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Making Contact为什么戴隐形眼镜看东西更清楚?I get contact lenses to replace my glasses and its like Im seeing the world through new eyes. Its miraculous!终于摆脱框架眼镜了,从隐形眼镜看世界,感觉是全新的!真是太神奇了!Acutlly, Don, there is nothing miraculous about it.东,事实上,这是你的错觉。Who tell?你怎么知道?Well, like glasses, contact lenses work by bending light rays just the right amount to make the object come into focus on the retina at the back of the eye. Sometimes the eyes natural lens has an imperfection or may not be shaped properly, which can make your vision blurry or distorted. Depending on your vision, the right kind of lens helps your eye focus light properly and project a clear image onto the retina.和框架眼镜原理一样,隐形眼镜调节适量的光线进入眼睛,在眼睛后的视网膜上聚焦成像。有时候,眼睛晶状体老化或不完善都将造成视力模糊或扭曲。适合你视力的隐形眼镜纠正视力,辅助眼睛屈光,在视网膜上清楚成像。Ok, fine. But why do contact lenses make things seem so clear?好吧,那么你能说说为什么戴隐形眼镜看东西更清楚吗?Patience, younger princess! Glasses have whats called an optical center, which means that objects appear clearest when viewed through the center of the lenses. But when youre wearing glasses and you move your eyes to the side, or up, or down, things can seem slightly distorted or blurry.别急呀,老兄!框架眼镜的镜片上有光心,当视野正好穿过,看到的图像最清楚。但是,当你戴框架眼镜,上下左右转动眼珠,看到的东西就略显模糊或扭曲。So because contacts are right on the eye and move with the eye, theres no optical center.所以,因为隐形眼镜直接接触眼珠,跟随眼珠转动,就不存在光心了。Right! To put it another way, the entire contact lens is the optical center. So no matter which way you move your eyes, objects appear in perfect focus.就是这样,或者你把整个隐形眼镜都看作光心,无论你怎么转动眼珠,视野正好透过光心。 /201302/226585

Wolverine—the Weasel behind the Myth狼獾——神话背后的鼬鼠For most people the wolverine is best known as an inspiration for the distinctive design of the University of Michigan logo and as the name of an X-Men character.对多数人来说,狼獾作为独特设计的密歇根大学校徽的灵感和一名X战警的名字而出名。但是就他们本身的方式来说,Real wolverines cant fly or leap over tall buildings, but in their own way they are as powerful as comic book superheroes.现实生活中的狼獾可以在高楼上空飞行或跳跃,他们和漫画书里的超级英雄一样富有力量。Also known as the devil bear or woods devil, the wolverine is not related to the wolf, as its name seems to suggest.狼獾同样被认为是魔鬼熊或森林魔鬼,但是他们并不是“狼如其名”,他们与狼一点关系也没有。Rather, the wolverine is the largest member of the weasel family.相反,他们是最大的鼬鼠家族成员。Males are roughly the size of small brown bears and weigh between twenty and forty-five pounds.雄性狼獾体积接近小棕熊,体重在20到46磅之间。狼獾个子矮小,呈蹲形。Wolverines have low, squat bodies and large paws adorned with long, sharp claws useful for climbing trees and digging in snow and dirt.它们的爪子长有修长锋利的指甲,这对爬树和在雪里或泥里挖坑很有用。Relative to other mammals its size, the wolverine does possess incredible strength.相对于其他和其大小相当的动物来说,狼獾身体里具有惊人的力量。A powerful neck and jaws allow wolverines to steal food from hunting traps and even from larger predators such as wolves and bears.强有力的脖子和爪子能让狼獾从狩猎陷阱甚至是更大的食肉动物如狼群和熊群那里偷得食物。On occasion, a wolverine will take down an animal up to five times its size, such as a deer or moose. And like any superhero worth his or her salt, the wolverine has exceptional endurance.偶尔,狼獾会拿下体积是它五倍大的动物,比如一只鹿子或驼鹿。像其他名副其实的超级英雄一样,狼獾拥有异常的忍耐力。It has been known to travel distances of up to ten miles without stopping or slowing down to rest.人们熟知的是它们能行进10英里的路程而不用停下来或放慢速度歇息一下。Despite their powers, wolverines are not good hunters.尽管它们拥有力量,但是它们却不是优秀的狩猎者。They eat mostly carrion, the eggs of ground-nesting birds, and berries.它们大多吃腐肉,地上造巢鸟类的蛋,和浆果。Wolverines used to range as far south as New Mexico, but human hunting and land development have confined them to Alaska and arctic and sub-arctic regions of Canada.狼獾过去常常漫游在新墨西哥州最南部。但是人类的捕猎和土地的开发已经把它们限制在了阿拉斯加州,加拿大的寒带和亚寒带地区。As for Michigan, the only wolverines left are the ones on the athletic field.对密歇根州来说,唯一存留的狼獾们就是生活在运动场上的那些了。 /201211/208008

