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J.P. Morgan was a huge power on the stock market when it was not at all regulated.J·P·根在股市上具有巨大影响力 当时股市没有什么政府监管In the case of George Westinghouse, his company on a number of occasions, was assaulted on the stock market by Morgan entities.而乔治·威斯汀豪斯的公司则多次受到根旗下公司在股市上的攻击Morgan capitalizes on a downturn in the economy....launching a smear campaign designed to trigger a sell-off of Westinghouse stock.根利用经济低迷的机会 发起了一波抹黑攻势 试图引发威斯汀豪斯股票的抛售Mr. Morgan!Mr. Morgan!What is to be done about the panic?根先生 根先生 关于恐慌应该怎么办Theres no need to panic.没必要恐慌Mr. Morgan, are we on the verge of a depression?根先生 我们正处在经济萧条的边缘Not if we act wisely.明智地行动就不会Now how many more companies will go bust, Mr. Morgan?还有多少公司会破产 根先生The only companies at risk are those fast expanding capital intensive,debt-ridden ventures.危险的只有那些扩张过快 资本密集 债务缠身的投机者Thank you, gentlemen.谢谢 先生们Mr. Morgan! Mr. Morgan!根先生 根先生Morgans remarks are subtle.根没有指明But his influence on Wall Street is so great,their effect is devastating.但他对华尔街有着巨大的影响 这些话的影响是毁灭性的Over the next few weeks,investors sell off Westinghouses stock,sending the company into a tailspin.接下来的几周内 投资者开始抛售威斯汀豪斯的股票 让这家公司处于慌乱之中Within days, its almost bankrupt.没过几天 它就近乎破产You get successful at something and all of a sudden you make a lot of money and the world says youre successful.你可能会很成功 突然间赚了很多钱 世人都说你很成功Theres no margin for failure anymore.问题不是失败Theres only degrees of success.而是成功的程度大小With Westinghouse driven into debt,Morgan is convinced theres no longer any competition to win the contract for Niagara.威斯汀豪斯陷入危机之后 根相信 没了竞争 赢得尼亚加拉的合同也就不会有任何问题 201606/447164So youve decided to take the IELTS exam, congratulations! Success starts with IELTS.感谢选择报考雅思考试,这将成为你成功的起点。Here we look at the criteria of coherence and cohesion.This is one of four criteria on which your writing will be assessed.在该短片中,我们将介绍:连贯性与衔接性。这是雅思写作考试四项评分标准之一。Look for other three criteria s.我们会在其他短片中分别介绍另外三项评分标准。Coherence refers to the flow of your writing. Your idea should be logically organized and appropriately sequenced into paragraphs so they are easy to understand and follow.连贯性指文章的流畅程度,文章的观点应该逻辑清楚,段落结构恰当, 以易于理解和把握。Cohesion refers to linking words that help you connect ideas and show the relationship between paragraphs, sentences, or parts of sentences.衔接性指连接词的使用,其有助于整合观点,并阐明段落、句子或句子成分之间的关系。So this criteria looks at how a writing test the answer is organized and how to link information and ideas.因此,该评分标准旨在考查考生组织文章以及连接信息和观点的能力。Here is one simple way to sequence ideas for effective coherence for this Task 2 essay, for example, ;The threat of nuclear weapons maintains world peace.在作文2中,可以采用一种简单的方式梳理文章观点。例如,题目是“核武器威胁实际上维持了世界和平。Nuclear power provides cheap and clean energy. The benefits of nuclear technology far outweigh the disadvantages. To what extent do you agree or disagree? ;核能提供了低价清洁的能源。核科学技术的利远大于弊。你如何看待这一观点?”Introduction: paraphrase question and include your opinion.开头:转述题目,提出你的观点。Body paragraphs: arguments for nuclear technology.正文段落:列举持核技术的论点。Body paragraphs: against regular technology.正文段落:列举反对核技术的论点。Conclusion: paraphrase your opinion.结论:改述你的观点。Plan your essay like this before you start writing.写作前,参照上述格式列出写作提纲。Its important to use paragraphs. These give structure to a piece of writing.由于文章的结构是由段落划分的,所以分段非常重要。