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The Chinese government has agreed to buy investment stakes held by General Motors#39; pension plan, in a deal that will make Beijing a big investor in many of the US and Europe#39;s largest private equity funds. 中国政府已同意买下通用汽车(GM)养老金计划所持的投资资产,这笔交易将使北京方面成为美欧许多大型私人股本基金的大投资者。 The State Administration of Foreign Exchange, which manages China#39;s more than tn in foreign exchange reserves, will pay .5bn-bn for GM#39;s positions in blue-chip private equity funds managed by firms including Carlyle Group, Blackstoneand CVC Capital Partners.负责管理中国逾3万亿美元外汇储备的国家外汇(SAFE),将斥资15亿至20亿美元,买下GM在一些蓝筹股私人股本基金的头寸,这些基金的管理公司包括凯雷集团(Carlyle Group)、黑石(Blackstone)和CVC Capital Partners。 Performance Equity, an advisory firm that manages pension investments for GM and its affiliates, is one of many traditional private equity investors that are reducing investments with private equity groups in order to lower their portfolios#39; risk.为GM及其附属公司管理养老金投资的咨询公司Performance Equity,是正在减持私人股本投资(目的是降低整个投资组合的风险)的多家传统私人股本投资者之一。 Investors in private equity typically agree to lock up money for as long as 10 years, but can cash out earlier by finding a buyer for their stake.一般而言,私人股本的投资者同意锁定资金长达10年,但只要找到买家买下其资产,它们就能提早变现投资。 According to people familiar with the transaction, Performance Equity has notified several big private equity firms that it will be selling some of its fund stakes in the coming months.知情人士称,Performance Equity已通知数家大型私人股本公司,它将在未来几个月内出售一部分所持基金头寸。 The deal with Safe, which has not yet been finalised, is secretive even by the discreet standards of private equity. ;It was very below the radar,; said one investment adviser. ;There is clearly concern about selling US assets to China, especially in an election year.;即便是按照私人股本业的谨慎标准,与中国外管局之间这笔尚未敲定的交易也是神神秘秘的。;这笔交易搞得十分低调,;一名投资顾问表示,;显然有人对向中国出售美国资产感到担忧,尤其是在大选年。; The private equity industry has emerged as a big issue in this year#39;s US presidential election. Mitt Romney, the Republican candidate and founder of Bain Capital, has had to fend off criticism that the companies it acquired outsourced US jobs.在今年的美国总统大选中,私人股本业已经成为一大话题。共和党总统候选人、贝恩资本(Bain Capital)创始人米特?罗姆尼(Mitt Romney)不得不回击这样的批评:贝恩资本收购的企业外包了美国人的工作岗位。 Lexington Partners, a specialist investor in second-hand private equity stakes, is advising Safe and will administer the complex portfolio, one person briefed on the situation said. It might also buy some GM positions that Safe does not want.一名被告知情况的人士称,专业投资于二手私人股本资产的列克星敦投资公司(Lexington Partners),正向中国外管局提供咨询,并将负责管理这个复杂的投资组合。该公司还可能购买外管局不想要的一些GM所持头寸。 The New York-based investor was one of three firms mandated in 2010 to pick up .5bn of private equity investments for China Investment Corp, the country#39;s sovereign wealth fund.这家总部位于纽约的投资机构,是2010年受中国主权财富基金中投公司(CIC)之托、投资15亿美元于私人股本资产的三家公司之一。 Safe, GM, Performance Equity and Lexington Partners declined to comment.中国外管局、GM、Performance Equity和列克星敦投资公司均拒绝置评。 In 2008, Safe invested .5bn with TPG , some of it in investment vehicles that went on to lose bn in an ill-timed investment in Washington Mutual, the distressed lender.2008年,中国外管局曾出资25亿美元与德州太平洋集团(TPG)共同投资,其中一些资金所投的投资工具后来亏损10亿美元,原因是其在错误的时机向陷于困境的华盛顿互惠(Washington Mutual)作出投资。 /201207/192422More than one in 10 UK teenagers has been left without a job or college place, despite 11 years of compulsory education, figures show。  最新数据显示,英国超过十分之一的青少年毕业后没有工作或继续读大学——尽管他们已接受了十一年的义务教育。  