Here is another cutting-edge technological project off the North coast of Scotland. Power companies have listed 10 sites on the seabed to turn wave and tidal energy into electricity.苏格兰的北海岸现在有了一项前端的技术项目。电力公司列出了海床上10个转化潮汐能为电能的地点。Such a cool idea, They aim to power 750,000 homes by 2020. David Shukman of B, check it out.这是一个好注意,到2020年,潮汐能将为750,000户人家提供能量。B新闻,David Shukman报道。Inch by inch, a new source of power is taking shape, the size of a submarine. Here at the dock side at Leeds near Edinburgh this vast machine will make electricity from the waves. Nearby, lying amounts of coal. It was coal that powered industrial revolution. Could sea power ever do the same?一点一点地,这种新型能源的使用慢慢成形,相关机器有潜水艇大小。这种大型机器将在爱丁堡附近的利兹市的码头投入使用,将潮汐变成电能。之前,周围用户都是使用燃煤能源。曾经,正是燃煤能源促进了工业革命,而今,海洋也能引发一场能源革命吗?This components is now being lowered into the sea and operation will have to be repeated thousands of times. And a start whats been described as a new era of harnessing the power of the sea.相关部件将会被放入海中并运转成千上万次。潮汐能源的运用被认为是开启了利用海洋能源的新时代。This system captures the swill. Each wave passing along the cylinders, moves the hinges that connect them. And that motion drives generators.这个系统会捕捉潮汐。当潮汐经过汽缸,会连接气缸的铰链,铰链的移动带动发动机的运转。;So its not alone;“所以,不光是这些”Near assembly hall, I was given the chance to see inside, down through the hatch.在大厅,我有机会进入到汽缸内,下到里面去看一看。;Wow, its just like being inside a submarine.; Its one section stretches through the gloom for 34 meters. Out the sea, there will be no one in here. The whole thing rocking with the waves. ;And here, at the end of this gaint cylinder is where they actually generate the power. Let me show you how thats done. Every time a wave passes along this system, the cylinders move at where they are hinged. There are these huge hydronic pumps, like bicycle pumps. And that captures the energy of the waves is channeled into a generator like this, and ends up producing electricity.;“感觉就像进入了潜水定一样。”一截汽缸有34米长。汽缸进入海洋就不能有任何人留在里面,整个汽缸都会随着潮水翻滚。“这里,在这个巨型汽缸的尽头。就是发动机产生能量的地方。让我来向你展示它是如何运作的。每次潮水经过这个系统,汽缸带铰链的部分就会移动。这里有巨大的液体循环泵,就像自行车打气筒一样,从而产生能量。这就是从潮汐将能量传送到发动机,并产生电能的过程。”But what happens if there arent any waves. ;This thing will be useless on a flat day.; ;On a flat day, we wont produce any power. Thats right, but important thing is the contribution average within a year, every make what we generate is a make what it doesnt need be fronted by force of fuels.;但是如果没有潮汐怎么办?“在无风的日子,这项技术将会毫无用武之地。”“在无风日,我们无法产生任何能量。对,但重要的是这项技术一年中平均能产生大量电能。一天能够使用潮汐能,就意味着少一天担心燃料能源的问题。”This plan to harness the power of the sea is the largest of its kind in the world. Electricity for 750,000 homes could be generated if all the projects go ahead. Thats 1.2 GW, roughly what a big conventional power station generates. ;这项计划是全世界利用海洋能源中规模最大的。如果计划顺利实行,将会为750,000户人家提供电能。粗略估计,相当于一个发电量在12亿瓦特的传统发电站。;Thats a very important day. What weve actually done is taking a very big step to making a new technology, renew energy technology—wave in tidal, commercially deployed on a grand...on a big scale.;“这是非常重要的一天。我们做的只是在开发新能源的工作上更近了一步,创新潮汐的能源技术。在很大程度上更近了一步。”The designs range from wave machine, swinging in the swill, to gaint turbines, spinning in the tides and huge porpellers harnessing the currents. Another component is launched. There may yet be unexpected costs or challenges, its still early days.这项计划的设计包括汽缸,潮汐,巨型涡轮,水流以及四叶螺旋桨运动等很多领域。另一个关键要素是如何发射汽缸。这项计划还在起步阶段,实施中还会遇到各种挑战和计划外开销。David Shukman, B news, in LeedsDavid Shukman,B新闻,利兹市报道。注:本篇文章英文来自普特论坛,译文属原创,,。201206/185558

  Liang Congjie, modern China’s first environmentalist, died on October 28th, aged 78现代中国首位环保人士梁从诫于10月28日辞世,享年78岁UNTIL the air began to clog and burn, the rivers turned to sludge and desert sand began to sift into the streets of Beijing, China’s people did not much care what Mao Zedong’s great leap into industrialisation had done to the motherland. Pollution did not happen in socialist countries; it was a -Western, capitalist evil. But Liang Congjie noticed. He realised he no longer saw the blue skies of the Beijing of his boyhood, or the courtyard trees he had loved to climb. In the rugged south of Shanxi province, the water in the mountain streams was now black with coal dust and undrinkable.在空气变得沉闷酷热、河流变成污泥浊水、沙尘飞临北京街头以前,中国人不太注意毛泽东的工业化大跃进政策为国家带来了什么。社会主义国家是没有污染的,污染是资本主义罪恶,它属于西方。但是,梁从诫对此提出质疑。他发现,他孩提时代的北京蓝天、他儿时乐于攀爬的庭院树木,再也看不到了;晋南山区的溪流而今已被煤尘染成黑色,无法饮用。As a historian Mr Liang was a traditionalist, sighing sometimes that nothing could surpass the wooden temples of the Tang dynasty; by breeding he was a preservationist, the son of a distinguished architect who had famously sat weeping on the medieval walls of Beijing the night before Mao’s bulldozers demolished them. Some were inclined to think that Mr Liang was less than committed to China’s progress. But he was determined that China should surge forward armed with green sensibility, and a green heart.