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unit 516看话剧dialogue 英语情景对话A:Did you like the play?A:你喜欢那场话剧吗?B:Not really. Its a dull one, and the production isnt satisfactory, either.B:不喜欢,很乏味,演出水平也不怎么样。A:Youre absolutely right. The acting could be better.A:你说得完全正确,演技有待提高。B:To be fair, though, both the costumes and scenery are marvelous.B:话说回来,装和布景倒挺不错。 /201608/459732。

  • 话说昨天我接到了我的电话,她跟男朋友吵架了,特别伤心。她把他们吵架的内容一句一句转述给我,足足讲了两个多小时! 这让我想到了一个习惯用语:blow by blow.Blow, 这个词本身的意思是“敲击”,而blow by blow作为一个习惯用语的意思是 “详细地描述事情经过”。My sister told me the fight blow by blow,我把她跟男朋友吵架的事原原本本告诉了我。下面这个句子谈到一对好莱坞夫妇,Debbie and Charles。我们来听一听:例句-1:Whats happened to one of Hollywoods hottest couples? First, Debbie learned that Charles had a serious gambling problem. There was a huge fight. A couple months later, Debbie threw all of his belongings into the street. He moved out, and then asked for a divorce. Thats the blow by blow so far.这段话是说:好莱坞最红的夫妇,Debbie和Charles之间到底怎么了? 原来啊,Debbie得知Charles特别好赌,他们俩大吵了一架。几个月之后,Debbie把Charles的所有东西都扔到了大街上。Charles搬了出去,还提出跟Debbie离婚。目前知道的就是这些。当个明星真不容易。现在社会,各种录音设备齐全,仔队很容易就能give a blow-to-blow description of their private life, 他们很容易就能详细披露明星的私生活。******我有个朋友前几天在外面等人的时候,目睹了一次抢劫的经过! 他向警方详细描述了他所看到的情况。让我们来听一听:例句-2:I was waiting outside of the bank. And, through the window, I saw the robber approach the teller, pull out a gun, and demand that she hand over all the money from her drawer. Then he shot at a guard before running out the side door. Since I saw it all happen, it was easy for me to give the police a blow-by-blow description.这段话是说:我当时在外面等人。透过窗户我看到那个抢劫犯走向出纳员,拔出一把,逼她把抽屉里的所有现金拿出来。之后他向警卫开,从侧门逃了出去。因为我一直在那,所以我能够向警察详细描述事情的全部过程。有了这么详尽的描述,警察寻找起嫌疑犯来一定容易多了。请大家注意,blow by blow,也可以当作形容词来用,意思是“详尽的”。比如说,a blow-by-blow description, 详尽的描述;a blow-by-blow analysis, 详尽的分析; a blow-by-blow review,详尽的审查。做形容词的时候,我们一般要在这个短语之间加上hyphen, 连字符。 /201609/463157。
  • 13. What is the best place for building an arbitration court?哪里成立仲裁法庭最合适?还能这样说:Which place is best for building an arbitration court?What is the most appropriate place for an arbitration court?谚语:Lightning never strikes in the same place twice.偶然发生的事不会在同一环境或同一人身上重演。14. Arbitration is not my first choice to solve the problems.仲裁不是我解决问题的首要选择。还能这样说:When I run into a problem, I wont think of arbitration first.My primary settlement of a dispute is not arbitration.应用:be spoilt for choice 因供选择的事物多而无从下手;of ones choice 某人所选定的;out of choice 愿意地15. I heard that submitting an arbitration is troublesome.听说提交仲裁很麻烦。还能这样说:Someone told me that it was not easy to submit an arbitration.I was told that submitting an arbitration was a troublesome matter.应用:wont hear of 不许,不予考虑,不赞同;hear through 听完;hear the last of sb. 最后一次听到某人;hear a pin drop 听得见最细小的声音;hear sb. out 把某人要讲的话听完16. Can you tell me the procedures of an arbitration?你能告诉我仲裁的程序吗?还能这样说:Could you please tell me something about the procedures of an arbitration?Can you inform me of the procedures of an arbitration? /201504/369210。