Think of paragraphs as a signpost telling, whoever your work where your ideas were going and when you were moving on to a different point.要将段落作为文章的重要标识,让读者了解你如何展开阐述一个观点,并告知读者你何时开始进入下一个论点。Since paragraphs are used to explain your argument in stages, express one idea or set of ideas in each paragraph.鉴于段落有助于阶段性地解释文章论点,因此在每一个段落中,请阐述一个观点或一组观点。A good way to start a paragraph is with the short simple sentence that introduced the main idea of the paragraph.在开始新段落时,使用简洁明了的句子提出本段的主要观点,这不失为一个明智的选择。Teachers often called this a topic sentence.老师们通常称这句话为:主旨句。In the remainder of the paragraph, provide explanations, evidence, examples or personal experiences to build on an extended idea.然后在接下来的段落中进行解释,列举据、例子或个人经历来持并拓展该段的主要论点。Connecting show the relationship between your paragraphs in sentences by using a wide range of linking words or phrases appropriately.使用恰当、丰富的连接词或短语来连接段落句子,并阐明他们之间的关联。See our accompanying download for different examples.请参看我们提供下载的附加资料。They are usually these types: introducing ideas, having similar ideas, contrasting ideas, giving examples or evidence,连接词的作用主要有这几种:提出观点、补充说明类似观点、对比不同观点、列举例子或据explaining results, sequencing, providing explanations, sharing your experience, drawing conclusions, introducing your opinions.阐释结果、排列顺序、解释说明、分享经历、得出结论、提出自己的观点等。Linking can be done in a variety of other ways, for instance, through referencing by using pronouns.连接上下文的方法多种多样,例如使用代词。;Firstly Im very happy to receive this award. Additionally, I would like to thank my colleagues, without them they wouldnt be standing here accepting this.;首先,获得这个奖项我感到十分高兴。另外,我想感谢我的同事,如果没有他们,我就不会站在这里领奖。And also using substitution: ;famous people deserve a private life, but celebrities also sell newspapers;.还可以进行替换,比如:名人需要私生活,但报道名流轶事才能吸引眼球。As you practice writing essays, review your writing and circle the different linking devices.Then think about how you could use different words to avoid repetition.练习雅思写作时,可通篇回顾文章,圈出所采用的连接手段。并思考是否可以使用其他的词汇以避免重复。Dont overuse linking words or phrases however, this becomes irritating for the er.The key in using linking words is appropriacy.不要过多使用连接词和短语,否则文章读起来会惹人生厌。所以,恰当地使用是关键所在。Ask yourself, is this necessary and doesnt match the content that follows?用词之前应该先问自己,这个词是否是必须的?是否适用于接下来的内容?For more information, please see are other writing test s: task achievement, lexical resources and grammatical range inaccuracy.若想了解其他三项评分标准,请观看其他雅思写作考试备考短片:写作任务完成情况、词汇丰富性、语法多样性以及准确性。201706/515269

10 Best Places to Live in Washington.华盛顿州十大最适宜居住地The state of Washington is just about everything the photos and movies make it out to be, only better.电影照片中出现的华盛顿州就是如此,而且现实中的景色更优美。From deep lush greenery, to stunning mountains, to rain hipster neighborhoods,从郁郁葱葱的森林到蔚为壮观的山峰,再到非主流社区,Washington has the best of all things nature based as well as metropolitan inspired.这里是自然与现代的完美融合。Seattle is the obvious tourist hub with its iconic Space Needle and birthplace of Starbucks Coffee,西雅图无疑是旅游胜地,这里有太空针塔,还有全球第一间星巴克咖啡店,however there are dozens of Pacific Northwest gems surrounding landmarks such as Mount Rainier,此外在西北部地区,还有数十个迷人景观环绕于此,例如雷尼尔山、Puget Sound, the Grand Coulee Dam, the Hoh Rainforest, and more.皮吉特湾、大古力水坝以及霍河雨林等。Enjoy everything its geography offers and experience a world of culture in these 10 best places to live in Washington.