。No one warns you that everything is more concentrated in a tiny house, that the natural life cycle of objects accelerates.没人提醒你,在小房子里,一切都更集中,物品的自然寿命周期也随之缩短。Our things are aging faster than they did in their previous homes. We sit on our lone couch more hours a day than in any previous dwelling. The cushions are fading, the springs sagging, the corners fraying. Our rug is balding along our daily paths, starkly revealing repetitive routines: back and forth to the coffee machine, to the couch, to the sink, to the couch. The denudations look like cow paths cut through sage brush — invasive affronts on the landscape. Everything in our tiny house is worked over more, used harder.我们的东西比在之前的家里老化得更快。我们每天坐在那张孤零零的沙发上的时间,比在以前任何住所都多。垫子在褪色,弹簧失去弹性,边角开始磨损。地毯上,我们每天行走的路径被磨得光秃秃的,裸地揭示出日复一日的例行公事:在咖啡机、沙发、水槽、沙发之间往返。这些斑驳的痕迹看上去像是母牛穿过鼠尾草丛的路径——是对景观的肆意侵犯。在我们的小房子里,一切物品都被用得更废、用得更狠。Here, even smells take up space. We once made a meal that called for caramelizing three pounds of onions. For hours the onions melted in their pan. Technically they were taking up less and less space, but somehow they intruded more. In a tiny house, the smell of slowly sweated onions is an inescapable, cloyingly rich aroma; a scent to drive men — and women — mad.在这里,甚至连气味也会占据空间。我们曾经做过一种菜,要给三磅洋葱外面炒上焦糖。洋葱在锅里煮了几个小时,都快融化了。从技术角度来说,它们占用的空间越来越小,但是不知怎么反而侵占了更多空间。在一栋小房子里,焖煮洋葱的气味是挥之不去的,这是一种令人生厌的浓郁芳香;一种男人和女人闻了都会生气的味道。The eau de onion sp to everything. It clung especially to the moist bathroom towels, and to the laundry drying in the bedroom. We were never clean again. Fresh from the shower, we immediately smelled of onions — of tiny house. For weeks, smelling like old onions became one of our micro lives’ certainties. The scent’s preferred repository, I eventually learned, was my New Age, polyester sports bra.到处都是“洋葱香水”的气息,特别是在湿润的浴室毛巾上,还有卧室里正被烘干的衣上。我们再也干净不起来了,刚淋浴完,马上就会被沾染上小小房子里的洋葱味道。几个星期之内,在我们微小的生活里,闻起来像一堆老葱头成了免不了的事。我最终发现,喷香水的最佳位置就是在我的New Age牌聚酯纤维运动文胸上。“It smells like onion,” my husband had certified weeks later. “That doesn’t seem like a good thing to wear.” I said, “I can’t not wear it.” And that was true. I did wear it, but the bra’s coolly advertised moisture-wicking technology seemed designed to activate the old onions. I carried the smell with me deep into the city. You can never really leave a tiny house; it goes with you everywhere.“它有股洋葱味儿,”丈夫已经言之凿凿地说了几个星期。“穿这件似乎不好。”我说,“我不能穿它”。这是真的。我还是穿了,但是胸罩广告上宣传的那种非常酷的吸湿技术,似乎是为了用来激发老洋葱的味道。我就这样带着这股味道走进了市区。你永远无法摆脱一栋小房子;它会随身紧跟着你。For generations, writers have warned about romanticizing the lives of the poor. Beware the nostalgie de la boue. Small can be a bad fit.多年来,各种文章都在警告,不要把穷人的生活浪漫化。当心那怀旧的沼泽。“小”可能并不适合你。So we daydream big. Dreams of unfashionable, politically incorrect, old American aspirations that our generation isn’t supposed to believe in anymore. Dreams of design features so vast that they sound like foreign countries. I dream of kitchen islands. I dream outside this box.所以我们都有对“大”的白日梦。这样的梦不时尚、政治不正确,是老一代美国人的渴望,我们这一代人根本就不应该相信。那些设计的梦想实在太过宏大,听起来简直像是在外国。我还是梦想有岛式厨房。我梦想能跳出这个盒子。 /201706/512971黄岛区儿童医院大夫 青岛新阳光妇科医院做处女膜修复好不好

