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淮安中山医院是国家医院吗淮安中山医院专家挂号Those whom the gods will destroy they first make mad. Critics of Barack Obama’s Iran deal have been giving a good impression of having lost the plot. An Israeli cabinet minister described it as “one of the darkest days in world history Republicans liken Mr Obama to Neville Chamberlain. All agree that a deal that removes about two-thirds of Iran’s nuclear capability and freezes the rest will somehow hasten the day it has the bomb. In the next two months, before Capitol Hill votes on it, we will hear a lot more such bombast. It comes down to whether Congress believes Iran is capable of acting rationally or whether it is a uniquely malevolent country that has outfoxed America and its partners in the negotiating chamber.上帝欲使其灭亡,必先使其疯狂。美国总统巴拉克攠巴马(Barack Obama)与伊朗核协议的批评者给人一种丧失理智的强烈感觉。以色列一位内阁部长称其为“世界历史上最黑暗的日子之一”。共和党人则将奥巴马比作内维尔张伯伦(Neville Chamberlain,二战前对纳粹德国实行绥靖政策的英国首相——译者注)。所有人都认为,一个消除伊朗大约三分之二的核能力、冻结其他核设施的协议,将以某种方式加快伊朗拥有核武器的那一天来临。在美国国会就该协议投票之前的未来两个月里,我们还会听到大量此类的夸大言辞。这归根到底要看国会是否相信伊朗能够理智行事,抑或伊朗是一个与众不同的邪恶国家,在谈判室里智胜了美国及其伙伴。The chances are that Mr Obama’s deal will prevail. He needs the veto-proof support of just a third of each chamber 34 senators and 145 in the House of Representatives. Even then, however, it is no sure bet. In the next 60 days it will face the onslaught of Israel, Saudi Arabia, and every Republican presidential hopeful. In addition to viewing Iran in an apocalyptic light, each has further motives for wishing to sink the deal.奥巴马的协议很可能获得通过。该协议只要分别获得参众两院三分之一议员4名参议员45名众议员)的持,就不怕遭到否决。然而即便如此,它也不是板上钉钉的事情。未0天期间,它还将面临以色列、沙特阿拉伯以及每一位共和党总统候选人竞争者的攻击。除了以世界末日的透镜看待伊朗之外,这些人还各自有其它动机希望该协议夭折。In the case of Saudi Arabia, the logic is simple. Iran is Saudi Arabia’s chief competitor that claims to speak for the region’s Shia minority, a large chunk of which lives in Saudi Arabia’s oil-rich east. In a sectarian zero-sum game, anything that boosts Iran is bad.沙特方面的逻辑很简单。伊朗是沙特的主要竞争对手,号称代表该地区的什叶派少数人群(其中一大部分生活在沙特盛产石油的东部省份)。在一场宗派冲突的零和游戏中,任何有利于伊朗的事情都是坏事。Israel’s opposition is also straightforward. As the region’s only nuclear weapons state albeit an undeclared one it wants to keep its monopoly. The fact that the deal would set back Iran’s breakout capacity from two months to a year is false comfort, say the Israelis. By bringing a pariah state in from the cold, it will perversely raise the chances Iran eventually goes nuclear.以色列的反对也直截了当。作为中东地区唯一拥有核武器的国家(尽管没有宣告),以色列希望保持其垄断地位。以色列人表示,核协议将让伊朗取得足够裂变材料的时间从两个月倒退至一年,这一点给人一种虚假的安慰。另一方面,让一个被抛弃的国家重新进入国际社会,将以某种方式提高该国最终拥有核武器的几率。Finally, Republicans see Mr Obama as a feckless president who is jeopardising US power simply by talking to a terrorist state. The quality of the deal is irrelevant. Nothing short of regime change will do. Some of these motives overlap. For example, Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, shares the Republican party’s personal animus towards Mr Obama. What unites them is a refusal to see Iran as capable of change.