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Let's Hear It for Mom! 听听妈妈的故事Where would we be without mothers, those tireless caregivers who wipe our noses, pack our lunches, cry at our weddings, and always consider us, though we may aly be adults, their babies? Although we may often take our mothers for granted, Mother's Day serves to remind us to take the time to remember just how special they are.The ancient Greeks and Romans were hip to how precious moms were; the predecessor to Mother's Day may very well have been a Greek spring festival dedicated to Rhea, mother of the gods and goddesses. In Rome, honoring mothers came in the form of a three-day celebration called Hilaria, where people worshipped the mother goddess Cybele. Some say these Roman ceremonies evolved into England's "Mothering Sunday", a celebration much like our modern Mother's Day, to honor Mary, mother of Christ.It wasn't until 1910 that the first Mother's Day was proclaimed in the U.S. By the following year, however, each state had created its own observances, as had various nations around the world. American President Woodrow Wilson declared Mother's Day an official national holiday in 1914. Nowadays, on the second Sunday of every May, people everywhere buy flowers, give chocolates, and send cards to the women who have raised them with love, courage, and devotion.如果没有妈妈不辞辛劳的照顾,我们会身在何处?妈妈帮我们擦鼻涕,为我们做午餐,在我们的婚礼上啜泣,始终把已经长大的我们当作宝贝细心呵护。我们也许常把母亲的付出视为理所当然的事情,但至少母亲节这一天能提醒我们一下,应该记住母亲有多么的特別。早在古希腊和古罗马时代,母亲的伟大就已倍受肯定。母亲节的前身很可能是希腊某个春季的节庆,用以献给众神之母-- 瑞意。在罗马,荣膺表彰的母亲们一齐聚集到希拉利雅,参加为期三天的庆典,人们在此祭祀众神之母--赛贝儿。有人认为,罗马的庆典后来演化成英国人纪念圣母玛利亚的“母亲日”,那已经与现代母亲节非常相似。直到1910年,第一个母亲节才由美国政府宣告确立。然而第二年,美国各州仍就纪念仪式各行其是,世界各国也各自为母亲节举办各式各样的活动。1914年,美国总统伍德罗·威尔 逊正式宣布母亲节为国家假日。时至今日,在每年五月的第二个星期日,人们会用鲜花、巧克力、卡片等的礼物,送给用爱和勇气、无私的奉献抚育他们成长的伟大的母亲。 Article/200803/29560

Louise and Neil had been dating for three years. She was 40, and he was 50. They wanted to get married and have two kids as soon as possible, but there was a problem. They disagreed on how they would raise their kids.Because Louise had a high-paying job, Neil could stay home and raise the kids. He looked forward to that, because he felt that he would be a great dad. First, he would teach them how to . Then he would teach them about life. His kids were not going to waste their time ing fairy tales and watching Sesame Street. They were going to learn practical stuff, like how to use Microsoft Office and how to get a four-year scholarship to Harvard. He wanted them to become business majors, because business is where the money is.Louise had other plans. She wanted her kids to relax and enjoy life. She didn't want them to grow up too fast. She was the oldest child in a poor family, and her father had put her to work in the fields as soon as she turned six. Life had been hard for her. She didn't want it to be hard for her children.Neil said not to worry. There was still plenty of time for him to figure out a way for the kids to have fun and still become happy millionaires. Article/201104/130297

有声名著之远大前程 Chapter1 相关名著:查泰莱夫人的情人简爱呼啸山庄有声名著之傲慢与偏见有声名著之儿子与情人有声名著之红与黑有声名著之歌剧魅影有声名著之了不起的盖茨比 Article/200809/48716


  “People have been traveling by car for 100 years. My invention is long overdue. Who hasn’t had an emergency while traveling? Sometimes you’re miles from the nearest gas station or McDonald’s. Everyone knows that when you gotta go, you gotta go,” said Phil Bole.Phil has invented a chemical toilet for vehicles. One size fits all (vehicles and people). It is made from recycled materials. It never smells bad, he claims. Between uses, it can be stored in the trunk. When the toilet is full, an adult or child can compress it into the size of a bowling ball. The waste matter in the toilet is continuously being absorbed by chemicals and bacteria. Eventually, all the waste matter turns into a pile of dry crumbs.The toilet can be dropped into any trash can at any time.Phil tested his invention while on a two-week vacation with his wife and four young kids. He said that the kids loved it. His wife didn’t.