青岛治不孕不育哪里最好 Jack Ma of Alibaba, the 0bn Chinese ecommerce giant, is making an awful mess of the purchase of the South China Morning Post, Hong Kong’s English-language daily. He should take a lesson from his business rival, Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon and owner of The Washington Post.市值达2000亿美元的中国电商巨擘阿里巴巴(Alibaba)的马云在收购香港英文报纸《南华早报》(South China Morning Post)的问题上搞得一团糟。他应该汲取其商业竞争对手杰夫贝索斯(Jeff Bezos)的教训。贝索斯是亚马逊(Amazon)的创始人,《华盛顿邮报》(Washington Post)的东家。“Trust us. Why do people have to think that if we have it, it will lose its independence?” Mr Ma asked indignantly on Tuesday at the World Internet Conference in the southern city of Wuzhen — an event demonstrating that “China has been on an upward internet spiral for 21 years, with Tencent and Alibaba becoming the beating heart,” according to news agency Xinhua.在江南城镇乌镇召开的世界互联网大会(World Internet Conference)上,马云恼怒地问道:“相信我们。为什么人们会认为我们会让报纸失去编辑自由呢?”新华社称,这个大会表明,21年来中国互联网一直在螺旋式上升,腾讯(Tencent)和阿里巴巴成为跳动的心脏。The answer to Mr Ma’s question is an interview given by Joseph Tsai, Alibaba’s executive vice-chairman, to the paper Alibaba bought this week for 6m. Mr Tsai complained: “There is too much of a focus on what is wrong with Alibaba...I’m not saying SCMP should step up coverage of Alibaba, but it should be more curious.”阿里巴巴集团执行副主席蔡崇信(Joseph Tsai)前一阵子接受了该集团斥资2.66亿美元收购的《南华早报》的采访,其间他在不经意间提供了对马云所提问题的。蔡崇信抱怨称:“对阿里不好的地方的关注太多了……我不是说《南华早报》应该增加对阿里的报导,但它应该更好奇。”Mr Tsai promised that Alibaba will not tell journalists what to report but he dropped hints about how to behave if they wish to stay employed. Western news organisations report on China “through a very particular lens” of hostility to communism, he said. “We see things differently, we believe things should be presented as they are.”蔡崇信承诺,阿里巴巴将不会指示记者报道什么,但他暗示,如果他们希望保留工作,就得明白如何表现。他说,西方主流媒体是从对共产主义的敌意这个“非常特定的角度”报道中国的,而“我们的看法不一样,我们相信实事求是。摆事实,讲道理,这是我们将来运作的原则”。The trap into which Mr Ma has fallen is believing that news organisations should write what companies or governments regard as “responsible”. Most companies think journalists are too negative about them, and sometimes they are even correct, but trying to fight it is a misguided cause. If Mr Ma pursues it, he will discredit the paper by turning it into tame, predictable propaganda.马云落入的陷阱是,他认为新闻机构应该撰写被企业或者政府视为“负责任的”稿件。多数企业认为记者对它们的报道过于负面,有时企业方面甚至是对的,但试图为此大动干戈就是受到了误导。如果马云寻求这么做,他将让《南华早报》丧失信誉,沦为一家驯的、陈词滥调的宣传机构。Mr Ma could yet play a vital role in restoring the SCMP, which has seen better days. Its tradition of independence and willingness to take on powerful interests remains as valuable in China as elsewhere. Other industry traditions, such as inefficiency, resistance to digital technology and preference for comfortable decline over disruptive change, do not.马云仍可能在恢复《南华早报》昔日荣光方面扮演关键角色。它的独立传统和叫板强大利益集团的意愿,在中国和其他地方依然可贵。其他行业“传统”则不那么可取,比如效率低下,抵制数字技术,以及宁愿缓缓衰落也不愿颠覆式变革。Mr Ma is the latest of the technology press barons, which include figures such as Mr Bezos and Chris Hughes, a co-founder of Facebook who acquired the New Republic magazine in 2012. They have the wealth, and hopefully the patience, to acquire titles facing digital competition and to help them adapt.马云成为最新一位科技巨头背景的报业大亨,加入贝索斯和克里斯休斯(Chris Hughes)等人的行列。休斯是Facebook的联合创始人,于2012年收购《新共和》杂志(New Republic)。他们有钱(但愿也有耐心)收购面临数字竞争的纸质媒体,帮助这些媒体适应。