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Tom Dolan00-meter individual medley1) gold winner at Sydney Olympic Games Dlan began swimming at age 5,because his older sister Kathleen was a swimmer.“Whatever she did,I wanted to beat her,”he says.While he says he was a “pool rat”as a child,he didn’t aggressively) pursue swimming until his freshman year in high school.Golf was his favorite sport then ――he played f or his high school team until his junior yea r.Dolan grew up in Arlington,Virginia,and his early development as a swimmer was under the guidance of Rick Curl.At the University of Michigan,he trained under head coach Jon Urbanchek,who helped mold3) Dolan into an Olympic champion.During breaks from school,Dolan would ree with Curl,and in the lead-up to Sydney,he has returned home full time.In April 00,Dolan told the Detroit Free Press,“My whole career I had gone back and th),but now I’m spending the whole year with Rick.But where I go and swim,I’ll always be linked to Michigan and to Jon,just as I will to Rick.”Dolan was 18when he entered the 199 World Championships.He remembers being near to all the big stars and noticing they were staring at him.He won the 00 IM title in world record time.He successfully defended hid world title four years later in Perth,Australia.Dealing with asthma5) and poor air quality,Tom Dolan could barely breathe at the 1996 Atlanta Games.But as the reigning World Champion and world record-holder in the 00 -meter individual medley,he was determined to win Olympic gold,“My legs were burning pretty bad,and I couldn’t get any oxygen.I knew it was between me and Eric,and I just gave it everything I had coming into the wall,”says Dolan.He touched first,just ahead of fellow-American Eric,who got the silver. 59

口语盘点第一季:老美嘴边500句之六 --19 ::18 来源: 36. There go the house lights. 剧院的灯光灭了37. They are paid by the hour. 他们时取酬3. Things are getting better. 情况正在好转39. Wake me up at five thirty. 请在五点半叫醒我330. We are all busy with work. 我们都忙于工作331. Where do you want to meet? 你想在哪儿见面?33. You can get what you want. 你能得到你想要的333. A barking dog doesn‘t bite! 吠犬不咬人3. Are you free this Saturday? 你这个星期六有空吗?335. Be careful not to fall ill. 注意不要生病了336. Being a mother is not easy. 做一个母亲是不容易的337. Brevity is the soul of wit. 简洁是智慧的精华338. Cancer is a deadly disease. 癌症是一种致命的疾病339. Did you fight with others? 你又和别人打架了吗?0. Don’t dream away your time. 不要虚度光阴1. Don‘t keep me waiting long. 不要让我等得太久. He has a remarkable memory. 他有惊人的3. He has completed the task. 他完成了这个任务. He has quite a few friends. 他有不少的朋友5. He is capable of any crime. 他什么样的坏事都能干得出来6. He walks with a quick pace. 他快步走路7. He was not a little tired. 他很累8. His looks are always funny. 他的样子总是滑稽可笑9. How about going to a movie? 去看场电影怎么样?350. I think I’ve caught a cold. 我想我得了感冒351. I was taking care of Sally. 我在照顾萨莉35. I wish I lived in NEWYORK. 我希望住在纽约353. I‘m very glad to hear that. 很高兴听你这样说35. I’m your lucky fellow then. 我就是你的幸运舞伴啦!355. It‘s none of your business! 这不关你的事儿!356. No littering on the campus. 在校园内不准乱丢废物357. She is a good-looking girl. 她是一个漂亮女孩358. She mended the broken doll. 她修补了破了的洋娃娃359. So I just take what I want. 那么我只拿我所需要的东西360. Spring is a pretty season, 春天是一个好季节361. The figure seems all Right. 数目看起来是对的36. The stars are too far away. 星星太遥远了363. The whole world knows that. 全世界都知道36. Tomorrow will be a holiday. 明天放假365. We walk on the garden path. 我们走在花园小径上366. What you need is just rest. 你需要的就是休息367. What’s your favorite steps? 你最喜欢跳什么舞?368. You‘d better let her alone. 你们最好是让她一个人呆会儿369. A lost chance never returns. 错过的机会永不再来370. Don’t let this get you down. 不要为此灰心丧气371. He shot the lion with a gun. 他用把狮子打死了37. I don‘t think you are right. 我认为你是不对的373. I have never seen the movie. 我从未看过那部电影37. I haven’t seen you ages. 我好久没见到你了375. I was alone,but not lonely. 我独自一人,但并不觉得寂寞376. I went there three days ago. 我三天前去过那儿377. It‘s a friendly competition. 这是一场友谊赛378. It’s very thoughtful of you. 你想得真周到379. May I speak to Lora,please? 我能和劳拉说话吗?380. Mr.Wang is fixing his bike. 王先生在修他的自行车 口语 盘点 第一季