“Nothing on Earth could make me use that disgusting thing!” she told him. He pleaded with her, saying that he had invented the toilet primarily for women and kids. He needed a woman’s blessing so the toilet would sell. “No woman would ever use this thing!” she responded.“My wife’s sort of a prude,” Phil said one day to Bret, his mechanic. After much thought, Phil finally figured out how to make his wife love his invention: he made a pink toilet covered with yellow flowers. “What more could a woman want?” he asked while showing it to Bret. Bret said it was a beautiful and a practical gift. And since his wife's birthday was the following week, Bret ordered a toilet. "Your wife will remember this birthday forever!" Phil promised Bret. Article/201106/139709。

  I really wish I could play a musical instrument. I can’t. I had a few music lessons when I was a kid, but I didn’t keep them up. I really regret that now. I get quite jealous of people who can play a musical instrument. It’s a wonderful ability. I hope they know how lucky they are to be able to play an instrument. Of all the musical instruments, I’d like to play the piano. I think this is the king of musical instruments. It sounds so beautiful. Pianos also look beautiful. I imagine it’s very relaxing playing it. Another instrument I’d like to play is the guitar. I still want to be a rock star, although I’m a bit old now. I suppose it’s never too old though to learn to play something. I haven’t given up hope. Article/201106/139495

  I think jewelry is stupid. What’s the point? I can understand it was popular a couple of thousand years ago, but not today. It all belongs to when we lived in caves. Why do people feel the need to wear necklaces and bracelets? It seems that jewelry is becoming more and more popular. Nowadays people are wearing rings on their toes and piercing their tongues and bodies. I’ve never really understood why men wear jewelry, especially thick gold chains. A lot of jewelry is dangerous. I often think if ear-rings catch on something, they’ll rip your ears. Some rings that women wear are also dangerous. They could cause serious damage to someone’s face. The only jewelry I wear is a wedding ring. Just a simple one. Article/201105/136831One day in August the sun was rising through the mist.8月的一天,太阳正从薄雾中缓缓升起。In a yellow cornfield near Marlott village it shone on two large arms of painted wood.在马勒特村附近的一片金黄的麦地上,阳光正照射着两根漆过的木头。These,with two others below, formed the turning cross of the reaping-machine.这两根,加上下面的两根,就组成了割麦机上转动的十字形曲柄。It was y for today#39;s harvest.这是在为今天的收割做准备。A group of men and a group of women came down the road at sunrise.日出时分,一群男人和女人沿着大路走来了。As they walked along, their heads were in the sun while their feet were in the shadow of the hedge.They went into the field.他们的脸沐浴在阳光中,脚则落在了树篱的阴影里。他们走进了麦地。Soon there came a sound like the love-making of the grasshopper.很快传来一种蚱蜢求爱时发出的声音。The machine had begun, and three horses pulled it slowly along the field.机器开始运转了。有三匹马拉着它慢慢地往前开。Its arms turned,bright in the sunlight.机器的曲柄转动着,在阳光下闪闪发光。Gradually the area of standing corn was reduced.渐渐地,麦地里竖着麦子的部分减少了。So was the living space of the small field animals,who crowded together,not knowing that they could not escape the machine in the end.田间小动物们的生存空间同样也就减少了。它们簇拥在一起,并不知道它们终究是无法从机器下逃生的。The harvesters followed the machine, picking and tying up bundles of corn.收割者们跟着机器走,把麦子拾起并扎成一捆一捆。The girls were perhaps more interesting to look at.也许姑娘们看起来更有趣了。They wore large cotton hats to keep off the sun, and gloves to protect their hands from the corn.她们戴着宽边的棉布帽子以免阳光灼伤了脸,还戴着手套以防麦子刮破了手。The prettiest was the one in the pale pink jacket,who never looked around her as she worked.其中最漂亮的要数那位穿着浅粉色短外套的姑娘。 她干活时从不四处张望。She moved forward, bending and tying like a machine.她朝前面移动着,俯身捆扎,就像一台机器。Occasionally she stood up to rest.偶尔她站直身子歇一会儿,Then her face could be seen:a lovely young face,with deep dark eyes and long heavy curling hair.这时你就可以看见她的脸了:这是一张年轻可爱的脸庞,嵌着一双幽深的眼睛。她还有一头又长又密的卷发。Her cheeks were paler,her teeth more regular, and her red lips thinner than most country girls.