作为历史学家,梁先生是一位传统主义者。他间或叹息,没有什么建筑能超越唐时的木质寺院了;梁的父亲是一位杰出的建筑师,曾以在毛泽东的推土机推倒北京古城墙的前夜,坐在墙头哭泣而闻名于世,他把梁先生薰陶成了保护主义者。虽然有人倾向于认为,梁先生的环保成就并不能促进中国进步,但梁先生矢志不移——中国的蓬勃发展,应当是用绿色意识、绿色精神武装起来的蓬勃发展。Friends of Nature, founded by him in 1994 with three colleagues from the Academy for Chinese Culture, was China’s first legal NGO and the first committed to protecting the country’s environment. At its inaugural meeting it drew 60 members; there are now around 10,000. As Mr Liang proudly said, it was for everybody: housewives, students, food-sellers in the market, even workers from the Capital Steel Corporation factory where Mr Liang, each January, would gather snow in plastic bottles to show schoolchildren the little black specks of pollution in it.1994年,他与中国文化书院的三位同事共同创建了“自然之友”组织,这是中国首个合法的非政府组织,也是首个致力于保护环境的组织。“自然之友”成立仪式上,只吸引了60名成员,而今已近1万。就像梁先生自豪宣告的那样,人人皆是“自然之友”:家庭主妇、学生、市场上的售食小贩,甚至首钢工人。每年一月,梁先生都会在首钢用塑料瓶收集积雪,为的是向学童们展示——雪中已污染了黑色微粒。Though based on Western organisations he had seen on television, Friends of Nature was less a lobbying outfit than a club, whose members would go tree-planting, camping and chorus-singing to sp the green message through the land. In the main Beijing office, a homely red-painted house in a courtyard littered with bicycles, visitors would be handed staff cards printed on recycled paper and given metal reusable chopsticks, together with a lecture on how much of China’s virgin forest was disappearing for wooden chopsticks every year. Here, among countless papers and the relentless tap of computers, Mr Liang would be working away in shirt and casual slacks, never raising his soft voice, modest as ever. His bike was among the others outside.尽管,“自然之友”是以梁先生在电视上看到的西方组织为蓝本,但它更像个俱乐部而不太像一个游说机构。成员们去植树、野营,举行大合唱,意在把绿色理念传到到全国各地。“自然之友”的总部设在北京,是在一座普通的红漆房子里,这座房子又是在一个自行车杂陈的院子里。总部的来访者会得到回收纸印制的名片、可重复使用的金属筷子,同时还听到一场讲解——每一年,中国的许多原始森林是如何因为木筷子而不复存在。在总部那数不清的文山键海中,梁先生身着衬衣便裤工作着,他那温和的说话声从不抬高,总是谦逊有加。他的自行车也和别人的一样,放在户外。He came to his cause when he was past 60, a dignified figure with greying hair. Most of his professional life had been spent unremarkably, teaching history in universities and compiling a 74-part encyclopedia of China. His family background—American-educated parents, a grandfather renowned as a reformer under the Qing dynasty—made him suspect during the Cultural Revolution, and for nine years he was forced to teach in a cadre school in rural Yunnan. But he was slow to radicalise, and cautious even as his radicalism grew. Not for him the prison or martyrdom route. Instead he joined the right committees, especially in the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, and used his connections to persuade the government and the media to listen.德高望重的梁先生是在年过花甲之时投身到绿色事业中来的,那时他已是一头灰发了。他职业生涯的大部分时光都过得平平淡淡,在大学讲授历史,编纂74卷本的中国百科全书。梁的父母接受的是地道的美式教育,祖父因是清时的维新派领袖而名满天下;此般家庭背景使他在文革中受到猜疑。在长达九年的时间里,他被强制下放到云南农村的一所干校任教。不过,他思想激进的演变是缓慢的,即使在他激进思想形成时,也是小心谨慎。于他而言,蹲监狱,或者成为殉道者,都不是他要选择的路。相反,他切合实际地参加种种委员会,尤其是,他成为了中国人民政治协商会议的一员,并利用自已的影响力劝说政府和媒体倾听其意见。This was delicate work. In China, he always said, there was no point in the sort of dangerous and eye-catching stunts favoured by Greenpeace. He indulged in one or two, handing a letter to Tony Blair, on a visit to China in 1998, to petition him to help save the Tibetan antelope, or bringing in secret cameras to record illegal logging in Sichuan. State goons kept a bit of an eye on him. But in general his campaigns were conducted in an orderly Chinese manner. You did not criticise your parents; instead, you helped with the housework. Similarly, you did not attack the government; instead, you reminded it that there were laws aly on the books to protect the land, the water and the air, and offered to help enforce them.环保工作需要谨慎为之。他经常说,在中国,像“绿色和平组织”那样,喜欢搞些有几分危险和引人注目的招式来推动工作是不识时务的。他就曾放任过自己一两次,1998年托尼?布莱尔访华之际,他写信请求其帮助拯救藏羚羊;曾带上摄像机秘密拍摄四川的非法砍伐。政府打手曾对他小有注意。但从整体上看,他是以中国人易于接受的方式采取行动。不批评父母,而是帮助父母做家务。同理,不攻击政府,而是提醒政府已经有了保护土地、水体和大气的成文法,并愿意为实施这些法律献力。