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But what do we know of the people captured in this lovers#39; embrace? Well, the maker or should we say the sculptor? of the lovers, belonged to a people that we now call the Natufians, who lived in a region that straddled what is today Israel, Palestine, Lebanon and Syria, and our sculpture came from the area south-east of Jerusalem. In 1933 the great French archaeologist Abbé Henri Breuil and a French diplomat, René Neuville, visited a small museum in Bethlehem. Neuville wrote:但我们还可以知道关于这对拥抱中恋人的什么东西呢?这件恋人作品的工匠,也许我们应该称之为雕塑家,来自于我们今天称之为Natufian人,大概定居在现今以色列、巴勒斯坦,黎巴嫩及叙利亚那个地域上,而我们这位雕塑家来自于取路撒冷东南部的某处。1933年杰出的法国考古学家兼神甫亚布·享利·布勒伊与一名法国外交官诺伊维尔参观在伯利恒地区的一座小型物馆。诺伊维尔记录道:#39;Towards the end of our visit, I was shown a wooden casket containing various items from the surrounding areas, of which none, apart from this statuette, was of any value. I realised immediately the particular significance of the design involved and asked the source of these objects. I was told that they had been brought by a Bedouin who was returning from Bethlehem towards the Dead Sea.#39; “随着我们行程接近尾声,有人向我展示了一个长木盒,装有附近地区收集来的形形色色的物品,但除了这件雕像,其他都是一些毫无价值的物什。我立即意识到这件物品的特殊重要性,并询间它的出处。人家告诉我这盒物什是一个途径死海,从伯利恒回来的贝都因人带来的。”Intrigued by the figure, Neuville wanted to know more about its discovery and he sought out the Bedouin he#39;d been told about. He managed to track down the man responsible for the find, who took him to the very cave - in the Judean desert not far from Bethlehem - in which the sculpture of the lovers had been discovered. The cave was called Ain Sakhri, and so these sculpted lovers that had so captivated Neuville are still known as the Ain Sakhri lovers. 对着物品浓厚的兴趣,驱使诺伊维尔去了解更多关于它的发现过程,于是他开始去打探人们所说的那位贝都因人的下落。最后他设法找到了最初发现这恋人雕塑的那个人。那人把他带到了当初雕塑出土的那个洞穴,位于伯利恒不远的朱迪亚沙漠。那个洞穴被称之为Ain Sakhri,所以那对让诺伊维尔着迷不已的拥抱中的恋人也便称之为Ain Sakhri恋人了。Crucially, the sculpture had been found with objects which made it clear that the cave had been a dwelling rather than a grave, and so our sculpture must have played some kind of role in domestic everyday life.更重要的是,出土这对恋人雕像的同一洞穴里还发现了其他的物品,明确显示了这洞穴曾经是处日常居住场所,而不是一处墓葬。因此我们这件雕像作品在当时人们的日常生活中肯定起到某种作用。We don#39;t know exactly what that role might have been, but we do know that this dwelling belonged to people who were living at the dawn of agriculture. Their new way of life involved the collecting and storing of food.我们不知道它究竟曾经充当了什么实际角色,但我们知道这洞穴的主人生活的时代正值农业的曙光。他们崭新的生活方式包括了惧与储存食物。Wild grass seeds fall off the plant and are sp easily by the wind or eaten by the birds, but these people selected seeds which stayed on the stalk , a very important characteristic if a grass is ever going to be worth cultivating. They stripped these seeds, removed the husks and ground the grains to flour. Later, they would go on to sow the surplus seeds. Farming had begun and ever since, together we#39;ve been breaking b.野草种子通常从植物上脱落一来,然后轻易地通过风力传播,或者被鸟类吃掉,但是这些人类偏偏选择那些保留在谷物秆上的种子,这是决定某种农作物是否值得培育的重要一点。人类把这些种子采集、剥壳,然后把谷物碾磨成面粉。再后来,他们开始学会了把剩余的种子拿去播种。农业诞生了——并从那刻起,直到今天,我们仍然在烘烤面包。 Article/201404/284332。