The number of 16- to 18-year-olds branded as “Neet” – not in education, employment or training – has risen amid growing fears that school-leavers are bearing the brunt of job shortages in the recession。  这些既没读书、也没工作或接受任何培训的16岁至18岁的青少年被称为“啃老族”。随着“啃老族”群体的日趋壮大,人们越来越担心这些辍学者在经济衰退时期会首当其冲受到就业岗位减少的影响。  Some 261,000 young people had no job or training place, according to official data. The figure rose to 1,082,000 among 16- to 24-year-olds。  根据英国官方统计数据,目前英国约有21.6万青年没有工作或接受培训。在16至24岁的人群中,这一数字为108.2万。  The Conservatives branded the figures “shocking”。  英国保守党称这一数据“令人震惊”。  David Willetts, the shadow skills secretary, said: "It is a damning indictment of the Government's failure to help young people during the recession。  英国影子内阁的教育技能大臣大卫#8226;威利茨说:“这是政府在经济衰退时期没能很好地帮助年轻人所酿成的严重后果。” /201010/115908

1, See a man's taste from his socks.1、看一个男人的品味,要看他的袜子。 /200912/91456

New York has been named the dirtiest out of 35 American metropolitan areas by the out-of-towners who Travel + Leisure magazine.纽约被《旅行+休闲》杂志的游客读者们评为美国35个国际都市中最脏的一个。Tourists cited New York#39;s garbage-piled sidewalks and funky odors to shove Gotham to the top of the trash heap in the poll, which is part of the magazine#39;s annual America#39;s Favorite Cities survey.游客指出,纽约的人行道上堆满了垃圾,散发出恶臭,这让纽约成功登顶垃圾堆城市榜。这一调查是该杂志的年度美国最受喜爱城市调查的一部分。The magazine polled 50,000 people online, but the tourists were the harshest.该杂志在网上调查了5万人,而游客们的评价是最毒的。You#39;d think New Yorkers would be quick to defend the capital of the world - but the nose knows; city residents ranked our rankness as the second-worst in the nation, behind, obviously, Baltimore.你可能以为纽约人会迅速跳起来为这个世界之都辩护,但是天晓得纽约居民也把纽约评为全国第二脏的城市,当然,仅次于巴尔的。;New York is beyond nasty!; said Nevillyn Parsons, 42, a city resident who recently snapped a photo of a rat rummaging through garbage outside a Brooklyn courthouse.一位42岁的纽约市民奈维林#8226;帕森斯说:;纽约脏得不能再脏了!;他最近刚拍了一张布鲁克林法院外老鼠乱翻垃圾箱的照片。Of course, Mayor Bloomberg covered the stench of defeat in a floral spray of spin.当然,纽约市长彭用让人晕眩的花香喷雾盖住了恶臭的失败印记。;Sounds like the people in this survey haven`t been here in a long while,; said mayoral spokeswoman Julie Wood.市长女发言人朱莉#8226;伍德说:;听上去调查的这些人似乎在纽约待的时间并不长。;The city#39;s 50 million tourists last year, she added, ;saw for themselves that the city is cleaner than ever.;她补充说,该市去年5000万游客;亲眼看见纽约市比以往任何时候都更干净;。A recent Sanitation Department report gave the city#39;s streets a 95% cleanliness rating, up from 70% in the 1970s. But nonnative New Yorkers weren#39;t buying that particular bridge Monday.一项卫生部的新报告给纽约街道打出清洁度95%的评价,而20世纪70年代清洁度仅为70%。然而周一的调查显示,来自外地的纽约人并不买账。Other cities ;don`t have the same smell of (urine) and the rodent problem that you have here,; said Derek Snow, 35, who moved to New York from Boston. ;But if you want the extremely awesome, you have to take the extremely bad.;从波士顿搬来纽约的35岁的德雷克#8226;斯诺说其他城市;并没有纽约这种(尿骚)味和老鼠泛滥的问题。但如果你想要得到特别棒的东西,你就必须接受特别糟的东西。;New Yorkers may be slightly more immune to their city#39;s grit and grime - and the occasional skittering rodent - as they slog to their jobs every day.纽约人也许对自己城市的砂砾和尘垢稍微更有免疫力一些,对每天上班路上偶尔窜过脚边的老鼠也更见怪不怪。But they#39;re not so thrilled once they get there. New York ranked only 17th in a separate survey of the 20 ;happiest cities; for young professionals ranked by CareerBliss.com.但他们到纽约后就兴奋不起来了。CareerBliss.com开展的一项独立调查评出了年轻专业人士;最快乐的20个城市;,纽约只排在第17位。 /201209/201536