享受这里优越的地理位置,它们将带您领略世界文化。One: Sammamish.撒马米什Kissing the shores of Pine Lake, Beaver Lake and its namesake lake,该城紧邻派恩莱克海岸,毕威尔湖以及撒马米什湖,Sammamish is an oceanic city in Washington with a population of approximately 53,000 residents.该沿海城市有大约5.3万居民。With an average inhabitant age of 37 years old,居民平均年龄37岁,Sammamish is a humble city with strong family values and an incredibly low unemployment rate.该城注重传统家庭观念,且失业率极低。Job opportunities in Sammamish has risen by nearly 3% in the past few years,过去几年,撒马米什就业机会增加了近3%,and low crime rates have allowed for a notable growth in population.低犯罪率也让该城人口明显增加。The city sits just outside of both Seattle and Tacoma,它坐落在西雅图和塔科马城外,pricing the average real estate a touch higher than the rest of the ed States,虽然房价比全国平均价格略高,however the stunning scenery, quality of living, and proximity to lake activities make it affordable and worthwhile in comparison.但美丽的自然风光,高质量的生活水平,海岸活动丰富多,这些都足以让您居住于此。Two: Richland.里奇兰Located in Benton County, Richland is a historic city adjacent to the Columbia River.里奇兰位于本顿县,紧邻哥伦比亚河,且为历史名城。Home to the Badger Mountain Centennial Preserve,该地有著名的獾山百年自然保护区,Richland is yet another Washington city exploding with breath taking wildlife and natural landscapes.它也是华盛顿州另一处自然景观怡人,野生动物多样的城市。This city can be found in the states southeast corner and has a healthy population of just over 52,000 residents.里奇兰位于华盛顿州东南角,人口也只有5.2万人左右。Richland was a staple in American war history, first being established as a quaint farm town,它在美国战争史中扮演重要角色,起初它是一个古色古香的小镇,and eventually multiplying with army personnel during World War II amid the organization of the Manhattan Project.曼哈顿计划组织阶段正直二战,当时的里奇兰也因此成为了军事要地。Economically speaking, Richland thrives on agriculture, including the harvesting of potatoes.经济方面,里奇兰在包括土豆种植等农业方面成果显著。The largest employer in the area is the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory,太平洋西北国家实验室是该地规模最大的企业,which focuses on national security, energy, and preserving the environment.主要涉及国家安全、能源以及环境保护。The average home price in Richland is an affordable 194,000 dollars with great potential for job growth.平均房价为19.4万美金,且就业前景广阔。Three: Bainbridge Island.班布里奇岛Bainbridge Island is the epitome of Pacific Northwest scenery and is located in the middle of Puget Sound in Washington.班布里奇岛是西北部景观的缩影,它位于菩及海湾中部。CNN once recognized Bainbridge Island as the second best place to live in the entire ed States,美国有线电视新闻网曾将该地列为全国第二大最佳城市,and the isolated gem continues to live up to its title with a bustling online business community and wealthy diversity.繁忙的网络商业社区和其多样性发展也让“第二大最佳城市”实至名归。The Kitsap County island has a growing population of over 24,000 residents基查普县岛有超过2.4万居民,and offers an array of family-friendly outdoor activities such as Little League baseball, sailing, fishing, hiking, and more.且户外活动丰富多,比如世界少棒联盟、帆船、垂钓、登山等。The average estimated income for Bainbridge Island families is near 100,000 dollars per year班布里奇岛居民预计年平均收入近10万美金,while individual average annual incomes are around 65,000 dollars.个人平均年收入约为6.5万美金。The community is largely democratic and supports a culturally liberal agenda.社区管理非常民主,且持文化自由主义发展。Four: Kirkland.柯克兰Kirklands population of over 87,000 residents makes the it the twelfth largest city by population in the state of Washington.柯克兰有超8.7万居民,这让其成为了华盛顿州第十二大城市。