Many Washington Post journalists revered the Graham family, the paper’s former proprietors, but Mr Bezos has performed a remarkable service for the Post since he acquired it (with his own money, not Amazon’s) for 0m in 2013. Indeed, he has done a notably better job than Don Graham, the family scion who sold it to him.《华盛顿邮报》的许多记者对前东家格雷厄姆家族抱有敬意,但贝索斯自2013年以2.5亿美元收购该报以来(用其自己、而非亚马逊的资金)提供了卓越的务。的确,贝索斯干得要比该报的卖家唐格雷厄姆(Don Graham)好得多。The Grahams, although they were beloved stewards, curtailed the Post to a metropolitan daily with a strong circulation in the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia and a limited presence outside. That was highly profitable as long as there was an abundance of print advertising but it left the Post more isolated than The New York Times in the face of digital competition.格雷厄姆家族虽然是受人喜爱的管家,但他们让《华盛顿邮报》降格为一家在哥伦比亚特区、马里兰州和弗吉尼亚州发行量较大、在其他地区发行量有限的的都市日报。只要有大量的纸媒广告,那种模式就会非常赚钱,但它让该报在面临数字化竞争时比《纽约时报》(New York Times)更加孤立。Amazon has itself been subjected to plenty of tough, searching and critical coverage by news organisations — more hostile than the routine stuff Alibaba complains about — but as a proprietor Mr Bezos has wisely ignored that. The Post’s journalists have kept writing the same things as before.亚马逊本身也被新闻机构穷追猛打地发表了大量的批评报道——比阿里巴巴抱怨的不温不火的内容更有敌意——但作为东家,贝索斯明智地没有把它当回事。《华盛顿邮报》的记者们和过去一样自由报道。Instead of moaning about bias, he has concentrated on efficiency and growth: two areas in which he has far more expertise than traditional news publishers mired in print. The Post appeared doomed to fade like other city dailies — outmatched in Washington by Politico, which was founded in 2007 by former Post journalists — but it now shows signs of recovery.他没有抱怨偏见,而是聚焦于效率和增长:他在这两个领域要比传统纸媒出版机构拿手得多。《华盛顿邮报》曾经看起来要注定像其他城市日报一样衰落——在华盛顿已被该报前记者2007年创办的Politico超越——但现在它显示出复苏的迹象。Mr Bezos has offered free digital access to subscribers to other US papers and discounted subscriptions to Amazon Prime members. The website, once a mess, is better looking and faster. It publishes more articles, some of them aggregated from other sources. Its digital reach is climbing and it has just overtaken the NYT in unique monthly visitors, with BuzzFeed in its sights.贝索斯允许其他美国报纸的订户登入其网站免费阅读文章,并对Amazon Prime会员提供折扣订阅。该报网站一度杂乱无章,但现在好看得多,速度也快得多。它发表更多文章,其中一些从其他来源转载。它的数字订户正在攀升,在每月独立访客(UMV)一项上已经超过《纽约时报》(NYT),正在追赶BuzzFeed。One can argue with aspects of this and old hands do, observing that it carries gossipy articles to boost traffic. But, together with the bulk of its old authority, the Post at least has a pulse. Taking the best of its past and turning it into a national, perhaps global, publication is bound to be a long experiment.人们可以从某些方面说三道四(老笔杆子会这么做),称该网站刊登八卦文章以提升流量。但是,加上其保留的大部分权威,《华盛顿邮报》至少还有生命力。汲取过去的精华,将它转型为一家全国性乃至全球性的刊物,注定是一项长期实验。As the theologian Reinhold Niebuhr once expressed in prayer: “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”正如神学家赖因霍尔德尼布尔(Reinhold Niebuhr)曾经在祷告词中表达的那样:“主啊,赐给我平静去接受我所不能改变的,赐给我勇气去改变我所能改变的,并给我智慧去分辨两者的不同。”Rather than telling journalists to be nicer to China and Alibaba, Mr Ma should focus on what he is good at. Then the SCMP might have a future.与其告诉记者们对中国和阿里巴巴更加友好,马云应该致力于他擅长的事情。这样《南华早报》或许还有未来。 /201601/420950山东省青岛市妇女儿童医院不孕不育中心青岛新阳光妇产医院在线咨询



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