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温岭哪里医院可以看男科Are manners dead? Cellphones and social networking may be killing off the old civilities and good graces, but a new generation of etiquette gurus is rising to make old-fashioned protocols relevant to a new generation.礼仪已死?尽管手机和社交网络可能正在扼杀传统礼节与优雅举止,但新一代的礼仪专家们正在致力于将似乎已经过时的礼仪变得与新一代人的生活息息相关。Their goal: to help young people navigate thorny, tech-age minefields, like invites on social networking sites and online dating, not to mention actual face-to-face contact with people.他们的目标是:帮助年轻人来规避科技时代中那些令人棘手的雷区,比如社交网站上的邀请以及在线交友,更不用说实际生活中人与人之间面对面的接触了。Perhaps the fastest growing area of social advice is what’s been termed “netiquette”. There are online tutorials on using emoticons in business e-mails, being discreet when posting on social networks and re-posting too many micro blog messages.或许在一系列社交指南中,风头正劲的就要属“网络礼仪”部分了。网上出现了很多有关公务邮件中表情符号的使用指导、社交网站发帖以及转发微的注意事项。Young people “are getting sick of the irony and rudeness that is so prevalent in their online lives”, said Jane Pratt, editor in chief of XoJane, a women’s lifestyle website. “The return of etiquette is in part a response to the harshness of the interactions they are having in the digital sphere.”“网络生活中充斥的毒舌与无礼令年轻人头疼不已,XoJane女性生活网站的主编简·普瑞特表示。“某种程度上,礼仪的回归是他们对那些令人反感的网络互动的回应。”“Nice is very cool right now,” she added.“如今,友好才是最酷的事情,”她补充道。The social quandaries seem to be endless. Are you obligated to respond to party invitations on Sina Weibo? Is it rude to listen to your iPod while sharing a ride with someone else?社交难题似乎没完没了。你有义务去回复新浪微上的聚会邀请吗?与人共乘一车时用iPod听歌是不是很没有礼貌?When Daniel Post Senning, the great great grandson of Emily Post, a well-known etiquette writer in the US, was working on the 18th edition of Emily Post’s Etiquette, he found it impossible to cover technology in a single chapter. Instead, he devoted an entire book to it, Emily Post’s Manners in a Digital World: Living Well Online.美国著名礼仪作家艾米莉·斯特 的玄孙丹尼尔·普斯特·森宁在编纂第18版的《西方礼仪集萃》时发现,科技方面很难用一章讲清楚。而他就这一点写出了《艾米莉·斯特的网络礼仪》这本书。The book tackles questions like whether one should announce a serious illness on a social networking site. (Yes, Senning said, but medical updates should be confined to close friends and family.)书中解答了诸如一个人是否应该在社交网站上发布身患重病的消息之类的问题。(森宁表示:是“可以”,但治疗状况应仅对家人和密友公开。)Even the gurus who position themselves as the embodiment of Old World civility feel obliged to tackle 21st-century conundrums.即使是那些古典礼仪专家们也感到自己有责任来解答21世纪的新难题。Charles MacPherson runs a school for butlers in Canada. In his new book The Butler Speaks, MacPherson talks about whether one may keep a cellphone on the table during a dinner party.查尔斯·麦克弗森在加拿大经营一所男管家学校。在他的新书《男管家的话》中,麦克弗森探讨了晚宴时是否应将手机放在桌上的问题。“It is never OK to leave your cellphone on the dinner table,” he said. “If you must go out and anticipate a call, first inform your hostess of the situation and keep your cellphone on vibrate and in your pocket or on your lap. In the event that it does ring, excuse yourself from the table — don’t explain why, just a simple ‘excuse me’ — and leave the dining room before taking the call.”“把手机放在餐桌上是大忌,”他说。“如果你不得不起身去接电话,那么首先一定要将情况告知主人,并且将手机调成振动放在包里或者腿上。如果手机响了,表示歉意然后起身离开——不用解释原因,只要说声‘不好意思’就好——然后走出餐厅再接电话。”Indeed, there is a retro allure to etiquette that appeals to 20-somethings, said Pam Krauss, a publisher of several etiquette books. “There’s a whole generation of young people for whom etiquette, much like cooking, sewing, and other ‘home arts’, was not passed down from their parents or grandparents the way it would have been in years past,” Krauss told The New York Times.