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大庆龙南医院属于私人医院吗黑龙江哈市九洲人流手术多少钱荆轲刺秦(英语版) -- 1::18 来源: The man wants to kill the king旁白:It was war periods time, the war among different countries seemed endless. Every kings or ministers tried to find some supermen to work them——to be the killing tools their political purposes. As time goes by, it was becoming a fashion to feed some good men at home……This is a crazy world. In the crazy world, there are the crazy people, trying to show the crazy history by the crazy way.第一幕:Conspire(密谋)太子丹(上,叹气):Ying Zheng,that bad guy,treats me even worse than bee.Resorts to lots of persons in his hand,he never cares about me ---the most sensible prince under the sun.Recently,he has got much more cities from my hands.How can I live if these things happen again(急) Hey!! I must think out a good idea. I must make him know who I am.(向幕里大叫)Where is my minister? (大臣阿三上)Indeed, tell me what shall we do now?阿三:(毕恭毕敬)Just keep calm,please!Let me see!(盘坐在地两手在头上画画如一休)(旁外音:当当当,砰!!)(阿三起)Ok,I get one,we can sent a hero to put Ying Zheng to~~~(作杀状)Then, all the beauties,jewelries and cities in Qing is ours~~~ (淫笑)太子与阿三作流口水状.太子:Ha, ha~~~. Good idea,Good idea!But do you think who we can sent?阿三:I have thought about it, we can send Xi Men Chui Xue .He is traveling in our country these days. I think we can’t lose the chance. We must employ him quickly.太子:Well, deal with the things as soon as possible.第二幕:tournament (比武)西门吹雪(上台,摆出一幅酷式,手一张,一条纸带随风而下)西 门 吹 雪(Xi Men Chui Xue)身高:190cmHeight: 190cm 最爱干的事情:聊qqFavorite doing: chatting战斗力:无限War power: endless 最爱的颜色:黑色Favorite color: black武器:长剑Weaponry: long sword 最爱喝的饮料:啤酒Favorite drinks: beer血型:OType of blood: O 最崇拜的人:小燕子,******Favorite idol: Xiao Yanzi Mao ZedongToday I came here the fighting, who is the unwanted-life guy. Stand out.荆轲(抖嗦而上)站在一边,不敢出大气旁白:Competition begins.荆轲(带剑冲向西门吹雪,半途停住)Are you really Xi Men Chui Xue?西门吹雪:Just come on.荆轲:(又冲,停在西门吹雪面前)Are you sure you are really the Xi Men Chui Xue in the story?西门吹雪:(不耐烦)what a boring man! How dare you ask me such a stupid question?荆轲(环视四周见无一人,便跪在西门吹雪面前,大哭)My hero, I admire you just like the yellow river, never endless. I have eighty-year-old mother up, three-year-old boy down. Please don’t kill me. Give me the life, please!西门吹雪(大怒)I thought Jingke is a hero. But you beg life. How can I give you? Give me your life. (举剑刺向荆轲,忽然,捂住自己的肚子,自语) Maybe I ate too much this morning, Maybe there is something wrong with the rice. (抬头) where is the toilet? 3 历史性 英语 话剧黑龙江省中医药研究院是正规医院吗 家庭装饰和布置的改进-- :6:6 Ethabella and Amber go to Jack's house dinner Friday evening. Conversation centers on home decoration and improvement. Jack talks about the common problems every house owner encounters, and then how he'd like to spruce up the house sometime in the near future. Ethabella, who studied Western-style interior decoration as a hobby, offers some suggestions his home. Is she good at it?   Ethabella:You have a lovely house, Jack.   Jack:Thank you. Yeah, it's home, but a number of things have been going wrong lately.   Amber:That's too bad. What problems are you having?   Jack:Oh, the whole house needs re-painting, starters. The carpet in the living room is worn out, and I'd like to put in new wall-to-wall carpeting. Last week, I had to call the plumber to fix the toilet. Anyway, all par the course when you own a house, I guess. I think I'm going to hire an interior decorator to look the place over.   Ethabella:I've studied Western home decoration as a hobby. Could I make some suggestions?   Jack:Go right ahead.   Ethabella:Well, I think a crystal chandelier would look great in your living room, and maybe some new drapes the windows. Also, a grandfather clock would look great in the den. Perhaps you could buy some potted plants the dining room.   Jack:Wow! You really do have a talent this, Ethabella. Thanks your suggestions.   Ethabella:Your welcome, Jack. Glad to be of help.   星期五晚上,Ethabella和Amber一起去Jack的家吃晚饭他们的话题集中在家庭装饰和布置的改进上Jack谈了一些房子经常出现的问题,然后又谈了谈自己以后将怎样装修房子室内装饰是Ethabella的一个爱好,以前还专门学过,于是她给了Jack一些建议她是不是很在行呢?   Ethabella:Jack,你的房子真不错!   Jack:谢谢,是啊,这是一个家但是最近有很多地方出了问题   Amber:那可太糟了,出什么问题了?   Jack:哦,刚刚住进来,正间房子都需要从新粉刷,卧室里的地毯也已经很旧了,我想装一套新的上星期,我不得不打电话找水管工来修理厕所不管怎么说,如果你有一间房子,我觉得这都是最寻常不过的事我看我要请一个室内工程师来看看这个地方   Ethabella:我曾学过室内装饰我能给你提一些建议吗?   Jack:太棒了,请讲   Ethabella:啊,我觉得在卧室里装一盏水晶灯会很漂亮另外呢,可能需要一些落地窗来装饰窗户还有,休息室里放一盏落地灯会很漂亮的你还可以买一些盆栽装饰饭厅   Jack:哇噻!你在这方面,可真是天才啊,Ethabella.谢谢你的建议   Ethabella:不客气,Jack很高兴能帮助你Wang Xiaoya 王小丫 --5 :37: 来源: Wang Xiaoya 王小丫  Wang Xiaoya is one of the most famous hostesses in China.She is clever,active and beautiful. She is 3cm tall, and her favorite colors are grey, orange and red. She is popular with viewers of all different ages.  Wang Xiaoya was born in Liangshan, Sichuan Province. She likes writing, and she worked as a reporter a few years. Then she went to CCTV and hosted programmes. Now she hosts Quiz Show. She works very hard, and she likes her work very much.王小丫是中国最著名的女主持人之一她聪明、活泼、漂亮她身高5厘米,最喜爱的颜色是灰色、橘黄和红色她受到所有观众的欢迎,不论老少王小丫出生在四川省凉山她喜欢写作,曾当过几年记者后来她去了中央电视台主持节目现在她主持“开心辞典”她工作勤奋,也热爱自己的工作黑龙江省哈尔滨第九医院生殖科