Jess Cagle Remembers Robin Williams Editorial director of People and Entertainment Weekly offers his view on the comedian#39;s death.Thank you, Jess, from of course People Magazine Entertainment Weekly, and we always love it when you come on. And this morning, a tough subject, because this is such a loss. But you know he was universally admired and loved in Hollywood, wasn’t he?He really was. A lot of comedians are known for being angry, I mean, that’s sort of the rap that they get. And you certainly couldn’t say that about Robin Williams. He clearly was a very complex guy. But, by all accounts, he was always incredibly professional. He was very, very kind. Whether you were operating with the camera or acting with him, whether you were sitting in a movie theater, he wanted you to like him, he wanted to make you laugh and he was always on. And I think what’s so sad about this is we realize that manic energy was really -- he was masking such profound, you know, sadness and difficulties in his own life.And we’ve heard that from many people saying that about tears of a clown (yeah). That’s something that we don’t realize that they are dealing with and as you said, in the same -- he was always on. And no one knew really about this side of him, did they?No, and he never released his demons on the rest of us. You know, he really wanted to make the world a better place. He was -- whether he would decorate his house, you know, for the holidays and hang out with the kids, he loved children because they were a great audience, you know. They loved to, he loved to make them laugh. Childlike enthusiasm (yeah), everything(yeah). What do you think his legacy will be?I think that he is like Jonathan Winters of a previous generation. He really defined a particular kind of comedy for a generation. And nobody, it’s really hard to find anybody who was ever had that kind of versatility as an actor, you know, that from ;Mrs. Doubtfire; to the, you know, to the therapist in ;Good will hunting,; he just -- I think his own, I think again on his own complexities also made him a great actor. He just embraced everyone.He still embraced everyone. Do you know what I mean? On screen and off screen, he seems like…He was best at playing himself. That’s what somebody said and I think that’s so true when you see all those clips over the years. Yeah, a very generous guy too. You saw the clips of him and the troupes, and he did a lot of charity work. Of the homeless.Yeah.Hey, Jess, we thank you so much. Always so great to see you here.Thank you. And thanks for sharing your thoughts on the one only with Robin Williams. /201408/323151。

Urban Chinese income jumped 70 times in the past 35 years. Average disposable income in Chinese cities reached an average of about 25 thousand yuan, or about 4 thousand U.S dollars in 2012. That means annual growth of 13.4 percent. If we take out inflation, it#39;s 7.4 percent.中国城镇居民收入35年来增长70倍。2012年中国城市平均可配收入达25000元,即4000美元。也就是说每年平均增长13.4%。如果我们排除通货膨胀的因素,年平均增长水平为7.4%。Residents in Shanghai top the rich list, having earned over 40 thousand yuan in disposable income last year. This is more than 60 percent higher than the national average. Beijingers rank second, with 36 thousand yuan in their pockets. Zhejiang Province in east China comes in third. Eight cities and provinces out of a total 31 monitored regions are above the national average level, mostly along the east coast.上海城镇居民平均收入排名第一,去年平均可配收入超过40000元,比全国平均水平高出60%。北京城镇居民平均收入为36000元。浙江省名列第三。在31个被监控区域中,其中八个城市及省份居民平均收入超出全国水平,且绝大多数为沿东海岸区域。But average disposable income in rural areas is just below 8 thousand yuan, a third of their urban peers. Rural income growth rate is a little less than 13 percent per year, also lagging behind the urban areas.然而,农村平均可配收入仅为8000元,仅相当于城镇平均可配收入的1/3.农村居民收入年增长水平低于13%,同样落后于城镇居民收入增长水平。 Article/201311/264720。