I Want! I Do! I Get!There a great song out there by Jimmy Cliff, one of reggae top artists, that in six words summarizes just how you succeed in lifeI want! I do! I get!These six words are a very powerful way of connecting what you want with what you will achieve.First comes wanting something—a better life yourself, your family, more money, a better job, whatever it is you dream about and long . You desire it, you dream about it, you daydream about it, you yearn it. But that not enough.Next and this the part too many people get about—comes the doing. All of the wanting in the world is not going to move you one inch closer to what you want you have to do. You have to find a better job, change jobs, take risks, write software, try new things, stop doing old things, go to college, work, act, do. The doing is the absolutely indispensable connection between what you want and what you get.Finally, if you keep doing what needs to be done, if you keep adjusting what you do to move you closer to what you want, you get. Maybe not easily, maybe not as quickly as movies and television portray, but it will come.One final philosophical note about these six words notice that ;I; is three of them? Not what others want, not what others say you are ;supposed; or ;should; do. What more, no one is going to do it you. You are the key to making these six words work. 9597

我相信诚实是一件最棒的礼物我知道如今他们给它取了许多好听的名字,像正直和直率但是怎么称呼并不重要,关键还在于怎样才算一个好公民这就是我的准则,我努力这一准则生活I believe honesty is one of the greatest gifts there is. I know they call it a lot of fancy names these days, like integrity and thrightness. But it doesn't make any difference what they call it; it's still what makes a man a good citizen. This is my code, and I try to live by.I've been in the taxicab business thirty-five years, and I know there is a lot about it that is not so good. Taxicab drivers have to be rough and tumble fellows to be able to take it in New York. You've got to be tough to fight the New York traffic eight hours a day, these days. Because taxi drivers are tough, people get the wrong impression that they are bad. Taxi drivers are just like other people. Most of them will shake down as honest fellows. You in the papers almost every week where a taxi driver turns in money or jewels or bonds, stuff like that, people leave in their cabs. If they weren't honest, you wouldn't be ing those stories in the papers.One time in Brooklyn, I found an emerald ring in my cab. I remembered helping a lady with a lot of bundles that day, so I went back to where I had dropped her off. It took me almost two days to trace her down in order to return her ring to her. I didn't get as much as “thank you.” Still, I felt good because I had done what was right. I think I felt better than she did.I was born and raised in Ireland and lived there until I was nineteen years old. I came to this country in 19 where I held several jobs to earn a few dollars bee enlisting in World War Number I. After being discharged, I bought my own cab and have owned one ever since. It hasn't been too easy at times, but my wife takes care of our money and we have a good bit put away a rainy day.When I first started driving a cab, Park Avenue was mostly a bunch of coal yards. Hoofer's Brewery was right next to where the Waldorf-Astoria is now. I did pretty well, even in those days.In all my years of driving a taxicab, I have never had any trouble with the public, not even with drunks. Even if they get a little headstrong once in a while, I just agree with them and then they behave themselves.People ask me about tips. As far as I know, practically everyone will give you something. Come to think of it, most Americans are pretty generous. I always try to be nice to everyone, whether they tip or not. I believe in God and try to be a good member of my parish. I try to act toward others like I think God wants me to act. I have been trying this a long time, and the longer I try, the easier it gets.

这一年是年想像一下这种情景:B.J.罗杰斯早上像往常一样被他那预编好程序的计算机唤醒在他面前出现的是一份计算机提供的一日所有要做的重要事务清单The Time of Smart Homes Is ComingThe year is .Imagine this scenario:B.J.Rogers is woken up in the morning as usual by his computer which has been preprogrammed1).In front of him is a to-do list supplied by the computer emphasizing the important events the day.In response to Rogers’ request,the nearest display is filled with a list of possible dishes.Rogers notices that all dishes are meatless.At this time,Rex,the computer,might respond to his inquiry about ingredients) by checking the home inventory3) and ordering as needed.Rex is then required to order the dishes electronically and ask the retailer) to hold them pickup.By ,high-speed data communications links will connect you,your computer,the supermarket,and the rest of the country.As Rogers eats breakfast,Rex prompts him again to respond to Lucy’s request.Bee Rogers finishes his next bite,Lucy’s computer receives the message.Then Rogers goes to the supermarket.The store’s system identifies his car as he drives to the pickup area and greets him by name.“Good morning,Mr.Rogers,your order is in Bin 4.Thank you shopping.”When Rogers removes his order from Bin4,all monetary5) transactions6) are completed automatically over the inmation superhighway.That is,funds are electronically transferred from his to a bank .Soon after arriving at the office,Rogers s another message from Lucy telling him that she will go to dinner with him.Much of this futuristic story is within the grasp of today’s technology.Even today,millions of people carry computers with them much of the day.Many of these people routinely use speech recognition technology to communicate.Electronic smart homes are now deemed an economically sound investment.Few will argue that we are rapidly approaching the age of automation,an era when computers participate in or help us with all we do. 19

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