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当地时间5月1日,美国戏剧领域的最高奖——美国戏剧托尼奖提名名单在纽约隆重揭晓。根据同名电影改编的百老汇音乐剧《曾经》最受青睐,荣获包括最佳音乐剧奖在内的11项提名,强势领跑榜单。The world of plays is humming with excitement over the announcement of the nominees for the 66th annual Tony Awards. The announcement was made by Tony and Emmy-winning actress, Kristen Chenoweth and Emmy and Golden Globe-winning actor, Jim Parsons. 40 new shows were trimmed down to the best of Broadway this year.;The nominees for best musical are: #39;Leap of Faith#39;, #39;Newsies#39;, #39;Nice Work If You Can Get It#39; and #39;Once#39;.;Ahead in the count with eleven nominations is ;Once;, the Broadway musical version of a 2006 Irish indie film that features the Oscar-winning song, ;Falling Slowly;. The show#39;s leads, Steven Kazee and Cristin Milioti also received nominations, in addition to Elizabeth A. Davis for best performance by an actress in a featured role in a musical.;The nominees for best play are: #39;Clybourne Park#39; by Bruce Norris, #39;Other Desert Cities#39; by Jon Robin Baitz, #39;Peter and the Starcatcher#39; by Rick Elice and #39;Venus in Fur#39; by David Ives.;Philip Seymour Hoffman meanwhile has a shot at ;best actor; for his role in the revival of Arthur Miller#39;s ;Death of a Salesman.; He#39;s up against two-time Tony winner James Earl Jones for his role in ;The Best Man;, Frank Langella for ;Man and Boy;, John Lithgow for ;The Columnist; and British comedian and actor James Corden for ;One Man, Two Guvnors;.Best actress nominations went to Nina Arianda for ;Venus in Fur;, Stockard Channing for ;Other Desert Cities;, Tracie Bennett for ;End of the Rainbow;, Linda Lavin for ;The Lyons; and Cynthia Nixon for ;Wit;.;The nominees for revival of a play are: Arthur Miller#39;s #39;Death of a Salesman’, #39;Gore Vidal#39;s #39;The Best Man#39;, #39;Master Class#39;, and #39;Wit#39;.;And the race for best new play comes down to ;Other Desert Cities;, ;Venus in Fur;, ;Clybourne Park; and ;Peter and the Starcatcher;.The Tony Awards honors Broadway#39;s best musicals and plays. It will be broadcast live from New York on June 10 with three-time host Neil Patrick Harris. Article/201205/180810Louis XV never expected to be king,路易十五原本不应成为国王but both his father and grandfather died但他的父亲与祖父before they could reach the throne.尚未继位成王就与世长辞Louis XV loses his parents and his grandparents,路易十五2岁时when he#39;s two years old.失去双亲与祖父母He#39;s an orphan brought up by people身为孤儿that he doesn#39;t know very well,他由并不熟识的人抚养some of whom are probably fairly terrifying as courtiers.其中一些幕僚令人生畏He is a sickly child very early on.他幼时便体弱多病Wherever he went,不论路易前往何处Louis was surrounded by the legacy of his great-grandfather,都能见到曾祖父遗留在世的印记the man who first built the extraordinary palace就是他最初建造了路易的家that was his home.这座超凡的宫殿Certainly, one would imagine Louis XV has been traumatised不难想象 路易十五失去至亲by the death of all his near family,是何等痛苦and is a lonely and probably他孩童时期非常孤独slightly disturbed child in his youth,可能还有轻微的情绪障碍and I think this carries through the rest of his life.这种情况伴随了他的一生 Article/201204/1796321865.The Civil War leaves cities on the Eastern Seaboard stripped the resources.1865年,内战使得东海岸经济千疮百孔,物资严重匮乏The country#39;s booming population needs food.另一方面,激增的人口需要大量食物供给In Texas, over 6 million cattle roam wild worth a head here, but back East they#39;re worth 40.