What#39;s the point of having sick days if you never use them? Everyone needs a little me-time every once in a while. And if you#39;re caught, just say you really were sick of work.如果你从来没有请过病假,关键是什么呢?每个人偶尔都需要一点私人时间。如果你被抓住了,就说你真的生病无法工作。You Will Need你需要A good but simple excuse简单的好借口A phone电话And a plan for the day做好计划Steps步骤STEP 1 Pick a day1.选择一天Decide what day you want off. Try to pick a day where you’ll get out of something unpleasant.想好哪一天休息。尽量选择可以让你摆脱不开心的事情的一天。Monday and Friday are particularly conspicuous; the three-day weekend is a dead giveaway.周一和周五是最容易暴露的,连续三天的周末很容易让人怀疑。STEP 2 Decide what to do2.决定做什么Think about how to spend your day off. Forget going to a tanning or beauty salon. If you show up the next day with a tan or a perm, you’ll be busted.想一下怎样度过偷懒的这一天。不要想着去晒黑或美容沙龙。如果你第二天去上班时带有晒黑的痕迹或烫发,一下就穿帮了。STEP 3 Decide on malady3.疾病Decide on a reasonable malady, and keep it simple. #39;I’ve got a bug#39; is easier to remember than a long, involved tale of exotic food poisoning. And remember: you’ll have to be #39;better#39; in 24 hours.选择一种合理的疾病,简单一点。“细菌感染”比怪异的食物中毒更容易记。记住:无论选择哪一种疾病,必须是24小时内能痊愈的。STEP 4 Rehearse your story4.排Rehearse what you will say when you call in. Repeat your story until you’re satisfied you have struck the right mix of fact and fiction.预演一下打电话请病假的情景。重复你编造的故事,直到对自己编纂的这个故事感到满意。STEP 5 Call before office hours5.上班前打电话Make the call before office hours so you get your supervisor’s voicemail, which can’t talk back or ask probing questions.上班时间开始前打电话,这样你可以在上司的语音信箱留言,不会让他有机会问话。Play an alibi tape you recorded when you really were sick—and silence any background noise—to leave a convincingly pitiful message.播放真正生病时录制的磁带,消除所有背景噪音,只留下可信的可怜兮兮的信息。STEP 6 Prepare to return6.准备回归After spending a glorious day doing whatever you like, prepare to return to work. Rehearse your response to inquiries about your health and other questions that might catch you off guard.花费整整一天做自己喜欢的事情之后,准备重返工作。预演一下同事可能会问到的关于你的身体状况等等问题。If you’re a woman, return to work without a stitch of makeup. This will convince any doubters that you truly were sick. If you’re a man, stay unusually quiet all day.如果你是女性,重新上班时不要化妆。这样会说所有怀疑者,你真的病了。如果你是男性,一整天都保持沉默。STEP 7 Find out what you missed7.了解工作进度Once you’re back, make a show of finding out everything that happened the day before, so you can catch up on whatever work you missed. You’re so dedicated!一旦回归,马上查看一下你请病假的这一天发生的事情,这样就可以赶上自己错过的工作进度。你还是非常敬业的!According to a recent absenteeism survey, 43% of workers admitted to falsely calling in sick at least once in the previous year.根据最近一项旷工调查,43%的工作人员承认在过去的一年里曾经至少一次谎报病假。视频听力译文由。 Article/201403/282628。

Learn the six warning signs that your partner is cheating on you from couples counselor Victoria Wilson, Ph.D. in this Howcast .观看Howcast这段视频,跟随夫妻关系顾问Victoria Wilson士了解伴侣背叛你的六个信号。So, what are the warning signs that your partner is cheating? Well, there are numerous ones and in our digital age, the first one would be cell phone or computer habits. If your partner used to put his cell phone in plain view and now hides it all the time, turns it off when you#39;re around or puts it on silent, if he or she tends to put password now on his cell phone or computer or her, those are signs, of course, that something might be going on.你的伴侣背叛你的几个信号是什么呢?这样的信号数不胜数。在数码时代,首先一个信号就在于手机或电脑习惯。如果以前他总是把手机放在随处可见的地方,而现在却总是藏起来,当你在旁边的时候关机或静音,为手机或电脑设置密码,这些迹象表明,肯定有什么不寻常的事情。The other sign is sexual cooling off, less sexual attention devoted to you.另外一个迹象是性冷谈,对你的注意力减少。