比起大多数乡下姑娘来,她的脸色更白晰,她的牙齿更整齐,她的红唇也更薄一些。It was Tess Durbeyfield, or drsquo;Urberville, rather changed, living as a stranger in her home village.这就是已经有了很大变化的苔丝;德北或德伯。在家乡的村子里,她就像一个陌生人一样生活着。She had decided to do outdoor work and earn a little money in the harvest.她已决定到户外干点活儿,在收割季节挣一点微薄的收入。The work continued all morning,and Tess began to glance towards the hill.整个上午活儿就没停过,苔丝开始朝山那边不时地瞅上一眼。At eleven orsquo;clock a group of children came over the hill.11点钟的时候,一群孩子翻山过来了。Tess blushed a little,but still did not pause in her work.苔丝微微有些脸红,但仍没有停下手里的活计。The eldest child carried in her arms a baby in long clothes.最大的孩子怀里抱着一个裹着长衣的婴儿,Another brought some lunch.另一个提着午饭。The harvesters stopped work,sat down and started to eat and drink.人们停止了收割,坐下来,开始吃饭喝酒。Tess also sat down, some way from the others.苔丝也在距人们有点远的地方坐了下来。She called the girl, her sister, and took the baby from her.她唤来那个女孩,她的,从她手中抱过来婴儿。Unfastening her dress, and still blushing, she began feeding her child.她仍然有些脸红,解开衣开始给孩子喂奶。The men kindly turned away,some of them beginning to smoke.男人们都善意地转过脸去,有些人开始抽起了烟。All the other women started to talk and rearrange their hair.其他的女人都开始聊天,一边重新梳理她们的头发。When the baby had finished Tess played with him without showing much enthusiasm.把孩子喂饱了以后,苔丝没有显露多大热情地逗着孩子玩。Then suddenly she kissed him again and again,as if she could not stop.然后她突然一遍又一遍地亲吻孩子,仿佛停不下来似的。The baby cried out at the violence of her kisses.孩子被她猛烈的亲吻吓得大哭起来。lsquo;She loves that child,though she says she hates him and wishes they were both dead,rsquo;said one of the women,watching the young mother.;她爱那个孩子,尽管她说她恨他,希望他们娘俩都死了算了。;一个女人望着这个年轻的母亲,说道。lsquo;She#39;ll soon stop saying that,rsquo;replied another.;她很快就会不再这么说啦。;另一个回答道,lsquo;She#39;ll get used to it.It happens to lots of girls.rsquo;.;她会习惯的,很多姑娘都有过这种经历。;lsquo;Well, it wasn#39;t her fault. She was forced into it that night in The Chase.;但这不是她的错。那天晚上在逐猎林,她是被迫的。People heard her sobbing. A certain gentleman might have been punished if somebody had passed by and seen them.rsquo;有人听到她哭诉过。如果那晚有人经过看到他们的话,某位先生是要遭到惩罚的。;lsquo;It was a pity it happened to her,the prettiest in the village.;这事儿发生在她身上真可惜了,她是村子里最漂亮的姑娘。But that#39;s how it happens!不过正因为如此,才会发生这种事情!The ugly ones are as safe as houses,aren#39;t they, Jenny?rsquo;and the speaker turned to one who was certainly not beautiful.那些难看的姑娘就跟房子一样安全,是吗,珍妮?;说话的人朝一位显然不漂亮的姑娘问道。Tess sat there,unaware of their conversation.苔丝坐在那儿,不知道她们在谈什么。Her mouth was like a flower, and her eyes were large and soft, sometimes black,blue or grey, sometimes all three colours together.她的小嘴像鲜花一般可人,她的大眼睛充满了柔情。那眼睛有时是黑的、蓝的或是灰的,有时就是这三种颜色的混合体。She had spent months regretting her experience and crying over it, but suddenly decided that the past was the past.她花了几个月的时间为自己的经历悔恨哭泣,但突然间她决定让过去的事情成为过去。In a few years her shame,and she herself,would be forgotten.用不了几年,她的耻辱连同她本人就会被人们遗忘。Meanwhile the trees were just as green, and the sun shone just as brightly,as before.Life went on.树木仍像过去一样翠绿,阳光还同从前一样明媚。生活继续着。She most feared what people thought of her, and imagined that they talked constantly about her behind her back.她最怕人们会想起她,还想象他们会在背后不停地谈论她。In fact she was not often discussed,and even her friends only thought about her occasionally.事实上,她并没有经常被议论,就连她的朋友,也不过偶尔才会想起她。Other things of more importance took up their time.其他一些更重要的事情占据着他们的生活。If there had been no people around her,Tess would not have made herself so unhappy.如果她周围没有人,苔丝也就不会把自己弄得这么不快乐了。She would have accepted the situation as it was.她会现实地接受她的处境。She was miserable,not because she felt unhappy,but because she imagined herself rejected by society.她很不幸,不是因为她觉得不快乐,而是因为她总想象自己被社会抛弃了。Now she wanted to be useful again, and to work.现在,她想让自己重新变得有用,想去工作。So she dressed neatly,and helped in the harvest,and looked people calmly in the face,even when holding her baby in her arms.所以她穿戴整齐,在收割季节来帮忙。她以平静的表情面对其他人,即便怀里抱着孩子也一样。Having eaten her lunch quickly, Tess went back to work with the harvesters in the cornfield until it was dark.迅速地吃完午饭后,苔丝又回到地里和其他收割者们一块儿干起活儿来,一直干到天黑。They all came home on one of the largest waggons,singing and laughing together.