The King County waterfront city is an artistic hub that once hosted the Seattle Seahawks.这座金郡海滨城市是一座文化之城,这里曾是西雅图海鹰的主场。Located near Lake Washington, Kirkland residents and visitors enjoy an abundance of live entertainment,它紧靠华盛顿湖,柯克兰居民和游客可以观看现场表演,art exhibits, parks, unique shops, restaurants, bars, outdoor activities, beaches, and more.参观艺术展览,游览公园美景,商店、餐厅、酒吧、户外活动、海滩应有尽有。The city is completely pedestrian and bicycle-friendly,行人和骑行者可以在柯克兰畅通无阻,and it was the first to implement alternative transportation methods in city planning and ordinances.在城市规划和法令条例运行过程中,它也是第一个施行另类交通工具的城市。Much of Kirklands income is the result of local passion for Little League baseball and the citys pride and joy,多数收入来源来自人们对少棒联盟的喜爱,以及该城的骄傲,the Kirkland National Little League team.柯克兰国家少棒联队。Kirkland has been hosting the Little League Junior Softball World Series in Everest Park since 1999.自1999年起,柯克兰就一直在“Everest Park”举办少年垒球世界系列赛。Five: Redmond.雷德蒙德Redmond, also known as the ;Bicycle Capital of the Northwest;, is a King County city rich in ancient Native American history,雷德蒙德也被叫做“西北部自行车之都”,它也是一个坐落于金郡的城市,印第安人历史悠久,immense economic success, passion for bicycles, and diverse music and art cultures.经济成就显著,人们对自行车极度热爱,音乐和文化历史多样。This city is home to both Nintendo of America and Microsoft, which account for over 34,000 employees.它也是美国任天堂和微软的总部所在地,员工超3.4万人。Bike enthusiasts also praise the city for hosting the entire states only velodrome, which is an indoor cycling arena.最让自行车爱好者引以为傲的是其拥有该州唯一一个室内自行车赛场。The average income for Redmond residents tends to be slightly higher than the majority of Washington state,雷德蒙德居民收入略高于该州其它主要城市,and is nearing 100,000 dollars per year.每年近10万美金。There are over 60,000 people currently living in Redmond.目前居民超6万人。Visitors and residents alike can enjoy the nearby location of Lake Sammamish as well as the Sammamish River无论是居民还是游客,附近的杉曼密斯湖和撒马米什河都值得您欣赏,and a short 18 mile distance to the popular downtown area of Seattle.该城距西雅图市中心仅18英里。 201707/516802

Anyone expecting to find in it some sort of primitive constitution如果有人想在《大宪章》中 看到原始宪法的雏型is going to be in for a bit of a shock when they the details,那么当你了解了它的内容 恐怕会有些震惊because the liberties enumerated here boil down largely to tax relief for the armoured and landed classes.因为其中罗列的许可条款 基本概括起来 就是给骑士和地主阶级减免税收But even if the Magna Carta is filled with the moans and belly-aching of the barons,然而尽管《大宪章》里 都是贵族们的满腹牢骚that belly-aching turned out to have profound consequences for the future of England.事实明 这些牢骚对英国的未来 产生了深远的影响For, by putting so much weight on the authority of a common law,王室如此强调《普通法》的权威the Angevins had stirred in the nobility a dawning realisation that this was their law too.这也就唤醒了贵族们 幡然醒悟 这也是他们的法律A generation before, the barons couldnt have cared less about the rights of men held in prison for unstated causes.以前的贵族对莫名入狱的 犯人的权利根本不屑一顾That was what happened to commoners.平民才有这种遭遇But under John, bad things had happened to them land stolen, widows hounded,heirs made to disappear.但约翰在位期间 他们也难逃厄运 土地被盗 寡妇被纠缠 子嗣失踪Now was the time to use the weapons Henry IIs revolution in justice had put into their hands,是时候利用亨利二世 司法革命的武器抗争了And, by an amazing irony, the Angevins became the schoolmasters of their own correction.极为讽刺的是 安茹王室在这场 针对自己的变革中 扮演了导师角色 /201610/469225

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