巴彦县中医医院医院我的爸爸 My Father --19 :19:9 来源: MyFatherHi, my name is Cindy. I have a good father. I like him very much.My father is a policeman. He is tall and strong. He looks very cool in the black police unim. He works in the police station and he is very busy every day. He likes helping people. So he often goes everywhere by his motor cycle. When he sees the people in the trouble, he will try his best to help the people. He is a good policeman. And many people like him very much, too. They often say: “MR Li, you are a good policeman. We like you very much.” But my father always has a point: Helping people is his duty.My father likes ing books very much. Because he thinks: A good book is a good friend. So he s books after work every day. Sometimes he plays games with me. We are very happy. I like him very much, because my father is not only my father, but also my good friend.This is my father. He is a good father. I like my father very much! My dear friends, do you have a good father, too?哈尔滨市医科大学医院第一院彩超检查好吗 我最爱的人英语作文 我的双胞胎哥哥 --01 ::5 来源: 我最爱的人英语作文 我的双胞胎哥哥My twin brother is the person i love the most .He's just minutes older than me.我的双胞胎哥哥是我最爱的人,他只比我大几分钟We look the same,and wear same clothes,same shoes.We sleep together,study together and play together.People usually can't tell us apart except my mother.My twin brother usually helps me when i 'm teased by others,and accompanied me when i'm punished by my parents.我们长得一样,穿同样的衣,同样的鞋子我们一起睡觉,一起学习,一起玩耍除了妈妈之外,人们都分不清我们俩谁是谁我的双胞胎哥哥总是在我被人欺负的时候帮我,在我被爸爸妈妈处罚的时候陪着我My twin brother is my best friend,he know everything about me.We have no secrets.He's the person i love the most.我的双胞胎哥哥是我最好的朋友,他知道我的每一件事情我们之间没有秘密他是我最爱的人哈尔滨九洲妇科检查怎么样

哈市九洲引产超市(The supermarket) --01 ::9 来源: 超市(The supermarket)   this is a supermarket .it is big and new. its name is wanjia .you can buy many things in the supermarket .  you can buy food like milk,b ,vegetables,chocolate…… ,you can buy school things like books,rubber,pencil……,you can buy clothes like shorts,trousers,shirt.you can buy cupboard,computer,robot,fun,desk,too.  this is a big supermarket ,it is open hours a day. there are many people here. the shop worker is very hard working. they always y to people .  i like going here. My Favorite Teacher -- 3:50:57 来源: My Favorite TeacherMy favorite teacher is a girl, Her name is Angel. She is very bealltiful and clever . She has two big brown eyes, a small,red mouth, acute nose, and black hair. The children like her very much.She is very kind. She loves children lick her very much. When the children are hurt, She will help them.She was very understanding teaching method. When a student don't listen carefully, She will said softly:" I know you are a good student, right?" So the student was good. then,she smild, praise:"you"re very smart. right?"Because of her gentle manner and interesting teaching methods, the children like her very much .I was no exception.I lick her . she is a good teacher , but most inportantly----she has achildlike heart伊春市上环多少钱黑龙江妇女医院住院部电话



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