他们都坐上一辆最大的马车,一路笑着唱着回去了。But when Tess reached home, she discovered that the baby had fallen ill that afternoon.但是当苔丝回到家以后,她发现孩子在那天下午生病了。He was so small and weak that illness was to be expected,but this still came as a shock to Tess.他是那么地弱小,注定逃不过病魔之手,但这仍然震动了苔丝。She forgot the shame surrounding his birth, and only wished passionately to keep him alive.她忘记了关于他出生的种种耻辱,只是满心希望他能活下来。However,it became clear that he was dying.然而很明显,他就要死了。Now Tess had a greater problem. Her baby had not been baptized.现在苔丝遇到了一个更大的麻烦,她的孩子还没受过洗礼呢。Her ideas on religion were not very developed.她的宗教信条没有多大的变化。She had more or less accepted that she would go to hell for her crime,and did not much care what would happen to her after death.她或多或少地接受了这样一个事实:因为她的罪过她将进地狱。她对自己死后会怎样并不太在意,But fo her baby it was different.但是对孩子来说,就不同了。He was dying,and must be saved from hell.他就要死去,她要把他从地狱中拯救出来。It was nearly bedtime, but she rushed downstairs and asked if she could send for the parson.已经到了快睡觉的时候,但她冲到了楼下问自己是否可以去请一位牧师来。Her father had just returned from the public house, and was at his most sensitive to the shame brought upon his noble name by Tess.她的父亲刚从酒店回来,正处在对苔丝给他高贵的姓氏带来的耻辱最敏感的时候。He refused to allow the parson in, and locked the door.他拒绝让牧师到他们家来,还把门给锁上了。The family went to sleep.As the night passed, Tess realized,in great misery,that the baby was close to death.家人都去睡觉了。夜晚一点点地流逝着。在极大的痛苦中,苔丝意识到孩子已离死神不远了。She walked feverishly up and down the room,until an idea came to her.她焦躁不安地在房间里踱来踱去,最后她突然想出了一个主意。lsquo;Ah!Perhaps baby can be saved!Perhaps it will be just the same!rsquo;;啊!也许孩子可以得救!也许这也是一样的!;She lit a candle,and woke her young brothers and sisters.她点燃了一蜡烛,唤醒了弟。Having poured some water into a bowl,she made them kneel around,with their hands together as in church.她在一个碗里倒了些水,让他们跪成一圈,像在教堂里那样手牵着手。The children were hardly awake and watched Tess with big round eyes.孩子们还没有完全清醒过来,只是瞪圆了眼睛看着苔丝。She looked tall in her long white nightdress, her long dark hair hanging down her back to her waist.穿着长长的白色睡裙,她看起来很高,黑色的长发从背后一直垂到腰际。Her enthusiasm lit up her face, giving it a beautiful purity;the face which had caused her shame.她的热情使她的面孔焕发着光,透出一种美丽的圣洁;;就是这张脸导致了她的耻辱。She picked up the baby. One of the children asked,lsquo;Are you really going to baptize him, Tess? What#39;s his name going to be?rsquo;她抱起了婴儿。一个孩子问:;你真要给他施洗礼吗,苔丝?那他叫什么名字呀?;She had not thought of that, but remembered the story of Adam and Eve in the Bible.她还没想过这个,但她记起了《圣经》里亚当和夏娃的故事。Because they did wrong together, God said they would live in sorrow for the rest of their lives.因为他们在一起做错了事,上帝说他们余下的日子会生活在悲哀之中。She said firmly,lsquo;SORROW,I baptize you in the name of the Father,and of the Son,and of the Holy Ghost.rsquo;她坚定地说:;lsquo;悲哀rsquo;,我以上帝、以耶稣、以圣灵的名义给你施洗。;She splashed some water on the child,and there was silence.她把一些水洒在孩子身上,四周悄无声息。lsquo;Say Amen,children.rsquo;;说阿门,孩子们。;lsquo;Amen,rsquo;they replied.;阿门。;他们说道。Tess put her hand into the water,and drew a huge cross upon the baby with her finger.苔丝把手伸进水里,然后用手指在婴儿身上画了一个大大的十字。She continued the service in the well-known words, asking for the baby to be protected against the world and against wickedness.她用一些熟悉的话语继续进行着这个仪式。她请求让孩子免受尘世和邪恶的侵扰。Her belief gave her hope;her sweet warm voice rang out the thanks that follow the baptism.她的信念给了她希望;她用甜美温和的声音做感恩祷告,结束了洗礼。The single candle was reflected in her shining eyes like a diamond.那枝仅有的蜡烛在她闪烁的眼睛中放射出钻石般的光芒。The children asked no more questions,but looked up at her in amazement.孩子们没再问什么,只是诧异地抬头望着她。She seemed almost like a god to them.对他们来说,她看起来就像一位女神。Poor Sorrow#39;s fight against the world and wickedness was a short one, fortunately perhaps,taking into account his situation.可怜的;悲哀;只对这个世界和邪恶做了一次小小的抗争,考虑到他的处境,也许他这样是幸运的。In the blue light of the morning he breathed his last.在蓝色的晨光中,他停止了呼吸。Tess had been calm since the baptism and she remained calm.做完洗礼后,苔丝平静下来,而且一直保持着平静。She was no longer worried about Sorrow#39;s afterlife.她再也不用为;悲哀;死后担心了。If God did not accept the baptism,she did not value His Heaven,either for herself or for her child.如果上帝不接受这个洗礼,那她就不会珍视他的天堂,不论是为自己还是为孩子。