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6 客人疑问3句英文任你选Does the plant work with everything from the raw material to the finished product?从原料到成品都是工厂自己生产吗?What is your market share?贵公司产品的市场占有率是多少?When was the plant set up?工厂是什么时候建成的?半个句型要记牢set up (建立,成立)Tip: set up是一个常用的词组,用法比较灵活,可以意为;竖起、升高、摆放排版建立、创立、成立张贴、提出;;引起、惹起(疾);;创(体育)纪录;等,如 He set up a new the only at the conference. (他在会上提出了一个新的理论)。此处表示;建立,成立;。另外,注意plant与factory的区别,两者都表示;工厂;但factory表示?制造厂,生产商品的工厂或集团;概念上大于plant,而 plant通常指小型工厂,车间,设备等。 /201512/393435Surviving the Gender Divide幸存的性别鸿沟陈豪在北京的A美国公司工作。他有事去找美国同事Amy。(Office ambience)A: Hi Chen Hao, how are you?C: 我有个问题,要请教你。你有时间吗?A: Sure. I dont have anything on my calendar for another hour. Whats the matter?C: 我们正在做一个新项目,宣传最新的客户务计划。A: That sounds like a good idea. We can always improve customer service. Why is that a problem?C: 我们成立了一个小组,包括三男三女,以前互不相识,结果沟通上出现了问题,影响了项目进度。A: What kind of communication issues?C: 事先声明,我可没有大男子主义,但我觉得那三个女的浪费了很多时间。A: How?C: 她们喜欢谈私事。好不容易谈到主题了,她们又没完没了,直到大家都对方案满意了才肯罢休。A: Its good to be sure that you are all in accord.C: 可凡事都要有节制啊。有几次我为了推动进度,打断了她们,结果她们特不高兴。A: I understand what is happening. You have a gender issue.C: 什么?性别问题?A: This is going to take a bit more time to explain. Can we continue our conversation over lunch?Amy和陈豪午饭时继续上午的话题。C: 我想了一上午,怎么也想不通早上我们说的事怎么会跟性别有关。A: Remember that you started off by telling me that there were some problems in the group and you immediately zeroed in on the women.C: 没错,进度慢,就是那几个女同事的责任。A: Men and women have different approaches to communication that both need to understand.C: 男性和女性交流的方式,可能是不一样。我们几个男的都觉得可以行动了,但那几个女的老觉得太仓促。A: As with all conflict, you need to take time to address this. You should talk about what is happening, attempt to understand each other and resolve the issue in a cooperative manner.C: 加深相互理解?那具体该怎么做呢?A: Tell the women you appreciate their opinions and expertise. Ask them to focus more on business conversation and less on personal. Next consider how you men are behaving.C: 难道说我们这些男的也有做错的地方吗?A: You admitted that you interrupted in an effort to move things along. I bet that you are also trying to dominate and give the women as little chance as possible to speak up.C: 我承认,我们确实有控制会议之嫌。一般情况下,听完她们的意见,我们就不再去看她们,生怕她们没完没了地说下去。A: To avoid additional strife and accommodate each other, you need to stop interrupting and trying to dominate.C: 我知道了,男性希望马上找到解决问题的办法,而女性喜欢先花时间,建立关系,因此双方就会出现矛盾。 /201209/201563A federal court has blocked President Donald Trump’s executive order on sanctuary cities on the grounds that it is unconstitutional, in another legal setback for the administration.美国一家联邦法院以违宪为由,封杀了总统唐纳特朗Donald Trump)关于庇护所城市(sanctuary cities)的行政令,这是特朗普政府遭遇的又一个法律挫折。The nationwide injunction granted on Tuesday by a federal judge in San Francisco will prevent the executive order, signed just days after Mr Trump’s inauguration, from being enforced while its legal merits are debated.旧金山一名联邦法官周二颁发的这项全国性禁制令,将禁止该行政令在其法律理据目前存在争议的情况下付诸实施。特朗普在就职仅数天后就签署了这项行政令。“This is a very aggressive use of the injunction authority,said Leon Fresco, an immigration lawyer who served in the Department of Justice under President Barack Obama, .?.?.?using the president and attorney-general’s statements to presume the worst possible interpretation of the sanctuary city executive order.”曾在巴拉克?奥巴Barack Obama)担任总统期间供职于美国司法部(DoJ)的移民律师利弗雷斯科(Leon Fresco)表示:“这是一种对禁制令权力的非常激进的使用……利用总统和司法部长的声明,来假定对庇护所城市行政令的可能最坏的解读符合现实。”The executive order threatened to cut federal funding from “sanctuary citiesthat do not co-operate with federal immigration authorities, as part of the president’s plan to crack down on illegal immigration.