的确,对于二十几岁的年轻人来说,礼仪有一种复古的魅力,曾发行过多本礼仪指导书的出版商帕姆·克劳斯表示。“对于整个年轻一代来说,礼仪就像厨艺、缝纫及其他的‘居家艺术’一样,并没能像在过去那样从父母或者祖父母身上传承下来。”克劳斯在接受《纽约时报》采访时说道。 /201305/242057温岭妇幼保健医院怎么预约Amid all the talk of closer business ties between Asia#39;s two great emerging economies, Monday#39;s inaugural meeting of the India-China chief #173;executives#39; forum in New Delhi could scarcely have asked for two more appropriate chairmen.目前各方对于在亚洲两大新兴经济体之间打造更紧密的商业联系谈论颇多,在此背景下,本周一在新德里召开的中印企业首席执行官论坛首次会议,确实很难找到比安尼尔#8226;安巴尼和胡怀邦两人更合适的共同主席。Billionaire Anil Ambani of India#39;s Reliance group and Hu Huaibang of China Development Bank presided over an event designed to coincide with Chinese premier Li Keqiang#39;s debut visit to India this week, and both talked up the odds that their countries could meet a 0bn trade target by 2015.印度信实集团(Reliance)的亿万富翁安尼尔#8226;安巴尼(Anil Ambani)和中国国家开发(CDB)董事长胡怀邦共同主持了这次会议。这次会议在时机上配合了中国总理李克强本周对印度的首次访问。两人都谈到,两国有望实现到2015年双边贸易额增至1000亿美元的目标。It was an act the two men had #173;practised before, however, not least as Mr Ambani#39;s conglomerate has moved to raise more than bn in loans from China over the past few years, much of it co-ordinated by Mr Hu#39;s bank, as part of a pattern of cash-strapped Indian companies seeking cheap #173;Chinese financing.然而,这两人并非初次搭档,尤其是因为阿姆巴尼旗下的企业集团过去几年从中国争取到逾50亿美元贷款,其中许多是由胡怀邦的协调的。这是资金紧张的印度企业寻求廉价中国资金这一模式的一个例子。Another such deal was inked during Mr Li#39;s trip, as the Essar Group unveiled a three-way oil-for-loans pact with CDB and oil group PetroChina, in which the Indian company will look to raise bn in exchange for supplying China with products from its oil #173;refining business.李克强访印期间达成了又一笔这样的交易。印度Essar集团宣布了一份与中国国开行和中石油(PetroChina)达成的“石油换贷款”三方协议,根据协议,这家印度公司将通过向中国供应其炼油部门的产品,筹得10亿美元的融资。Yet while these agreements are proving a boon for overstretched Indian industrial houses and expanding Chinese state-backed banks alike, in other ways the story of the corporate links spanning these two Asian economies is rather less happy.然而,尽管这些协议为印度亟需资金的工业企业和中国扩张中的国有控股都是一件好事,但在其他方面,这两个亚洲经济体之间企业纽带的故事并不都那么皆大欢喜。Trade between India and China fell to bn in the year to March, a decline of 11 per cent caused mostly by a fall in Indian exports. This was led by sectors such as iron ore, where domestic regulatory snarl-ups have stopped shipments to China entirely.在截止今年3月份的这一年里,中印贸易额下跌至680亿美元,跌幅为11%。这一下跌主要是由于印度出口的下降造成的,其中铁矿石等行业的出口下滑最为严重,原因是印度国内在监管上的阻塞,已叫停所有对华发货。Even without such problems many Indian exporters have struggled to gain much of a foothold in China#39;s expanding market, including large IT outsourcers such as Tata Consultancy Services, whose offices in Mumbai Mr Li visited yesterday.即便没有这类问题,印度许多出口企业也很难在中国日益扩张的市场争得一席之地,这其中包括塔塔咨询务公司(Tata Consultancy Services)这类大型信息技术外包公司。近日李克强曾访问塔塔位于孟买的办公室。Indian companies and consumers, by contrast, have proved only too receptive to Chinese products, sucking in an ever-rising tide of imports, from giant industrial boilers and power plant turbines to the many colourful plastic Hindu deities sold on stalls in the country#39;s heaving street markets.与此相反,印度企业和消费者对中国产品十分欢迎,引发了不断上涨的进口热潮。印度从中国进口的产品既有巨型工业锅炉和电厂发电机组,也有印度繁忙街市的小摊上出售的色鲜艳的塑料印度神像。