Another sign is newly found attention to fitness. All of a sudden working out, losing weight, to clothes and appearance. A lot of times, these affairs prompt people to start paying attention to their outward appearance.还有一个迹象是更加关注身体健康。突然开始锻炼,减肥,关注着装和外表。很多时候,婚外情会促使人们开始关注自己的外貌。And a few other signs, one of them being willingness to run errands and being gone for prolonged periods of time. And of course, any change in habits or routine coupled with all of those signs may be as well a warning sign. For instance, all of sudden your partner likes a new drink they never liked before. It#39;s possible that their lover has introduced them to that. None of the signs should be taken alone. However, a constellation of these symptoms may indicate that your partner is engaging in an affair.还有其他迹象,其中一个就是愿意出差或长时间离开。当然,任何习惯或惯例的改变和其他迹象结合在一起都有可能是出轨的信号。例如,你的伴侣突然开始喜欢以前从不喜欢的饮料。有可能是他们的情人介绍给他们的。任何一个信号都不能单独来看。然而,几个迹象综合在一起就可能表明你的伴侣发生了婚外情。Of course, a big one is cash withdrawals. If you see those and your partner is not a gambler or addict of any sort or a lottery addict, you may suspect that these money are being diverted on a new lover.当然,最重要的一个迹象就是提取现金。如果你看到你的伴侣大量提取现金,而他并不是赌徒或瘾君子或者迷,你或许就可以怀疑这些钱被他用到新情人身上了。视频听力译文由。 Article/201407/308971。

During the early Meiji Restoration era of the Imperial Japan日本帝国明治维新时代the Meiji Emperor fought with China over control of the Ryukyu Islands明治天皇从中国手中抢夺琉球群岛which were an independent kingdom and a vassal state of China.那时琉球群岛为独立诸侯国 隶属于中国In 1879,1879年the Imperial Japan annexed the Ryukyu Islands日本帝国吞并了琉球群岛and established the Okinawa Prefecture.建立了冲绳县15 years later, the first Sino-Japanese war began in 1894,15年后 甲午战争于1894年爆发not only over the control of the Korea这场战争日本不仅为了争夺朝鲜which was still a vassal state of China,朝鲜是当时中国的藩国but also because Japan wanted to conquer Manchuria yet again.日本还想再次征满洲Strategically located and rich in natural resources,满洲战略位置优越 自然资源丰富Manchuria had been a battle ground through out the centuries,几百年来是兵家必争之地as China, Japan and Russia fought bitterly for control over it.中国、日本、俄国都曾为了这片土地鏖战The history of this land between the Yellow Sea and the Mo River位于黄海和黑龙江之间which forms its border with Russia黑龙江与俄国接壤has been written in blood and tears.这片土地充满了血泪史After more than 6 months of fierce fighting经过6个多月的激战with thousands of civilians massacred by Japanese invaders日本侵略者屠杀了成千上百的无辜百姓the weak Qing Dyansty agreed to a cease-fire.懦弱的清政府不得不同意停火On April 17, 1895, in the Treaty of Shimonoseki,1895年4月17日 签下了《马关条约》the Qing Dynasty was forced to recognize the independence of Korea,清政府被迫承认朝鲜独立sea to Japan, in perpetuity,近海海域永久属于日本the Liaodong Peninsula as well as the Penghu Islands还有辽东半岛、澎湖岛屿and the Island of Taiwan.以及台湾岛In addition, the Qing Dynasty had to pay a huge ransom in cash.除此之外 清政府还签下巨额赔款At that time, the Imperial Japan also annexed同时 日本帝国还吞并了the Diaoyu Islands as spoils of war钓鱼岛 以此作为战利品and immediately incorporated the uninhabited islands as part of the Okinawa Prefecture并迅速将此岛屿并入冲绳县under the sovereignty of Japan.归属日本管辖This was done,日本强取豪夺even though the Diaoyu Islands had historically been the Chinese territory尽管钓鱼岛自古便是中国领土and the annexation was never part of the Shimonoseki Treaty.而吞并之举也并非《马关条约》议定内容Within China,在中国国内the devastating defeat by Japan and the acceptance of the humiliating Shimonoseki Treaty日本势如破竹的进攻和《马关条约》的屈辱签订along with many foreign nations won to colonize China以及众多外国列强试图殖民中国became a catalyst for political change.这一切都催生了政治变革The Righteous Harmony Society,义和团a Chinese nationalist movement opposing foreign influence and imperial colonialism,一个反抗外国势力和帝国殖民主义的爱国运动团体started the Boxer rebellion which lasted from 1899 to 1901.展开了义和拳反抗 为期从1899年到1901年The boxer refused to accept the fact of the proud, ancient civilization of the middle kingdom义和拳不愿承认中原大地引以为豪的悠久文明had been brought to its knees by foreign gun boats,要被摧毁在坚船利炮British opium and Japanese military oppression.英国人的鸦片和日本人的镇压中 Article/201409/328614。