  • Buying Textbooks 购买教材A: I cant spend anymore money after I buy my English textbook.A:在我买了英语课本后,我不能再花钱了。B: How much is your English textbook?B:你的英语书多少钱?A: Its 8. Im not kidding.A:198美元。我没有开玩笑。B: Thats ridiculously expensive! Whats the title of the textbook?B:真是贵得离谱!教科书的标题是什么?A: Its called How to Write Well.A:它叫“如何写好”。B: Dude, someone is selling that book for .B:老兄,有人卖那本书只要30美元。A: No way. What edition is it?A:不可能。它是什么版本的?B: I think it was the 10th edition.B:我认为那是第十版。A: Oh, no wonder he or she is selling it for only .A:哦,难怪他(她)只卖30美元。B: What edition do you need?B:你需要的是哪个版本?A: I need the 21st edition.A:我需要第21版。B: The publisher seems to be really making money, considering the number of editions. B:考虑到版本的数量,出版商似乎真的很赚钱。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201509/398563。
  • Fred: So, after this horrible accident, how did life your change? What are... What could you say are your after thoughts of after surviving such an experience?弗雷德:你经历了可怕的车祸之后,生活有改变吗?你能说说你从车祸中幸存后的想法吗?Shibika: Right. Like, to be completely honest, in the beginning I was really upset and I was like, you know, ;Why does this have to happen to me?; you know. That is like immediately what you feel, what anybody would feel. But then when after, you know, recovering and after... while I was going through the whole thing, I basically realized that these things, they dont happen for a reason. My friend, he did not want to bang the car, you know, he didnt have anything against me. He really regretted it.史毕卡:好。说实话,刚开始我非常沮丧,我一直在想为什么这种事会发生在我身上?这应该是遇上车祸后每个人最初的想法。不过之后,在康复的整个过程中,我意识到这些事的发生并没有什么原因。我朋友也不想撞车,他不是故意这么对我的。他一直感到非常后悔。Fred: Yeah, it wasnt his fault.弗雷德:对,那并不是他的错。Shibika: Exactly. Its nobodies fault, so it happens. It happens to teach you something, I guess, so basically I learned that such things happen. It made me a stronger person, you know, I was like, no more scared of car accidents or stuff like that because Im like, OK, theyre a part of your life and they go on, so. Yeah, and then I was taken care of. I had all the time, these people, surrounded by people, yeah, who used to come: my relatives, my friends, they came to visit me. All of them got really worried so you feel kind of special. You feel that, OK, you know, like it really matters for other people when something happens to you.史毕卡:没错。发生这件事不是任何人的错。我想发生这种事是要让人们学到一些事情,我从这起事故中学到了一些东西。它让我成为更强的人,我不再害怕车祸之类的事情,因为我知道它们只是生活中的一部分。我受到了很好的照料。在我休养期间,我的亲戚朋友等好多人都来看我。他们都很担心我,这让我有种特殊的感觉。我感觉到,当我发生事情的时候,其他人真的很担心我。Fred: Wow, thats really nice to hear. So yeah, so when something like this happens, you always have people around you to help you.弗雷德:哇,我很高兴听到这个。当这种事情发生时,总会有朋友来帮助你。Shibika: True, yeah.史毕卡:没错,是的。Fred: So that must be a really good feeling.弗雷德:那一定是种很棒的感觉。Shibika: Exactly, and like, out of all the people, my mom had helped me the most, like because I couldnt even move because of the plaster. I couldnt move my hand. I couldnt do anything on my own. I couldnt eat by myself, so she had to feed me. She had to and I felt like a kid again, and she had to do everything for me.史毕卡:没错,在这些人中,我妈妈对我的帮助最多,因为石膏绷带我几乎不能动。我的手几乎不能动。我几乎不能自己做任何事。我不能自己吃饭,所以我妈妈就喂我吃饭。我感觉我回到了孩童时代,她几乎要帮助我做所有的事。 译文属 /201603/431150。
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