最后,共和党人认为奥巴马是一个不负责任的总统,他与一个恐怖主义国家谈判,这件事本身就会危及美国实力。协议质量是无关的。除了政权更迭,其它解决方案都不行。这些动机中有些是重叠的。例如,以色列总理本雅明蔠呑尼亚胡(Benjamin Netanyahu)和共和党人一样对奥巴马抱有个人敌意。让他们站到一起的原因是,他们都拒绝认为伊朗会改变。Mr Obama has taken the opposite tack. A realistic negotiator puts himself into his adversary’s shoes. The starting point on Iran is that its desire to go nuclear is entirely rational. US-led coalitions have invaded two of Iran’s direct neighbours, Iraq and Afghanistan in the past 15 years. American troops are still there. As a rule, the US does not invade countries that have nuclear weapons. Moreover, the US labelled Iran part of the “axis of evilin 2002, at a time when Tehran wanted to help the US in Afghanistan, where they shared enmity with the Taliban (as they still do). Mohammad Khatami, the moderate cleric who was then Iran’s president, had also signalled a nuclear deal was possible. Had President George W Bush responded, a far better one would have been available. Instead, he branded Iran evil. Unsurprisingly, Tehran stepped up its clandestine efforts.奥巴马却采取不同的策略。一名务实的谈判者善于从对手的视角看待问题。伊朗问题的起点是,该国发展核武器的想法是完全理性的。在过去15年里,以美国为首的盟国入侵了伊朗的两个近邻——伊拉克和阿富汗。美军部队现在仍驻扎在这两个国家。一般说来,美国不会入侵拥有核武器的国家。此外,2002年正当德黑兰希望在阿富汗帮助美国之际——伊朗也对塔利班抱有敌意(现在仍是如此)——美国却将伊朗贴上“邪恶轴心”的标签。时任伊朗总统的温和派神职人员穆罕默德哈塔Mohammad Khatami)也暗示称,有可能签署核协议。如果当时美国总统乔治·W·布什(George W Bush)做出回应,将会得到一份比现在好得多的协议。结果布什却将伊朗归入邪恶国家之列。并不令人意外的是,德黑兰加快了其秘密研发核武器的努力。Second, Iran’s decision to mothball its nuclear ambitions in exchange for economic relief is also rational. It is unlikely to give up on it lightly. It followed a decade’s worth of US-led sanctions that has brought the country’s economy to its knees. The regime of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, supreme leader, clearly thinks it will help its chances of survival.其次,伊朗决定搁置核野心以换取经济制裁的解除也是理性的。伊朗不太可能轻易放弃自己的核计划。它采取此举之前,以美国为首的国际社会实施了10年制裁,令伊朗经济陷入瘫痪。最高领导人阿亚图拉阿里哈梅内伊(Ayatollah Ali Khamenei)的政权显然认为,搁置核野心有助于增加政权的生存机会。It is possible, as Mr Obama’s critics predict, that Iran will spend much of the estimated 0bn in unfrozen assets on regional proxies Hizbollah at the forefront. So what? Compared to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isis) and its mimics, Hizbollah is a restrained actor. Its theology is absolutist and it has carried out terrorist attacks. But it is not a death cult. In a world of bad choices, boosting Hizbollah’s clout is an acceptable price to pay for a deal that delays and possibly dispels the spectre of a Middle East nuclear arms race.正如奥巴马的批评者所预测,伊朗可能会用估计有1000亿美元的解冻资产的很大一部分资助地区代理人,尤其是真主党。但这又如何?与“伊拉克和黎凡特伊斯兰国ISIS)及其模仿者相比,真主党算是一克制的力量。真主党的宗教体系是专制主义,该组织曾发动过恐怖袭击,但并不是一个死亡邪教组织。在一个只有糟糕选择的世界,对于一份能延迟(且有可能消除)中东核军备竞赛隐患的协议,提升真主党的影响力是一个可以接受的代价。