Within these self-described limits, Mr Liang and his NGO notched up several famous victories. He managed to stop the cutting of virgin forest (and the destruction of golden monkey habitat) in Yunnan province. With others, he killed proposals to build giant dams on the Salween river and in one of the most spectacular gorges of the Yangzi. The Tibetan antelope, hunted almost to extinction for the fineness of its fur, remained his favourite cause, and he went to the icy plateau to burn sequestered skins himself—though, to his sorrow, he could not stop the disbanding of the heroic anti-poaching brigade and the transfer of patrols to corruptible local officials. He was sure, he said diplomatically, that the government would do all it could. 梁先生和他的“自然之友”按照自我设定的前述行为尺度,赢得了几场著名的胜利。他成功阻止了对云南原始森林的砍伐,由此也阻止了对金丝猴栖息地的破坏。与他人合作,终止了在怒江和长江最壮观的峡谷之一修建堤坝的提议。藏羚羊因其毛皮精致,几乎被猎杀殆尽,对它们的保护仍是梁先生的重点目标,他曾登上冰冷的高原,亲自烧掉查获的毛皮。即使他痛心不已——无力阻止英勇的反偷猎队的解散、巡逻职责交给易腐败的地方官员,但他仍以婉转方式表示,相信地方政府会尽其所能。Kestrels in the smog雾中红隼 His proudest achievement, however, was to start environmental awareness in China. Where FON led, some 3,000 NGOs have followed. His “Project Hope” sends out buses, painted with an antelope, to rural villages, to teach schoolchildren to treasure flowers, streams and woods. His bird-spotting book encourages residents of Beijing to look out, through the still-smoggy air, for egrets and kestrels. “Mr Liang’s heart, very sensitive, very soft,” wrote a sad Chinese blogger after his death. All hearts should be so soft, he would have said, the better to plant green seeds in.不过,中国由此萌发了环保意识让他最感自豪。在中国,以“自然之友”为先导,相继有约3,000个相应组织得以建立。他的“希望工程”乘上画着藏羚羊的巴士出发,来到乡村,告诉学童们要珍爱花草、溪流和树林。他的观鸟著作使北京居民透过仍旧烟雾弥漫的天空,找寻白鹭和红隼。他去世后,一位悲伤的中国主写到“梁先生的心地非常细腻温柔”。如果梁先生在天有灵,他一定会说:所有人的心地都应该是温柔的,在温柔的心地上播撒绿色的种子是再好不过的了。201205/182470

  Business商业Bakers and chaebol in South Korea韩国的糕点店与财阀Let them eat cake让小店也分一杯羹A half-baked effort to curb the conglomerates控制财阀的笨办法SOME parents give their children cakes. A few give them cake shops.有些父母会给孩子买蛋糕吃,而有一些则会给他们开蛋糕店。The hot topic in South Korea is the trend for daughters and grand-daughters of chaebol families to open bakeries and other small food outlets.如今,韩国人热议的话题是财阀家族纷纷给他们的女儿和孙女们开糕点店和其他小型饮食店。The chaebol are the conglomerates that dominate the Korean economy, so these plutocratic patissières have deeper pockets than any of the little bakers they compete against.这些财阀都是掌控韩国经济命脉的企业集团,所以这些糕点商的财力比任何一家与之竞争的小糕点店都要雄厚。Their baking has provoked outrage.财阀纷纷开糕点店的行为激怒了人们。Lee Myung-bak, South Koreas president, calls it a ;hobby; business for rich girls that threatens the livelihood of poor shopkeepers.韩国总统李明称之为富家千金威胁贫穷店主生计的一个;爱好;产业。Lee Ju-young, a member of the national assembly, likens it to Park Ji-sung (Manchester eds Korean midfielder) lording it over amateurs in a backstreet game of football.国会议员李举勇将这比做朴智星(效力于曼联的韩国中场球员)在一场后街足球比赛里对所有的业余球员称王称霸。A restaurateur in Seoul puts it more plaintively: ;These families aly control everything else in Korea. Why cant they leave something for the rest of us?;首尔一家餐馆老板的说法则更悲哀:;这些家族已掌控了韩国的一切,他们为什么就不能给别人留点余地呢?;The chaebol families have decided that this is not a battle worth picking.这些财阀家族已认识到这场仗不值得打。Scions of the Samsung, LG and Hyundai dynasties are all hanging up their aprons.三星、LG、现代这几个家族企业的富家千金们都准备退出糕点业了。Artisee, a chain of swanky pastry shops run by Lee Boo-jin, whose dad is the chairman of Samsung, is to close. So is the Hyundai-affiliated Ozen.由三星董事长的女儿李宝金经营的高级糕点连锁店Artisee即将停业,现代集团的Ozen也同样如此。Whether this will help small bakers much is open to question.但仍不清楚这样是否会对小糕点店大有帮助。Artisee has only 27 shops; Ozen a mere two. Both are cupcakes in comparison to SPC Group, which operates more than 3,000 Paris Baguette shops in Korea.Artisee只有27家分店,Ozen则只有2家;但与SPC集团相比,这不过是小巫见大巫。SPC集团在韩国拥有超过3000家巴黎贝甜糕点店,Buns have always been SPCs b and butter—and its boss is not an heiress.小圆面包一直是SPC的主要产品,而且其老板也不是富家千金。Some say all this pie-throwing distracts attention from the real problems that overmighty chaebol cause. Entrepreneurs complain that if they have a good idea, the chaebol show up with their chequebooks and poach their staff.有人说,这种胡乱摊派责任的做法分散了人们的注意力,令人们忽视了这些势力强大的财阀引发的真正问题。