Without those extra chips on the edge of the chopping tool, this whole series would be impossible, because those chips tell us that right from the beginning, we - unlike other animals - have wanted to make things more complicated than they need to be. You see, objects carry powerful messages about their makers, and the chopping tool is the beginning of a relationship between humans and the things they create, which is both a love affair and a dependency.倘若没有那额外的几次敲击,也就不会有这些后话,这些敲敲打打说明人类一开始便与众不同,总是尝试着制作出比实际需要更加复杂的东西。你看,物品能强烈地传达出其制作者的信息,这件切割工具便反映出人和人造物之间的最初关系——既是爱恋,又是依赖。From this point on, we can#39;t survive without the things we make and, in this sense, it is making things that makes us human. Leakey#39;s discoveries in the warm earth of the Rift Valley did more than push humans back in time, they made it clear that all of us descend from those African ancestors, that every one of us is part of a huge African diaspora - we all have Africa in our DNA and all our culture began in the same place. Wangari Maathai is a Kenyan environmentalist and a Nobel Peace Prize winner:自这一刻起,我们离了人造物便无法生存。从这个角度讲,是制作物品造就了人类。在东非大裂谷温暖的泥土里,李基(Leakey)的发现不仅推延了人类的历史,其更深刻的意义在于它表明我们均为非洲祖先流散在各地后裔,我们的DNA中均含有非洲的遗传密码,我们的文明一脉相承。王盖里?玛太(Wangari Maathai)是一位肯尼亚环保主义者和诺贝尔和平奖得主:;So far it seems like the information we have tells us that we came from somewhere within this part of the world in eastern Africa. And that of course for many people must be surprising - because I think we are so used to being divided along ethnic lines, along racial lines, and we look all the time for reasons to be different from each other - it must be surprising to some of us to realise that what differentiates us is usually very superficial, like the colour of your skin or the colour of your eyes or the texture of your hair, but essentially that we are all from the same stem, the same origin. So, I think that as we continue to understand ourselves and to appreciate each other, and especially when we get to understand, for example, that we all come from the same origin - we will shed a lot of the prejudices that we have harboured in the past.;“我们当前所掌握的信息显示我们均源自于这里——东非的某个区域。这个结论听上去匪夷所思,因为我们早已习惯于各种各样的民族划分和种族划分,而且我们追求与众不同,所以当人们意识到我们的区别通常只是肤色、眼珠色和发质这些肤浅的因素时,一定觉得非常不可思议。事实上,我们本是同根生。我想,当我们不断尝试了解自己、欣赏他人,特别是认识到我们同根同源时,那些冥顽不化的偏见便会荡然无存。”Listening to the news on the radio, it#39;s easy to imagine the world is divided into rival tribes and competing civilisations. So it#39;s good, it#39;s essential in fact, to be reminded that the idea of our common humanity is not just an enlightenment dream, but a genetic and a cultural reality. It#39;s something we#39;ll see again and again in this series.听着收音机播报的新闻,我们不难想象世界被分割为彼此敌对的部落和相互竞争的文明。因此,我们记起普遍人性的理念不止是一个启蒙的梦想,更是基因和文化的事实,这是非常重要的。这一点将在一系列节目中得到反复验。Our next object is the tool that people took with them when they first left Africa and began to sp around the world - it#39;s been called the Swiss Army knife of the Stone Age ... it#39;s the hand axe.我们下期介绍的是人类首次离开非洲、流向世界时所携带的工具,它有“石器时代的瑞士军刀”的美誉——手斧。 Article/201402/277377。