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【视频欣赏】【背景介绍】在英国,从60年代到80年代,只要花1-2便士就可以在小店里买到漂亮的糖果,所以在英国又叫便士糖果。许多甜品店都会在柜台的托盘上摆放各式种样的糖果,多达20个不同种类。这些糖果的名字听起来都很有趣,形状各异,还成为游乐场的收藏品。听听英国人回忆他们在小时候如何选择糖果...What are penny sweets? In the 60s , 70s and 80s it was common for sweets to be sold individually in shops, each sweet costing a penny or two, hence the name penny sweets. Many sweet shops had a tray on the counter displaying all the different kinds of sweets - maybe up to 20 different kinds of sweets on view. The sweets often had interesting sounding names and shapes and many became playground favourites. Pocket money was often spent on a careful selection of penny sweets and many a shopkeeper was irritated by the length of time it took the youngsters to make their choices. Examples of penny sweets Black Jacks – aniseed flavoured chews which would stain your tongue inky black Love Hearts – a packet of fruit flavoured sweets each with a romantic message written on it such as ‘Kiss me’, ‘Hug me’, ‘Forever yours’ Flumps – vanilla flavoured marshmallow strips Flying Saucers – shaped like a flying saucer and filled with fizzy sherbet Traffic Light Lolly – a round candy on a stick that would change colour from red to yellow to green as you licked it. Sherbet Fountain – a cylinder filled with sherbet with a stick of liquorice. To eat the sherbet you would need to lick the liquorice stick, dip it into the sherbet, then lick it again. Fruit Salad – sticky pineapple and raspberry flavoured chews. Article/201007/108202With its profound effect on Asia#39;s weather and water systems,由于对亚洲气候和水资源体系的深远影响the Tibetan plateau helps to sustain almost half the world#39;s population.青藏高原养活了差不多一半的世界人口For the moment,at least.至少在现在就是这样Close to the summit of Mount Everest,在接近珠穆朗玛峰峰顶的地方a forest of ice once covered much of the area.冰层曾经覆盖过大部分的地域But now,thanks to climate change,但是现在由于气候的变化much of it has gone.大部分冰层消失了Within the next 30 years在接下来的30年里it#39;s predicted that 80% of the Tibetan glaciers could disappear.预计西藏80%的冰川将会消失In many ways,从许多方面来说Tibet#39;s fragile environment is the barometer of our world.西藏脆弱的环境是世界生态的晴雨表What happens to it today,它今天发生了什么,in time,will affect us all.迟早会影响到所有人 /201208/195758在这有趣又有限的四分钟里,Reddit(一个社交型新闻网站)的Alexis Ohanian讲述了一只座头鲸变成网络明星的真实故事。喷水先生的成功被认为是Facebook时代网络流行语崛起并市场化的一个经典。分集介绍:在这有趣又有限的四分钟里,Reddit(一个社交型新闻网站)的Alexis Ohanian讲述了一只座头鲸变成网络明星的真实故事。喷水先生的成功被认为是Facebook时代网络流行语崛起并市场化的一个经典。 Article/201302/224035