“India has been much more #173;receptive to China#39;s money and goods than it has been to Chinese firms #173;setting up shop,” says Eswar Prasad, an #173;economist at the Brookings #173;Institution. “It seems there is still a little layer of suspicion about some of these companies.”美国布鲁金斯学会(Brookings Institution)经济学家埃斯瓦#8226;普拉萨德(Eswar Prasad)表示:“相比起前来印度开展经营的中国企业,中国的资金和商品在印度更受欢迎。印度对某些中国企业似乎还有点怀疑。”Such suspicions relate mostly to Chinese telecoms equipment makers, notably Huawei and ZTE, both with sizeable operations in the country, but whose business activities are often the object of national security worries from nervy Indian politicians.这种怀疑主要涉及中国电信设备制造商,特别是华为(Huawei)和中兴(ZTE)。这两家企业在印度都拥有规模较大的业务,然而他们的商业活动经常成为紧张的印度政界人士在国家安全方面的担忧对象。Elsewhere, many of China#39;s most prominent players in sectors such as construction and infrastructure equipment are only now beginning to #173;consider establishing domestic plants to serve India#39;s market, instead of relying on exports alone.而在建筑和工程机械等其他行业,中国许多最知名的公司如今刚刚开始考虑通过在印度国内开办工厂(而不是仅仅依靠向印度出口)来务印度市场。“When we go to China now we find all of the top players have an India investment strategy, which is a big change. It#39;s just that not many want to begin making things here yet,” says Kamal Rungta, managing #173;director at EJ McKay, a consultancy that advises Chinese companies #173;considering entry into India#39;s market.咨询机构马凯公司(E.J. McKay)向考虑进入印度市场的中国企业提供建议,该公司董事总经理卡迈勒#8226;罗塔(Kamal Rungta)表示:“如今我们去中国的时候发现,所有顶尖公司都拥有在印度投资的战略,这是一个巨大的变化。只是现在想在这里从事生产的公司还不多。”But a trickle of players are moving in, including Sany Heavy Machinery, one of China#39;s largest construction equipment makers, which began operations in the western city of Pune last year. TBEA, a power equipment manufacturer, is also setting up a plant in the business-friendly state of Gujarat.不过,少数中国企业正移师印度,包括中国最大的工程机械制造商之一三一重工(Sany Heavy Machinery),该公司去年在印度西部城市普纳投入运营。另外,电力设备制造商特变电工(TBEA)也在营商环境较好的古吉拉特邦设立工厂。Yet even companies set on establishing facilities face numerous obstacles, as with Feida, a Chinese group making complex air quality control equipment for use in power plants and factories. The business earned around 0m in exports to India last year, managing director Andy Wang explains, but is still only examining options for domestic production.然而,即使是有意在印度建厂的中国企业,也会面临许多障碍。菲达集团(Feida)的遭遇就是一例,这是中国一家为发电厂和工厂制造复杂的空气质量控制设备的集团。集团副总经理王剑波表示,去年该集团从对印出口赚取了约1亿美元的利润,但仍然只是在研究在印度国内生产的各项选择。“It is difficult and, especially if you are searching for land or going through policy procedures, it can be troublesome,” he says. “India is doing better, and we want to grow here, but in China it is simpler. Land is easy, industrial parks are available. All you need is to select the place and go.”他表示:“这样做很困难,特别是需要选址,还要走政策程序,这些都很麻烦。印度的情况正在改善,我们也希望在这里扩大业务,但是在中国这要简单些。选址很容易,工业园区是现成的。你只需要选好地方开工就行。”Such concerns might feel oddly familiar to the many western #173;companies that have struggled with India#39;s slow-moving, fickle bureaucracy. In manufacturing, Chinese #173;companies that otherwise might be attracted into a country that plans to spend tn on infrastructure over the next five years also face the same mix of onerous labour regulations and weak infrastructure that has hobbled India#39;s own growth in this area.曾与印度运转缓慢、反复无常的官僚体制艰难打过交道的西方企业,对这种担忧可能有怪异的同感。在制造业,那些可能被今后5年计划在基础设施上投入1万亿美元的印度吸引的中国企业,也得面临阻碍了印度本土制造业增长的繁琐劳动法规和薄弱基础设施的掣肘。“As India gets more into domestic manufacturing, perhaps China will set up more facilities here to win over some portion of this activity,” says Chetan Ahya, Asia-Pacific managing director at Morgan Stanley.根士丹利(Morgan Stanley)亚太区董事总经理舍唐#8226;阿赫亚(Chetan Ahya)表示:“随着印度加大在国内制造业上的投入,也许中国将在印度设立更多工厂,在这方面分得一杯羹。”“But for India to improve, it just needs to become more competitive in manufacturing. And China isn#39;t #173;stopping India from doing that.”“但是,印度要想有所改进,就必须提升制造业的竞争力。中国并没有阻止印度这么做。” /201305/241124温岭黄岩区人民医院治疗早泄多少钱