Tess thought a good deal about the baptism, however, and wondered if it might mean that Sorrow could be buried in the churchyard,with a church service.但是苔丝还是对这个洗礼考虑了很多,她想知道这是否意味着;悲哀;可以按照教堂的仪式安葬在教堂墓地。She went to the parson#39;s house after dark, and met him near his gate.天黑以后,她就到牧师家去了,在大门附近她遇见了牧师。lsquo;I should like to ask you something,sir.My baby was very ill,and I wanted you to baptize him, but my father refused to allow it.;先生,我想请教您一件事情。我的孩子病得很重,我想让您给他施洗,但是我的父亲不让我这么做。So I baptized him myself.Now sir, can you tell me this,rsquo;and she looked him straight in the eyes,lsquo; will it be just the same for him as if you had baptized him?rsquo;于是我自己给他施了洗。现在,先生,您是否能告诉我,;她两眼直直地看着他,;对他来说,这么做跟您给他施洗是一样的吗?;The parson wanted to say no.牧师想说不一样。She had done what should have been his job.她做了他份内的事。But the girl#39;s strong feeling impressed him.但是这姑娘炽烈的感情让他感动。The man and the parson fought inside him, and the man won.在他内心,作为人和作为牧师的两种角色在斗争着,最后,人取得了胜利。lsquo;My dear girl,rsquo;he said,lsquo;it will be just the same.rsquo;;我亲爱的姑娘,;他说,;这会是一样的。;lsquo;Then will you bury him in the churchyard?rsquo; she asked quickly.;那你会将他安葬在教堂墓地吗?;她迅速问道。The parson felt trapped. It was a difficult question to answer.牧师觉得陷入了圈套。这是一个很难回答的问题。lsquo;Ah,that#39;s a different matter,rsquo;he said.lsquo;1#39;m sorry,I cannot.;哦,那是另外一回事,;他说,;抱歉,我不能。;lsquo;Oh sir!rsquo;She took his hand as she spoke.;哦,先生!;她抓住他的手,说道。He took it away,shaking his head.他把手拿开了,摇了摇头。lsquo;Then I#39;ll never come to church again!rsquo;she cried.;那么,我再也不去教堂了!;她哭道,lsquo;But perhaps it will be the same for him? Tell me, have pity on me, poor me,tell me what you really think!rsquo;;但也许对他来说是一样的?告诉我,可怜可怜我,告诉我您真实的想法!;The parson was deeply touched by her emotion.牧师被她的情绪深深地感染了。For a surprising moment he forgot the strict rules of his church.有一刻,他竟然忘记了教堂里那些严格的戒律。lsquo;It will be just the same,rsquo;he answered kindly.;会是一样的。;他善意地回答道。So the baby was carried in a cheap wooden box to the churchyard at nignt.因此,当晚孩子被装在一个廉价的木制箱子里,运到了教堂墓地。There is a corner of the churchyard where the grass grows long,and where the suicides,drunks, unbaptized babies and other supposed criminals are laid.这是一个杂草丛生的墓地角落,埋葬着那些自杀的人,饮酒过度的人,没有施过洗的婴儿,还有其他被认为有罪的人。Sorrow was buried here,at the cost of a shilling and a pint of beer for the gravedigger.她花了一个先令,给了掘墓人一品脱啤酒,;悲哀;便被葬在了这里。Tess bravely made a little cross and put it at the head of the grave one evening,when she could enter the churchyard without being seen.一天晚上,当她可以不被人看到地进入墓地时,苔丝做了一个小小的十字架,并把它竖在了坟头。It is all very well saying that we learn from experience. Tess had certainly learnt from experience,but could not see how to use her knowledge,so painfully gained.有句话说得好,叫;吃一堑,长一智。;苔丝当然从她的经历中学到了东西,只是不知道该怎样运用这些经历了如此之大的痛苦才懂得的道理。So she stayed in her parentsrsquo; home during the winter, helping to look after the children, making clothes for them and earning a little money whenever she could.于是,整个冬天她都住在父母家里,帮着照看孩子,给他们缝制衣,并力所能及地挣点钱。Important dates came round again:the night of her shame in The Chase,the baby#39;s birth and death, her own birthday.一些重要的日子又转回来了:逐猎林受辱的那晚,孩子的生日和忌日,还有她自己的生日。One day when she was looking at her pretty face in the mirror,she thought of another date,even more important;her own death.一天,当她对着镜子看自己那张漂亮的脸孔时,她想到了另外一个甚至更重要的日子;;她自己死去的日子。When it came it would swallow up all her prettiness and everything that had happened to her.当它来临时,它会吞噬掉她的全部美丽和发生在她身上的一切事情。When was it?它会是什么时候呢?It was a day lying hidden among all the other days of the year, so that she noticed nothing when it came round,and did not know what week, month,season or year it would be.它偷偷地藏在一年中其他日子的背后,因此当它再度来临时,她无从察觉。她不知道它将出现在哪个星期,哪个月,哪个季节或者哪一年。In a flash Tess changed from simple girl to complicated woman.几乎仅在一瞬之间,苔丝就由纯朴的姑娘变成了成熟的女人。Her face was often thoughtful,and there was sometimes a tragic note in her voice.她经常带着一副沉思的表情,声音有时透着悲凉的语气。Her eyes grew larger and more expressive.她的眼睛更大也更意味深长了。She became a beautiful woman.她变成了一个美丽的女人。She had suffered,but had gained a certain self-confidence from her experiences.她经历过痛苦,从经历中她获得了一种自信。