All is fair in love and war, so get out there, get manipulating, and work for what you want.战争和爱情是不择手段的,所以,还等啥么呢?赶紧出来寻找爱情的猎物吧Step 1: Play hard to get一:全力备战Don#39;t rush to pick up calls from your guy, what do you think message services were invented for? He#39;ll leave a message, but don#39;t reply for at least a couple of days. If you make him think you#39;ve got more important things to do - he#39;ll just want you more. This is such a good tactic that we#39;ve made a whole separate film about it.不要急着去接他的电话,短信是干什么使的?他发信息,就先搁个一两天再回。如果他觉得你又更重要的事情—比他还重要—他就会更想你。这个策略,我门曾用一部片子进行过阐述。Step 2: Flattery二:谄媚Now you#39;ve got his attention, chuck him a bone and stroke that ego - just don#39;t get the two confused at this stage. Tell him how great he#39;s looking, or how impressed you are with his knowledge of those tricksy computer games. Flattery works especially well when combined with step 1: playing hard to get. Build him up, knock him back, build him up, knock him back. Look how confused he is - now your winning.吸引他的注意力,让他在知无不言中洋洋自得。称赞他的优秀,识。如果加上难度考考验,让他磕磕绊绊中听到你的赞扬,效果更佳Step 3: Bribery献媚This is straight forward. You know what he wants, but he won#39;t be getting it until you get what you want first. This tactic does mean you too could spend some time without getting, err... satisfied. But who care when there#39;s a Tiffany#39;s bracelet at stake.这是一种直接的策略。你知道他想要的是什么,但是只能在你得到你想要的之后。这就意味着你也会跟着手一阵子的罪,但是这些罪都会得到补偿的。Step 4: Jealousy嫉妒Repeat after me: Never. Stop. Flirting. If he thinks other men are after you he will just want you more, like a shiny, glamorous trophy he#39;s trying to win. As soon as he catches a whiff of competition he#39;ll be bending over backwards to make you happy. 跟我学:绝不,停止,调情。知道有人在追你,他会更加珍惜你,会像奖品一样珍惜你。在这样的竞争中,如果他赢了一点点,也会反过来竭尽全力的讨好你。If there#39;s no one in vicinity to flirt with simply talking about other men will send him into a jealous rage, tell him about; #39;Brad#39; who#39;s a #39;great guy#39; that you #39;always hang out with.#39; Or go that step further and send yourself some flowers from #39;a secret admirer.#39; Forget honesty and self respect - they won#39;t get you anywhere如果暂时没有可以调情的人,就用简单几句恭维别的男人的话让他吃醋。或者用不记名的方式送给自己花朵。忘掉诚实和自尊,因为他们帮不上忙。Step 5: Play Dumb装傻What would little-nickle you know about changing a tyre. Heavy shopping bags? If only you were stronger. And as for balancing your bank account - those number just plain make your head hurt. Yep, it#39;s setting the woman#39;s movement back about 100 years, but it gives you a break.你知道怎么换汽车轮胎?沉重的购物袋?当然你要非常强壮才行。为了人民币着想,其实犯不着。虽然100年前就提倡男女平等了,不过你可以借此得到休息。Step 6: Tears眼泪If all else fails, resort to what you learned from an early age; turn on the water works. Not proper ugly bawling, just those pretty little sobs. Men are scared of crying women, they will do anything in their power to make you stop. Just remember not to go too far or he might start to think you#39;re a bit high maintenance. Oh well, plenty more fish in the sea.如果以上所有的策略都失效了,那就像你小时候一样,哭吧,注意不是嚎啕大哭,而是啜泣。男人都害怕哭泣的女人,他们会竭尽所能的让你停止哭泣。但是记住不要太过,否则男人会觉得以后跟你相处感情成本太高。然后,就到了你收获的时候了。Thanks for watching How To Manipulate Men: Mind Games For Bad Girls谢谢收看“调教男人”教程,我们下期节目再见。 Article/201207/192692

It#39;s now thought that the ice caves fringing this crater现在人们觉得 火山口边缘的冰洞may even be a home for hitherto-unknown life forms.可能是一些未知生命的家园From this oasis of warmth at the edge of the continent,从这片位于大陆边缘的温暖绿洲开始our journey continues inland towards the South Pole.我们继续朝向内陆的旅程 直到南极点The first great hurdle而第一个巨大的障碍is the formidable Transantarctic Mountain range.就是难以逾越的南极横贯山脉We are following the route taken by Scott and Amundsen当年 斯科特和阿蒙森试图成为as they struggled to become the first humans征南极点的第一人to reach the South Pole.我们将追随他们的脚步They were travelling on foot他们当年只能步行and their first sight of these mountains当他们第一眼见到这些山脉时must have been daunting indeed.一定让他们十分畏惧In front of them stretched one of the world#39;s longest ranges,出现在他们面前的是世界最长山脉spanning 2,000 miles from one side of the continent to the other.横跨南极大陆 绵延近3200公里The winds up here are the fastest on Earth.这里还刮着地球上速度最快的风They reach speeds of 200 miles an hour.风速可达每小时320多公里An ice-capped mountain bears the scars of the gales,这座山脉上遗留有狂风肆虐的痕迹bizarre sculptures carved from solid ice.坚实的冰层被刻蚀出古怪的雕塑 /201210/206127

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