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B News The daughter of the woman at the centre of a presidential scandal in South Korea has been arrested in Denmark, say South Korean police. Chung Yoo-ra, 20, is accused of staying in Denmark illegally, they said. They have requested her extradition.B新闻 处于韩国总统丑闻漩涡中心的崔顺实的女儿在丹麦被捕,韩国警方说0岁的郑宥拉被控在丹麦非法滞留,他们说。他们要求将其引渡。Her mother is accused of using her friendship with President Park Geun-hye for personal gain. Both women apologised but denied the accusations. After weeks of protest, parliament voted on 9 December to impeach Ms Park.她的母亲被控利用与朴槿惠总统的交情谋取私利。俩人均作了道歉但否认指控。经过数周抗议后,议2日投票决定弹劾朴槿惠。One of the ways in which Ms Chungs mother, Choi Soon-sil, is alleged to have mis-used her friendship with the president is by getting Ms Chung into a top Korean university.据称郑宥拉的母亲崔顺实滥用她与总统交情的方法之一,是让郑宥拉进入韩国的名牌大学。South Korean authorities had asked for Interpols help in tracing Ms Chung - a former member of the national equestrian team - after she failed to return to answer questions about her role in the scandal.韩国当局此前要求国际刑警组织帮助追查曾经是韩国国家马术队队员的郑宥拉的踪迹,因为她未能回国就她在丑闻中的角色接受质询。Her mother Ms Choi is in detention having returned from abroad to face questioning. She has been charged with various offences, including abuse of authority, coercion, attempted coercion and attempted fraud.她的母亲崔顺实从国外回国接受质询后被羁押。崔顺实被控犯有各种罪行,包括滥用权力,胁迫,胁迫未遂和诈骗未遂。South Koreas constitutional court has six months to uphold or overturn the impeachment vote against Ms Park. Until then she remains formally president but stripped of her powers, which have been handed to the prime minister, a presidential appointee.韩国宪法法院个月时间决定维持或推翻弹劾朴槿惠的表决结果。在那之前,她仍然是正式总统,但被剥夺了权力,权力交给总理 被任命的总统。来 /201701/486663

China has indisputable sovereignty over the Nansha Islands and their adjacent waters, foreign ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying reiterated on Modnay.中国外交部发言人华春莹周一时再次重申,中国对南沙群岛有无可争辩的主权。Japans Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida told a press conference on Monday that Japan is ;gravely concerned; over the landing of a Chinese plane in Yongshu Reef of Nansha Islands, and ;Japan cannot accept the act which is escalating tensions in the region,; the Kyodo News Agency reported on Monday.共同日报道,日本外相岸田文雄于周一的记者会上称,日本对中国飞机在南沙群岛永暑礁降落一事表示严重关切,并称“日方无法接受此行为,这加剧了地区争端。”China has completed the construction of an airport on Yongshu Reef, Hua said on Saturday, adding that ;the Chinese government conducted a test flight to the airport with a civil aircraft in order to test whether or not the facilities on it meet the standards for civil aviation. Such activities fall completely within Chinas sovereignty.;华春莹周六表示,中国永暑礁机场已完工,中国政府征用民航飞机对该机场进行了校验试飞,旨在测试机场设施是否符合民用航空标准。有关活动完全是在中方主权范围内的事情;It is another often-played move from Japan to trumpet the China Threat and stir up an anti-China chorus with other countries. Japans ;concern; was indiscreet, as China did not land the plane on a foreign land or on Japanese territory. Besides, it is a civilian aircraft and not a military plane.; Liu Jiangyong, vice director of the Modern International Relations Institute at Tsinghua University, told the Global Times.清华大学现代国际关系研究中心副主任刘江勇告诉环球时报:“这是另一种日本常使用的伎俩,鼓吹中国威胁论,激起反中国的呼声。日本的关切是轻率的,因为中国并没有在外国领土或是日本领土上降落飞机。此外,这是民用飞机,不是军用。”The airport could conduct rescue and relief work for the benefit of other countries, Lv Yaodong, director of the Institute of Japanese Studies at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, told the Global Times. It could also facilitate scientific research and exploration in the waters, Lü said.中国社科院日本研究中心主任吕耀东称,这个机场可以从事救援任务,给其他国家带来帮助。还能促进科技研究和水下探测。来 /201601/420638

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