Although the village people had almost forgotten her trouble, she decided she could never be really happy in Marlott.尽管村里的人们几乎已经忘记了她的遭遇,但苔丝觉得自己在马勒特是不会真正快乐的。Trying to claim relationship with the rich drsquo;Urbervilles seemed so foolish and shameful to her.在她看来,想要与富有的德伯家攀亲是那么地荒唐可耻。She thought her family would never be respected there again.她认为她的家庭在那儿再不会受到尊敬了。Even now she felt hope rise within her,hope of finding a place with no family connections and no memories.她现在心里甚至萌生了希望。这希望就是找一个既没有家庭关系也没有回忆的地方。In escaping from Marlott she intended to destroy the past.她想逃离马勒特村,企图由此毁灭过去。Perhaps now she could make up for her crime against society.也许现在她可以弥补她对社会犯下的罪行了。Consequently she looked hard for work away from Marlott.接下来她就积极地寻找远离马勒特村的工作。She finally heard that a dairyman some miles to the south needed a good milkmaid for the summer.终于,她听说往南几英里的一个奶场主这个夏天需要一名熟练的挤奶女工。Having decided to go there,she promised herself there would be no more hopeless dreams.她决定去那儿,并向自己保不再做空洞的梦。She would simply be the dairymaid Tess, and nothing more.她将仅仅是挤奶女工苔丝,仅此而已。Even her mother no longer talked about their connection with the noble drsquo;Urbervilles.就连她的母亲也不再谈论他们与高贵的德伯家族的关系了。But in spite of Tess#39;s decision to forget her ancestors, the dairy, called Talbothays,especially attracted her because it was near the former lands of the old drsquo;Urberville family.但是,尽管苔丝决意忘掉她的祖先,那个叫塔尔勃塞的牛奶场之所以特别吸引她,却正是因为它挨着古老的德伯家族的土地。She would be able to look at them, and not only observe that the noble drsquo;Urberville family had lost its greatness,but also remember that a poor descendant had lost her innocence.她可以看到它,这样,她不仅可以看到高贵的德伯家族失去了它的辉煌,还会记起它的一个可怜的后代失去了她的贞操。She wondered if some good might come of being in the land of her ancestors.她想知道,生活在她祖先的土地上是否能给她带来一些好运。Hope and youthful energy rose up in her again,like leaves on a young tree in spring.新的希望和青春的活力再度在她心中涌起,就像春天小树上的新叶。 Article/201203/173904当彬格莱走开以后,剩下她们俩在一块儿的时候,她只说到她们这儿待她太好了,使她非常感激……─除了这些话以外,就没有再说什么。伊丽莎白静悄悄地等候着她。Her inquiries after her sister were not very favourably answered. Miss Bennet had slept ill, and though up, was very feverish, and not well enough to leave her room. Elizabeth was glad to be taken to her immediately; and Jane, who had only been withheld by the fear of giving alarm or inconvenience from expressing in her note how much she longed for such a visit, was delighted at her entrance. She was not equal, however, to much conversation, and when Miss Bingley left them together, could attempt little besides expressions of gratitude for the extraordinary kindness she was treated with. Elizabeth silently attended her.When breakfast was over they were joined by the sisters; and Elizabeth began to like them herself, when she saw how much affection and solicitude they showed for Jane. The apothecary came, and having examined his patient, said, as might be supposed, that she had caught a violent cold, and that they must endeavour to get the better of it; advised her to return to bed, and promised her some draughts. The advice was followed ily, for the feverish symptoms increased, and her head ached acutely. Elizabeth did not quit her room for a moment; nor were the other ladies often absent; the gentlemen being out, they had, in fact, nothing to do elsewhere.When the clock struck three, Elizabeth felt that she must go, and very unwillingly said so. Miss Bingley offered her the carriage, and she only wanted a little pressing to accept it, when Jane testified such concern in parting with her, that Miss Bingley was obliged to convert the offer of the chaise to an invitation to remain at Netherfield for the present. Elizabeth most thankfully consented, and a servant was dispatched to Longbourn to acquaint the family with her stay and bring back a supply of clothes. Article/201106/140584