德克萨斯州拥有600万头野牛,此地只值4美元一头但在东海岸却能卖到40美元By 1868, the railroad sps from the East,crossing Kansas, but it hasn#39;t reached Texas.到了1868年,从东海岸延伸过来的铁路已贯穿堪萨斯,但仍未通到德克萨斯There#39;s still 1,000 miles of Wild West between the herds and the railroad.西部仍有1000英里蛮荒之地横亘在牧群与铁路之间For that kind of cattle drive,America needs a new kind of hero.赶牛的任务应运而生,美利坚需要新一代的英雄The cowboy.牛仔After the Civil War,60% of the South#39;s population lives in rural poverty.内战结束后,六成南方农民忍受着贫困的煎熬In search of work,a new kind of adventurer heads west to cattle towns like Abilene, Wichita and Dodge City.为了生计,人们向西进发开始了新一轮冒险到阿比林、威奇托和道奇城等有牛的城市谋生One farmhand heading to Texas is Teddy Blue Abbott.泰迪·布鲁·艾伯特便是跋涉至德克萨斯的农工之一23-year-old Teddy Blue is the son of a Nebraska homesteader.年仅23岁的泰迪·布鲁是内布拉斯加州一个自耕农的儿子My father wanted to tie me down and make a farmer out of me.我父亲想把我拴在家里乖乖接班做农民Never.绝不可能I ran away from home to become a cowboy.我从家里逃出来,开始了牛仔生涯The cowboy mentality is a spirit of individuals.牛仔是一种独立精神的体现I have a communion with land, with my horse.我和大地相连,和我的马相依为命It symbolizes of a resistance to the authority.它象征着对于强权的反抗Teddy Blue is one of 35,000 cowboys who will drive cattle to the railroad in Kansas.35000名牛仔将牛群赶到堪萨斯州的铁路上,泰迪·布鲁便是其一Standing in their way, 1,000 miles of untamed West, unforgiving terrain and gangs of ruslters.他们将要面对的是绵延1000英里的西部荒野,极度险峻的地形和成群结伙的山贼For only a day,cowboys must be skilled horsemen and cattle wranglers.虽然日薪只一美元,但要求牛仔不仅要骑技高超还要熟知牛的习性The lasso dates back to the ancient Egyptians.套索的使用可追溯到古埃及Mexican ranchers have been using them for centuries and pass their skills on to cowboys north of the border.墨西哥的牧场工人沿用数百年并将此技术传授给了北方边境的牛仔 /201211/210694Choose workout clothes that are comfortable and will give you the confidence and motivation to succeed.选择不仅穿着舒适,而且能够给你成功的信心和动力的运动装。Step 1 Choose clothes that fit1.合身Make sure your workout clothes fit your body and the type of exercise you plan to do.确保你穿的锻炼装符合你的身材,适合你计划做的运动。Don#39;t wear clothes that will get in the way of your workout.不要穿妨碍你锻炼的衣。Step 2 Choose fabrics2.选择布料Choose fabrics that are stretchy and durable such as polyester and spandex.选择有弹性,而且耐穿的布料,例如涤纶和氨纶。Step 3 Look for moisture wick fabric3.选择透气性好的布料Look for moisture wick fabric for high-impact exercises such as aerobics, jogging, or kick boxing.如果是进行高强度的训练,例如有氧运动,慢跑或拳击,选择透气性好的布料。Wicking fabric keeps your body cool by lifting moisture away from your skin.透气性好的布料可以带走皮肤表面的汗液,保持身体凉爽。Step 4 Keep weather in mind4.注意天气Keep the weather in mind if you exercise outside. Wear an outer layer that protects your skin from rain or strong winds.如果是在户外锻炼,一定要注意天气。多穿一件外套,保护皮肤免受风雨侵害。Step 5 Dress warmly in winter5.冬季注意保暖Dress in layers that can be removed in the winter months. Cover your ears, head, and hands from the cold.寒冷的冬季,多穿几层衣,必要的时候可以脱下来。保护好耳朵,头部和双手。Step 6 Invest in reflective material6.选择反光材料Invest in clothes with reflective material so you are visible to drivers.购买用反光材料制成的装,这样司机比较容易看到你。Step 7 Keep exercising7.坚持锻炼Keep exercising. Small changes in your lifestyle can lead to a longer and healthier life.坚持锻炼。生活方式的细微变化可以让你过上更加长寿,更加健康的生活。_Forbes_ reported that the most expensive pair of tennis shoes produced was a specialty design of Nike Air Force One shoes that, if retailed, would sell for at least ,000 a pair.福布斯报告称,世界上最昂贵的网球鞋是耐克空军一号限量版,如果零售的话,价格至少是每双1,000美元。 /201301/222633

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