None of this cuts much ice with Mr Obama’s critics. Yet his detractors offer no realistic alternatives. Many Republican candidates are promising to rescind the Iran deal on “day oneof their presidency. Diplomatic norms prevent Mr Obama from pointing out that Iran is a more promising candidate for peaceful change than Saudi Arabia. Unlike that country, Iran has a quasi-democracy. About half of its university graduates are female. There are competing power centres within Iran’s theological regime. Prospects for further relaxation are easy to imagine. By contrast, the House of Saud rests on brittle foundations. Who dares guess what would come after it? Iran is a natural counterbalance to Saudi Arabia’s Wahhabi theocracy. As a non-Arab country, it is incapable of dominating the Middle East. There is also the small matter of how to defeat Isis. Without Iran’s help, the US would be in far worse straits. 这些理由都不能说奥巴马的批评者,但他的诋毁者们也拿不出现实可行的替代方案。多名共和党总统候选人竞争者承诺,上任“第一天”就要取消伊朗核协议。外交规矩意味着奥巴马不能指出,比起沙特阿拉伯,伊朗更有希望发生和平变革。与沙特不同,伊朗拥有一个准民主体制,约一半的大学毕业生是女性。伊朗的神权政权内部存在着相互竞争的权力中心,很容易想象进一步放松的前景。与此形成对比的是,沙特王室根基脆弱,谁知道接替它的会是什么?伊朗是沙特阿拉伯瓦哈Wahhabi)神权政治的天然抗衡。作为非阿拉伯国家,伊朗无法主宰中东。此外,别忘了还有如何击败伊斯兰国的“小”问题。没有伊朗的帮助,美国将陷入更糟糕的困境。There are moments when US presidents take risks that alter the world as we know it. Ronald Reagan’s friendship with Mikhail Gorbachev is one instance. Richard Nixon’s opening to China is another. Mr Obama’s deal with Iran is almost as breathtaking in its scope.在历史长河的某些关头,美国总统冒险改变世人熟知的世界格局。罗纳德里根(Ronald Reagan)与米哈伊尔戈尔巴乔夫(Mikhail Gorbachev)的友谊是一例,理查德尼克松(Richard Nixon)向中国开放又是一例。奥巴马与伊朗达成协议之举是近乎同样宏大的手笔。来 /201507/387348淮安治前列腺炎要多少钱 An elderly woman has starved herself to death to get around the UKs tight and restrictive laws on assisted suicide.一老年妇女通过绝食自杀的方式来回应英国约束性越来越强的协助自杀法律。Octogenarian Jean Davies, who is also a right- to- die campaigner, spent five weeks attempting to end her life and succeeded in doing so on 1 October.Octogenarian Jean Davies是一名持死亡权力的女性。她花了五周的时间试图结束自己的生命,并0号的时候真的去世了。The former maths teacher, 86, did not have a terminal illness, but suffered a range of conditions that made her life un comfortable including chronic back pain and fainting episodes.这名86岁的前数学老师并没有得绝症,但是时常受着慢性背痛和头晕的折磨。She told the Sunday Times: “It is hell. I cant tell you how hard it is. You wouldnt decide this unless you thought your life was going to be so bad. It is in tolerable.”她告诉周日时报说:“太难受了,我简直没办法描绘这种感觉。如果不是觉得这太糟糕了你是不会做这样的决定的。太难以忍受了。”It is under stood that she stopped drinking water on 16 September and was frustrated that her death wasnt days after, but two weeks.她从96号开始不再喝水,但她并没有立即死去,而是直到两周后才真正离世。Ms Davies four children and two grand children were reportedly supportive of her decision.据报道她的四个孩子以及两个孙儿都很持她的决定。She told the paper that she had no alternative as the other methods are “either illegal or I would need to go to the Dignitas clinic in] Switzerland and I want to die in my own bed她告诉报纸说她毫无他法因为其他的方法都“要么违法要么就得去瑞士-但是我想死在我自己的床上。”Earlier this month Australian doctor Philip Nits chke opened a clinic in the U K to help advise people on how to end their lives.月初,澳大利亚医生Philip Nitschke在英国开了一家诊所来帮助并建议人们如何结束生命。He told The Independent at the time: ;It is easier to prepare for death now. That is the message Exit International has been promoting and why it is so important to have an office in London.;他告诉独立报说:“现在准备(死)要更容易些了。这是Exit International一直倡导的,也是为什么要在伦敦开个公司的重要原因。