  Upon feeling this hand I froze and was terrified, not knowing what move I should make next, when the voice said, much more forcefully this time: "No! Where are you going?" I turned around to face my chilly assailant just to find my flashlight beam shining through empty air. I confess I gave myself over to primal instinct and threw my flashlight at where my horrified mind reasoned my unseen attacker SHOULD have rightly been, turned tail and ran like I've never run before. The cold hand on my shoulder didn't let up until I was onto the stairwell and halfway down to the 5th floor, which believe me didn't take long!   Upon exiting the building, I tear around the corner to my parked patrol car and threw myself against the hood in exhaustion. About that time my radio came alive with my partners desperately trying to reach me. "Lieutenant!! Lieutenant!! Come in! Are you all right?" I was about to respond when I looked up at the 6th floor, to this day I have no idea why, and in the window at about the middle of the building I saw the head and upper torso of a woman. She was looking straight at me. She had long black hair and skin white as the snow that was falling all around me, and she smiled the most hideous and malevolent smile I have ever had the displeasure of being witness to.  I never heard him come up, but Sergeant Tom Anderson looked over at me and said, "Who is that?" At that exact moment the lights in the room switched off, taking the apparition with it, and shrouding the room in darkness. Article/200902/62912Professor McGonagall now stepped forward holding a long roll of parchment.麦康娜教授走上前来,手中握着一长卷羊皮纸。When I call your name, you will put on the hat and sit on the stool to be sorted,she said. #39;Abbott, Hannah!#39;当我念到你的名字,就请你戴上这顶帽子坐在凳子上等待分配。她说道:;哈纳。阿波特!;A pink-faced girl with blonde pigtails stumbled out of line, put on the hat, which fell right down over her eyes, and sat down. A moments pause ;一个粉红脸色、满头金发的小女孩从队伍中走了出来,戴上大得连她的眼睛都遮住的帽子后,静静地坐下。一会儿之后;HUFFLEPUFF!; shouted the hat.海夫巴夫!帽子大喊道。The table on the right cheered and clapped as Hannah went to sit down at the Hufflepuff table.来自海夫巴夫的学生坐在最右边。当哈纳走下来与他们坐在一起时,他们个个鼓掌欢呼。Harry saw the ghost of the Fat Friar waving merrily at her.哈利还看见那个叫费艾尔的胖鬼还在兴高烈地向她挥手呢。Bones, Susan!苏珊。巴恩斯!HUFFLEPUFF!shouted the hat again, and Susan scuttled off to sit next to Hannah.海夫巴夫!帽子喊。苏珊便走下来坐到哈纳身边。Boot, Terry!泰利。布特!RAVENCLAW!卫文卡罗!The table second from the left clapped this time; several Ravenclaws stood up to shake hands with Terry as he joined them.这回轮到左手边第二张桌子鼓掌了。几个住在卫文卡罗的学生还主动和泰利握手呢。Brocklehurst, Mandy!went to Ravenclaw too, but ;Brown, Lavender; became the first new Gryffindor曼迪。布鲁克兰赫斯特也将分到卫文卡罗;莱文特。布朗则成为第一个加入格林芬顿的新生and the table on the far left exploded with cheers;最左边的那一桌顿时欢声雀起,Harry could see Ron#39;s twin brothers catcalling.罗恩那两个孪生哥哥也跟在起哄Bulstrode, Millicent!then became a Slytherin.米利森。布斯特洛加入了史林德林。Perhaps it was Harry#39;s imagination, after all he#39;d heard about Slytherin,由于听说了许多关于史林德林的传闻,也许是出于偏见吧but he thought they looked like an unpleasant lot.哈利总觉得史林德林并不受人欢迎。He was starting to feel definitely sick now. He remembered being picked for teams during gym at his old school.他开始感到不安了,他想起过去在学校里上体育课He had always been last to be chosen, not because he was no good, but because no one wanted Dudley to think they liked him.组队比赛时,他总是最后一个被选择的,这并非因为他技术差,而是因为其他同学都不想让达德里觉得他们喜欢他。Finch-Fletchley, Justin!扎斯汀。芬奇。弗莱切尼!HUFFLEPUFF!海夫巴夫!Sometimes, Harry noticed, the hat shouted out the house at once, but at others it took a little while to decide.哈利注意到有时候帽子马上就喊出了其中一所学院的名字,而有时候它又得花上一点时间才能下决定。Finnigan, Seamus,the sandy-haired boy next to Harry in the line,谢默斯。范尼更,那个排在哈利前面的头发与沙子同一颜色的男孩子sat on the stool for almost a whole minute before the hat declared him a Gryffindor.坐在登子上都快一分钟了,帽子才宣布他去了格林芬顿。Granger, Hermione!荷米恩。格林位!Hermione almost ran to the stool and jammed the hat eagerly on her head.荷米恩跑上前去,套上帽子,便一屁股坐在了凳子上。GRYFFINDOR!shouted the hat. Ron groaned.格林芬顿!帽子喊道。罗恩顿时十分沮丧。A horrible thought struck Harry, as horrible thoughts always do when you#39;re very nervous.一个可怕的念头闪现地哈利的脑海中:What if he wasn#39;t chosen at all? What if he just sat there with the hat over his eyes for ages,如果没被分配会怎么样?如果他戴着帽子呆呆地在凳子上坐了半天也不知道该去哪儿until Professor McGonagall jerked it off his head and said there had obviously been a mistake and he#39;d better get back on the train?麦康娜教授会不会认为他根本不属于这里面硬要把他送回去呢?