特朗普的这项行政令威胁要对不与联邦移民当局合作的“庇护所城市”断供联邦资金,此举是他遏制非法移民的计划的一部分。The decision marks another stinging courtroom defeat for the president and attorney-general Jeff Sessions, a former federal prosecutor. Like earlier court rulings rejecting Mr Trump’s controversial travel ban, the sanctuary cities decision underscores the damage Mr Trump’s own words have done to his legal position.上述法官作出的裁决,是特朗普和曾任联邦检察官的司法部长杰塞申Jeff Sessions)遭遇的又一个难堪的法庭挫败。正如早先的法庭裁决否决了特朗普备受争议的旅游禁令一样,这项庇护所城市裁决凸显出,特朗普自己所说的话已对其法律地位造成多么大的伤害。“This decision clearly and convincingly puts the president on notice that anything they say can and will be used against them in a court of law,said Mr Fresco, a partner at Holland amp; Knight in Washington.弗雷斯科表示:“该裁决明确无疑地提醒总统,他们说的任何话,都可能且将会在法庭上被用来陷他们于不利。”弗雷斯科现为律所Holland amp; Knight驻华盛顿的合伙人。来 /201704/50668230.出差常用应急场景范例一:Changes in ruleI am going on a business trip to Guangzhou next Monday morning.To visit our supplier?Yes, as the New Year is coming, they’re organizing a party for all their customers.Well, I guess you will meet many people in this field. So don’t forget to pack enough business cards in your suitcase.Sure.By the way, do you know that our company just made some changes in the business trip policy?No, no one has informed me of that so far, tell me.Ok, there is no cash advance anymore for short trips. You have to pay out of your own pocket, so save all the receipts from your business trip. And then attach them to your expense account. When you get back, our company will reimburse everything.I see. What about the maximum purdy and rate, any change?I am not sure. You can check with the finance department. I will call them this afternoon, thanks.You’re welcome. Have a nice trip.范例二:Lousy business tripHi, Francis, how was your business trip?It was a nightmare.What’s up?Actually, the business trip itself was very successful. We arrived on time, we had nice conversations and we settled some important issues for the next year.Sounds quite fruitful, why do you call it still a nightmare then?Well, the air line lost my luggage on the return flight and then I lost my carry on bag when I was tackling with the officers in charge. I left the airport three hours later than I expected and then I was caught in a traffic jam. When I finally got home, I was totally exhausted. But I found the elevator was out of service due to a blackout.This is really a sad story. Did they trace back your luggage?I am still waiting for their call.Take it easy, all sufferings have their reward. /12/920211.我知道这项工作是要处理日常工作。I know this job is handling routine tasks.2.我能处理英语文档。I can handle English files.3.我有几年秘书经验。I have several years of experience in secretarial work4.我能记录下日常速度下的口述内容I can take dictation at ordinary speed.5.我是原来单位里唯一会速记的人I was the only one there who could take shorthand.6.我会操作传真机和复印机I can operate a fax machine and a photocopier.7.我修了秘书原理,办公管理,商务英语等课程I've taken such courses as secretarial principles, office administration, business English, etc. 8.做上一份工作时,我每天都要打字,处理文档In my previous job, I did typing and filing every day.9.我的任务是安排会议以及许多辅助性工作My tasks are setting up appointments and taking care of a lot of support work. /201106/138864

Signing a memoA: Hi, Brad. How are you today?B: Just fine, Mr. Emory. Could you please sign this memo? I want to get it out to everybody this afternoon.A: No problem. Is this the only one?B: Yes. That’s for today. Thank you.备忘录签字A:嗨,布莱德。今天好吗?B:很好,埃莫里先生。您能在这份备忘录上签字吗?今天下午我想发给大家。 A:没问题。就这一份吗?B:是的,今天就这一份。谢谢。 /200812/59906

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