Small firms that supply chaebol complain that they are ruthlessly squeezed, though few dare say so publicly.企业家们抱怨说,如果他们想出了一个好点子,财阀就会现身用重金挖走他们的员工。财阀的小型供应商则抱怨它们遭到财阀无情的压榨,但没哪家敢公开这样说。Consumers also suffer.消费者的利益也受到了损害。Koreas Fair Trade Commission (FTC) detected over 3,500 cases of price-fixing in 2010, but only 66 led to fines. The average penalty amounted to just 2.3% of unfairly earned revenue.韩国公平交易委员会(FTC)在2010年查明了超过3500宗哄抬价格案,但只有66宗最终是以财阀被罚款告终;平均罚款数仅占财阀以不公平手段赚取的利润的2.3%。Samsung and LG were fined in January for fixing the prices of notebook PCs and flat-screen televisions between June 2008 and September .1月,三星和LG因在2008年6月至年9月哄抬笔记本电脑和平板电视的价格而被罚款。Samsung was ordered to pay a fine of 25.8 billion won (m); LG, 18.8 billion won. LGs fine is to be waived, in return for co-operation with the FTC.三星被勒令付两百五十八亿韩元(两千三百万美元)的罚款;LG则要付一百八十八亿韩元。LG因配合FTC的调查而得以被免除罚款。This is the third time the two firms have been caught price-fixing in the past two years.这是这两家公司在过去两年内第三次被发现进行价格哄抬。Politicians follow the same old recipes when dealing with the chaebol. They lean on banks to lend cash to small firms. And they lean on the chaebol to stay out of a few minor businesses, such as baking or tofu-making.政客们在对付财阀时用的仍是老一套:向施压,让其贷款给小公司;向财阀施压,不让其插足一些小行业,如糕点或豆腐制作。However you sugarcoat it, this is not serious reform.但无论如何粉饰,这些都不是真正意义上的改革。 /201211/208022。

  Business Tour operators Horrible holidays商业 旅游公司 糟糕的假期The holiday business is in trouble. Firms are merging like Brits in Benidorm旅游业身陷困境,各公司正忙于兼并EUROPES travel industry has had four terrible years: a recession, an Icelandic volcano, unrest in the Middle East, costly oil, a weak dollar and a widesp sense of malaise. People want to get away from it all, but worry that they cant afford to.欧洲的旅游行业已经经历了四年的低谷:经济衰退、冰岛火山喷发、中东骚乱、昂贵的油价、贬值的美元以及普遍疲软的经济。人们想要摆脱这些,却又担心无力承担。Airlines, hotels and cruise ships have all suffered, but the worst-hit are the tour operators. To survive, they have merged and cut costs. In 2007 Thomas Cook, a German-owned travel firm, took over MyTravel, a British rival, to create Europes second-biggest package-tour firm. A couple of months later Hanover-based TUI, Europes biggest travel company, merged its travel business with First Choice, another British package-holiday company, to create TUI Travel, a company based in London and listed on the London Stock Exchange. Both package-holiday giants cut capacity by as much as 25% in the following years.航空公司,酒店以及度假巡游船都受到了牵连,但受影响最大的还是旅游公司。他们通过兼并和削减开来维持生存。德国的Thomas Cook旅游公司在2007年收购了其英国的竞争对手My Travel,从而组建了欧洲第二大的旅游务公司。几个月后,欧洲最大的旅游公司,总部位于汉诺威的途易与英国的另一家旅游务公司 First Choice合并了其旅游业务,从而成立了途易旅游。途易旅游的总部位于伦敦,并于伦敦交所上市。两家旅游务巨头在接下来的几年里缩小规模高达25%。Yet mergers and downsizing have provided only temporary relief. On August 3rd Holidays 4 UK, a tour operator specialising in trips to Turkey, went bankrupt, leaving 12,800 holidaymakers stranded. On the same day, Manny Fontenla-Novoa, the boss of Thomas Cook, was forced out of his job after three profit warnings in 12 months. His replacement will have a big job on his hands. In the nine months to June, Thomas Cook lost 6.1m before tax.然而整合与缩小规模只是缓兵之计。八月三日,只提供土耳其旅行务的旅游公司Holidays 4 UK宣布破产,造成了12,800名度假者的滞留。就在同一天,托马斯?库克的老板Manny Fontenla-Novoa在公司接到了12个月来的第三个利润预警后被迫离职。摆在他继任者面前的将是一项艰苦的工作。从去年九月到今年六月的九个月期间托马斯?库克的税前损失达3.261亿美元TUI Travel is perking up a bit. Its pre-tax losses fell to £355m (4m) in the nine months to June, from £563m for the same period last year. On August 10th it reported a 57% increase in its ;underlying operating profits;, a figure that excludes planeloads of supposedly one-off costs.不过途易旅游正逐步恢复活力。它从去年同期5.63亿英镑的税前损失降到六月来的3.55亿英镑(4.24亿美元)。八月十号它宣布其;实际营业利润;增长了57%,这一数据还不包括大量可能的一次性花费TUI Travel has several advantages. It is less centralised than Thomas Cook, more flexible and better managed. It sells fewer holidays in the turbulent Middle East. And its margins are buoyed by its focus on fancy holidays rather than bargain booze-ups on beery beaches.途易旅游还是有些优势的。它不像托马斯?库克那样高度集中化,相比之下更加灵活,管理得也更好。它在政局不稳的中东地区组织的线路并不多。利润来自于倍受重视的精品套餐路线,而不是便宜的沙滩啤酒派对。