温岭恒山预约临海市中医院怎么预约In the animal world, the male is usually the fancy dresser. But in the masculine jungle of global politics, it is the first lady who has to seduce a fickle public on behalf of her dully plumaged partner.在动物世界,外表花哨的往往是雄性。但在男人主导的全球政坛,第一夫人们却不得不代替她们衣着毫无亮点的丈夫,吸引浮躁公众的注意力。Peng Liyuan, the glamorous wife of Xi Jinping, China’s new president, triumphed on her first foreign outing this week. Like many modern first ladies (think particularly Michelle Obama and Carla Bruni Sarkozy) Ms Peng, a popular Chinese singer, is a career woman. Also like her peers, she has adopted the practice of taking to the official catwalk dressed entirely in homegrown designer labels. This does more to advertise Chinese couture than any fashion show. But why should only the wives of the world’s leaders be held to such high fashion standards? If anything, the men are more in need of flair than today’s first ladies.中国新任国家主席习近平的迷人夫人彭丽媛,在上周的首次外事访问中大获成功。与很多时髦的第一夫人(尤其是米歇尔#8226;奥巴马(Michelle Obama)和卡拉#8226;布鲁尼#8226;萨科齐(Carla Bruni Sarkozy))一样,作为中国著名歌唱家的彭丽媛也是一名职业女性。而且,她也选择身着清一色的本土设计师品牌展开这场外交“T台秀”。这对中国时装的宣传效果要强于一切时装表演。但有什么理由只拿这些时尚高标准去要求世界政要的夫人们呢?其实,男人们比当今的第一夫人更需要一些时髦。David Cameron’s sartorial style can only be defined as bland. Fran#231;ois Hollande lacks the Gallic chic that should have been his birthright. And Vladimir Putin’s dress sense could be summed up as Rambo with a dash of Tarzan – but only at his dacha. At global summits he blends in perfectly with the sea of dull, dark suits.戴维#8226;卡梅伦(David Cameron)的着装只能用平庸来形容。弗朗索瓦#8226;奥朗德(Fran#231;ois Hollande)缺乏法国人本该与生俱来的雅致。弗拉基米尔#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin)的着装品位像是兰(Rambo)中掺点人猿泰山(Tarzan)的味道——但他只会在私人别墅里这样穿。一到全球峰会,他便完美地融入到沉闷深色西的海洋中。If first-lady fashion is about using image to project soft power, the men should join in too. Mr Cameron could wear Paul Smith, whose “classic with a twist” approach fits with the “Conservative with a (caring) twist” brand. Mario Monti would cut a dash in Prada’s nerdy technocrat style. Mr Hollande could sharpen his image with Jean-Paul Gaultier’s edge, while Comme des Gar#231;on’s flowing shapes would reflect Shinzo Abe’s traditionalist instincts.如果说第一夫人的时尚是通过形象来传播软实力的话,那么男性也应当加入进来。卡梅伦可以穿保罗#8226;史密斯(Paul Smith)的衣,因为其“新意经典”符合首相“(关心民众的)新意保守派”的宣传。马里奥#8226;蒙蒂(Mario Monti)应该穿上普拉达(Prada),尽显书生气的技术官僚范。奥朗德可以借助让#8226;保罗#8226;高缇耶(Jean Paul Gaultier)的潮流款式,塑造鲜明的形象。Comme des Gar#231;on的流畅款型则能反映出安倍晋三(Shinzo Abe)的传统主义思维。Of course, leaders have to be sensitive to the hardships imposed by austerity. But the Duchess of Cambridge has won British hearts by showing that the UK’s high street can compete with haute couture when the right choices are made. A similar feat should not be beyond the capabilities of those we elect to lead us.当然,面对紧缩带来的艰难困苦,政要们必须留意成本。但剑桥公爵夫人(Duchess of Cambridge,即凯特王妃)赢得了英国人的心——她明如果选择得当,那么英国的大众装也能与高档时装相媲美。对于我们选举出来的领导人而言,仿效她的成功并不难做到。 /201304/233232温岭市第三人民医院看男科好吗温岭市哪家医院看早泄好用

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