The world is facing a food crisis as the worst US drought in 50 years pushes agricultural commodity prices to record highs. 随着美国50年来最严重的旱情把大宗农产品价格推至创纪录高点,世界正在面临一场粮食危机。 Corn and soyabean prices surged yesterday, surpassing the peaks of the 2007-08 crisis that sparked food riots in 30 countries. Wheat prices are not yet at record levels but have rallied 50 per cent in five weeks, exceeding prices reached after Russia#39;s 2010 export ban.昨日玉米和大豆价格飙升,超出在30个国家引发粮食骚乱的2007-08年危机时的最高水平。小麦价格虽然尚未达到创纪录水平,但五周来已上涨50%,超出2010年俄罗斯实施出口禁令之后的价位。 The drought in the US, which supplies nearly half the world#39;s exports of corn and much of its soyabeans and wheat, will reverberate well beyond its borders, affecting consumers from Egypt to China.美国干旱引发的震荡,将远远超出其国境范围,影响到从埃及到中国的消费者,因为美国供应全球近一半的玉米出口以及相当大一部分大豆和小麦出口。 ;I#39;ve been in the business more than 30 years and this is by far and away the most serious weather issue and supply and demand problem that I have seen by a mile,; said a senior executive at a trading house. ;It#39;s not even comparable to 2007-08.;某家贸易公司的一名高管表示:;我从业已经有30多年,这显然是我见过的最恶劣的天气,也是我遇到的最糟糕的供给问题。就连2007-08年的危机也不能与之相提并论。; David Nelson, global strategist at Rabobank, said: ;Today the [US crop] disaster is real, whereas to some degree the big run-up in prices in 2008 was speculatively driven.;荷兰合作(Rabobank)全球策略师大卫?纳尔逊(David Nelson)表示:;当前(美国的收成)灾难是实实在在的,而2008年农作物价格飙升在某种程度上是由投机推动的。; In 2007-08, a spike in prices triggered food riots from Bangladesh to Haiti as the number of hungry people in the world surpassed 1bn. Economists point out that supplies of rice and to a lesser extent wheat – staples for the world#39;s poorest people – remain relatively abundant, subduing prices.2007-08年,价格飙升引发了从孟加拉国到海地的粮食骚乱,全球挨饿人口超过10亿。经济学家指出,当前大米以及(在较小程度上)小麦的供给相对充足,抑制了价格上涨,而大米和小麦是全球最贫困人口的主食。 However, Joseph Glauber, chief economist at the US Department of Agriculture, argued that the current situation was ;far better; than 2008. ;Prices are higher?.?.?.?there#39;s no question about that, but we really had an extreme shortage of wheat in 2007-2008 and I don#39;t see that at this point.;但美国农业部(USDA)首席经济学家约瑟夫?格劳贝尔(Joseph Glauber)辩称,当前的局势比2008年;好得多;。;价格比较高,这一点毫无疑问。但2007-08年时,小麦严重匮乏,而我现在没有看到这个问题。; Justin Forsyth, chief executive of Save the Children, said that the rise in prices was likely to have an exaggerated effect on the world#39;s poorest people. ;Large numbers of people live very close to the edge,; he said. ;Failed rains and high food prices have tipped lots of people over the edge from being able to cope to not being able to cope.;;拯救儿童基金会;(Save the Children)首席执行官贾斯廷?福赛思(Justin Forsyth)表示,粮价上涨很可能对全球最贫困人口产生放大的影响。他说:;很多人生活在边缘。天气干旱、粮价高企使很多人陷入绝境,从勉强糊口到朝不保夕。; The USDA slashed its corn production forecasts last week by the most in a quarter of a century, and conditions continue to deteriorate in the worst US drought since 1956.上周,美国农业部调低了玉米收成预期,降幅达25年来最高纪录。美国自1956年以来最严重的旱情继续恶化。 Meteorologists have warned that at least half of the US corn and soyabean belt will remain dry over the next fortnight, and traders have cut their estimates for the US corn crop by a further 8-15 per cent.气象学家已经提出警告,未来两周内,美国玉米和大豆生产带至少有一半地区持续干旱,交易商已将美国玉米收成估算进一步调降8%-15%。 ;I get on my knees every day and I#39;m saying an extra prayer right now,; Tom Vilsack, US agriculture secretary, said on Wednesday.美国农业部长汤姆?维尔萨克(Tom Vilsack)周三表示:;我每天都祈祷天气好转,现在我再多祈祷一次。; Prices for corn yesterday hit a record .16 a bushel, and traders believe prices could rise above by next month unless the weather in the US dramatically improves.玉米价格昨日达到每蒲式耳8.16美元的创纪录水平,交易商认为,如果美国天气没有出现大幅好转,下月价格可能涨至9美元上方。 /201207/191795

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