;We encourage people not to wait around until they are seriously ill before coming to see us.;“我们鼓励人们不要等到病的不行了才来找我们。”Sarah Woot ton, Chief Executive of Dignity in Dying, campaigners seeking a change in the law on assisted dying for terminally ill adults, said: ;Assuming Exit Internationals intention is to provide potentially vulnerable people information on how to die then it is both unwelcome and potentially very dangerous.;安乐死公司的CEO Sarah Wootton也试图能够让法律进行修改,为成年末期病患者提供协助自杀。他说:“如果Exit International的意图是为脆弱的人提供死亡的信息,那么这是不能被接受的也是很危险的做法。”来 /201412/346302淮安开发区阳痿早泄价格

淮安治疗前列腺需要多少钱淮安市中山医院男科挂号 Shinzo Abe’s attempts to push forward security reforms may have suffered a setback after MPs from his ruling party demanded changes to a crucial defence white paper, according to people close to the matter.据知情人士称,安倍晋Shinzo Abe)推动安全改革的努力可能遭遇了一次挫折,他所在的执政党的国会议员要求修改一份至关重要的国防白皮书。The proposed changes are understood to centre on the strategic threat posed to Japan by China, with Liberal Democratic party MPs insisting the document include more images showing its neighbour’s island-building spree in disputed South China Sea waters a project dubbed the “Great Wall of Sandby US military leaders.据悉,所提出的修改意见聚焦于中国对日本构成的战略威胁,自民党(Liberal Democratic party)议员坚称,这份白皮书应包括更多显示中国在南中国海争议海域大举填海造岛的图片,美国军队领导人将中国的这一计划称为“沙子长城”。The setback is a blow to Mr Abe, prime minister, who is facing a growing public backlash against his security reform policies.这一挫折是对安倍晋三的一次打击,他正面临公众对其安全改革政策日益增多的反对。Analysts have linked the recent decline in his approval ratings to his personal zeal for reforming the country’s pacifist constitution, crafted in the wake of its second world war defeat.分析人士将最近安倍晋三持率下滑与他个人对改革日本和平宪法的热情联系在一起,该宪法是日本在二战战败后制定的。Particularly controversial has been Mr Abe’s push for new laws that would allow Japan to engage in collective self-defence with its allies.尤其具有争议的是,安倍晋三试图推动新的法律,允许日本参加与盟国的集体自卫。The spat illustrates underlying tensions in the ruling LDP, with MrAbe facing an increasingly unpredictable political environment as he attempts to propel the country through constitutional change, according to Takao Toshikawa, a political analyst.政治分析人士岁川隆雄(Takao Toshikawa)表示,这种争执表明执政党自民党内部潜在的紧张关系,同时随着安倍努力推动日本修改宪法,他正面临日益不可预测的政治环境。Successive defence white papers used in Japan to inform and guide policy have become ever more plain in identifying China as the country’s hypothetical military enemy.日本这些年的国防白皮书日益直白地将中国当作假想的军事对手。日本利用国防白皮书来披露和指引政策。来 /201507/384976淮安人工流产的最佳时间

洪泽县药流多少钱 Mainland Chinas main equity index has closed more than 4 per cent lower, amid reports that domestic stockbrokers are pulling back from lending clients money to buy shares, as regulators become increasingly concerned about the fierce nature of a recent stock-market rally.中国内地主要股指收跌%。与此同时,有报告称,由于监管机构对于近期中国股市的激烈上涨势头日益担心,中国多家券商正在减少向客户出借购股资金的现象。The Shanghai Composite, which has increased in value by almost 120 per cent over the past year, fell 4.1 per cent to 4,308 points. That is the indexs biggest drop since January 19, and the seventh biggest fall over five years.