  Daniel needed a new carburetor for his car. Well, not a new one. A new one would cost at least 0. Even a rebuilt one would cost about 0. The cheapest thing to do was to go to a salvage yard.California has about 50 salvage yards. Most of them are in southern California. The yards range in size from 10 acres to 70 acres, holding anywhere from 300 to 3,000 abandoned, wrecked, or cheaply sold cars. The yards are usually located outside of downtown but near a freeway ramp.A salvage yard might pay you up to 0 to take your rundown car off your hands. Before they place it in the yard, however, they will remove all its liquids—oil, gas, coolant, brake fluid, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, and windshield washer solvent. Vehicles usually sit in the yard for only a month before they are crushed, stacked, and then transported to a recycler.Vehicle parts are inexpensive, but you have to remove them yourself. The carburetor that Daniel needed was only . Nothing in the yard, however, comes with a guarantee. If it doesn’t work or fit, you can replace it with a similar item, but you won’t get your money back.Daniel borrowed his brother’s car. After paying the entry fee to the man in the little wooden shack, Daniel walked into the yard. He walked about five minutes before he found the foreign car section. It looked like there were at least 200 cars. It was sunny and hot. There was no shade anywhere in the yard. Carrying his toolbox, Daniel went searching for a matching carburetor.Almost three hours later, Daniel was back at the shack. He bought himself a cold soda from a machine. A few minutes later, he paid the plus tax and walked out of the yard. Driving home, he wondered if all the work was worth the savings. If the carburetor didn’t work, he’d have to do this all over again.When he got home, his brother Monty was standing next to Daniel’s car. Monty had a big smile on his face. “Hey, guess what? It wasn’t your carburetor. It was the fuel filter. I changed it, and your car runs great now.” Article/201107/145777。

  男女恋爱大都免不了要借重于双方的感恩图报之心和虚荣自负之感,听其自然是很难成其好事的。恋爱的开头都是随随便便……某人对某人发生点儿好感,本是极其自然的一回事;"It may perhaps be pleasant, " replied Charlotte, "to be able to impose on the public in such a case; but it is sometimes a disadvantage to be so very guarded. If a woman conceals her affection with the same skill from the object of it, she may lose the opportunity of fixing him; and it will then be but poor consolation to believe the world equally in the dark. There is so much of gratitude or vanity in almost every attachment, that it is not safe to leave any to itself. We can all BEGIN freely--a slight preference is natural enough; but there are very few of us who have heart enough to be really in love without encouragement. In nine cases out of ten a women had better show MORE affection than she feels. Bingley likes your sister undoubtedly; but he may never do more than like her, if she does not help him on. " "But she does help him on, as much as her nature will allow. If I can perceive her regard for him, he must be a simpleton, indeed, not to discover it too. " Article/201012/120865

  Brooke was pulled out of the line at LAX because bells rang as she walked through the airport metal detector. Young and pretty, Brooke had body piercings in her nose, tongue, eyebrows, and ears. Brooke was escorted to a private room by Cher, a female agent from the Transportation Security Administration. She watched as Brooke removed all her rings and barbells. Then Brooke went back through the detector.The bells went off again. Cher accompanied Brooke back to the private room. Brooke said she had forgotten about the navel piercing. She removed the barbell in her navel and walked through the detector again.The bells went off again. Cher started to walk back to the private room with Brooke. A male TSA agent asked Cher if she needed any help. She glared at him. Brooke admitted to Cher that she had a couple more piercings. Cher asked where; Brooke removed her bra. Cher told Brooke she would have to remove the two rings. Brooke easily removed one ring. She tried to remove the other one; it wouldn’t budge. Cher said, “Try these,” and gave Brooke a pair of pliers. The pliers didn’t help.Cher told Brooke that she would not be allowed to board her plane. Brooke started crying. Her boyfriend in Atlanta was going to be very disappointed. Article/201108/149910

  My friends and I sat and talked about what we had seen for the next few minutes and the light appeared again. This time it was no more than 20 feet in front of my car. It was now very easy to make out the lantern outline around the light. The light did not move for about 15 or 20 seconds and then disappeared again. Everyone was freaked out and y to leave at this point. Then one of my friends noticed a glow coming in the rear glass. The light had now appeared about the same distance from the rear of my car. It was motionless for a second and then started moving towards the car. Now everyone is ducking in the floor of the car and screaming for me to drive off. I was fairly scared too so I started my car and drove off as fast I could to the end of Parkers Ferry Road. The light followed my car for a short distance after I started driving off and then disappeared.   One of my friends that were in the car that night has made 2 trips to the light with others since this encounter. He said that in the first of his 2 additional trips, the light appeared immediately after he heard the train. He said that this time the light appeared on the hood of the car. He said his friend tried to start the car several times and on the ninth or tenth try the car finally started and the light disappeared. On the last trip he made, he said the light only appeared in the distance. Article/200905/69023

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