Even so, a spokeswoman for TUI Travel admits that the high oil price is a worry. TUI Travel owns 143 aircraft. The company was fully hedged for oil-price volatility this year but next year it is expecting a 30% increase in its fuel bill. Its French business is suffering because of political unrest in Frances former African colonies, which are a favourite destination for French holidaymakers. TUI Travel is now planning to merge its French operations to create one brand in the hope that this will turn around its weakest unit.尽管如此,途易旅游的发言人承认昂贵的油价的确令人担忧。途易旅游拥有143架飞机。今年该公司采取了严密的措施以防油价动荡,但明年它的燃油预算预计将增长30%。它在法国的业务也因原法属非洲殖民地的政治动荡而遭受了不小的损失,而这些地区恰恰是法国人热衷的度假胜地。途易旅游现在正计划把旗下的法国业务合并成一个品牌,希望以此来拯救那些经营惨淡的分。The traditional tour operators business model is out of date, says Jamie Rollo of Morgan Stanley, a bank. Their fixed costs are high. They book flights and rooms months in advance, and still have to pay for them even if a volcano or terrorist forces travellers to cancel. And although they now do a lot of business online, they struggle to compete with cheaper online-only firms such as Expedia, Travelocity and Orbitz.;传统旅游公司的运营模式已经过时了,;根史坦利投资的杰米?罗洛说道,;他们的固有成本很高。他们需要提前几个月预定机票和房间,并且即使火山喷发或是恐怖袭击导致旅行取消他们也仍需付这些费用。尽管现在他们尽管现在他们很多业务在网上进行,但却很难与那些如Expedia,Travelocity以及Orbit等这些更加便宜且只做网上务的旅游公司相匹敌。Further consolidation is likely. Germanys package-tour market is still fragmented and lucrative, so REWE Touristik and others might soon be snapped up. TUI Travel and Thomas Cook might even merge, creating a giant and saving plenty of money. Alternatively, one of these two big boys might marry a low-cost airline, linking cheap flights with cheap beds.进一步的整合是可能的。德国的旅游务市场仍然较为零散并十分有利可图,所以像REWE Touristik一类的旅游公司很快就会变得十分抢手。途易旅游和托马斯?库克甚至可能合并,以成为行业巨头并进一步节省资金。或者,这两个大块头之一会兼并一家低成本的航空公司,形成一条完整的低价住宿低价机票产业链。In the short run Thomas Cooks new boss will have to improve the companys dire finances. The firm is planning to sell assets worth £200m over the next six to 18 months, including some or all of its seven hotels. Its chief financial officer says that an equity issue is not on the cards, at least for now. He may have to change his mind. Holidays are supposed to be relaxing, but for the firms that provide them, they are anything but.短期来看,托马斯?库克的新任老板首先要做的就是改善公司糟糕的财务状况。公司计划在接下来的6到18个月期间卖掉价值2亿英镑的资产,包括部分甚至全部其7家酒店.它的财务总监表示至少目前还不打算发行股票。他将来也许会改变主意。假期本应该是令人放松的,但对于那些提供这项务的公司来说,情况就恰恰相反了。 /201301/222663

  Huge swarms of stinging jellyfish and similar slimy animals are ruining beaches in Hawaii, the Gulf of Mexico, the Mediterranean, Australia and elsewhere, U.S. researchers reported on Dec.12.研究人员12月12日报告,大群带刺的水母,以及同样黏滑的水生动物正在破坏夏威夷,墨西哥海湾,地中海、澳大利亚和美国沿岸的海滩。The report says 150 million people are exposed to jellyfish globally every year, with 500,000 people stung in the Chesapeake Bay, off the U.S. Atlantic Coast, alone.报告显示全球每年有1.5亿人会接触到水母,其中仅在美国大西洋沿岸的切萨皮克湾就有50万人被水母刺伤。The report says the Black Seas fishing and tourism industries have lost 0 million because of a proliferation of comb jelly fish.报告上还显示:由于冠状水母的大量繁殖,导致黑海的渔业和旅游业每年损失三亿五千万美金。The report says more than 1,000 fist-sized comb jellies can be found in a cubic yard (meter) of Black Sea water during a bloom.报道还涉及到在繁殖旺期,黑海每一立方米的水域中就有一千多拳头大小的栉水母。They eat the eggs of fish and compete with them for food, wiping out the livelihoods of fishermen, according to the report.此外水母吞食鱼卵,和鱼类抢夺食物,彻底断了渔民的生计。Human activities that could be making things nice for jellyfish include pollution, climate change, introductions of non-native species, overfishing and building artificial structures such as oil and gas rigs.人类的某些行为会让水母的生存条件更好,这些行为包括污染,气候变化、引进外来物种、过度以及搭建人工构造物,比如石油和天然气钻井。原文译文属!201206/188667

  The gravity on Mars is about 1/3 the gravity on earth. That means this 300-pound suit will still weigh a little over 100 pounds on Mars. Thats heavy if the astronauts want to explore Marss rocky cliffs and valleys.火星上的重力只有地球的三分之一。那意味着一套300磅的太空在火星上只重100英镑多一点。对于宇航员来说,如果想要探索火星的岩石峭壁和山谷,300磅是非常重的。;Mars is a fantastic environment. The Martian geography makes Mount Everest and the Grand Canyon look very small. So we really need a suit that we can lope and bend and climb and we want it to be a very light system as well. And so thats why we came up with our bio-suit invention.;火星上的环境很奇妙。火星的地形令珠穆朗玛峰和大峡谷显得很渺小。因此我们确实需要一种可以让人大步走,能弯曲能攀爬的太空,同时也要非常轻便。因此我们想到发明生物太空。