过去一年里上涨20%的上综Shanghai Composite)下跌4.1%,跌308点。这是该指数9日以来的最大跌幅,也是五年内的大单日跌幅。The dramatic rise in equity valuations has unsettled Chinas securities regulators and even some companies raising funds via IPOs.中国股市的暴涨已令中国券监管机构十分不安,甚至也引起了部分通过首次公开招股(IPO)筹集资金的企业的忧虑。The China Securities Regulatory Commission has issued several warnings about stockmarket risks, and boardroom executives are loyally repeating the official language.中国券监督管理委员China Securities Regulatory Commission,简称CSRC)已针对股市风险数次发出警告。与此同时,各董事会高管也在忠实地重复着官方的说法。The management team of Chinese online company Beijing Baofeng Technology urged the public to ;invest rationally;, after its stock jumped by 44 per cent on the first day of trading on the nations mid-cap market in the wealthy southern Chinese city of Shenzhen.中国在线视频公司北京暴风科技公司(Beijing Baofeng Technology)的管理团队曾敦请公众“理性投资”。在此之前,该公司股票在中国华南深圳市的创业板市场上市,上市首日其股票就跃升44%。According to the Shanghai Securities News, an official publication, Chinese stockbrokers including Huatai Securities, a house popular with retail investors, have raised their requirement for collateral on margin loans.根据官方的《上海券报Shanghai Securities News)报道,包括深受散户投资者欢迎的华泰券(Huatai Securities)在内,中国多家券商已提高了对融资抵押品的要求。The fierce rally on the Shanghai Composite is worrying domestic regulators, in part, because many investors gains have been achieved with leverage.中国国内监管机构对上综指的暴涨十分担心,一定程度上因许多投资者的收益是通过杠杆化投资获得的。Margin financing, a relatively new phenomenon in China that involves domestic brokers lending their clients money to buy stocks, in the same manner banks extend mortgages to property buyers, rose to a fresh record of RMb1.24tn on May 4, data from the Shanghai Stock Exchange showed.相对来说,融资融券在中国是个新生事物。在这一过程中,与向购房者贷款类似,国内券商会将资金借给客户购买股票。来自上海券交易所(Shanghai Stock Exchange)的数据显示,5日中国融资融券的规模已升.24万亿元人民币的新记录。Analysts have also long been predicting a correction in the Shanghai market based on ever-rising valuations and increasing participation in the rally by taxi drivers and market traders. A photo that was heavily shared on social media last week apparently showed a Chinese banana vendor trading on his laptop. The provenance of the image is unclear, but the symbol caught analysts attention nonetheless.长期以来,分析师也一直预计沪市会出现一轮调整。他们的根据一方面是沪市不断攀升的市值,另一方面的原因则是:从出租车司机到街头小贩,人们对股市这轮涨势的参与热情日益增加。就在上周,在一张被社交网站大量转载的照片上,一位中国香蕉商贩正在其笔记本电脑上炒卖股票。这张图片的来源并不清楚,不过分析师已注意到了图片背后的象征意义。As RBS strategist Alberto Gallo wrote in a late-April note:“Housewives, taxi drivers and street vendors busy trading stocks are common sight in China these days. It appears the banana guy has a few friends, around 12 million who opened A-Share trading accounts since March 20, and after the government allowed investors to hold multiple accounts with different brokers in early April.”苏格兰皇家(RBS)策略师阿尔贝#8226;加洛(Alberto Gallo)曾在4月底的一份报告中写道:“这几天,忙着炒股的家庭主妇、出租车司机及街头小贩已成为中国的常见景象。这位香蕉商贩似乎很有一些同伴。自30日以来,尤其是在4月初中国政府允许投资者在不同券商处持有多个账户之后,开设A股交易账号的人数达到了大200万人。”来 /201505/373707淮安妇保医院治疗包皮包茎多少钱淮安中山门诊怎么样



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