The bio-suit, a light weight, full mobility spacesuit designed for human exploration on Mars.Bio-suit是一种重量轻,移动性全面的太空,专门为人类在火星上探险而设计。;Spacesuit has to provide pressure to keep someone alive in space.;“为了让人们在太空上活着,太空一定要提供压力。”The atmospheric pressure on Mars is about 1/100 of that on earth. Walking around in that kind of pressure would be fatal.火星上的大气压力只有地球的100分之1。在这种压力下行走会有致命的危险。;Due to kind of this vacillate since your fluid is in your body would come out of a solution and so you would essentially choke and die. It wouldnt be very pretty.;“由于这种波动,你体内的血液可能会倒流,因此你会窒息而死。这样就不好了。”A conventional spacesuit keeps the astronaut in a hard shell that is gas-pressurized. For the astronaut its like being in a balloon. The breakthrough with the bio-suit is that it can apply the required pressure right onto your body.传统的太空把宇航员包在气体供压的硬壳里。宇航员看起来像挤在一只气球里。生物太空的重大突破在于它能将压力直接施加在你身体上。;The bio-suit squeezes a person. We call it mechanical counter pressure that provides enough pressure to keep all the fluids and your body working.“生物太空会挤压人。我们叫它“机械反压”,它会提供足够大压力,让你的血液和身体正常工作。”As an added bonus its a lot cooler-looking than the old spacesuits.附加的奖励是它比传统的太空看起来更酷。;There is a very specific patterning to the suit that I guess it kind of looks like a spider man suit.;“这种生物太空有非常具体的特点,让我感觉跟蜘蛛侠的衣相似。”The lines on the suit arent just a fashion statement; they are actually a kind of exoskeleton that keeps the suit rigid.衣上的线条并不是为了时尚而设计。它们实际上是一种让衣保持稳固的外骨骼。That pattern doesnt move and is very much mapped to your musculature so as you can move your joints, your elbows and your knees but these lines would stay, you know very tight fitting to your muscles if you can imagine that so allowing you maximum mobility.这种线条不能移动,这也映射了肌肉组织,正如你可以移动关节,胳膊肘和膝盖,但肌肉线条仍然不动。如果你能想象的话,太空紧贴着肌肉才能使你最大限度的活动。原文译文属!201208/194468


  In todays Tech Bytes, the Ipad has some new competition this morning. Presales of Dell Streak Tablet begin today with shipment starting tomorrow. Dell is promoting the new touch screen device as a combination cell phone, tablet computer. Its about half the size of an Ipad, makes phone calls and uses Googles Android smartphone operating system. It costs about 300 bucks.欢迎收看今天的Tech Bytes。现在Ipad有了竞争对手。戴尔的Streak平板电脑明天开始预售。戴尔的这款触屏产品融合了手机和平板电脑的功能。体积只有iPad的一半大小,该产品可打电话,它使用安卓智能手机操作系统。Samsung is hitting the 3D TV market with a bang. The company introduced the first protable blue-ray 3D player yesterday. The Samsung, the BDC 8000 has a 10.1 inch screen. It also has built in Wifi access. However, if you want to watch anything in 3D, you have to pipe the content to a 3D capable TV, and of course wear those funky glasses.三星重磅出击3D电视市场。昨天,三星公司出品了首款便携式蓝光3D播放器——BDC 8000。这款播放器拥有10.1寸显示屏,可适用wifi网络。不管怎样,如果你想看3D画面,你必须将文件转化为3D TV可播放的格式,当然,你还要佩带时髦的3D眼镜。If you like football, how about watching a game in 3D? The Verizon FiOS 1 Channel is planning to broadcast the pre-season and a filed game in 3D on September 2nd. It would be a preseason match between the New England Patriots and New York Giants. Verizon FiOS customers in New York, New Jersey and New England will be able to watch.如果你喜爱足球,看3D的版本怎么样?Verizon FiOS 1频道计划于9月2日直播季前赛,并通过3D形式播放。比赛将在新英格兰爱国者和纽约巨人队间展开激烈角逐。纽约,新泽西,新英格兰的Verizon FiOS用户将率先使用该3D技术。Well, cant get to the gym to see your personal trainer? How about getting a personal training App instead. A DDCs MiCoach App can help you train to run faster, increase endurance, or even play a better game of football. Nick Bilton of the New York Times reviewed it and noticed that the App gave him some very personal attention.如果你不能到健身馆去找你的健身教练,为什么不在家用一款个人健身的手机应用呢。DDC的这款应用MiCoach可以锻炼你跑得更快,耐力更加持久,甚至是足球踢得更好。纽约时报的Nick Bilton注意到了这款应用能够提供十分个性化的务。;Another interesting feature of the MiCoach application is the ability to tell what kind of sport you are training for. So if you are interested in tennis, or running or even cycling, you can tell the application this, and will train you specifically for that sport. The way it does this is to tell you if you are going too fast, if you are going too slow and as you are running it says speed up or slow down.“它还有一个有趣的特点就是,这款应用可以自动辨认出你正在训练的体育项目。因此,如果你对网球感兴趣,或是跑步,甚至是自行车,你可以直接在这款应用中输入。这款应用还会提示你的进度,如果你太快了或是太慢了,它就会提示你减速或是加速。”MiCoach is just available for Blackberry, Iphone and Ipod Touch. For information of all these stores just log on to the technology page at abcnews.com.这款应用MiCoach现只能应用于黑莓,iPhone和iPod。详细参阅以上信息请登录abcnews.com的科技页面。Those are your Tech Bytes, Im Rob Neilson.这就是今天的Tech Bytes,感谢您的收看,我是Rob Neilson。注:本篇文章英文来自普特论坛,译文属原创,,。201207/192700。



  Obituary;Nora Ephron and Lonesome George讣告;诺拉·艾芙伦与孤独乔治 Nora Ephron, observer of sexual behaviour, died on June 26th, aged 71. Lonesome George, habitual abstainer, died on June 24th, aged perhaps 100性行为观察家诺拉·艾芙伦,6月26日逝世,享年71岁。习惯性禁欲者孤独乔治,6月24日去世,可能已是百岁高龄。 THE first story Nora Ephron had to write for the New York Post—the one that made the guys on the city desk fall around laughing, got her the job, and launched her on a career of witty, wise writing on surviving modern life—was about a pair of hooded seals at the Coney Island aquarium. They were not only not mating, as they were supposed to, but also refusing to have anything to do with each other.诺拉·艾芙伦为纽约邮报写的第一篇报道是不得以为之,这篇关于科尼岛水族馆冠海豹两口子的文章让编辑部的那帮伙计笑得满地打滚,也让她得到了工作,以风趣而睿智的笔触描写当代生活的职业生涯由此展开。那两只冠海豹本该交配而不成,非但如此,而且根本不想和彼此有一毛钱关系。Lonesome George could relate to that. Though he was probably the last surviving example of the giant Galápagos tortoise Chelonoidis nigra abingdonii, he too refused to perform. Scientists, tourists, journalists, conservationists and the government of Ecuador all waited for two decades for him to mate successfully or, indeed, get it on at all. He wasnt playing. In 1993 two females of a slightly different subspecies were put into his corral. He ignored them. When at last he decided to do his duty, in 2008 and occasionally later, the eggs failed to hatch. Clearly, he was a slow burner. Possibly he was gay. He refused to be turned on even when a female Swiss zoology graduate, smeared with tortoise hormones, gave him manual stimulation for four months.孤独乔治可能与此有点关系。尽管他极可能是世上最后一只加拉帕戈斯象龟平塔岛亚种,他仍然拒绝交配。任凭一帮科学家、观光客、媒体人、环保者以及厄瓜多尔政府等了二十年,为了看他成功交配或者只是雄起一下,他就是不给力。1993年,两只略有差异的亚种雌象龟被带到了他的围栏中。他对她们视而不见。2008年和稍后偶然几次,他终于决定要完成他的使命,但是雌龟产的蛋也没能成功孵化。很明显,他是个慢热型选手。也许,他是个基佬。即使是一位瑞士动物学女大学生抹上龟类的性激素,给他做了四个月的人工刺激,他还是拒绝有所反应。 At which stage Ms Ephron might have asked, couldnt he at least have faked it? Women did that all the time. The most famous scene of her highly successful screenwriting career—which included “Sleepless in Seattle”, “Youve Got Mail” and “Julie and Julia”—was the one in “When Harry Met Sally” (1989) in which Sally faked an orgasm over lunch at a deli on New Yorks Lower East Side.# After she had reared, moaned, gasped and shouted “Yes!” for what seemed like five minutes, the elderly lady at a nearby table told the waiter: “Ill have what shes having.”艾也许会问,这是在哪个阶段,他就不能假装有点兴趣吗?女人总是这么做。她的编剧作品包括《西雅图夜未眠》《电子情书》以及《茱莉和朱丽叶》,杰出的编剧生涯中最为人熟知的一个桥段是在《当哈利碰上莎莉》(1989)中的一幕, 莎莉在纽约下东区一家餐馆里午餐时表演了一场假扮高潮。莎莉身体起起伏伏,呻吟频频,娇喘连连,更是忘情高喊“Yes!”,持续了大概五分钟,旁桌的老女人叫来侍应生:“我要点她正在吃的菜。” George couldnt. But then he didnt have the advantage of living, like Ms Ephron, in Manhattan, where something was almost bound to happen to you if you simply stepped outside, and if it didnt happen you could pick up the phone and order it. He was living in a volcanic field on Santa Cruz island 500 miles off the coast of Ecuador, where you couldnt find a decent bagel if you tried: in fact, a place a lot like Washington.乔治不这么做。但是那时他不像艾,有住在曼哈顿的便利,只要你走出去,有些事几乎是必定要发生,即便是没有发生,你也可以拿起电话订购。他过去是住在距离厄瓜多尔海岸500英里的圣克鲁斯岛上的火山区,事实上,那里就像是华盛顿,你怎么找也找不到像样的百吉饼。 Besides, he was no looker. Ms Ephron, though striking and svelte all her life, worried in the niggling way of women that her breasts were too small, her neck too crêpy (“I Feel Bad About My Neck” was the title of one book), her skin dry and her purse just wrong. George, whose neck was three feet of scrag and whose skin would have made several dozen purses, all thick, dry leather, didnt care two hoots. His one concession to fashion was a shell in taupe. Ms Ephron preferred black; but taupe, especially on a couch, didnt show the dirt.另外,他面容并不俊俏。虽然艾一生模样俊秀、身材苗条,但她也以女人特有的琐碎,为她的胸太小、脖子皮肤太松弛太多皱纹(她的一本书便叫做《我的脖子让我感觉糟糕》)、她的皮肤太干以及钱包样式不对而焦虑。乔治的脖子三英尺长,他的皮可以做成几十个厚重的干革钱包,他对此毫不在乎。对于时尚,他做出了一次让步,就是他灰褐色的壳。艾偏好黑色,但是灰褐色不显脏,特别是用在沙发上。201207/190428

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